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Mary Washington College 

[301 College Avenue 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Sttlef ield , 


^ "battlefield 

^ 00 1 




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Table of Contents 

Student Life 








The End 












Awakenings - ^> 





World around 


— Touch 



lives of others. 






ALL the 


Life, the world is beautiful: 
feel it s^g .^ 

live it 

smell it h^^^i^ 



Student Life 





Edited by: 
Ryan Burleigh 
Kelly Koniowsky 



oCC the activities. 

1 OUCn the campus. 
rlC3.r the music. 

OlTlCll the relaxation. 
1 3.StC the freedom. 


Awakenings '^- 17 


Renovations on campus enhance the daily lives of many students... 

Students returning for the fall semester met changes and progress 
all over campus. The school built new flower beds and walkways and began 
construction on a memorial wall to honor the late Dr. James Farmer. The new 
campus center became alive with activity from all the students eager to see the 
transformed space. Everywhere students looked they saw new faces and sights, 
evidence that the year ahead held a variety of new experiences that only time 
would reveal. 

The new flower beds found along campus walk and the brick patio exten- 
sion outside the Great Hall added to the scenic atmosphere of the campus. Though 
students seemed a little frustrated at times to continuously encounter yellow tape, 

most admitted the end results 

proved well-worth the wait. 

The wall under construc- 
tion outside Trinkle proved 

that the late Dr. James 

Farmer's legacy will be passed 

on for years to come. The 

wall, upon completion, will 

stand as a constant reminder 

of the importance of cultural 

awareness both on and off 

campus. Many saw this as an 

appropriate tribute to the 
man who remained such an important leader in the 
civil rights movement, and an influential mentor, 
friend, and professor in the campus community. 

The new student center became a refreshing 
change to returning students and a welcome addition 
to first-year students. Many remembered the walled 
space full of student activity offices, and felt surprised 
to see an open area filled with couches, pool tables, 
bar stools, televisions and computers. 

All of the changes prevailed as improvements 
in the atmosphere of the college and students adjusted 
willingly. The changes incorporated easily and soon 
became part of daily life. 

Taking aim, Tom Ratliff concentrates on the shot 
before him while Jon Likowsl<i plans his strategy. 
Many students used the campus center as a source 
of recreation between classes. 



: dent Life 

Hanging out, a group of juniors take advantage 
of the campus center's extra seating for lunch. 
Students often found the Eagles Nest extremely 
crowded and turned to the new room for an escape 
from the mobs of people. 

-Entertaining a small crowd, Andy Ward cracks a 
joke while students wait patiently for the computers 
behind them. The new campus center offered stu- 
dents a place to check email or do research without 
having to go to the library or various computer labs 
spaced all over campus. 

Awakenings "19 

■ Enjoying present company, a group of students 
use the festival as a chance to goof off and catch up 
on the previous week's events. The festival gave 
many students the opportunity to see friends that 
rarely crossed paths with them during their normal 
class schedules. 

■ Entertaining the crowd, the saxaphone player from 
Lucky Town impresses students with his talent. The 
band was a great choice for the event, with the mu- 
sic heard all over campus. 

■ Relaxing to the tunes, students lounge in front of 
the stage during Lucky Town's performance. A com- 
bination of warm weather, good food and great 
music made students reluctant to leave when the fes- 
tival finally concluded. 


Rocktoberfest draws crowds with warm weather and live music 


Following the sounds of live music ringing out all over campus, many students were drawn to Ball 
Circle during an unusually warm day in mid-October. The yearly festival, Rocktoberfest, was a 
welcome relief in the midst of long classes and stressful work loads. The class council sponsored event 
gave students a chance to enjoy the fleeting warm weather and live music, 
and offered free food and drinks for as long as the supplies lasted. 

Many students used the festival as an excuse to put studying off until later 
in the night, choosing instead to relax on the grass and enjoy the music of 
Lucky Town, the band responsible for entertainment for the event. Others 
released stress by dancing near the stage, and still others chose to liven up 
the afternoon with a quick game of flag football on the lawn. 

The festival marked nearly the halfway point of the semester and for most, 
this was definitely something to celebrate. Upperclassmen eagerly antici- 
pated the event, for they knew that it initiated the semester's activities. Spirit 
Week, Homecoming, Halloween, and Fall Formal all followed Rocktoberfest 
and many saw the festival as part of the whirlwind of activity. For fresh- 

■r, 1 ^ 1 <- ^ r ^i r- ^ ■ Getting into the music, a lead singer 

man, Rocktoberfest was one of the first , , ,% 

tor Lucky Town pertorms one or the 

chances they had to experience the fun events band's songs. Although Lucky Town 

Class Council sponsored throughout the year, is a relatively new east coast band, their 

Rocktoberfest made the fleeting days of P°P"f '^ '^^ ^^°"" tremendously 

over the past few years. 

summer more enjoyable and gave students 

something to look forward to as their summer 

vacation memories faded into the backs of their minds and they were 

forced to concentrate on academic life once again. 

^UfC "^ou '?Ch<u<^...7 

* Rocktoberfest is only one of many Class Council sponsored events 
held throughout the year, including Spirit Week, Fall Fonnal, Devil 
Goat Day, and Spring Formal. 

* Lucky Town, the live entertainment for this year's Rocktobeifest, is a 
guitar based rock band that continues to gain popularity all along the 
East Coast. 

Awakenings - ? I 

■ Painted with spirit, a group of sophomore girls 
supports the men's soccer team in their Home- 
coming game against Salisbury. Fans filled the 
stands and cheered the guys on through the in- 
tense game. 

■ Blazing in glory, the bonfire bums strong and 
provides warmth for the many students who at- 
tended the event. It was held to raise spirits for the 
upcoming weekend and gave students a chance to 
cheer on the various fall athletic teams introduced 
that night. 

■ Cheering with pride, students in the stands make 
their presence known to the soccer players on the 
field. The .socccer game had one of the highest 
turn-out rates of the weekend, with great weather 
during the mid-day event. 


Student Life 

'J?^^ Sfi<n4U 

Students celebrate the first homecoming of the new millenium. 

The weather could not have been more perfect, with the fall leaves in full color 
and the temperature hovering around 70 degrees. Students, faculty, and alumni filled the weekend 
with excitement and good times. Homecoming always draws a crowd, and this celebration remained no 
exception. With the ban of tailgating a few years earlier, the turnout has dwindled and school spirits have 
seemed rather low. Fortunately, the unusually warm weather drew more 
people back to the festivities. 

Students involved themselves in homecoming in a variety of ways. The 
bonfire kicked-off the weekend on Friday night. There, students enjoyed 
free hamburgers, hotdogs and apple cider by the fire while they 
cheered for the various sports teams introduced. Afterward, 
many students got together to catch up with returning alumni 
from recent years who drove in for the weekend. 

During the day on Saturday, students, alumni, and faculty 
members attended multiple sporting events, including the fan 
favorites, baseball and soccer. Spirits soared high at the games, 
and although not all of them ended successfully, the fans still 
cheered for the athletes' efforts. 

Students also enjoyed many parties well through the day and 
night on Saturday. Some began early in the morning with "Kegs and Eggs," while others trav- 
eled from house to house throughout the day, having a great time wherever they went. For many 
first year students, it remained the most alive they had ever seen the campus. 

Alumni enjoyed many reunions over the weekend and spent a majority of their time mingling 
and catching up with old friends. Current students who found themselves on campus could 
overhear reminiscent remarks of "Do you remember the time ... ?" 

All enjoyed the finishing touches of the homecoming celebration, with the new addition of 
fireworks to the festivities. Clearly visible from the campus itself, the fireworks emerged as a 
great way to wrap up the weekend. Most of the homecoming crowd gathered along the Battle- 
grounds to lay back and enjoy the view. Members of the community also benefitted from the 
display. Students, faculty and alumni left with the satisfaction of a weekend well spent and an 
entire year to look forward to the next celebration. 

■ Lighting tlie sky, the newest addition to the home- 
coming festivities left many students breathless. 
The fireworks ended the weekend with a bang and 
encompassed the campus and surrounding commu- 
nity in a beautiful array of colors. 


■ Standing post at the cemetery gate, 
Jen Meska, Kasey McNatt, Becky Royal, 
Carolyn Scott, and Jen McDonald gaze 
through the bars with their best ghoul- 
ish looks. Their stationing at the cem- 
etery added to the tour as many regard 
cemeteries with ware in any case. 

■ Faces covered in dramatic makeup, 
Emily Peesojinlianli, and Liz 
Hackenburg stand clad in clothing to 
represent a decade long past. Makeup 
and clothing of this type added to the 
overall effect of the ghostwalk by mak- 
ing the atmosphere appear more au- 

■ On a break from their night as ghosts, 
Rachel Smith, Kristi Harpst, and Cara 
Mitchell show off their costumes and 
makeup. Portraying Clara Barton and two 
soldiers the trio worked as a group to give 
tours a scare as they passed by. 

.Student Life 

^naiio^ ^ennan^ 

Numerous ghost sitings occur in Fredericlcburg 











uJ... ._ .. ' 

The night stood still and clear as the tightly huddled group slowly wandered after their 
guide. A slight rustling was heard up ahead and grips between some already tightly 
clenched hands grew stronger still. The guide continued walking with more ease than that of 
the following group as the not so usual sounds in the night grew louder and more frequent. A 
slight shiver found its way to the backs of many as the tour trudged 
ahead. Suddenly, five sickly pale faces appeared through the slats of 
the gate outside the cemetery causing all members of the tour to jump 
in alarm. As the faces watched with beady eyes, the group hurried 
briskly forward to see what other spooks the night would bring. 

Held the closest weekend to Halloween, the college's annual ghost 
walk maintained the title of the Historic Club's biggest fund-raiser. 
The money was raised to benefit the club's spring trip and contrib- 
uted a majority of the funds needed for this excursion. 

The Historic Club usually handles the organizing and leading for 
the event, although members from other clubs such as the Fencing 
Club found themselves recruited for various other tasks this Hallow- 

Most of those participating with the 
ghost walk served as guides to lead tours, 

or as "ghosts" themselves. These actors ■ Skipping on the side- 
followed a scripted part that they acted walk, Christina O'Leary 
out each time a group walked by. Most of jump-ropes as part of 
the parts are based on the historic build- the ghost walk tour, 
ings in the Fredericksburg area, and some Others that partici- 
of their historically haunted backgrounds, pated in the same skit 
Many believed the Historic Club didn't as O'Leary, Kristin Bom- 
need to travel off of the campus's bound- bard and Carol Ward 
aries to find ghosts for the annual walk. 
Stories of haunted dorms and various leg- 
ends on campus spooked students 
throughout the year. 

Through their annual walk, however, the club was able to in- 
form students of the history behind Fredericksburg's legends and 
expand their knowledge of the town around them, while allowing 
the students to have fun in the process. Students looked forward 
to the event and weren't disappointed with the scares and knowl- 
edge they received. 

took turns 
as well. 


Awakenings ■ 25 

^^ucdo- Stoft^ 

Students keep the audience entertained with humor and talent... 

Met with a burst of applause, the three performers walked to center stage and 
took their positions. Clad in white T-shirts and black gym pants, David Zedonek, John Schrippa and 
Darren Hendrix stood frozen, now met with only attentive stares from the once active audience. Their 
bodies were tense with anticipation as they awaited the start of their music. Suddenly the first few notes of 
the popular boy band. N'Sync"s "Bye, Bye, Bye" cut through the silence, and the trio came alive with a 
flurry of synchronized movements. Aside from "Bye, Bye, Bye", the group's performance also included, 
"Digital Getdown." and It's Gonna Be Me," also by N'Sync. 

Entries in the Class Council-sponsored Lip Sync contest included a wide variety of music, ranging from 

pop music to r&b, and even theme music from popular cartoons. Performers did their best to mock the 

lyrics, the dance moves, and even the costumes of artists such as Britney Spears, En Vogue, the Spice Girls, 

and even the Smurfs. The audience ea- 

Hgerly anticipated each new perfor- 
mance and what it might bring. Men 
clad in women's spandex pants or even 
a bra and a miniskirt were common 
sights during the show. Performers 
recieved an unexpected treat during the 
competition as patrons made and added 
additonal money to the original amount 
set aside as prizes. 
In the end, the group that performed 
as Destiny's Child walked away with 
the title of Lip Sync champions, fol- 
lowed closely behind in popularity by a group of males performing as 
En Vogue. 

"The overall production went very well. The guys of En Vogue 
were a heavy favorite of the audience. It was funny when one of the 
guy's tops kept falling down," said class council member Kim Will- 

~ Tearing off his clothes to reveal little underneath. 
Matt Aruch keeps the crowd entertained. Matt 
performed a medley of songs with Kedron Bul- 
lock and Kate Blatchford. 

26 • Section Name 

In true diva fashion, Juliana D' Andrilli wows 
the audience with a Britney Spears impression, 
complete with blond wig. Her performance con- 
sisted of a medley routine with friend, Sarah 
Domeneck, posing as Eminem. 

Portraying Sporty Spice, Eric Home keeps up 
with his fellow performers, Stephanie Eyes, Kristi 
Harpst, and Liz Ferguson. The foursome did a great 
job imitating the British girl band, the Spice Girls, 
who are well known for promoting "girl power." 

Awakenings ' .27 

Ready for a long night, Steve Paturynski, 
Brendan Eygabroat. Traice Pearson, and Jamie 
Foster head to Spirits for a little pre-partying. 
Traice held up a penny for his cheap friend, Zach 
Seargeant, who decided to stay in and study. 

■ Celebrating a milestone, Giselle Guarino, Meghan 
Twomey. Lauren Silverstein. Laura Walden, and 
Beth Curran gather at Brock's to celebrate Lauren's 
2 1 St birthday. Lauren worked at Brock's in her spare 
time and visited the restaurant on her birthday to 
celebrate with her friends and coworkers. 

■ Smiling wth Irish pride, Brian Marsh, Carly Reid, 
and Derrick Ostrzyzek celebrate St. Patrick's Day 
at Spanky's. Spanky's was well known for its an- 
nual St. Patrick's Day party. 

Student Life 

Popular student hangouts reflect tradition and provide an escape. 

■ Having a blast on St. Patricks Day, Sarah 
Downey, Kelly Heroman, and Karen Slotsky hang 
out at Spanky's. Groups of friends headed to the 
popular student hangout to celebrate Irish style - 
plenty of beer. 

Classes ended, stress disappeared, and students focused on the weekend 
before them. Some wondered what to do with their spare time, while many others 
already knew. The popular hot spots around town provided good times for those who 
knew the scene well. Spanky's, Spirits, Santa Fe, and George 
Street, all downtown bars frequented by students, invited the 
weekend crowd in and several often featured live music from 
college bands. Uptown, students spent their time at The Shark 
Club and Mongo's, two new bars/clubs to the area. 
Thursday nights offered a more relaxed atmosphere 
to the upcoming weekend's events, with Tia's happy 
hour and Hard Times famous wings high on students' 
priority lists. No matter where they chose to spend 
their free time, students knew they always had an ex- 
cuse to leave the books behind for a few days and make 
the most of their weekly break. 

A group of students organized in an unofficial fra- 
ternity also provided students with many options for a good time. Despite the 
absence of Greek life on campus, this group organized without recognition from 
the college and, a few years later, began throwing various theme parties at popu- 
lar student hangouts. The Shark Club, Mongo's, George Street, and Houston's all 
hosted a variety of parties throughout the year, including themes such as Mardi 
Gras, Halloween, and even a hoedown. The parties were favorites among stu- 
dents and the fraternity continued them using the revenue they made from previ- 
ous parties. 

Although two major cities are only an hour driving distance for many students, 
most found they had the most fun when they stayed close to campus. Students 
defined the atmosphere at most local hangouts and a sense of familiarity existed 
when they spent time there often with friends. A majority of the bartenders and 
waitresses at the hotspots attended the college, as well. The hangouts held fond 
memories for many, and became an integral part of the social life of students. They re- 
mained as the students moved on, and held traditions that most never forget. 

Awakenings ' 

Sitting in their entertainment area, the five base- 
ment dwellers, Ahava Allen, Sarah Grubb, Ryan 
Butts, .Meghan Howard, and Katie Zelenak chat about 
their day so far. For the first few months of their 
stay, the five delt with surprises such as flooding, 
during which they took up residence in the parlor on 
the first floor of Virginia. 

All smushed together on one bed, Sara Castner, 
Maribeth Lloyd, Lisa Shroyer, Kristy Carr, and 
Kristi Harpt gather for a friendly gossip session. 
Even though space was limited within rooms, many 
opted to cram into cramped spaces while socializ- 
ing, or hanging out. 

Student Life 

'THatkttf *k 7(h>t& 

Residential students cope with cramped living conditions... 

Waiting in line during the summer 2000 registration day, freshman could not help but feel 
a shiver of excitement as they inched closer to the reception of that long awaited envelope. Once finding itself in 
eager hands, the packet containing the name of the person that the next year would be spent with did not remain sealed for 
very much time. Soon after the anxious hands unfolded the single sheet of paper inside, eyes opened wide with disbelief and 
hps could be seen mouthing the words, "two roommates?" 

As more freshman than ever were admitted in the 2000-200 1 school year, more 
room proved necessary for the newly arriving students. In the all female dorm, Virginia 
Hall, most of the rooms that had previously been used as doubles became forced triples. 
Further conflict occurred when the study space in the basement of the building doubled as 
living quarters for five girls. Not only did this add to the overall population of the hall, but 
it also served to lessen the space available for those seeking a break from their rooms. 

Transfer students also faced difficulties. "I'm a transfer student and I feel lucky 
that I even got a room. My roommate, a transfer student as well, had previously been told 
that there was no housing available for her. Lucky for her, she got a room with me" said 
Jocelyn McNeill. 

Leaning in close for a clear view 
of the computer screen, Hien Mai, 
Mary Stanley, and Kelly Koniowsky 
make the best of close quarters. As 
fresmen many students were forced 
to live three to a room. 

'Did 4^5?^ 'T^t^auA..,? 

* Starting next year, all Resident Assistants will be required to have 

* Housing will only be guaranteed for freshmen and sophomores in the 

* Next year, Bushnell will be changed to an upperclass dorm and 
Jefferson will become a freshman dorm due to Jefferson 's larger ca- 


Students celebrate cultural diversity throughout the year 

Amid the interactive relationships of a relatively small student body, many students saw 
the need for more cultural diversity on campus. Through student organizations like 
the Black Student Association, the Hispanic Student Association, the Asian Student Asso- 
ciation. BOND. DREAM, and many others, students worked hard throughout the year, 
promoting cultural diversity through activities and programs, and even more so in the day- 
to-day li\es of the campus community. 

Nationally recognized awareness days, weeks, and months were promoted with various 
functions, and students kept prominant issues at the forefront of the campus community's 
minds. Because culture represents such a large part of a person's identity, students re- 
sponded with passion to the issues they faced. 

The Multicultural Fair, the largest cultural event on campus, 
brought in the entire surrounding community to take part in the 
all-day festivities. Held in the spring, it offered vendors from 
the area, selling crafts, jewlery, and clothing from different cul- 
tural backgrounds. In addition, a 
wide variety of ethnic foods, in- 
cluding Greek, Indian, and Mexi- 
can kept taste buds satisfied while 
the various entertainment sched- 
uled throughout the day attracted 
crowds along campus walk, with 
various cultural dances and singing. 

The James Farmer Multicultural Center continued its dedi- 
cated work throughout the year, memorializing the late Dr. 
James Farmer with a wall and statue in his honor along cam- 
pus walk. The dedication ceremony to unveil this memorial 
attracted community members and students alike to honor the 
achievements of a great man. 

With a continued commitment to improving cultural diver- 
sity on campus, active members of the student body proved 
themselves once again as dedicated and ambitious advocates. 
The campus community shared immeasurable benefits from 
their successes. 

■ Keeping tradition alive, a Native American per- 
forms a tribal dance during the American Indian 
Pow-wow in the fall. The event was held to in- 
crease student awareness of traditions within the 
Native American culture. 

Student Life 

' Staying in synch, a group of dancers show their 
talent through a cultural dance. Many saw music 
and dancing as keys to a culture's identity and chose 
to represent their culture in just that manner. 

: Rocking and tolling, an Elvis impersonator en- 
tertains a crowd of people during the Multicultural 
Fair in the spring. Performers were many and var- 
ied, including dancers and singers from all over the 
area, eager to share their cultural background with 
the community. 


Fall Formal evolves Into a night of music, dancing and fun... 

After much time spent racing from room to room fixing hair here, applying makeup 
there, and of course posing for numerous pictures everywhere, she was ready to face the night of 

dancing that lay ahead. Bracing herself against the silent chill lingering in the night air, she accepted the 

waiting arm of her escort as they prepared to join the flow of couples and groups of friends heading 

towards the great hall. Upon reaching the door, the couple found themselves surrounded by twinkling 

lights softened b\' a veil of blue gauze draped elegantly over each 

banister. As their focus drifted upwards they found a blanket 

of soft clouds beckoning them to start their ascension up, leav- 
ing them with the thought that, 
truly this must be a stairway to 

Fall Formal was a great expe- 
rience. The music upstairs was 
alright , but my date and I pre- 
ferred the jazz band downstairs. 
Mostly because we really enjoy 
swing dancing and jazz music 
works well for that. However, the 
difmate highlight was when the DJ 
played 'Brown Eyed GirF by Van 

.Morrison. It's one of my favorite songs, my date and 1 knew all 

of the words, and we could swing to it," said Jackie Ketterman. 

■ Dancing closely, a couple takes advantage of 
some of the slow music played. Although not all, 
most students found that bringing a date to the 
dance was the most favorable way to attend. 


Student Life 

-Spending time in the Great Hall, dancers en- 
joy hearing more contemperary music being 
played. Those who ventured downstairs still 
found more opportunities to dance with a mini 
jazz band playing for their enjoyment. 

"Enjoying their time together, a couple attend- 
ing Fall Formal takes the playing of a slow song 
as an oportunity to get close. Although more 
upbeat songs were played during the night, 
couples were given the chance to slow down from 
time to time. 

^ nc J -Presents 


■y v6^ * 

Hanging under a pillow of clouds, a sign wel- 
coming all attending students formes the center- 
piece to the formally decorated staircases and 
points the way to the dance. Sponcered by Class 
Council, Fall Formal proved to provide a break 
from the norm an a chance to show of dancing 


*Wc»tt&t (^an^UxAot 

Indoor fun provides A Break From the Coid V/eather 

Straining to reach the ball, trained soccer players and novices alike learned a new 
meaning to covering only a certain area of field space. Tightly bound to a row of 
teammates by harnesses at waist level, human fooseball players had a blast struggling with 
movement at the annual Class Coucil sponsored Winter Carnival. Surrounded by a large 
inflatable cage webbed with netting, the teams battled against each other for the title of 
best human fooseball team. 

While the huge fooseball arena were set up in the 
Great Hall, a pool competition took place below in the 
campus center. These events were made possible by 
Class Council for the second consecutive year. 

Winter Carnival fell on January 20th, and offered 
students a full day of activities far from the norm on 
campus. The carnival intended to give students a break 
from the monotony of winter weather and a chance to 
start the new semester off with a good time. Judging 
from the laughter and crazy antics of all of the student 
competitors. Class Council's Winter Carnival was once 
again a success. 

■ Limiled in movement, Icammales 
Madelyn Marino and Jen Lucas 
struggle to keep the ball under con- 
trol and In their possession. Teams 
comprised of close friends were com- 
petitive and determined to take down 
the opposition. 

■ Gathering the ball into his own terri- 
tory, a human fooseball player gains 
control of the game for his team mo- 
mentarily as the opportunity for a fresh 
start is upon them. 

Student Life 

■ Pulling forward on the connecting 
ropes, a participant in human fooseball. 
Senior Jen Amore, prepares to make 
contact with the soccer ball. As class 
council executive president, Amore not 
only helped to sponsor but also to par- 
ticipate in many events. 

B Laughter fills the great hall as students 
discover blowing bubbles and painting 
as another form of entertainment of- 
fered at winter carnival. 

■■■■■''- ■' ■■• ■■ v^^nm i 



BE' i ^B^F 





''^^^^^^ ^^1^^^^^^ 


■ Making a seemingly effortless stop. 
Michael deflects a kick made by one of 
his opponents, senior Lauren Fisher, 
during a game of human fooseball. 


Study abroad offers students a new perspective on the world around them... 

T^he decision to study abroad was a big decision for many students. It involved 
aking time out to miss an entire semester or year away from their family, friends, and a familiar 
en%ironment. At the same time, it offered opportunities to see the world around them, and experience 
chosen studies in distinctly different surroundings. "Living in a completely foreign culture and having to 
learn a new language was one of the most challenging, yet wonderful, opportunities of my life." Shannon 
Brennan said of her experiences in Spain during the faO semester. "The nightUfe in Spain was like nothing 
I had e\'er experienced ~ nobody sleeps!" 

The school offered many options to students who chose to study abroad. Mary Washington sponsored 
se%eral different programs overseas for various majors. Students could also travel with other institutions 
abroad, and transfer their credits upon completion of the program. "I 
took a European business course through the American Institute for For- 
eign Study over the summer, and it was incredible. There were people 
with our group from all over the United States. We traveled through 
seven countries and saw everything we could in a month's time. From 
the studying, to the tours, to the shopping, to the bars and nightlife, I felt 
like I never slept!" Meghan Twomey said of her summer in Europe. 

Overall, study abroad offered stu- 
dents a chance to completely immerse 
themselves into their learning experi- 
ences. Classroom learning filled their 
days, while the nightlife of places like 
London and Paris filled their nights. 
No matter where they went, stu- 
dents reflected positive experiences from their travels. "I had the ab- 
solute best time in Ireland. Everyone was so laid-back and friendly," 
said Katy Bell. The experiences gave students a new outlook on the 
world and left them with valuable knowledge and memories that would 
last a lifetime. 

■Sightseeing in the Irish countryside, Katy Bell 
and Shannon Brennan take time out from their 
studies to enjoy the landscape around them. Katy 
studied in Ireland duriingthc fall semester, and 
Shannon studied in Spain. The two friends met 
for a few days to travel and enjoy time together. 

Student Life 

"Keeping with tradition, London Bridge rises to 
let boats pass underneath. Many students who trav- 
eled through Europe stopped in London to see the 
famous bridge and were often lucky enough to 
catch it in action. 

^Taking in the view, Ryan Killamey stands on a 
ledge overlooking the ocean in Tasmania, Austra- 
lia. Ryan spent his fall semester in Australia, tak- 
ing classes and enjoying the culture. 

Awakenings ^9 

■ Lining up. students prepare to tatce another trip 
down the hill on their "sleds." Many injuries often 
occurred on snow days, including broken bones and 
concussions from sledding accidents. 

■ Goofing off in the snow, several students involve 
themselves in a friendly snowball fight. Building 
snowmen, sledding, having snowball fights and mak- 
ing snow angels proved that many weren't willing to 
let go of childhood memories just yet. 









■ Clearing the way, a student follows a well worn 
path through the snow on a creative substitute for a 
sled. Students often used trash bags from the dorms 
to serve as sleds during snowy weather. 

'J dent Life 

Winter vveather adds a new atmosphere to the campus for a day... 

Forecasted or unpredicted, snow and ice made its presence known throughout the long winter months. 
Students often eagerly anticipated the hazardous weather, aware that with accumulation came can- 
celed classes. The snow and ice gave students a chance to sleep in late, catch up on work or get outside 

and play with friends. Many learned the hard way, however, that one could 

not always count on bad weather in the event of tests or papers due. 

Winter weather seemed to transfer many back in time almost ten years, 

with students everywhere throwing snowballs, sledding on residence hall 

trash bags or even building snowmen. The maintenance crews worked with 

a mission, intently trying to clear the frozen snow and ice from walkways 

and staircases. Administration safely watched the activity and weather from 

their office desks or, for those who could not make the commute, from the 
comfort of their homes. Activity filled the cam- 
pus, despite the frigid temperatures and frozen 
weather. Students prayed against all odds that the 
sun would stay hidden and it would all last another 
day. Unfortunately, just as quickly as it came, the 

weather often subsided and left students to continue throughout the longest 
part of the semester without any more breaks. The campus saw relatively few 
winter weather occurrences compared with previous years, and in the last 
drawn-out days of February, students were ready to move on to a warmer 
season. In many eyes, the winter chill felt unbearable unless snow and ice 
came along with it. 




* The best sled is a bright orange recycling bag, complements of house- 

* Ar least three pizza delivery boys were injured while delivering pizzas 
to dorms during icy weather this winter? 

"^Extension x2424 is the most popular number dialed on campus when 
winter weather is in the forecast? 



One of MWC's most popular bands keeps fans entertained... 

Taking the title of Mary Washington's most popular band wasn't an easy job, but it's 
one that lead singer. Brian Camp, loved doing. Starting a band was something Brian had always wanted to do, 
but it wasn't until he arrived here on campus that he was able to make his dream into a reality. It all started with a 
couple of guys goofing around and playing the guitar together. Brian spent a lot of time his freshman year writing 
songs and pla\ing them with band guitarist and vocalist, Mike Sandridge. The two worked well together and eventu- 
aU>- got the idea to start a band. Folded Under. 

Now. after three years at Mary Washington, Brian and Mike 
have added three more members to the band. Brian Hall, Brian Holder, 
and Nate Valentine all added their talents to the group and have helped 
the band make quite a name for them- 
selves around Fredericksburg. The 
band has played locally at popular stu- 
dent hangouts and bars, including Santa 
Fe and George Street Grill. They have 
also traveled to Virginia Tech, James 
Madison University, and UNC at 
Chapel Hill to perform at various 

Brian has high hopes for the band 
after he graduates. He looks for the 
group to continue performing and 
hopefully make a bigger name for 
themselves in the future. His attention is now focused on getting the 
band exposure. The group's song have been placed on Napster and 
they've lined up future shows at other universities, including the Uni- 
versity of Delaware. When asked if it's been difficult at times, he com- 
mented. "For the most part we get along really well. At times it gets 
frustrating with all of the practices and we just have to take a step back 
and refocus." Brian also admitted that he loves the fans. "We have a 
great fan 

following. It's a good feeling to know that many people are 
out there supporting us." 


■Feeling the rhythm. Brian Hall displays his tal- 
ent for the crowd. Brian joined the band his fresh- 
man year and learned a lot from the other guys in 
the band about charming the audience. 

udent Life 

^-'Using his talents, lead singer Brian Camp keeps 
a crowd at Santa Fe on their feet. Students who 
came to hear the band were very appreciated for 
their loyalty and support. "The fans are great." 
Brian Camp said. "It makes us feel good to know 
that so many people are out there supporting us." 

Entertaining the crowd, Folded Under plays a 
popular song for their fans. The band played 
throughout the year at many of the students fa- 
vorite hangouts, sure to draw a crowd wherever 
they were. 

Awakenings ""43 

Studersts head closer to the equator for sun and fun... 

Aching from spring fever, students were more than ready for a week-long break 
b\ the time March arrived. Many had been carefully planning trips to tropi- 
cal islands with friends since early fall. Others had been saving their pennies for 
Las \egas or their dollars for the strip bars in Montreal. Still others were planning 
last-minute road trips to Florida. All were tired of the 
dreary winter weather and the even drearier semester of 
classes. Whatever their destination, the students had one 
thing in mind - escaping Fredericksburg! 

A week-long, non-stop party was how many 
remembered their tropical experiences upon their 
return, tanned and exhausted from all the excite- 
ment. Many had stories they had sworn to never 
share and stood by the familiar rule - What hap- 
pens on spring break, stays on spring break. Oth- 
ers eagerly spilled all, telling of late night mis- 
haps and crazy contests, including a few wet t- 
shirt contestants who remember little of the night. 
While sun and sand drew some students south, 
others chose to venture to different vacation spots, including Las Vegas 
and Montreal. A group of junior guys took a road-trip to Montreal, ex- 
plaining. "The beer and lap dances were cheap and there was plenty of 
gambling." Still others chose European destinations. Heather Miele trav- 
elled with two other Mary Washington students, Courtney Childe and Sh- 
annon Nobile. to Dublin, Ireland, where they backpacked through the coun- 
try and explored the culture. The group eventually ended in Shannon, 
Ireland, before flying home. 

Commitments left athletic students no choice in some situations than to 
travel with their teams to various locations for extra training. Both the 
men's and women's tennis teams traveled to Hilton Head, South Carolina. 
The women's lacrosse team headed south, with many of the spring break- 
ers, to Florida. Other athletic teams spent at least part of the week train- 
ing for the upcoming spring season. 

No matter what the week consisted of, even if it meant traveling home to spend 
time with family, students returned, refreshed for the rest of the semester. Al- 
though "remember whens" echoed back and forth the first few weeks after spring 
break and pictures circulated at a rapid rate, memories eventually faded into the 
background and all were forced to return to their routines to finish out the semes- 

Taking it, Lizzie Horn and Jenna 
Hayes relax on the beach on the island 
of Nassau in the Bahamas. The girls 
traveled with a group of five to the is- 
land and found little time to breathe 
between getting a tan and taking in the 
crazy night life. 

S ;ction Name 

Relaxing at dinner, members of tlie 
girls" and guys' tennis teams find time 
to rest and enjoy their "vacation." 
Both teams spent the week at Hilton 
Head, playing matches and brushing 
up on skills for the upcoming season. 

Enjoying the sun, sophomores Rob 
Graceffo and Mike Strazie hang out on 
the beach in Panama City, Florida. The 
two took a road trip to the popular 
spring break spot with a large group of 
friends from Mary Washington and 
spent the week on the beach and in the 
bars . 

Ready to explore. Shannon Nobile. 
Heather Miele, and Courtney Childe 
rest by a gate in Dublin, Ireland. The 
three girls met friends in Ireland for a 
week full of backpacking excursions all 
over the country. 

Awakenings ■ 45 

B Leaping through the air, dancers 
show off their strength and ability to 
the crowd. In this piece choreo- 
graphed by Jennifer Rokaksy the 
group worked with a Spanish theme. 

c Leaning back to create the desired ef- 
fect, the dancers look like sillouettes 
against the green background. This 
dance was part of a three part piece rep- 
resenting hell, purgatory, and heaven. 
Through different lighting techniques 
it was possible to change the color of 
the stage quickly to fit the mood of the 

Performing the first part of a three 
part dance, dancers portray beings in 
hell. This piece, choreographed by 
Carla Di Corpo used many different 
backgrounds and costumes to show the 
meaning behind the dancing. 

'.'.udent Life 

^OHCc^ 2uee»t^ 

The Performing Arts Club exhibits talent and poise through dance... 

A hush fell over the room as the overhead lights dimmed. The silhouettes of 
figures could barely be made out through the darkness as they took their 
places on stage for the opening number. Suddenly the stage was bathed in color- 
ful lights as the audience sat and watched in awe at the choreography of Domin- 
ique Pastre. 

In the opening piece the two main dancers por- 
trayed the sun and the moon while the rest of the en- 
semble, clad in silver body suites, represented the stars 
in the galaxy. This piece had a futuristic feel to it, to 
match the ever-present excitement given off by the re- 
cent arrival of the new millennium. 

The fall performance contained 12 pieces 
performed by around 30 dancers. The perform- 
ing arts club itself contains many more dancers 
than this, as it is open to anyone without a dance 

prerequisite. To gain a spot in the show though, an audition was neces- 
sary . 

One of the pieces performed included a dance involving two people, 
one playing a good dancer and one representing a beginning dancer. These 
two added a period of releaf to the performance with the laid back and 
even humerous attitude that thier dance took on. 

"The girls are all really great; we all had a really good time. Every- 
one is friends, and it's a really relaxed atmosphere to work in. With that, 
we all came together and were able to produce what I think was an excel- 
lent show," said Corinne Warrener. 

With perfect form three dancers per- 
form a section of a Spanish style dance. 
All of the dances performed were made 
by student choreographers. 

Awakenings ■ 47 

% ? 

a Goofing off on the dance floor, Julie Kolakowski, 
Jeff Bergin. Dana Boehmcke, and Chase Haney cel- 
ebrate the end of Junior Ring Week. Juniors knew 
with this final event, the week-long span of torture 
was over at last. 

■ Dipping in style, Dave Dodrill practices his 
dance moves with Lauren Silverstein. The dance 
offered juniors a chance to bond with their class 
members and celebrate the many accomplishments 
they received throughout the previous three years. 


ident Life 

^C^At O^ ^iZ^^^^Z^ 

A celebration of memories, accomplishments, and survival for juniors... 

Flashes of silver and gold decorated the hands of many juniors as they filled the dance floor to eel 
ebrate a new right of passage. The dance marked the end of a long week for juniors and gave them the 
opportunity to gather as a class apart from the stress of day-to-day college life. The week's events took 
their toll on the students and many were glad it was finally over, as they shared stories of the torture they 
had endured. 

The tradition of Junior Ring Week remained one of the most cel- 
ebrated traditions among students as seniors prepared to make the 
juniors "earn" their rings. Although tradition reflected the involve- 
ment of only seniors in the week-long chain of pranks, freshmen and 
sophomores often joined in the fun as well. 

Stories told of cars stolen and filled with packing peanuts, houses 
taken over and parties thrown inside, students tied to poles and cov- 
ered in various rotten objects, drive-by eggings, underwear stolen 
and delivered to President Anderson's office - only to have him call 
and request that the young lady come retrieve it, embarrassing email 
pictures circulated to all students, and all the left shoes stolen out of 

closet echoed in many 
minds as the night 
evolved into an unfor- 
gettable experience. 
The week occupied a 

favorite memory for many, some even classifying 
the experience as the best time they ever had at Mary 

■ Heading into the dance, a group of girls 
stops to pose before enjoying a night of 
fun and dancing. The dance gave students 
a chance to celebrate after a week-long 
span of tortuous pranks and their newly 
received rings. 

■ Hanging on the front porch. David 
Roth, Aaron Bernstein, Brian Camp, 
Mike Sandridge, and Martin Smith 
gather back at a friend's house after 
dinner. Most students made the event 
a full night, including dinner, the 
dance, and parties afterward. 

Awakenings ■ 49 

/4Tiecu^ ^e^limU»tf 

Republicans win out in a long, hard battle to the top... 

Students finally hearing the announcement of the newly elected president hardly knew whether to 
belie\e their ears. After a long period of limbo, regarding perhaps the most important position in 
American government, the country finally had a president; George W. Bush. Students who began 
following the election in the early stages had a mixture of emotions regarding the final outcome. 
Republicans celebrated a win, Democrats and Independent supporters suffered a defeat, and within 
these parties students debated over the new issue of election recounts and the security of ballots 

What began as a typical election, ultimately evolved into 
a long series of conflict and de- 
bates between political experts, 
top law officials, the candidates 
themselves, and the American 
public in general. Everyone had 
an answer, but no one had a re- 

The media first led the public 
astray by announcing the results 
of the election before the winner 
was concretely determined. 
When they had to retract their an- 
nouncement and report the results the opposite way, the coun- 
tr\ became discontent. Ballots mysteriously materialized 
that hadn't existed before, officials decided ballot counting 
machines were out of date and no longer accurate, previous 
ballot counts were too close to call and too controversial so 
many states demanded recounts. 

When all of the turmoil subsided and the new president 
stepped forward to accept his role, students supported his 
position with excitement and loyalty. Despite the unfavor- 
able weather on the day of the innauguration, a crowd of 
students travelled to the capital and remained in high spirits 
throughout the duration of the day's events. As they looked into the future 
over the next four years, they knew great things lay ahead for the country, and 
they had the ability to feel those effects as they prepared to enter the "real 
world" within the duration of the newly elected president's leadership. 


■ Showing his discontent, a protestor voices his 
opinion through a sign at the innauguration. With 
the controversy over the recounts in many states, 
especially Florida, this election defined the most 
controversial election in history. 

Section Name 

Involved in the rally, students scream and proudly 
display their support for President Bush. The 
innauguralion secured the victory for Republicans 
after a long period of limbo regarding election re- 
counts and the possibihty of a contested election. 

■ Ready to roll, a float stands alone on the outskirts 
of the crowds. With the first president elected in 
the new millenium, expectations and new prospects 
accumulated in the minds of the American public, 
and many attended the innauguration out of interest 
for where the President stood on many issues re- 
garding the future of the coutnry. 

a Building excitement. Republican students prepare 
to rally for the newly elected President Bush at the 
innauguration. Students travelled Washington. D.C., 
to show their support for their party and welcome 
the President to the capital. 


■ Smiling in style, a group of friends 
gather before the dance for photos. 
Many students went out to dinner be- 
fore the dance, hung out with close 
friends, or even went to parties before 
the bus departed. 

■Enjoying the night air, Jocelyn White 
and James Lewis cool off on the deck 
of the Odyssey. Althought the dance 
floor seemed rather hot to most, the 
cool breeze from the water cooled them 
off as soon as they stepped out into the 

■Hanging out at the front of the boat, 
Dan Leckburg and Nicole Angarella take 
a break from the dance floor to enjoy 
the night's atmosphere. Couples expe- 
rienced a romantic evening aboard the 

;dent Life 

SfifU^ ^on^Hoi 

Itudents travel by bus for a night of dancing on the water... 

As numerous buses filled George Washington circle, elegantly dressed couples started 
to gather nearby. Many, looking for their groups of friends, their tickets, or various 

other possibly misplaced items, stayed off the buses for as long as possible to make sure all 

was in order, while their more organized classmates boarded upon arrival. Once all those 

attending found seats with their dates and or friends, the hour long 

ride to Washington DC began. As the buses did not depart until 

eleven o'clock, some early birds in attendance found the ride an 

opportunity for some shut eye, while those night owls found it as 

an opportunity for fun. Once the buses reached their destination, 

all attending were led aboard the Odyssey for a floating tour of DC 

complete with music and dancing. 

The boat came complete with two dance floors, two bars, 

and two buffet lines. As music played toward the front of the ship 

seemed a bit more mild mannered in tempo compared to that of 

the rear, the majority of dancers could be found upon the rear 

dance floor, both manned by a DJs. For those non dancers, tables 

were available providing a view of DC at night while many chose to 

sit and talk or to eat, or to just 
take a break from the heavily 
populated dance floors. 

"It was a very romantic at- 
mosphere as I stood on the 
back of the boat starring at 
the stars above as the wind 
blew through my hair. Over- 
all 1 thought it was a great night." said freshman Mary 

BRunning into each other on 
the dance floor, Jessi Hanson 
greets a friend. The bus ride 
and the dance gave students 
the chance to celebrate the 
impending end to spring se- 

Awakenings ■ .s3 

■ Fighting for the win. Chris Moffitt and Matt 
Easlham struggle against bungee cords, and each 
other, in a friendly competition. With the games 
arriving so late this year, students had to take full 
advantage of the activities offered in a much shorter 
span of lime than in previous years. 

■ Climbing to the lop, a student uses agility and 
strength to reach his goal. The climbing wall was a 
familiar part of the Devil Goat Day activities and a 
favorite among many students. 

Caught in mid-air, a sludcnl hurls himself against 
the human velcro wall. The game was one of many 
that attracted long lines of students eager to lake 
part in the activities themselves or get a good laugh 
at those who did. 

54 ''■'■ Student Life 

SfrU^ ^eoe^ 

Devil Goat Day brings an early spring carnival to restless students. 

As students wondered outside Thursday morning expecting to find the makings of the 
school's annual Devil Goat day, a blank field, with the exception of a lone dunking 
tank was all that met their stares. Set up next to ball circle, the location of the vacant field, 
a stage could also be found. As gathers flocked to the stage later in the day to watch the 
performing student bands, they learned that the 
truck carrying most of Devil Goat days main at- 
tractions had broken down along its way to the 
event, and would be arriving quite late. 
Once finally set up, Devil Goat day 
proceeded in full swing with events rang- 
ing from a blow up boxing ring, an in- 
flatable mountain to scale, a velcro wall, 
an inflatable obstacle course and many 
others. This SGA sponsored event drew 
numerous students outside from their 
books during the last week of class, to 
celebrate the coming of spring outside 
in the sun. 

Members of the baseball team took 
turns manning the dunking tank, while 

their teammates and other athletic feeling attendees tried their arms at dunking 
them. Those willing to try out their speed could race each other down side by side 
shoots to reach a certain point while restrained by bungee cords attached to their 
backs. Or many chose to test their balance and strength by standing on one of two 
circular platforms with a two sided foam mallet facing an opponent in an identi- 
cal situation, battling it out American Gladiator Style. 

■Battling to the end, Dan Curran and Mike Nissam- 
Sabat joust in the middle of the lawn on Devil Goat 
Day. The two friends competed in good fun and 
both got a few good jabs in before the game was 

■ Leading his band, Liam Garland immerses him- 
self in the music as he performs for a crowd on 
Devil Goat Day. The fair was the perfect opportu- 
nity for Liam to gain exposure and fans around 


As the day began, the sun beat down on the perfectly aUgned chairs arranged in Ball Circle 
and the crowds of proud family members and friends trickled in to surround the stage. Gradu- 
ates knew their time had finally come. They marched a strangely familiar march, many in sun- 
glasses, with bare legs and sandals exposed at the bottom of their gowns. As they took their seats, 
memories flooded back, of the past four years of their lives and how much had changed since they 
first set foot on the campus. All around them people who had experienced and witnessed these 
subtle changes quietly sat in the same reflections. Apart from all the late night studying and week- 
end parties, the soccer games and summer road trips, it was the people who remained at the fore- 
front of ever\one's minds. As a class, they'd made it through together, conquering fears, forming 
friendships and making memories that would last a lifetime. As individuals, they now faced a world 
of uncertaint\- and new opportunities. Whatever the future held, the graduates knew they had a 
strong foundation to build upon, reinforced with knowledge, companionship, and life experiences. 

:>'o • Student Life 

Taking in tier surroundings, a 
graduate chats with friends behind her 
as the ceremony begins. Many students 
felt overwhelmed that the day had 
finally arrived, while others couldn't 
didn't think it had arrived soon enough. 

Suffering through the heat, proud 
family members sit patiently through 
the commencement ceremony. Though 
the crowd felt uncomfortable in the hot, 
sticky weather, the graduates had to 
endure the heat in long dark gowns, 
already anxious from the prospects of 
the important day. 

?-> Dressed to perfection, the senior class 
council members go out with a bang, 
standing out from the crowd with their 
unique attire. The girls formed a closs 
bond through all their hard work, and 
were proud to see it all pay off as the>' 
bid farewell to their college experiences. 

*A11 photos courtesy of the Office of Publications. 
Awakenin2S 37 

■Making his way to the stage. President 
Anderson leads the procession. Al- 
though many faculty members took part 
in the ceremon\' year after year, they 
never forgot the importance each com- 
mencement held for each class of gradu- 
ating seniors. 

■Cheering on a friend. Amy Smith jumps 
to her feet and snaps one of many pic- 
tures during the ceremom'. Emotions ran 
high on the special da\', var\ing from 
unsurmountable excitement to bitter- 
sweet tears as the graduates prepared to 
begin another chapter in their lives. 

^jo " .student Life 

■ Sharing congratulations, graduates 
celebrate the end of the ceremony. For 
some, it was a sigh of relief, for others, 
it was a moment of sadness, but for 
most, it was time to celebrate and take 
full advantage of the night of fun ahead 
of them. 

■Clutching a program, a graduate pre- 
pares to receive her diploma. The final 
walk across the stage and handshake 
from President Anderson finalized the 
moment for many graduates. 

*A11 photos courtesy of the Office of Publications. 
Awakenings ■ 5s> 







Edited by: [) 

Carolyn Huckabay 
Kim Williams 


the differences. 

1 9.S re the achievements. 
See the effort. 

Smell the fun. 
Touch the future. 


Awakenings ■ 61 

A Touch of 

The leaders of the class bring c^ 

new ideas to the Mary 
Washington College community ' ^' 

Class Council prevailed as the 
best of its kind. Students chose 
sixteen of their fellow peers, four 
from each class, to represent 
Mary Washington. These chosen 
few organized many of the main 
events of the school year, includ- 
ing Halloweens, Devil-Goat Day 
and Rocktoberfest. Although 

each event had its own charm. 
.MWC"s most popular remained 
the Fall and Spring Formals, 
which brought the most students 
together to celebrate life and all 
its pleasures. 

Class Council also provided up- 
perclassmen with special days of 
their own. Junior Ring Week, 
Grad Ball and Senior Countdown 
commemorated the years juniors 
and seniors had left. 

Not only did Class Council give 
back to the school in supporting 
these various activities, but mem- 
bers had the entire year to get to 
know each other, broaden their 
horizons and expand their capa- 
bilities as leaders. Students like 
sophomore class president Paige 
Golden joined this organization 
because "[shej was really in- 
volved in high school and felt 
that Class Council would be an 
excellent opportunity to meet 
new people and make a diference 

Class council members 
lake a break from their 
many event-related duties 

ponder the meaning of 

in the Mary Washington College 
community." Others, like fresh- 
man class president Matt 
Kapuzincski, merely continued 
their leadership efforts from ear- 
lier years: ". . . this felt like the 
next step, naturally." On the other 
hand, experience did not make up 
the requirements of Class Coun- 
cil: "1 didn't really have too much 
experience from high school, but 
I showed an interest in student 
government and was given the 

same opportunity as my peers, 
says freshman promotions direc- 
tor Kim Williams. 

Participating in Class Council 
benefited everyone in the commu- 
nity. Not only did members form 
lasting friendships and experience 
which continues on to the work- 
ing world, but without their con- 
stant support of MWC events, the 
college could never boast the di- 
versity and excitement it proudly 


The lead singer 
of the band Lucky Town 
performs for MWC's annual 
Rocktoberfest, sponsored 
by Class Council. 

Members Jordan 
Monroe, Nate Myers, 
Matt Kapuscinski, Mike Shelton, 
and Joel Nelson strike a pose 
during the Halloween 
Reaper's Rave. 



B Rotaract's annual 

Hike for Hope raised 

an excess of $500 

toward Hope House. 

Kelly Bowling and 

fellow members 

proudly display their 

pledge sheets before 

the hike began. 

■ Freshman Michelle 

Goss and her new 

friends wave to the 

camera at the 

Riverside Dinner 

Theatre, sponsored 

by Rotaract. 

Coar members 

Dana Lloyd, Sara 

Orrick, and Jessica 

Ratcliffe, and advisor 

Lea Ziobro marvel at 

their good work. 

Over fall break, COAR 

continued its services 

lor- Habitat for 

Humanity, building 

homes for families in 



Reach Out and 
Touch Someone 

Outreach Organizations Tlirive on 

Mary Washington's out- 
reach organizations have 
reached an all-time high; 
more students than ever 
before have made the deci- 
sion to volunteer, and that 
has made all the difference. 
From the Community Out- 
reach And Resource (COAR) 
to Circle K, outreach clubs 
both reward the people 
they help and their mem- 
bers, who, like freshman 
Rotaract Member Rachel 
Devore, agree that 

"volunteerism is like food 
for the soul." 

The Rotaract Club, affili- 
ated with Rotary Interna- 
tional, prevailed as one of 
Mary Washington's top 
community service organi- 
zations. Long-time presi- 
dent Kelly Bowling has con- 
tinuous appreciation for the 
reciprocity of Rotaract and 
its environment. "This is 
our fourth year in existence 
and we pride ourselves in 
our active involvement in 
the community," Bowling 
said. This organization has 
truly had a positive effect 
on the commnity through 
its constant involvement. 
During the fall semester, 

Rotaract participated in the 
Hike for Hope, proudly rais- 
ing over five hundred dol- 
lars in pledges alone. Other 
events of the season in- 
cluded taking groups of 
high-risk children to the 
Riverside Dinner Theater 
for a night of fun and edu- 
cation. Rotaract also spon- 
sored and decorated a 
Christmas tree to include in 
Fredericksburg's "Festival 

of Trees" program. The 

children from the Hope 
House and the area's home- 
less shelter gathered to 
make Christmas ornaments 
under the supervision and 
direction of Rotaract. In 
addition, Rotaract initiated 
campus-wide drives to col- 
lect toiletries for the home- 
less shelters with which it 
actively works.. 

Each outreach club at 
Mary Washington gives and 
continues to give meaning- 
ful support to its commu- 
nity: the future of these 
clubs thrives on its partici- 
pants and volunteers, who 
continue to reach out and 
give a helping hand to those 
in need. 

Awakenings ■ 65 



Blind Faith 

Religious Organizations continue 
serving the community 

A celebration of faith, through religious or- 
ganizations such as the CCC and Hillel, brought 
students together on campus, creating a close- 
knit community of Mary Washington students. 

The Intervarsity Association, a non-denomi- 
national group, served over two hundred stu- 
dents. The group brought students of the Chris- 
tian faith together through group studies and 

K MWC students 
have fun at Windy 
Gap, IV's summer 
camp in North 

weekly meetings. As well, IV remained affili- 
ated with state and regional conferences and a 
variety of community service projects. "This 
organization has been a great place to meet 
people with similar interests as my own." fresh- 
man Joy Bailey said. Students in Joy's residence 
hall frequent the meetings, which gave them a 
chance to get to know each other better. 

One of the oldest religious organizations at 
Mary Washington, the Baptist Student Union 
prided itself on being a relatively small, close- 
knit group open to the entire community. The 
three year member and president of BSU, 
Katherine Hunt, said that the organization has 
deepened her faith in God, increased her fel- 
lowship, and allowed her to grow personally. 
The members of BSU fed homeless at the 
Thurmond Brisbon Homeless Shelter and did 
yardwork for the Bragg Hill Family Life Center, 
as well as continued their dedication to Habitat 
For Humanity. The BSU had weekly meetings 

called "5 Alive" where members enjoyed a 
home-cooked meal, fellowship, worship, and lis- 
tened to a speaker. 

Much like the BSU, Mary Washington's Catho- 
lic Student Association involved themselves in 
activities such as "Work Camps" where they 
helped to build homes for the less fortunate. 
The community service helped those in need 
and build stronger relationships among its 
members. Freshman Elizabeth Sjoberg, who 

participares in these activities, comments: "I've 
gotten to know some awesome people who love 

Awakenings ■ 67 

i>-"' 2 Organizations 

An early copy of the Polemic, this 1970's 
cover page looked much different than it 
does today. 

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Either write 
something worth reading or do something worth 
writing." Mary Washington publications rise 
above the standards of literary excellence, 
combining informative material and wit to create 
a foundation for students' continuous exposure 
to good writing. From weekly to yearly 
publications, MWC has four main works which 
it produces diligently every year: the Aubade and 
the Polemic, literary magazines, along with the 
Bullet and the Battlefield. 

Students produced and distributed the Bullet, 

Mary Washington's award-winning student-run 

newspaper, every Thursday on campus. Published 

ten to twelve times per year, the Bullet included 

News, Viewpoints, Features, Sports, and Scene 

sections. According to member Teresa Joerger, 

"Our goal is to cover the news that is relevant to the entire campus community." Mary Washington's 

other main school- wide publication is the Battlefield, produced yearly and distributed free of cost, 

as its funding comes from student tuition. 

Although far less circulated than the Bullet, Mary Washington's literary publications have a lot 
to offer the college. Boasting a decadent history, the Polemic currently displays student-written 
poetry, whereas in its beginnings in the 70's, the book created an outlet for professors to include 
extra reading material. Each school year, the Polemic includes a "sex issue," a provocative magazine 
displaying all aspects of the subject. 

Publications on campus kept readers informed of events, ideas, and memories; as a force it 
continued to thrive on its readers and their support. 

Awakenings ■ 69 

Point, Touch, Pariy 

Fencing Popular among 
Mary Washington students 


Fencing has been called a sport 
of champions. Fencers were white 
knights, clad in white bodysuits, 
masks and swords. Such was the 
legacy of a select group of students 
at MWC: the Fencing Club. Some 
students joined the team to try 
something new on campus, while 
others, like freshman Jared Myers, 
"■ . . . joined because it was some- 
thing [he] had always wanted to 
do." Myers asked his parents, as 
an early Christmas present, to buy 
him the equipment needed to 
fence. "My equipment cost two 
hundred dollars. I bought an 
Olympic mask, Olympic glove, a 
cotton nylon front zip jacket, 
knickers, and a foil (sword)." 
Many fencers were involved in 
other activities on campus such as 
theater and rugby, while others 
dedicated their time to mastering 

the sport. 

The Fencing Club's member- 
ship has multiplied exponentially 
since its beginnings. Plus, new 
technology in the fencing indus- 
try has recently made it easier for 
fencers to participate actively in 
tournaments; according to Fresh- 
man Mike LaMonica, "the team 
has been trying to get the authori- 
zation and charter to compete in 
multi-university tournaments." 
Beginning after Winter Break, 
with the addition of newly-pur- 
chased electronic equipment, scor- 
ing became much easier and fenc- 
ers were able to put all their ef- 
forts into the sport. 

At Mary Washington, fencers 
found this organization intriguing 
because they've never seen any 
club like it before, and the prob- 
ably never will again. 


Ben Amos and James Liao practice 
for a fencing tournament. The sport 
requires not only concentration but 
coordination and balance. 


An unidentified fencing appretice plays 
dead after a grueling match with a tough 
opponent. Mary Washington fencers, 
although dedicated to their sport, always 
remember the spirit of the game and aren't 
always slaves to seriousness. 

Awakenings « 

BellACappella is 

Mary Washington's newest 

all-female singing ensemble, 

formed early this 

semester After a long 

preparatory rehearsal, they 

hang around the lobby of 


■ Symfonics tenors practice 

their chords before rehearsal. 

Member John Schirrippa, 

second from right, has the voice 

of an angel but was too camera- 

.shy to comment. 


As Sound As A Bell 

On-CampmA Cappella expands, 
reaching new levels ofmusicality 

A Cappella at Mary 
Washington has reached a new 
level; using nothing but the 
most natural of instruments, 
their voices, the Symfonics and 
BellACappella give music lov- 
ers an outlet for enjoyment 
year-long . 

The Symfonics, a well- 
known co-ed a cappella group 
on campus, includes sixteen 
students from freshmen to se- 
niors. The group sings every- 
thing from compilations by 
Britney Spears and the 
Backstreet Boys to Tori Amos 
and Bon Jovi. Symfonics per- 
forms two to three main shows 
per year, occasionally includ- 
ing invitationals and tours to 
other colleges and universities. 
The a cappella group has re- 
corded one CD and is looking 
forward to the release of their 
second album in the fall. 
Freshman David Zedonek, who 
had never done a cappella be- 

fore college, commented that 
he joined because he "wanted 
to be challenged by something 
new." Symfonics works to 
sponsor at least one profes- 
sional concert per year. This 
season the hosted Ball In The 
House, a nationally-known a 
capella group from Boston who 
sang covers like Fly Away and 
Karma Chameleon, as well as 
their originals. 

BellACappella, formed 
in January 2001, is Mary 
Washington's all-female group, 
consisting of 11 members. 
With the help of musical direc- 
tor Jen Whitely, BellACappella 
had the opportunity to perform 
with the Symfonics and James 
Madison University's Exit 245 
at their spring invitational. 
The newly-formed group hopes 
to expand their repertoire next 
year; current favorites include 
the Beatles' "Because" and 
"Tainted Love." 

Symfonics group members 
jam to the rhythms of Boston's 
"Ball in the House." The event 
brought with it a huge crowd of a 
cappella supporters as well as 
music lovers who had never 
before experienced a cappella. 

Awakenings ■ 73 

student Government 

fissociation is Always 

Moving Toward Mailing 

tlie Scliooi a Better Place 


story Provided by Kelly Turck 

The sole purpose of the Stu- 
dent Government Association (the 
SGA) is to work for a better college 
community through the development 
and strengthening of individual re- 
sponsibility and citizenship. The SGA 
represents student interests, needs 
and concerns to the faculty and ad- 
ministration. The SGA is comprised 
of an Executive Cabinet and Student 
Senate, Legislative Action Committee, 
and Academic Affairs Committee. The 
Judicial Review Board, Honor Councill, 
ARH and Commuting Student Presi- 
dents all serve as voting members of 
the executive cabinet. 

This season the SGA has been 
very busy, accomplishing many cam- 
pus and community events. In Sep- 
tember, the LAC and SGA organized 
the first-ever congressional debate at 
the college. Candidates vying for the 
first Congressional District Represen- 
tative position, met on the stage of 
Dodd Auditorium to debate the issues 
of the district. The event was a huge 
sucess, drawing not only interested 

students, but also community mem- 
bers to the event. In October, the SGA 
orchestrated the third annual Spirit 
Week - the week was a huge success, 
with the culmination ending in a 
grand fireworks display at the rugby 
field. Over one thousand students 
were there to witness the event. One 
of the largest projects the SGA worked 
on was the revision of their constitu- 
tion. The proposed constitution 
aimed at strengthening the SGA by 
making it more accountable to the stu- 

dents it represents. SGA leaders felt 
that the current constitution was not 
only vague and contradictory, but did 
not adequately represent the student 
interests. Some of the proposed 

changes included shrinking the num- 
ber of senate committees, 
encorporating a Leadership Round 
Table meeting for Executive Cabinet 
and the chairpersons of the standing 
committees - GIANT ICA, and Film 


B Members of the SGA 
Executive Cabinet, 
clockwise from right: 
John Lydon, Kelly Turcic, 
Ashley Groesbeck, 
Maylian Pak, Sheri Asbeil, 
Josh Maddox. 

Awakenings ■ 75 

last of the Sun and 
West of the Moon 

Asian Student Association 
completes a successful year 

"My most memorable 
ASA event was chillin' with 
m_\ fellow group members 
after the huge turnout for 
Taste of Asia this past fall se- 
mester." recalled Joseph 
DaN'id. a member of the 
Asian Student Association. "I 
remember having to order 
our own food after practi- 
cally all the student body 
showed up to the event." 
Taste of Asia allowed stu- 
dents to sample Asian foods 
from different countries. 
This event, along with the 
Eclipse Dance Party, Eliot 
Chang (an Asian comedian), 
and most recently the Lunar 
New Year Banquet, have all 
been sponsored by the Asian 
Student Association. 

ASA is one of many 
cultural student organiza- 
tions on campus and the 
success of their events spoke 

for itself. The purpose of 
ASA, according to their con- 
stitution, was "to promote 
the appreciation and under- 
standing of Asia through 
educational, cultural, and 
social activities." This orga- 
nization has done just that. 
These events just began 
their aim to teach the cam- 
pus what Asia is all about. 

Spring semester 

events included the 

Breakdancing Battle, 

Karaoke Nite, Asian Leader- 
ship Conferences, and a field 
trip to Chinatown, among 
others. Essentially, the club 
aims to broaden the hori- 
zons of the campus commu- 
nity and promote diversity 
and cultural awareness. The 
Asian Student Association 
had its most successful year 
ever during the 2000-2001 

Organizations & Activities 

Asiuii Student Association 
members Sally Chan and Yuri 
Sato decorate the Under- 
ground in preparation for the 
Eclipse Dance Party, held in 
the fall. Occurring at the end 
of Asian Culture Week, the 
event brought together 

people of all backgrounds for 
a night of dancing and fun. 

During a social 
trip to George Mason 
University, ASA 
members participated 
in Kareoke night. 
Unfortunately, "Hit 
Me Baby, One More 
Time" didn't quite 
make the cut. 

Members of the 
Asian Student 
Association help fix 
each others' en- 
sembles for the Taste 
of Asia Fashion Show, 
where traditional 
costume was dis- 



■ Representatives of the 

College Republicans sit in 

the heat awaiting new members 

during the annual Club Carnival. 

Member Mary Christ seemed 

content, but MWCR Executive 

Director Kevin Lampinen was a bit 


bv the summer sun. 


College Republicans 

Make Promise of the 

Best Party on Campus 

Students got the chance 
meet and greet promi 
I nent political figures at this | 
summer's Republican 
National Convention, Newt 
Gingrich and MWCR Chair 
Chris Winslow pose at this 
prestigious event. 

It was a banner year for the 
Mary Washington College Republicans. 
Celebrating a victory of the 2001 Presi- 
dential Election, the organization kept 
busy with campaign activism, including 
attending the annual Republican Con- 
vention and the Inauguration Ceremony, 
as well as other various political, social, 
and community service activities. More 
recently, the College Republicans have worked to better the community through a program called "Adopt- A-Roadway," in which students had 
the opportunity to clean up the community in more ways than one. 

The organization was not only involved with off-campus campaign events such as last fall's JoAnn Davis Fundraiser, but also suc- 
ceeded in bringing the students on campus together for nights of fun and awareness, noteably for "Mr. MWC 2000," co-sponsored by the MWC 
Young Republicans. As a result, according to The Free Lance-Star, "the program raised about $1,200 - a third of which [was] donated to the 
Rappahannock Council on Domestic Violence (RCDV)." Clearly, this organization is more than a political rally. Gathering students from all 
backgrounds, the College Republicans strive to promote service to and involvement with the community and its importance to the country's 
political arena. 

Awakenings ■ 79 

Brothers of a New Direction, also known 
as BOND, have been working hard to pro- 
mote diversity and spread knowledge of 
culture to the students of Mary Washing- 
ton. This organization has sponsored a lot 
of activities on campus to further the cul- 
tural experience. From the DJ Battle and 
the Dating Game to the Step Show, BOND 
continues to prove that they are heading in 
the right direction. 

Freshman Mary Stanley joined because. 
"I wanted to become a part of different 
clubs and events that are on campus." 

The DJ Battle was held in October. The 
battle consisted of DJs from all over Vir- 
ginia. DC and Maryland facing off for the 
first prize of S600."It was very creative to 
see all the DJs doing what they do; mixing 
beats. It was nice," freshman Ernest Th- 
ompson said. 

The Dating Game, which was held in Feb- 
ruary, featured one female and one male 
contestant. There were three contestants of 
the opposite sex they had to choose from, 
by asking questions, and making their fi- 
nal decision. Junior Hakim Id'mhand, who 
was a participant, said that, "The girl asked 
me the question 'If you were a salesper- 
son, how much would I pay [for the prod- 
uct being sold]?' 1 told her that 1 would give 
it to her for free. It was a very interesting 


BOND, along with Women of Color, also 
sponsored The Step Show, in February. The 
step show featured two fraternities from Vir- 
ginia State University and a sorority from 
Radford, as well as six high schools from all 
over Virginia performing their step routines. 
Many citizens of the Fredericksburg com- 
munity came to watch. Afterwards, there was 
a party. "Not only did it bring the commu- 

nity to us, but we got to meet new people 
from other schools, and party with them af- 
terwards," said freshman Amal Yesuf, about 
the step show. 

With BOND sponsoring events such as 
these, it's no wonder that they are setting 
the example for other diverse organizations 
on campus. 


The members of Brothers Of a 
New Direction (BOND) pose for a 
photo in front of the fountain. 
Their unity as a club endorses 
their willingness to reach out to 
the community. 

BOND sponsored a Dating 
Game for Valentines Day 2001. 
These male contestants spent 
the evening cracking jokes, 
pretending not to be nervous. 


One of the most important as- 
pects of college life for many Mary 
Washington students is their living 
situation. On-campus living cre- 
ates unified communities, with the 
help of the Hall Council, who 
makes up the Association of Resi- 
dence Halls. 

"The ARH,'" according to its 
president, junior Kristy Bartle. 
"has gone above and beyond their 
goals and achieved more in the past 
year than ever before." The ARH 
has made many contributions to the 
.\IWC community this year, hold- 
ing programs such as Friday Night 
Dry. Adopt a Family, and the AIDS 
walk, among many other events. 

Remember the Mr. MWC pag- 
eant? ARH. along with the College 
Republicans, assisted in recruiting 
men for the competition, and got 
15 residence halls to participate in 

the show, exhibiting their ability to 
bring the campus community 
closer together. 

One of the most important 
events the ARH participated in this 
year was the 2001 Virginia Asso- 
ciation of College and University 
Residence Halls (VACR) Confer- 
ence. According to Bartle, "over 
150 students and advisors from 
across the state of Virginia came 
to MWC in February, participating 
in activities such as Roll Call, 
Karaoke, Programming sessions, a 
formal banquet, and a dance. We 
had a $10,000 budget and all 
activies were student-run." 

A liaison between students, the 
Office of Residence Life and 
Housing, and various other cam- 
pus groups, the ARH continues to 
get involved and stay dedicated to 
the students they serve. 

Associalion of Residence 

Hall members head lo Iheir 

annual conference, in which 

.student leadership and 

provlem-solving skills were 

discussed and put to use. 






DiscusMiig pix'valem residence life 
issues with other colleges and univer- 
sities in Virginia is one of the most 
important components of the annual 
VACURH conference, this year held 
at Mary Washington College, 

I After a long weekend of planning, 
members of the ARH take a break 
from their work. Not only does this 
organization teach pragmatic skills 
but also incorporates bonding and 
unity among members. 



The Body Politic 

Mary Washington College Young Democrats 
continue serving the school 

Mar)^ Washington College Democrats were jumping out of their 
seats this year in anticipation of the 2000 Gore vs. Bush Election, 
w hich in an unexpected twist, did not end in their favor. MWC Col- 
lege Democrats, with a membership of about 160 people, is one of the 
largest of Mary Washington's many political organizations. The club 
has e.xisted in one form or another for many years but has existed in 
its current form for three years. 

The College Democrats started out the year with a campaign 
infomation session and pizza party. The young democrats followed 
the Gore ns. Bush and Robb vs. Allen election closely in the month to 
follow. Members participated in local, state and nationwide politics 
with literature drops almost every weekend up to the election, as well 
as holding regular club meetings. 

College democrats have a big event in the end of March. They are 
^ending delegates to the Young Democrats State Convention in 
N'orfork. Young democrats are also hosting a Democratic Party of Vir- 
ginia Lt. Governor's debate, where they are planning on getting be- 
tween 1 50 and 200 students and local democrats attending. 

Joseph Frick, the club president, joined the club because he wanted 
to be active in politics at school and figured it would be a good way to 
meet people with similar views. Joseph says that the thing he likes 
most about the club is that it "brings together young people with the 
same political ideas in a productive atmosphere that allows them to 
do something to advance their beliefs." "Besides that," he comments, 
\ome of the .stuff we do in the club is just plain fun." 

College Democrats has taught Joseph and other members that you 
have to work hard to persuade other people to see your way. Their job 
is defmitely not an easy one. 


One of the many perks of working 
with this organization is their celeb- 
rity connections! Young Democrats 
member Brandon Robinson smiles for 
the camera with fellow Democrat Ben 
.lores, who played Cooler Davenport 
in Dukes o/Hazzard. 


84 5 Orsanizations 

Awakenings S !S5 

The Mary Washington College Trek 
club has been extremely busy this season. 
Planning trips throughout the year, mem- 
bers and all those interested have the op- 
portunity to try something new, challenge 
their bodies, minds, and souls, by going on 
a Trek expedition. 

Among other things. Trek's main goal 
is to keep its students active, involving them 
with new things, more adventurous activi- 
ties, and creating a bond among members 
that will not soon be forgotten. 

Continuing its legacy of fun and learn- 
ing, Trek's most recent expeditions include 
white water rafting, rock climbing, camp- 
ing, and skydiving, all extreme adventures 
in their own way. 

Freshman Jonathan Wilson-Luck, who 
attended this fall's Trek camping trip, saw 
it as a time to get away and meet new 
people. "Having only been at Mary Wash- 
ington a few months, I hadn't gotten a 
chance to get to know the people in my 
dorm. Going camping with Trek helped 
me because I bonded with some students 
who lived in my hall. Also, it was a really 
good excuse to get away from my work for 
a couple days!" 

According to the leaders of Trek, its 
main purpose is "to provide opportunities 

for various outdoor activities such as hiking, 
camping, climbing, etc. We teach principles 
of outdoor living, and promote fellowship 
among members while developing strong 

This year. Trek's board of directors in- 
clude co-presidents Sara Linnerooth and Erin 
McCarty. Their treasurer is Becky Naumann 
and their advisor is 2000 Graduate of Mary 

Washington College Sean Otto, a former 
member. While their leaders are strong, 
Trek is always looking for new members, 
since seniors go in new directions and the 
energy of youth is what keeps this organi- 
zation going strong. 


At their skydiving expedition. 
Dr. Bill, Senior Sara Linnerooth, 
a professional trainer. Dr. 
Penwell, and Stuart Gottlieb 
pose for the camera. At Trek, 
the sky's the limit. 

The Trek club pulls together 
for a traditional group photo at 
their white water rafting trip. 
One of the most active organiza- 
tions on campus. Trek continues 
to reach new heights. 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Awakenings » S7 


' PeKim Kelley, Erin Graeber, 

Mary Barton, Rachel Clement, 

Katrina Wilson, Chastity Kolb, 

and Rebecca Neumann helped 

clean up the Rappohanock. 

Circle K's small steps create 

strides in historic preservation 

and beauty. 

■ Enthusiastic Circle K members 

Kim Kelley and Jessie Isaacs 

watch over the little tykes at the 

moon bounce. By the looks on 

their faces, we bet they've taken a 

turn in the .Star Castle. 



Circle K Comes 




Circle K members work on 
cleaning up Civil War artifacts at 
the Battleground. Not only did 
these women get to enjoy a 
beautiful day outdoors but 
reaped the benefits of doing a 
good deed for someone in need. 

FuU Circle 

MIVC volunteer organization makes strides 
in community outreach 

Circle K, a community ser- 
vice organization run by 
students, has expanded 

from a small group of 
volunteerers to become one 
of the most prevalent, im- 
portant clubs at Mary Wash- 
ington. Most relevant to this 
particular organization is 
fundraising and volunteer- 
ing, both of which contrib- 
ute to the bettering of lives 
in the Fredericksburg com- 
munity. This year alone, 
Circle K has worked with 
children in the Hope House 
and Homeless Shelter, par- 
ticipated in walks for vari- 
ous diseases, volunteered at 
Red Cross, Daybreak, Big 
Brothers Big Sisters, and 
much more. 

This past season. Circle K 
members visited Carriage 
Hill Nursing Home, where 
they sang songs from the 
1930's to the 1960's. 
targetting their audience. 
"The residents loved it," said 
president Cynthia Hermann. 
Also, the club participated 
in "Gleaning for Apples at 

Moormont Orchards," in 
which fallen apples were 
donated to local food banks. 
As well, they cooked dinner 
at the Thurman Brisben 
Homeless Shelter, put on a 
sock puppet show for kids 
at the Hope House, and read 
childrens stories at Hugh 
mercer Elementary School. 

Current officers include 
president Cynthia 

Hermann, vice president 
Jessie Isaacs, secretary Katie 
Duffett, treasurer Kim 

Kelley, newsletter editor 
Katrina Wilson, publicity 
director Meaghan Herbert, 
and Lieutenant Gorvernor 
for Glory Division Kate 

Working alongside COAR 
and other various commu- 
nity service organizations. 
Circle K's mission is to help 
those in need. They have 
gone above and beyond the 
call of duty to accomplish 
this feat, and the club's 
bright future is only the ic- 
ins on the cake. 



Culture ShocU 

Hispanic Student Association knows the ways of the 


The Hispanic Student Association 
has shown the campus, in more ways 
than one, the good things about cul- 
tural diversity. 

One example of this is the fashion 
show put on by HSA, along with the 
Black Student Association and the 
.Asian Student Association. The pur- 
pose of the show was to display the 
native clothing of certain countries 
around the world, from Puerto Rico 
to Vietnam to Ethiopia. At the show 
was a donations box; this funding 
went to the Boys and Girls Club of 

This, however, is only one of many 
activities that HSA sponsors on cam- 

They also sponsored a Latin dance, 
held in .March. The band Tropicombo 
played at this event, and the Social 
Dance Club gave salsa lessons be- 
forehand to anyone who was inter- 

ested in learning new moves. 

HSA has also sponsored their an- 
nual "The Sun Is Shining" Latin 
dance in October, where free virgin 
margaritas and pina coladas were 
served to attending students. They at- 
tended the Adams Morgan Festival 
in September, which is a multi-eth- 
nic celebration held in Washington, 

HSA has also done community 
service, helping out at the National 
Organization for the Advancement of 
Hispanics (NOAH) festival in Octo- 
ber. This was held at Hurkamp Park 
in downtown Fredericksburg. 

All of this busy work doesn't keep 
HSA from having fun. In October, 
they had a barbecue in Old Mill Park 
to get to know each other better, 
bonding to celebrate differences and 
similarities alike. 

90 ' Organizations 

Awakenings ■ 9 1 

CAMEO Reaches 
fievtf Heights 

CAMEO spreads its doctrine of tolerance 

and acceptance, 

of love and respect for others 

At Mary Washington College, di- 
versity is a controversial issue. Sta- 
tistics show that only 12% of the col- 
lege is minority students, so 
multicultural awareness is extremely 
important to uphold. The College As- 
sociation of Multicultural Ethnicities 
Organization strives to do just that: 
create an environment where all stu- 
dents can learn about various cul- 

According to officer Gina 
McGovem, "CAMEO's main pur- 
pose is to discuss and promote diver- 
sity on campus. We talk to prospec- 
tive students, hos video discussions 
in residence halls, and sponsor events 
with other clubs to promote 

multiculturalism, respect, and toler- 

This year's officers are Gina 
McGovem, Jennifer Hossli, Jennifer 
Rainey, John Canery, and Jennifer 
Amman; assistant dean of admissions 
Lawrence Nightingale is their faculty 

Their most recent event was Cel- 
ebrating Cultural Diversity Weekend, 
which was the weekend of the 
Multicultural Fair. CAMEO hosted 
twelve students from diverse back- 
grounds who have been accepted into 
next year's freshman class to partici- 
pate in the weekend's various cultural 
and educational events. 


92 s> Organizations 

'•_' , ■ 

5'i ^^ 


Awakenings ■ 03 

Sugar and 

Campas Scouts are everything 

nice to their Community and the 

people they serve 

College students across the country 
jump for joy when girl scout cookie 
season arrives. And who could blame 
them? From the traditional Thin Mint 
to the enticing Samoa, these cookies 
keep Mary Washington students happy 
for only three dollars per box. But 
where do they come from? If you're 
not ordering from your little sister's 
troop or your roommate's cousin's 
friend's girl scout connection, have no 
fear.. There is one club that selflessly 
helps the community, volunteers, and 
at the same time brings us with study 
food galore. 

These women are known as the 
Campus Scouts. 

And it doesn't stop there. These stu- 
dents have not only been involved with 
the MWC campus, but also with the 
Fredericksburg community. From vis- 
iting nursing homes to working with 
kids in the city's local homeless shel- 
ter. Campus Scouts have gone above 
and beyond the call of duty to leave 
their mark. 

One specific event that made a huge 
impact was "Happy Healthy Me Day." 
Campus Scouts sponsored a program 
for 1 25 4th- 6th grade girl scouts that 
emphasized healthy lifestyles, promot- 
ing a love for the body and the will- 
ingness to be more open to differences. 

Other activities of the season in- 

clude river clean-up projects at Old Mill 
Park, sponsoring an event at the 
Multicultural Fair, and hiking at Old 

But these girls don't forget about 
bonding within the club. Campus Scouts 
have taken trips to nearby urban cen- 
ters like D.C. to become closer to each 

"I think that we improved our activi- 
ties and involvement in the community 
this year. We have branched out into all 

different aspects of the community. We have also 
grown in popularity as a campus group due to 
the cookie sales," president Jenelle Kubicsko 
said about her club's success this year. Kubicsko 
hopes that the future will bring more programs, 
heightened interest in the club, and will receive 
more student recognition and support for all their 
hard work. 

The Scouts deserve to be commended for their 
hard work and enthusiasm to being involved 
with the community and to the girls who will 
shape our futures. 


After a long day of Girl Scout Cookie 
sales, troop members took a break with 
one of their Campus Scouts. Group 
members showed leadership and 
responsibility throughout the year, 
exhibiting their skills as role models and 

Girl scouts gather round in Woodard 
Campus Center's Great Hall to earn a 
badge. Helping young girls accept their 
bodies, "Happy Healthy Me Day" was a 
huge success. 

Awakenings ■ 95 

After getting "Good 

Lookin'" painted on his face. 

this young man is ready for 

action. At the annual 

Multicultural fair, GIANT 

productions brought Solazo to 

the mix, proving to be 

entertaining and educational. 

■ At this year's annual 

Rocktoberfest, GIANT 

productions brought bands like 

Agents of Good Roots and 

Lucky Town, shown at right. 

With the help of Class Council, 

the day was a huge success. 

■ Brian "Piper" Barbrc takes a 

break from the set. At this 

spring's Devil Goat Day, his 

band opened for One Handed 

Molly, codirectcd by GIANT and 

Class Council. 

^-j' Organizations 

On the Shoulders of Giants 

GIfiNT Productions are the brains 
behind the bands 

Mary Washington College would 
truly be at a loss without the help of 
GIANT productions. If it weren't for 
their avid support of on-campus en- 
tertainment and the fulfillment of 
those goals to entertain, the campus 
would never see as many good times 
as it has this past season. 

In charge of big events like the 
Rocktoberfest, The Pat McGee 
Band, and Catch 22, GIANT strives 
to make on-campus events exciting 
to their audience, while ensuring that 
every event runs smoothly with no 
unnecessary glitches. 

Not many students at Mary Wash- 
ington fully appreciate the work of 
GIANT members; after all, the stu- 
dents purpose in attending is not to 
watch the set-up process. They come 
to see the bands and various per- 
formers, sometimes overlooking the 
hard work and effort put into each 
and every event. 

Their co-chairs are senior 
Rachel Scarr and junior Jamie 
Darcy, with Financial managers 
Adam Deck and Cara Wolfe. 
Other officers include Production 
co-chairs Pam Kirby and Brad 
Johnson, Promotion co-chairs Syl- 
van Emory and Chris Guyton, and 
Hospitality co-chairs Jane Atticks 
and Todd Casey. 

GIANT organization members 
have been involved with almost 
every event on campus, ranging 
from local to big-name bands, 
from the Multicultural Fair to open 
mic nights at the underground. 
Setting up, selling tickets, main- 
taining order, moving machinery 
and stage props are only a few of 
the many laborious tasks of GI- 
ANT members. If only students 
could see them hard at work, the 
team would certainly be congratu- 
lated for a job well done. 

Awakenings ■ ^) / 

i Fencers practice when and 
wherever they can. 


The Battle of the Bands 
brought a blend of musical 
talent, from established to 
newly-formed campus bands. 

Join the Club 

Nary Washington students awaken 
their senses through extracurriculars 

Ever wonder why students at 
Mary Washington College are so 
busy? Sure, students here pride 
themselves on academic excellence, 
upholding the tradition of integrity 
and honor at the College. But what 
keeps them going? 

Being in a club at Mary Washing- 
ton is more than signing up on a list 
at the clubs fair and attending the 
occasional meeting. Active partici- 
pation in campus-wide events, as 
well as volunteerism and service 
around the Fredericksburg area are 
integral to these organizations. 
Without them, students would not 
have the opportunity to display their 
skills and desires to help others. 

Adding character to students' 
class schedules, MWC clubs range 
from political to social to academic 
to service learning, all encompass- 
ing one main goal: to benefit the stu- 

dents and teach them valuable 
lessons. Sponsoring events, fund- 
raising, going on field trips, and vol- 
unteering are a few of the many 
things these students participate in 
for their respective organizations. 
Every student here can find their 
niche, be it with the Campus Scouts, 
the Art Club, Synchronized Swim- 
ming, or the Eagle Pipe Band. 

One of the most important aspects 
of these organizations is student in- 
volvement. A club can be as active 
as it wants, but without plentiful 
members to share the experiences 
with, that club could never prosper. 
Utilizing all the senses, Mary Wash- 
ington organizations and activities 
experience awakenings on a daily 
basis. They learn how to help oth- 
ers, improve themselves, create 
beauty, and change lives, all in a 
single year. 

■ After a long day of white 
water rafting, TREK club 
members pose for the 

Awakenings ■ 99 

■^ Sports 



Edited by 
Keri Campbell 


oCC the sweat. 

Touch the dre 
Hear the fans. 

Smell the fear. 
1 aSte the victories. 


Awakenings « 101 






Gettysburg College 


Villa Julie College ^^ 

2-1 (W) 

Eastern College 

4-1 (W) 

VAWeslex an College 

3-0 (W) 

College of New Jersey 

0-2 (L) 

William Paterson College 

2-1 (W) 

St. Mar\'s College* 

5-0 (W) 

Salisbun. State University* 

1-1 (T) 

Goucher College* 

12-0 (W) 

Denison College 

0-3 (L) 

Chowan College 

5-0 (W) 

Randolph-Macon College 

3-0 (W) 

York College* 

3-0 (W) 

Gallaudet University* 

10-0 (W) 

Mar> mount Universit_\ ' 

6-0 (W) 

Catholic University* 

4-0 (W) 

John Hopkins University 

0-1 (L) 

Gallaudet Uni\ersity** 

12-0 (W) 

York College** 

5-1 (W) 

Salisburg State University** 

1-2 (L) 



1 '->» 



'^ A.— 

Laura Stafford sprints clown the field on a 
breakaway chance. Breakaways often placed 
an offensive player against the goalie. 

Ellen Anderson leaps to head the ball off a 
corner. The ability to beat the opponent to a 
fifty-fifty ball remained a key aspect in 
gaining possession. 



Women Fall in Channpionships ^ 

The Women's soccer season fin- 
ished with an overall record of four- 
teen wins, four losses and one tie. 
Even though the girls were not the 
Capital Atlantic Conference cham- 
pions, they had a great season. "We 
had the highest expectations off the 
field because in our hearts we knew 
that we were physically capable of 
greatness, we just lacked the proper 
execution at times when our 
strengths and weaknesses were truly 
tested," reflected sophomore Mandy 
Moore on the season The girls also 
learned a lot about what it means to 
play as a team. Bernice Kelly 
learned "to be a team member and 
when someone is down pick her 

back up. Play to win and play with 
heart, because sometimes talent just 
isn't enough!" The girls believed 
that if their heart was not into it, 
there was no chance to achieve their 
goals. "A big heart conquers all!" 
said Sarah Zelenak, which became 
the motto for this Fall 2000 season. 
High CAC honors helped ease the 
pain of their loss Salisbury in the 
conference championships. Senior 
Elian Anderson received the Confer- 
ence Player of the Year award and 
Coach Kurt Glaeser earned Co- 
Coach of the Year. Three of the 
women made CAC's first team: 
Bridget White, Elian Anderson and 
Rebecca Vaccaro. 

Kemlall Jeiinniiig!, prepares to make a pass 
from open space. Being able to accurately 
handle the ball in open space prevailed as an 
important skill in transition. 

Awakenings ■ 1 03 


Season End Yields Great Results 

The men's soccer team showed 
great effort this season. Placing sec- 
ond in the Capital Athletic Confer- 
ence with a record of six wins and 
one loss, sophomore Mike Nissim- 
Sabat stated, they "faced good com- 
petition" and ""had to rely on every- 
one to do their fair share." The men 
gained great experience, sophomore 
Marc Salotti said ""the one thing in 
particular that I learned this season 
was how even with a very strong 
team, just one or two small weak- 
nesses can be the difference between 
winning and losing the competitive 

The men played very well all sea- 
son especially against high competi- 
ti% e teams. 

When it came to the exciting and 
close games like the against Chris- 
topher Newport University, the 
men came out on top. A better 
game occurred when they defeated 
York during homecoming right af- 
ter the women's' team defeated 

Overall, Adrian Burke felt that the 
season "was far from a disappoint- 
ment.." Witnessed through various 
CAC honors. Three Eagles, Aaron 
Bernstein, Mike Nissim-Sabat and 
Matt Heimerle made CAC first 
team. The men also made the CAC 
second team-Sophomore Ryan 
Geib and Junior Martin Smith. 
Teamwork brought this season to 
its finest moments. 

Freshmen .Steve Ramos shields the 
opponent with his backside. When there a 
body separated the defensive player and the [g^ 
ball, it remained hard for the defensive player "* 

to gain control. 


Jamie Scully leaps to take a shot on goal. 
Accurate shots in the corner of the goal 
increased the chance of scoring. 

Elizabethtown Collegejj 
Randolph-Macon College"' 
Gettysburg College 
Washington College 
NC Wesleyan College j 
Roanoke College 
St. Mary's College * 
Greensboro College 
Shenandoah College 
Goucher College * 
Christopher Newport College 
York College* 
Catholic University * 
Gallaudet University * 
Salisbury State University * 
Marymount University * 
VA Wesleyan College 
ijoucher College **'' 
pork College 


Sophomore Ryan Geib prepares to switch 
fields. Crossing the ball across the field allowed 
for a counter attack. 

Matt Heimerle keeps pace one step ahead 
of his opponent. Beating the defender down 
the field led to scoring chances. 

Awakenings ■ 1 05 

■ Mar\' Washington is very strong in doubles 
plav. The deep squad and intersquad 
competition attributes to their strength. 




Shippensburg Uni\ersity 

9-0 ,(W) 

Uni\ ersitv of Rochester? 

3-6 (L) 

Meredith College 'j|- 

9-0 (W) 

Bloomsburg Unjjen^BljP^ 


Franklin & Marehalrcollege 

8-1 (W) 

Methodist College 

3-5 (L) 

Howard Universi^^^ 

1-6 (L) 

Sweet Briar Colleg^^^Hfe- 


Hollins Uni\ ersitv 

7-2 (W) 

College of New Jersey 

4-5 (L) 

George Mason University 

4-3 (W) 

Salisbury State University 

5-4 (W) 

Radford Uni\ersity 

5-4 (W) 

Randofph-Macon University 

9-0 (W) 

CAC Championships 

Washington & Lee University 

- A Lady Eagle strikes a forehand from the Quick hands and reaction time are 

baseline. Powerful baseline shots are necessary to be a reliable net court player 
intimidating to the opponent. Here a MWC player focuses on the path of 

the ball while at the net. 

)(}' Sports 


Lady Eagles Aim to Return to Nationals 


The Lady Eagles look to return 
this year with a deep squad capable 
of surpassing last year's feats. With 
the return of three time CAC Player 
of the Year, Lea Schon, five other 
upperclassmen and a strong 
recruiting class the Eagles aim to 
return to the NCAA Tournament for 
the third straight year. With a deeper 
and stronger team, competition will 
certainly be increased for a place 
among the top six . The top six 
women compete in the matches for 
each meet. 

The Eagles opened up their 
season well in Hilton Head, South 
Carolina competing against 

Shippensburg University University 
of Rochester and Meredith College. 
Spring Break in Hilton Head gave 
the women confidence for the tough 
season ahead of them. The Eagles 
will compete against top rated 
Division III schools as well as 
Division I schools. 

Going into the post season, the 
Lady Eagles were on a four meet 
winning streak. Coach Cindy Vander 
Berg was named CAC Coach of 
the Year while Lea Schon was 
named for the fourth time, CAC 
Player of the Year. The squad aims 
to revenge last year's early exit from 

I Small sprints to the ball allow this player 
to successfully reach a backhand shot beyond 
the baseline. Running down balls gives 
players one more shot to win the point. 

Awakenings ■ 1 07 


High Moments Overshadow Season Ending Lose 

The Lady Eagles had a roller 
coaster season. With the start of pre- 
season training in August, the team 
faced the challenge of rebuilding 
after losing five seniors to gradua- 
tion. The five upcoming seniors 
filled their leadership roles well. 
Once Coach Hall selected the team 
and the season began, it became 
\ en. clear every single member of 
the 25-player roster would be 
needed to accomplish the team's 
With the addition of eleven fresh- 
men, the team started their season 
on September first with a 3-1 win 
over Washington College. The few 
surprising losses throughout the sea- 
son did not slow down the Eagle's 

strive to their team goal of winning 
the conference championship. 

The highlight of the Eagle's sea- 
son undoubtly remained the victory 
over top seated Messiah College on 
October 7. After that win, the Eagles 
started a five game winning streak 
and had high hopes entering into the 
CAC tournament. Their loss in the 
semifinals of the tournament to York 
College surprised the Eagles and 
consequently ended their season on 
a sour note. After the loss, the re- 
turning players became focused on 
the future. Next year's team led by 
All-CAC seniors Christine Balance, 
Jessica Morris and Meredith 
McDonald hope to improve on the 
team's record from 2000. 

Shannon Nobile dribbles the ball in open 
space. Being fully aware of the opponent's 
position remained important to keep 
possession on the ball. 


Freshman Adrienne Trombley lines up in 
the wall to block an opponent's free hit. The 
wall became the first line of offense during a 
free hit. 




Washington College 
Frostburg State University 
Yiila Julie College 
Leb^OB Valley Collge 
'GotMei- College * 
iYoik College* 
St. Mary's College * 
Johns Hopkins University 
Franklin & Marshall Coll. 
atholic University 


4-1 (W) 

5-3 (W) 
3-1 (W) 
0-3 (L) 
5-0 (W) 
2-4 (L) 
2-0 (W) 
0-2 (L) 
2-1 (W) OT 

Bridgewatw College ^|SL ^"' OV) - 

Salisburg State University * 2-3 

Messiah College 3-1 

Mary Baldwin College 5-0 (W) 

Lynchburg College 3-2 (W) 

VA Wesleyan College 3-0 (W) 

Randolph-Macon College 3-0 (W) 

Getty burg College 0-1 (L) 

Goucher College * * 8-0 (W ) 

York College** 0-1 (L) 


Senior Amy Smith passes the ball under 
pressure. Playing to the opponent's non stick 
side gave the advantage to the team with the 

Freshman Chrissy Soper takes a short 
corner. Successfully executing on a short 
comer often made the difference in a match. 

Awakenings ■ 1 09 

Monia Biniz leaps to block the ball from 
falling on MWC's side of the court. If 
successful, the ball will fall back in the 
opponent's face. 




o<^ Kj[^i:.Li\jr\A\jui 



ViUaJuUe College 

3-0 (W) 

Randolph-Macon College 

3-0 (W1 

Shenandoah U ni\ersit> 

3-1 (W) 

Lebanon Valley College 

3-1 (W) 

Christopher Newport L'ni\ ersit\ 

3-0 (W) 

Lynchburg College 

3-1 (W) 

Wheaton College IL 

1-3 (L) 


re Valley College 

3-2 (W) 


:g Slate University 



ng College 

2-3 (L) 

St. Mar 

v's College * 

3-0 (W) 


)Uege * 

3-2 (W) 


ater College 

3-2 (W) 


et University * 

3-0 (W) 

Meredith CoUege (CNU) 

3-0 (W) 

Shenandoah University (CNU) 

3-0 fW) 

Chrisiopher Newport University 

0-3 (L, 

Marymoum University * 

0-3 (L) 

Salisbury State University * 

1-3 (L) 

Randolph-Macon College 

2-3 (L) 

Ramapo College 

3-0 (W) 

Villa Julie College 

3-1 (W) 

Washington & Lee Universit\ 

0-3 (L) 

Washington & Lee University 

0-3 (L) 

Catholic University * 

0-3 (L) 

Averett College 

0-3 (L) 

Goucher College * 

3-0 rw) 

^ailaudetUnhersity *• 

3-0 (W) 

CathniK University "* 

0-3 fL) 



Sarah Libby passes the volleyball to her 
teammate to successfully complete the play. 
Passing usually occurs off the opponent's 

Freshman Elizabeth Marker hits the ball 
across the net as her teammates prepare for 
the return hit. Anticipation of the next play 
helps a player to react quicker to the ball. 




14-2 Run, One of Best in School History 

The Lady Eagles started their 
season as one of the best is school 
history with a 14-2 record. The 
entire starting lineup from last year 
lead by GTE Academic All-Region 
player Chrissi Stoehr and junior 
Monica Bintz (All-CAC) returned 
for the 2000 season. With a solid 
core of players the team looked to 
do well throughout the season. 
One of the many highlights of the 
season occurred at the Gettysburg 
College Tournament where the 
Lady Eagles knocked off eventual 
NCAA Tournament qualifier 
Salisburg State University. The 
second highlight took place 
againt Bridgewater College. 
The match went to five games with 

the Eagles surviving for the win. 
After the tournament, the Eagles 
came out with a vengenence. 
Going on to secure six more 
consecutive wins over conference 
foes Gallaudet University, St. 
Mary's College, and York College 
of PA. 

The "team" concept Coach 
Conway stressed proved to be 
important factor throughout the 
season as the squad finished with 
an 18-11 record overall and a 4-3 
conference record. The 2001 
season looks to be solid as they 
will only lose two seniors to 
graduation and expect a strong 
incoming freshman class to 
compliment the returning players. 

Junior Monica Bintz makes an outside 
spike. A high vertical jump allows a player 
to rise above the net to spike the ball. 

Awakenings 11 I 


Key Injuries Cause Dissappointment 

Both the men and 
women's cross-country 
teams began the season 
with high hopes. The 
women aimed to repeat as 
CAC champions, make a run 
at the regional title and then 
ultimately compete at the 
National Championships in 
Spokane. WA. Unfortunately, 
several minor injuries to key 
runners mid-season slightly 
hampered their chances of 
making it to nationals. 

The women were able to 
capture their ninth CAC 
Championship title in ten 
years, but fell short at the 
regional championships. 
Their third place finish 
ended their season and 
their run to nationals. Five 
runners made All-CAC 
honors: Joerger, Marriott, 
Folta. Alexander and 

Enberg earned All-CAC and 

The men entered the 
season with many new 
additions. There was a fair 
amount of uncertainty on 
how well they would 
perform under pressure, 
but that was soon erased. 
At the Marlin Invitation, the 
men raised the stakes by 
dominating the field and 
capturing the title. 

The men were faced will 
several injuries to key 
individuals. The men 
placed , which was only the 
2nd time in 10 years they 
failed to capture the title. 
Individually, Jones, Heckel, 
and Driver earned all- 
conference honors while 
Heckel earned all-region 

'Marc Jones and his fellow leammale race 
side-by-side along ihe five kilometer course. 
Teammates can act as motivators throughout 
Ihe race. 


■ The starting line is a struggle for position. 
Here the MWC men (right side of picture) 
anticipate the beginning of the race. 


Virginia Wesleyan College Invitational 


1st place 

Western Maryland College Invitational 


2nd place 

New York University Invitational 
Women 8th, Men 

Frostburg State University 
Women 2nd, Men 

Dickinson College University 

Virginia State II/III Championships 
Women 1st, Men 3rd 

Mason-Dixon Championships 
Women 1st, Men 3rd 

CAC Championships 
Women 1st, Men 2nd 

NCAA Regionals 
Women 3rd 

MWC runners lead the pack down the 
course. Running both mentally and 
physically gruelly. 


'■i Freshman Justin Synder races to AU- 
American accolades. Synder broke school 
records in the KX) freest\ le and butterfly. 


MEN 6-5 

WOMEN 9-1 


Georgetown Univeristy Relays 

Salisbur>' State University 
.VI 135-70 W 133-72 

Catholic Universitv 
M 80-125 W 143-63 

York College. Goucher CoUeae 

M 57-37. 59-25 

W 65-29. 64.5-29.5 

Virginia Military Institute 

John Hopkins University 
M 83-120 W 96.5-108.5 

■ An .VIWC swimmer takes the lead in the 
home stretch. Creating a body lengths lead 
over nearest opponent is comforting heading 
into the turn and the race for home. 

The Eagle's crowd together before the meet 
begins. Team spirit begins before the 
swimmers hit the pool deck with the many 
banners that hang around the deck. 



Men and Women Capture Conference Title 


The 2000-2001 season 
proved to be one of the 
best for the swim teams at 
Mary Washington history. 
Coming into the season 
Coach Kinney simply 
wanted to improve the 
program from previous 
years and perform well at 
conference meets and 
nationals. And his goals 
were met. Throughout the 
regular season, both swim 
teams produced impressive 
regular season wins over 
Johns Hopkins University, 
Franklin and Marshall and 
Gettysburg College as well 
as other strong programs. 

Both the men's and 
women's teams capped off 
the season with conference 
championships: the women 
won their eleventh straight 
title and the men won their 
seven title in the past 11 


Junior Amanda Kohne, 
Sophomore Karin 

Riesenfeld, Freshmen 
Tamara Jones, and Senior 
Jen Maher were solid 
performers for the women 
throughout the season. 
Freshman Ail-American 
Justin Synder broke the 
school record in both the 
100-freestyle and 100- 
butterfly while Amanda 
Kohne broke the women's 
1 00-butterfly record. At 
nationals held in mid 
March in Buffalo New 
York, Justin qualified in 
the lOOfly, and swam that 
event along with the 50 
free and 100 free. For the 
woman's team, Jones, 
Riesenfeld, Kohne as well 
Lisa Marie Carlson 
qualified and made the 
trip to New York. 

Junior Amanda Khone races head to head 
with the opponent in the lane next to her. 
Khone performed well when it counted the 

Awakenings '^ 1 15 


Eagle's Fair Better than Expected 


The Eagle"s began the 
season with the goal of 
placing in the top four in 
the conference. The young 
team consisted of only two 
senior, four juniors and 
nine underclassmen. Youth 
did not deter the men from 
exceeding expectations of 
their ability. Top returnees 
and an excellent recruiting 
class will help to elevate 
the Eagles. Coach Wood 
knew it was up to the men 
to come prepared for the 
season and up to him to 
make the finishing touches 
to bring the team together. 

"In retrospect, I think we 
had a successful season. I 
set a goal for our team to 
finish in the top four in our 
conference, which I thought 
was unrealistic at the 

time." coach Rod Wood 
stated. The men finished 
fourth when they were 
picked at the beginning of 
the season to finish 
seventh. Their final record 
was 10-14. This is not to 
be overshadowed by the 
improvement they made 
throughout the season. 

Success did not carry 
over into the conference 
tournament. An early 
round exit was 

disappointing for the 
Eagles after expecting to at 
least advance out of the 
opening round. The Eagles 
lost to York College of 
Pennsylvania, a team they 
defeated twice in the 
regular season. The Eagles 
fell behind early and never 
regained the lead. 

The team huddle before each game prepares 
the players for the challenge before them. It 
is a time to pull together as a team and 



Evan Fowler takes a free throw shot with 
great concentration. His fellow teammates 
are in position to grab the rebound if the shot 
is not sunk. 

. OVERALL RECORD 10-14 ^^ 






Capital College 

47-54 (L) 

Delware Valley College 

77-70 (W) 

Christendom College 

72-75 (L) 

Washington MD College 

76-82 (L) 

Goucher College * 

82-73 (W) ; 

Salisbury State University * 

77-76 (W) 1 

Apprentice School 

62-51 (W) 

Western Maryland College 

83-93 (L) 

Virginia Militray Intitule ^ 

47-77 (L) j 

Marymount University * 

59-76 (L). :i 

York College * 

96-86 (W) 

Catholic University * 

51-61 (L) ' 

St. Mary's College * 

74-73 (W) ' 
81-66 (W) \ 

Villa Mie College 

Gallaudet University * 

91-66 (W) 

Salisbury State University * 
Goucher College * 
York College * 
Newport News Apprentice 

62-69 (L) f. 
81-75 (W) 
84-77 (W) , 
68-75 (L) 
56-59 (L) 

Marymount University * 
St. Mary's College * 

74-75 (L) 
58-97 (L) 

Villa Julie College 

45-77 (L) 

Catholic University * 

71-57 (W) : 

Gallaudet UnivefSity * 

81-86 (L) i 

York College ** 

81-86 (L) i 




; Protecting the ball from the defensive while 
trying to find an open player can be hard at 
times. Here Paul Stoddard attempts to 
complete a pass with his defender in pursuit. 

Awakenings ■ II 7 

S Senior Jessica Bergner battles under the 
basket for the ball against a York pla\er. 
Rebounding is an easy way to regain 
possession and score two points. 






Femim College 

72-48 (W) 

Ursinus College 

76-60 (W) 

Frostburg Stale University 

76-55 (W) 

Randolph-Macon College 

68-62 (W) 

Chiistopher Newport College 

forfeit (W) 

Goucher College * 

68-60 (W) 

Bridgewater College 

58-46 (W) 

Salisbup. State University * 

51-64 (L) 

Richard Stockton College 

64-60 (W) 

Colby-Sawyer College 

67-56 (W) 

Mary mount College * 

45-60 (L) 

York College * 

49-73 (L) 

Catholic University * 

48-67 (L) 

St. Mary "s College * 

58-55 (W) 

Gallaudet University * 

80-72 (W) 

Salisbury' State University * 

59-81 (L) 

Western Marviand College 

56-69 (L) 

Goucher College * 

59-88 (L) 

York College * 

62-51 (W) 

Marymount University * 

57-67 (L) 

St. Mar> "s College * 

57-56 (W) 

Villa Julie College 

59-50 (W) 

Catholic University * 

68-57 (W) 

Gallaudet University * 

85-64 (W) 

Catholic University ** 

56-53 (W) 

Salisburg State University** 

70-80 (L) 



Coach r.finnic fjallahan explains key .Senior Krin Cuulficid keeps the defender 

Strategy during a time-out. A time-out can behind her in her attempt to rebound the ball. 
change the momentum of the game is a Positioning in relation to both the ball and 
positive and in a negative way for a team. the defender are important to gain possession 

of the ball. 



23 ^ 


Solid Beginning and End, Rocky Middle 


The highly experi- 
enced Lady Eagles were lead 
by six seniors and one junior 
through the season. Leader- 
ship came both through per- 
formance and through mental 
capabilities. Senior Erin 
Caulfield stated, "Our class 
being so large-six people - we 
were pretty good role models 
for the sophomores and fresh- 
man. We bonded and demon- 
strated we can work together." 

Caulfield lead the 
Eagles in scoring and re- 
bounding averaging 15.8 
points per game and 7.6 re- 

The Lady Eagles experienced 
a roller coaster season. They 
began with a seven game^ win- 
ning streak defeating confer- 
ence opponent Goucher Col- 
lege in the process. For the 
next eight games the women 
experienced a free fall wining 
only two of games. The end 
to their season was as hot as 
the beginning with a five game 
winning streak extending into 
the CAC conference tourna- 
ment. The Lady Eagle's de- 
feated Catholic University to 
advance to the second round, 
but lost to Salisbury State Uni- 
versity in the semifinals. 

On the offensive, Kelly Kinahan shields 
the ball while she prepares to make a move. 
Short quick moves eliminate the defender. 

Awakenings ■ 1 1 9 


MWC's Oldest Club Sport 


The most established club 
spon at Mary Washington is 
the women's synchronizes 
s\\ imming team. The team is 
broken into two sections: the 
"A" team and the novice team. 
The "A" team is the more ex- 
perienced thus competing at a 
different le\el than the novice 
team. The maximum number 
of swimmers allowed to per- 
form at once is 8 although 
MWC only has 7 members on 
the novice and four on the "A" 

In order to qualify for Na- 
tionals, MWC had to complete 
in three meets including the 
Virginia Qualifier. The first 
portion of a meet is figures. 
During this routine, each team 
is required to perform four 

skills. They are judged ac- 
cording to their design, height, 
and control. The next phase of 
the competition is routines, 
where swimmers complete 
against each other in solos, 
duets, trios, and team routines. 
Each swimmer picks their 
own music for their routine, 
which can range from classi- 
cal too contemporary. 

Mary Washington has an 
ongoing rivalry with William 
& Mary because their club 
team is closer to MWC's skill 
level. Most of the team's com- 
petition comes from William 
& Mary and University of 
Richmond. Additionally, the 
team is also traveling to Uni- 
versity of Minnesota to com- 
pete at their invitational. 

H Both artistry and strength are needed to 
be an all around competitor. 


A trio of performers perfect Iheir toe point 
while tceeping their body afloat. Perfectly 
straight legs and a toe point are polishing 
touches to a routine. 







\^ ^i 

►■ _ 




Leg power and endurance are needed to 
raise a performer out of the water. Performers 
tread water for the duration of their routine. 

Facial expressions can make or break a 
routine in a tightly judged competition. 
Expressive movements are judged highly. 

Awakenings ■ 121 

■ Grabbing onto each other's jerseys MWC 
players form a scrum. A scrum is used to try 
to gain possession of the ball. 

With an open field in front of them, MWC 
players pass the ball up the field. It is harder 
for the defense to attack the ball if it is 
constently moving away from them. 

A MWC player attempts lo luck the ball 
away from her opponents. Protecting the ball 
is difficult when multiple members of 
opposing team attack. 

122 >• .Sports 


Women Ruggers Reclaim Division Title 

Coaches Bill Lucas and Kris Kabza 
led the Women's Rugby team to a 
powerful and intense fall season. 46 
members compromised the team, 
enough players to assemble three 
full teams. Over half of the team 
included rookies. "Not only was this 
past season successful but the team 
was one of the most united and 
enjoyable I have ever been on," 
senior Nancy Ballek said. 

The Woman's Rugby team played 
against larger schools. The team 
played thirteen games including B- 
side games in which second and 
third team members participated. 
Team numbers dwindled slightly 
towards the end of the season. The 

season concluded with the Ed and 
Sandy Lee Tournament in Roanoke, 
Virginia. After winning all their 
division games, the woman ruggers 
triumphed in the first place spotlight. 
"Rugby has been such a big part of 
my life here at MWC and I'm really 
going to miss all the fun times and 
when I leave next year," said senior 
Nicole Mclntyre. Junior Ginny 
Bach, described the season as one 
filled with "awesome people and 
intense booty kicking fun." Coach 
Kabza plans for woman's rugby to 
"advance to the Mid-Atlantic 
playoffs in the spring, facing teams 
from the Potomac and East Penn 
Rugby Union's." 

Although tackled, Sarah Wentz keeps pos- 
session of the ball. Without pads, tackling 
proves dangerous at times. 

Awakenings ■ 123 


Tough Season Ends With Seventh Place 

The Men"s Rugby team arrived on 
the campus a week before the nor- 
mal arrival date to gain a distinct ad- 
vantage over their competitors for 
their upcoming season. They suf- 
fered through a week of daily two 
three-hour practices under the in- 
struction of British coaches Tony 
Brown and Mark Fowler. The extra 
work to teach the rookies the game 
paid off by the end of the week. 
"Rugby is a great sport because there 
are no cuts — everyone on the team 
gets a chance to play," said Bryan 
Johnson. Therefore it remained nec- 
essary to teach the new players the 
right moves and provide the return- 
ing members with challenging ac- 

The men ended the week with a 
scrimmage and a drive to begin what 
they hoped would be a successful 

Of the division games played, the 
team lost one. placing them fifth in 
their division. The men then pro- 
gressed to the Ed and Sandy Lee 
Tournament at the close of the sea- 
son. After playing several games, 
the team placed seventh in division 
at the end of the season. 

Men's Rugby prospered as more 
than a bunch of guys goofing off and 
drinking together on the weekends. 
"The sport is filled with chemistry, 
both on the field and off the field," 
Bryan Johnson said. The team fore- 
sees strong years ahead. 

Andrew Bennett cuts to his right to allude 
his opponent. Quickness both with the ball 
and without the ball is essential to create and 
allude tackles. 

124 .Sports 




^^j^^^Bk '4^: ^ 













^.^^^ ^^P^^^^j^^^^^^^^^H^H 






'^w* '4^^i, ><^||H^^^^^^^H 

The Mary Washington men are interlocked 
in a scrum, fighting for possession of the ball. 
A scrum is a physically exerting tactic to gain 
control of the ball. 



George Ma^ University 
Georgetowfi univ^sity 
Old Dominion Uniyersity 
Unjvei^ity of Richi 


Two MWC players hold up their own 
teammate to attempt to steal the ball from 
their opponent. Teamwork is paramount in 
winning close games. 

Awakenings ■ 1 25 

AU-CAC pla\ er David Bristow gets down 
low to return a forehand shot. Solid ground 
strokes are essential. 





MWC Kickoff 


DC Metro Tou 



ITA Regional ' 



Siena Universi 


7-0 (W) 

SUNY Stony i 


1-6 (L) 

Drexel Univer 


7-0 (W) 




5-2 (W) 

Catholic L'nivf 


7-0 (W) 

Uni%ersity of I 


1-6 (L) 

Unversity of the South 

1-6 (L) 

Emory University 

1-6 (L) 

Rhodes College 

4-3 (W) 

Washington & Lee University 

2-5 (L) 

A^e^ett College 

4-3 (W) 

Swarthmore College 

2-5 (L) 

Washington College 


Christopher Newport University 

7-0 (W) 

West Chester Universty 

5-2 (W) 

George Mason University 

8-1 (W) 

College of New Jersey 

4-3 (W) 

Salisburg State University 

6-1 (W) 


ney College 

7-0 (W) 

CAC Champio 


- An MWC player wipes the ball across 
the net with a forhand. 

- An MWC player bounces the ball before 
preparing to serve for the point. The .server 
controls the speed of the match 



A Young Team Looks to Repeat Past Sucess 

The Mary Washington Men's 
Tennis Team looks to attend the 
NCAA National Toumment for the 
second straight year. Living up to last 
year's triumphs will not be an easy 
feat. Being ranked fiftenth nationally 
and earning a birth in the tournament 
are loft expectations to live up to. It 
can be done though. Coach Todd 
Helbling, "I believe this team has the 
potential to be just as good as last 
year, so that is what we expect to be. 
I think we can be just as strong in 
singles and possibly better in doubles 
than last year. It should be another 
fun season." 

AU-CAC senior David Bristow 

will lead the squad of six 
underclassmen. Bristow's 

experience will serve the very young 
team well in tough situations. Other 
key returners are Conor Smith, 
Kevin Loden and sophomoretransfer 
Steve Wenzel. 

Coach Helbling believes his team 
should play the tough teams and the 
schedule reflects his philosophy. 
The outcomes are never certain, but 
the play is always well. Top twenty 
nationally ranked teams such as 
Emory University, Averett College, 
and Swarthmore College appear on 
the scchedule. 




HHB^^ ^^ 


-rim -■ " ■ 

^gy^ — — ' 

■■' Senior David Bristow prepares to serve the 
ball. Accordind to Coach Helbling. Bristow 
is a very coachable and always improving. 

Awakenings ■ 1 27 


Eagles On Top In Conference Play 


After a fall season filled with 
perfecting the fundamentals 
essential to game time execution, the 
Eagles" aim to make a run for 
Nationals in the spring. With most 
of last year's team remaining, the 
Eagles" hope to improve upon 
previous results. One of the 
strongest recruiting classes in recent 
historv accompanied the returning 

As of April 1 0th. the Eagles found 
themselves on top of the leader 
board in the conference with one 
more conference game left to play. 
Standout pitchers Mike Porter and 
Erik Dorman led the CAC with 

lowest earned run percentage while 
Porter has accumulated the most 
wins on the MWC pitching staff. 

Second basemen Mark 
McEathron led the Eagles in most 
offensive categories. He remained 
a threat in the batter's box and on 
the bases. 

The Eagles faced and defeated 
many leading NCAA tournament 
teams including North Carolina 
Wesleyan and Salisbury State 

The Eagles are in the conference 
tournament and are looking for a 
bid to Nationals in Appleton, WI. 

■ Erik Dorman completes hi.s follow through 
as he altempls to hit a ball of an Hampclcn- 
Syntley pitcher. 

1 - .Sports 


Ryan Napolitano avoids a lag at home plate. 
Racing lor the plate with the ball in motion is 
an adrenaline rush for both teams. 








Dickinson College 

4-0 (W) '. 

5-4 (W) 1 

Eastern Mennonite University 


University of Scranton 

5-3 (W) 

11-0 (W) 

St. Mary's College * 

3-4 (L) : 


7-5 (W) 

Gal laudet University * ^U L L ^ ,^ 

\: 6-g{L) ; 

|! 14-0 (W) 

Washington & Lee University W V 

16-1 (W) 
4-7 (L) 1 

Catholic University * ^ _ 
Christopher Newport University 


^(L) , 

Southern Virginia College 


Bridgewater College 

im (W) . 

Hampden-Syndey College 

North Carolina Wesleywan College 

9-1 (W) ' 

Catholic University * 

10-2 (W)i 

Bridgewater College 

12-6 (W) 

St. Mary's College * 

5-4 (W) 

Salisbury State University * lA ■ ^ 

1 5-4 (W) 


1 2-4 (L) 

Villa Julie College '^^l 

1 13-5 (W) 

Newport News Apprentice ^^^9 

1 12-6 (W) 

Shenandoah University ^B M 

1 PPD. rain 

Yorjk College *^. ■ . ^^^ 

" l-2.iW) 

>• ■ v.i*-. — -^ -^"-"^ ^^^Jtlmt. 


'Randolph-Macon College 

12-1 (W)' 

Salisburg State University ** 

7-11 (W)" 

Shenandoah University 


Methodist College 

5-9 (L) . 



Coach Tom Sheridan gives his players a 
mid-inning pep talk. Changing a couple of 
mistakes mid game can result in a win. 

Mark McEathron safely slides back into 
first plate. McEathron is the leader on the 
team in stolen bases. 

Awakenings ^ 1 2^) 

■ Anticipating where the hull will he hit is 
ke\ for a third basemen to inteaept the b;ill. 
Oftentimes, a third basemen's range can 
overlap the short stop's. 


18-11 -^ 







5-2 (W) 

Longwood College 


LMichburg College 


XirLiPii.a ^^c-lc\ an College 


Chirsopher Newport College 

0-1 (L) 


0-2 (L) 

Enior>' & Henry 

0-3 (L) .4 
1-0 W) -^ 

Randolph-Macon College 

Chowan College 

4-0 (W) "i 

Frostbui? State Univerisity 

5-4 (W) 

6-4 (W) 

Villa Julie College 


York College * 

0-3 (L) 

1-8 (L) 

SUNY Geneseo 

2-5 (L) 

NC Wesleyan .^^^^m. 


Rhode Island J^^^^B 

0-7 (L) 

Methodist ^^^M^. 

2-3 (L) 


3-1 (W) 

Cathi He University * 

10-2 (W) 

9-6 (W) 

Chrl^tupher Newport U. 


rGallaudet L ni\ersitv * 

8-0 fW) 


in-1 (W) 

■Chowan College 

3-0 (W) 


13-6 (W) 

Salisburg State University * 

2-1 (W) 

3-7 (L) 

Bridgewater College 

0-8 (L) 

jLj/julie College 


W^n^^ — - ■— «— ^ 

. 8-0 (W) 


A Lady tagic explodes away from the base Preparing for a quick out, the first ba.scmcn 

in an attempt to steal. MWC only had 15 assumes her position. First basemen play an 

stolen bases with IX attempts for the entire active role In almost every out. 



Conway Mixes Strength to Find Precision 


The 2001 women's softball teams 
seemed bound for greatness, as a 
very strong nucleus returned to 
diamond for the season. 

The team depended on 
Sophomore returning pitcher Jen 
Rice to lead them on the mound. 
Last season she led the pitching staff 
with the most strike-outs and lowest 
ERA. Sophomore Erin Keenan 
solidified the infield defensive unit 
while Sophomore Julia Gloukhoff 
will be counted on to perform as an 
offensive threat in the batter's box. 

The very young team did not let 
lack of collegiate experience deter 
them from attaining their goals. 

They came into the school as 
experienced players and competed 
with experience. The incoming 
freshman received the chance to 
become key players and assume 
responsibility early in their 
collegiate careers. This can only help 
the Lady Eagles in their future 

Coach Conway hoped to 
maximize individual talents to attain 
team goals. A team can only be as 
successful as their weakest link. 
Hard work and repetition of skills 
proved essential in making the 
philosophy come to head. 

Sophomore Jen Rice, MWC's leading 
pitcher, pilches a curve ball to the plate. 
Rice's ERA stayed around 1.75 all season. 

Awakenings "131 


Solid Performances at UMD 


The Mary Washington Riding 
Roster consists of 22 students. Mary 
Washington conducts the riding pro- 
gram at Hazelw ild Farm, which is 
in Spotsylvania County. The stu- 
dents commute to the Morrison 
Equestrian Center where they utilize 
stables, a full-scale indoor arena. 
tw o outdoor rings and a cross-coun- 
tr\ course. 

Each member of the riding pro- 
gram rides three times per week. 
Groups of six to eight people receive 
lessons at a time, but not all are on 
the Varsity Equestrian team. Team 
members have two regular lessons 
a week and then a third lesson fo- 
cusing on equitation. The team 
members also switch between dif- 
ferent horses in order to prepare for 

IHSA shows. Founded in 1967, 
IHSA endorses competition for rid- 
ers of varying skill levels for com- 
petition individually and on teams. 
IHSA competitions are unique be- 
cause the competition does not per- 
mit riders to use their own horses. 
The school hosting the event pro- 
vides horses for the riders, and each 
horse is drawn by lottery. 

Mary Washington competes 
against schools such as the Univer- 
sity of Maryland, the College of 
William and Mary, James Madison 
University, and Sweet Briar College. 
Competing against these schools 
Mary Washington has placed first in 
several shows since the beginning 
of the year. 

The elegance and slaniina needed by horses 
is e.sscnlial to the overall judging of a 


Leaping over multiple bars involves great 
concetration and precsion by the horse and 


Meagon Jones prepares her horse as she The competitors and their horses line up 

rounds the comer. Both the horse and the rider before the competition begins. Competitors 
need great concentration to perform well. are not only judged on their ability, but on 

how well they control their horse. 

Awakeninss ■ 13.' 


■Junior Meghan Twomey shields the ball 
from her opponents \\ hile attempting to shoot 
on goal. Creating small pockets by quick feet 
and stick skills opens lanes to the goal. 



r conference record 4-1 

Gettysburg College 
Kenyon College at St. Petersburg 
Randolph-Macon College 
Amherst College 
Lynchburg College 
\\ ashington & Lee Lniver.sity 
Catholic Universit) * 
Goucher College* 
College of New Jersey 
Villa Julie College 
Marjmount University* 
Roanoke College 
Rowan L'ni\ersity 
Salisbury State University 
St. Mar\ "s College* 
Catholic University ** 
CAC Semifinals ** 

"The ball roles into the goal of MWC's 
opponent. Oftentimes, women's lacrosse 

games arc high scoring. 



Eagles Look For National Bid 


Topping last year remained a 
difficult feat, but not an impossible 
one for the Lady Eagles. Coach 
Dana Hall expected her girls to 
improve upon their fifth place 
national ranking from last year and 
return to the national tournament for 
only the second time in school 
history. Facing six nationally 
ranked teams throughout the season, 
the Eagles felt well prepared for 
both conference and national 
matches. The incoming recruiting 
class featured six women with state 
championship experience which 
added to a strong returning core. 

Lead by returning senior 

goolkeeper Heather Carter, Briana 
Gervat, along with Ail-Americans 
Kate Weller and Bridget Geiman, the 
Eagles looked to dominate boths 
ends of the field. Captians Bridget 
Geiman and Kate Weller look to lead 
by example throughout the season 
both on and off the field . Coach 
Hall demands a strong commitment 
from her players and it showed in 
both field play and academics. 

As of April 9th, the Lady Eagles 
remained well on their way to a 
National bid and an eight game 
winnning streak. Extending this 
success into conferences is essential. 

Senior Bridget Geiman prolects the ball 
as she sprints to the offensive third of the 
field. Geiman is a team leader on and off 
the field being named Scholar Athlete of 
the Year. 

Awakenings ■ i 35 


Paving the Way for a Top 20 Finish 


The 2001 men's lacrosse team 
looked to continue the turnaround 
they started in 2000. With the 
departure of only two seniors from 
last year, this year's team returned 
a core group of experienced players. 
The defense is solid while the 
offense is inexperienced and 
struggles to pull through. 

Players put diligent time in with 
the goal of mo\ ing up in conference 
ranks. In order to do this, the Eagles 
had to surpass conference rivals 
Salisbury State University. 
Conference games have been close 
all year, but Coach Glaeser hopes 
to "peak at the right time" and 

advance to the final round of 

Lead by All-Capital Athletic 
Conference performers Ed Scopin 
(midfield) and J.B. Hodgson 
(defense), the Eagles looked to 
secure the defensive end of the 
field with a man-down defensive 
strategy. The deepest senior class 
in recent history will complement 
Scopin and Hodgson. 

Senior goalkeeper Derrek 
Ostrzyek summed up the season 
with "This is the first year that we 
must meet the expectations of 
becoming a top 20 program." 

Paul .Schul/man shields ihc ball Irom his 
opponent, A quick stick and expolisive step 
will help fend off an opposing player. 


J.B. Hodgson contains a St. Mary's player. 
Containment in the middle of the field slows 
the momentum of the game. 







Swarthmore College 

Virginia Wesleyan College 

5-13 (L) 

Salisburg State University* 

2-13 (L) 

Randolph-Macon College 

15-11 (L) 

Catholic University* 

11-1 (W) 

Villa Julie College 

7-5 (W) 

York College* 

2-8 (L) 

Goucher College* 

6-7 (L) 

St. Mary's College* 

7-9 (L) 

Shenadoah University 

18-2 (W) 

Marymount University* 

8-11 (L) 

St. Mary's College ** 







Keeping the ball away from the attacking 
defender is difficult. Defenders are allowed 
to tackle and knock the ball out of the 
offenders stick; although, slashing is illegal. 

The physical play oftentimes leads to 
tackling. Here three Mary Washington players 
attempt to tackle a St. Mary's player. 

Awakenings ! 37 

■The no\'ice team leams to row sprint pieces 
during spring training. During the fall, the 
team competes in head races \\ hile the spring 
is devoted lo sprints. 

"The varsity women's team consisted of only 
nine women. Here Lauren Carter strokes one 
of the two women's fours. 

Section Name 


Rowers Able to Pull Through 


The 2001 rowing offically got 
underway in January with winter 
training. Although, rowers spent the 
fall season competing in head races, 
which are 3.1 miles long. 

With only a small recruiting class, 
the returning rowers pulled through 
with great results for a third-year 
varsity program. The highlight of 
the fall season became the Head of 
the South Regatta held in late fall. 
The regatta gave the team a chance 
to compete againt southern teams 
that they will face at the Dad Vail 

The indoor winter season began 
with frustration when many varsity 

rowers decided to leave the team. 
Leaving nine women and seven men 
to compete for seats. Winter training 
focused on conditioning, strength 
training and technique while the 
spring focused on perfection and 
rowing as on cohesive unit. 

The first major race of the spring 
season remained the Occoquan 
Sprints. The two varsity women's 
four boats finished second in 
separate races while the men's 
varisty four finish third. They spent 
the end of the season preparing for 
the Mid-Atlantic Regional Regatta 
and for the Dad Vail Regatta. 

The Women's Novive Eight lead by stroke 
Maggie Dryer pulls a race piece while 
Clemson University. Spring training is a 
chance for Coach Holdren to assess the 
team's talent. 

Awakenings f 1 39 


Conference Title Looks Promising 


The 2001 Track and Field team 
looks to capture the Capital Athletic 
Conference title while going 
undefeated in conference 
competition. This is not an 
unattainable goal since both the 
men's and women's team are 
capable of the feat. 

The women's team is lead by a 
good mixture of veteran and 
freshmen stand-outs. Even though 
injuries to several middle distance 
runners has caused the women's 
team to lack depth, this can be 
overcome through hard work and 
sheer determination, both of which 
the women are capable of doing. 
Salisbury State and York College 

look to challenge MWC to the 
conference title . but Coach Soper 
believes ""our quality will overcome 
our lack of depth in some areas." 
The women look to capture the 
conference title for the eighth 
consecutive time. 

The men's is the best team MWC 
has fielded with great depth in the 
sprint events, which are dominated 
by seniors. With a long term goal 
of qualifying eight to ten men for 
nationals, the men's team looks to 
glide into conferences with 
confidence. Coach Soper believes 
the team "is simply to strong to be 
overcome by Salisbury and 

Junior Jeremy driver completes his run 
through the water pit. The steeplechase 
combines running, hurdles, and water pits. 


Freshman Erin Haile positions herself in the 
bloclcs before the start of her sprint. Blocks 
allow for a sprint to have an explosive first 


Christopher Newport Invitational 

Christopher Newport Invitational 

Swarthmore "5-Way" 

Mason-Dixon Invitational 

Virginia Tech Invitational 

Haverford Invitational 

NCAA Division HI Championships 

Christina Sullivan sprints the 100 meter 
dash. Sullivan was CAC champion in the 

Awakenings i41 

(continued from 141) 


Washington & Lee Invitational 

Lynchburg College 

Battlefield Relays 

Duke University Invitational 

Lynchburg College Invitational 

CAC Championships 

George Mason Invitational 

Liberty Invitational 


■ Freshman Emily Edelmcn is the only Bohby Bcrgan allcmpts to clear Ihe high 

women to complete in the pole vault for the jump bar. Bcrgan is ranked first in the nation 

learn. Here she clears the har without any in the high jump, 


Freshman Colin Dwyer rotates in a circle Erik Kochert lands in the sand pit after the 

before releasing the hammer. Dwyer sheer completion of his triple jump. Kochert is 

strength and momentum propels the hammer ranks high nationally in the event, 

Awakenings " 1 43 


Jessica Morris 

Justin Synder 


Karin Reisenfeld 

Tamara Jones 

Amanda Kohne 

Lisa Marie Carlson 

Awakenings ■ i4.-= 




Edited by: 

Jackie Ketterman 

riC3.r the alarm. 

1 3.StC the atmosphere. 

Touch the books. 

oCC the professors. 

Smell the class. 



What can 
YOU do in... 

five minutes 
- put up your hair 

- loose concentration on 
homework and get on 
AOL Instant Messenger 

- download a song from 

- figure out how to get 
the outside door open 
to Alvey Hall 

- decide whether or not 
to go to class 

- do one calculus 

- get food at Eagle's 
Nest when it's not busy 

- drive to McDonald's 
from Sunken Road 

"It takes five minutes 
after you get back from 
winter break to realize 
how ready you are for 
spring break." 
-Emily Dilger 

In Alvey Hall's lobby, Mike 
Newbold and Ryan Rushe play 
bumper pool. One good game 
took five minutes. 

Before class starts, Heidi 
Schenkel writes some notes. 
Time before class allowed 
students to mentally prepare. 


Ernest Ackerman f addesse Adera 
Computer Science ELS 


David Ambucj 

Mehdi Aminrazavi William Anderson Clavio Ascari 
CPR President Foreign 


Bunch of Fives 

Five minutes can either be an eternity 

or go by in the blink of an eye 

Rebecca Ross, Merin DeGroot 
& Rebecca Vaccaro 


I'j ^^ rrnt^ yiBbiiiBfr 


1 WjIP; !;^^[ok 





When waiting for a class to end, 
five minutes may seem like five 
hours. However, the five minutes 
right before an eight-o'clock class 
when you've just woken up comes 
and goes so quickly, and you're still 
late to class. This phenomenon is 
certainly not unknown by students. 

One may be surprised how much 
can actually get done in five short 

minutes. Decisions ranging from 
whether or not to hit the snooze 
button one more time to where you 
are going to eat are all made in a 
span of five minutes or less. Some 
homework assignments only take 
five minutes. A short study break to 
grab a bite to eat takes only five 
minutes, unless (like most students) 
you stop and talk to friends along 
the way. Changing the laundry 
from the washer to the dryer or 
checking you mail takes five min- 
utes. A daydream in class may take 
you away for a little while. 

Pay attention in the next five 
minutes and you may be surprised 
what you find to do and can accom- 
plish in five short minutes. 

■ Taking a quick study break, 
Spencer Stoball talks with Sara 
Stokes. Interruptions were 
often welcome as a break from 
lengthy studying. 

'• On the fouth floor of Alvey Depositing money into her 

Hall, Mike Warner and Casey account, Kristy Carr and friend 

Fowler play ball. Students Sara Castner make use of the 

found new and creative ways Eagle One services. A 

to be quickly entertained while tempermental machine could 

living in their dorms. take up to five minutes. 

^^^^^^^H ^^' 





k^^^Ssi^k ^ 

Bulent Atalay 

Wendy Atwell 



Topher Bill Porter Blakemore 

Psychology History & Am 


Awakenings 149 

What can 
YOU do in... 

ten minutes 

take a shower on a 
warm day 

eat a meal at Eagle's 

- start paying attention in 

- write an e-mail 

- play a game of elf 

- find a good hiding 
place during Junior 
Ring Week 

- find a parking spot on 
or around campus 

- get ready for an eight- 
o'clock class 

"It takes ten minutes to 
have a crush on some- 
one, an hour to like 
someone, a day to love 
someone, but a life- 
time to forget some- 
-Steve Hinchcliffe 

H In her dorm room, Amber 
Knowles checks her mail. 
Students usually checked their 
e-mail several times through- 
out the day. 

On campus walk, John 
Dangerfield and Matt Shaw 
walk to class. Most students 
allowed ten minutes to walk to 

B Taking ten minutes out of a 
busy day, Erin Cassino paints 
Ashley Bland's nails. Quick 
diversions and time with 
friends were essential parts of 
a college student's life 

» At the student rec center, 
Regan Priest takes a shot in a 
game of pool against Hassan 
Bashir. A normal pool game 
took about ten minutes. 

Roger Bourdon 
History & Am 

'■') m Academics 

Meta Braymer 
Dean of Grad & 
Prof Studies 

Gardner Campbell Otho Campbell 
ELS History & Am 


At the schooling barn at 
Hazelwild Farm, Sarah Pech 
untacks her mount Watson. 
Tacking and untacking took 
about ten minutes for ad- 
vanced riders and riding team 

In Eagle's Nest, Rachel 
Worley, Sarah Ransone, Lauren 
Glaettli and Carolyn Cook eat 
breakfast. Students often 
chose to eat at Eagle's Nest 
because of the convenience of 
faster service. 

Ten Fold 

Ten minutes can be a leisurely stroll to class 

or a hurried attempt to get ready for class 

Eagle's Nest 

For faster paced students, ten 
minutes may mean a quick meal at 
Eagle's Nest or a morning scramble 
to ready for class. In a slower light, 
ten minutes means a walk to class 
with friends or a wait in one of the 
several lines on campus. Students 
are able to wash their collections of 
plastic dishes and cups in ten min- 

utes. A walk to Giant across Route 1 
or the trek to the Battlefield and 
Sunken Road parking lots often 
takes about ten minutes. The time 
may also be used for taking a 
shower, putting on ones makeup, 
playing two games of bumper pool 
or just conversing with a friend. 
Fortunate students sometimes find 
that ten minutes is enough time for 
a homework assignment, writing a 
draft for English 101 or studying 
for a test. Ten minutes can also be 
used for a power nap or a trip to 
the library to return books. What- 
ever the situation, ten minutes 
offers just enough time to get some- 
thing somewhat significant done. 

Yuan-Jen Chiamg Ana Chichester Bernard Chirico Tracy Citeroni 

Mathematics Foreign Language VP of Student Soc & Anth 


Manning Collier Deborah Conway Carole Corcoran 
Mathematics HEPE & Recreation Psychology 

Awakenings 151 

K Ha^elulld Faftn hosts Mat-v 
Washirigtort's equestriaH 
activities. It Is .1 fifteen tiiimite 
di-lve to the facility off of 
Route 1 OH Hat-rison Road Iti 
Sfiots.vlvatila roiitit\'. 





^^^^V^R* '^SH^I 




. -^vd 




ui^N^ 4 



1 '\'''' 

In the mail room, students 
stand in line to pick up 
packages. During class 
changes, students often waited 
fifteen minutes in the crowded 

Fifteen Minutes allows students 

time to focus or lose focus 

Dan Greene Sz Melissa Smith 

Otie might be surprised fo find 
what Is accnmplished In fifteen 
minutes. Nnt only is it a break 
between Tuesday/Thursday classes 
or a quick lunch break, it is a very 
productive time slot. Fifteen min- 
utes is a walk to the Battlefield 
Athletic Oimplpj? or to dnwnfnwn 
rrcderlcksburg. A drive to Central 
Park nr BfttinR tn IrttGrstaf5-95 can 

take fifteen minutes. However, 
access to Fredericksburg recreation 
is not the only use of fifteen min- 
utes. For some freshmen, finding 
the weight room for the first time in 
Goolrick can prove to be a difficult 
task, taking fifteen minutes to 
accomplish. Brainstorming an idea 
for a paper, finding that one book 
for a research paper or editing a 
paper may take fifteen minutes. 
Even waiting in lines on campus for 
fifteen minutes may prove produc- 
tive, as one may meet someone new 
or simply further a relationship with 
conversation. Whatever one's 
schedule or circumstance, there's 
always a fifteen minute task at 

William f.fau'ley |i 


- Academics 

TImnihy fTlppen 
,Sm& Anih 

Judith Crissman 


Steven O.arsty 
Business Admin 

Rita D'Arcangelis 
Computer Science 

Jean Dadd 

Art & Art History 

Frederick Davidson 
Business Admin 

In the fifteen minutes 
between Tuesday /Thursday 
classes, students walk to and 
from class. Some chose bikes 
as a faster means of transpor- 

In Seacobeck's Yellow Room, 
students wait to serve them- 
selves. Lines in Seacobeck 
could take up to fifteen 
minutes to get through at peak 
dining hours. 

What can 
YOU do in... 

In her dorm room. Alexia 
MacClain folds laundry. The 
task, brand new for some 
students, usually took about 
fifteen minutes. 

Galen DeGraff 
Business Admin 

Patricia Dean 

Joseph Dibella Juscph Drcias 

Art & Art History Art & Art History 

Betty Durrer 

fifteen minutes 

- stop taking notes and 
lose concentration in 

- clean your dorm room 

- take a shower on a 
cold day 

- fall asleep in class 

- realize you are really 
going to pass/fail a test 

- figure out how to work 
the door keys for your 
dorm as a freshman 

- realize that that 
annoying clicking 
noise is one of seven 
lady bugs attacking 
your light bulb 

"In the morning when 
I get up too late and 
have to go to class 
very fast, I seem to 
wash my face, put 
some clothes on and 
blast out of my room 
in fifteen minutes." 
-Young Oh 




Stephen Farnsorth BK Faunce 
Poll Sci & Intl ELS 


Awakenings 153 

What can 
YOU do in... 

thirt>^ minutes 

- eat lunch at Seacobeck 

- get ready in the 

- force yourself to study 

- finish a finite math 
homework assignment 

- complete a lab write up 

- figure out a schedule 
for the next semester 

- walk to downtown 

- gather all the 
necessary ingredients 
for a good Junior Ring 
Week prank 

-become the victim of a 
Junior Ring Week prank 

"I begin to see only 
half of the joys that I 
overlook every day, 
that in actuality reveal 
the incredible feeling 
of truly being alive." 
-Ben Kolodziej 

After finishing lunch at Seacoheck, 
Chris Barkley and Lauren Maiocco talk. 
Lunch time was a good study break and 
a short time to relax with friends before 
headina back to class for the day. 

In Seacobeck's Red Room, Jade Willard 
prepares a salad. Lunch in Seacobeck usu- 
ally took about thirty minutes, depending 
on how much conversation was available 
at the table. 

In AKcy Hall, Hcathei Bridget calls 
home. Phone calls home were an impor- 
tant part of many students' week. 

Watching a tv show, Laura Quijano, Tinh 
Nguyen and Gina Cook make use of Vir- 
ginia Hall's lobby and big screen tv. TV 
seemed to be an essential part of college 

Claudine Ferrell 
History & Am 

Victor I ingcrhut 
Poli Sci & IntI 

Elizabeth Frcund 
Poli Sci & Intl 

i 54 1 Academics 

;"-■ Finished with lunch. Matt Klinger and 
Megan Rouse discuss their day with Chris 
Barldey and Lauren Maiocco. Meals with 
friends was a highlight of many students' 

■ Taking time for lunch, Alena Callaghan, 
Elizabeth Keller and Betsy Tidd enjoy conver- 
sation. Conversation was the main thing that 
kept students in Seacobeck longer than what it 
took for them to eat. 

Half Past 

Thirty minutes was enough time for 

studying, too much for homework 

Ahaba Allen, Sarah Grubb, Ryan Butts, 
Meghan Howard & Katie Zellenak 

Besides being a good chunk of study 
time, students found a lot of other ways 
to spend thirty minutes. Physical 
health was a concern for students, as 
one could almost always see someone 
either running or speed walking. 
Others chose to spend thier excercise 
sessions in Goolrick Hall on either the 

aerobic equipment and/or the weight 
training machines. 

A half hour was ample time for lunch 
at Seacobeck and conversation with 
friends. It also served as time spent 
watching a favorite TV show or prac- 
ticing a musical instrument. Some 
Junior Ring Week pranks took thirty 
minutes to carry out, only to take hours 
for the victim to get out of or recover. 

However, for most students, thirty 
minutes served as a productive amount 
of for school work. They wrote lab 
write-ups, completed homework 
assignments, edited papers and met 
with professors for help. 

James Gaines 
Foreign Language 

Constance Gallahan 
HEPE & Recreation 

Carmen Gillespie 

Awakenings ■ 1 55 

■ During an Anthropology of Latin 
America class, a student takes notes. 
Anthropology \\ as only available as a 
concenttation at Mary Washigton. If one 
wanted to pursue this field, they majored 
in sociology. 

In Dr. Elizabeth Ferry's MWF class of 
Anthropolgy of Latin America, students 
lake a break from note taking. Though 
MWF classes were shorter, students 
often welcomed a break. 

/F classes a favorite due to students' 

relatively short attention spans 

Beainning Ballet 

Monday, Wednesday. Friday (MWF) 
classes were usually quite popular for 
students due to their shorter class time of 
fifty minutes. Students felt that this time 
period was just long enough to have a 
good class discussion or lecture, but also 
short enough to comply with a college 
students" attention span. 

In one day, there were eight slots for 

MWF classes, starting on the hour from 
8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Students often 
shyed away from the 8:00 classes, as 
they were just too early. However, for 
those individuals who were forced to 
take the early classes due to full classes 
later in the day, it was not uncommon to 
see these students on their way to class 
at 7:58 am, still in their pajamas and 
wearing a hat. Others wanted the early 
morning classes, as they desired to get 
their classes over with, and have the rest 
of the day to work, study or play. But 
no matter what one's schedule was, they 
could rest assured they would sleep 
through at least one class during their 
college career. 

KurtGlaescr Junj-j', G'njhrinjj 

HEPE & Recreation CFR 

ktjy Gordon Stephen Gough 

HBPE & Recreation Biology 

Roy Oral/. 

Steven Greenlaw 

Stephen Grilfin 
Art & Art History 


■ In Beginning Ballet, a MWF class, 
students warm up on the bar. Dance 
classes could be taken to fulfill the 
college's two-credit physical education 

■ On the board in her anthropology 
class, a student writes an announcement 
for an information session on the School 
of the Americas. The S.O.A. was a 
focus for the Human Rights Club. 





' 1 '^ 





What can 
YOU do in... 

Picture not 

fifty minutes 

- enjoy a slide lecture in 

- complete one example 
of a calculus problem 

- have a really good 

- Experience Beethoven 
and his fifth symphony 

- take a decent nap 

- learn how to conjugate 
Spanish verbs into the 
preterite tense 

- figure out what you 
are going to have for 

- have a good class 

"TR classes are better 
than MWF in that you 
don't feel as bad be- 
cause you skipped it 
twice a week, not the 
normal three." 

-William Stribling 

Bradley Hansen 

James Harding 

Awakenings a J57 

What can 
YOU do in... 

one hour 

- write a draft for an 
English 101 essay 

- "write one more chap- 
ter for that Great Ameri- 
can Novel you've been 
putting off for years" 
(Amanda McGuire) 

- pack up your room to 
move out for the 

- dinner at Seacobeck 

- study for a test 

- figure out what to write 
about on a yearbook 

"In an hour, I can listen 
to the entire new Dave 
IVIatthews Band cd 
while playing Snood, 
chatting on IM and 
checking e-mail-- and 
maybe doing a few 
chemistry problems 
-Kristin Ochsenreiter 

--■ In an Alvey Hall study room. Any 
Cunningham studies flash cards. Study 
rooms were one of the few quiet places 
where students could study. 



' f^ v.- 

^m / 

\ ^^ml^Sf JlSf' 

W ^V^ul^^ 


m pi 


On a stair stepping machine, students 
excercise. Exercise was an important part 
of many students' day, as it improved 
physical as well as mental health. 

Alvey Hall RA Kristy Bartle works 
on an activity for her hall. RA's spent 
many hours planning events for their 
halls and their buildings. 

■ Book in hand, Mike Casey reads for a 
class. One hour was a common reading 
block time for .students. 

Picture not 

David Hart 
Business Admin 

Edward Hegmann 
HEPE & Recreation 

Todd Helbling 

Bradley Holdren 
HEPE & Recreation 

158 •Academics 

In the aerobic room in Gcoirick's base- 
ment, a student uses a stationary bike. 
Most workouts took about an hour if they 
included aerobic activity combined with 
weight training. 

Bibles open, members of the Virginia 
Hall small group ponder a question. The 
Christian group met every week for an 
hour to study the bible and have fellow- 

At All Hours 

twenty-four in a day, students try 

to make good use of every hour 

Dinner at Seacobeck 

Students found an hour was an 
optimal time period to get many things 
done. Hour-long study stints were one 
common use of an hour. Club meetings 
were often held for an hour, as well as 
some club activities. Intervarsity Small 
Groups met for an hour each week. 
Students also used the library's 
resources for an hour at a time to do 

research for a paper, or simply to 
study for an upcoming test. 

Besides acadmic activities, many 
other uses of one's time revolved 
around an hourly schedule. Some TV 
shows, especially soap operas, kept 
students entertained for at least an 
hour. Waiting for pizza or Chinese 
could take an entire hour, however, so 
could the wait at a restaurant. 

Whatever way they chose to spend 
their time, students did their best to 
make an hour useful, whether it be for 
relaxation or work, both very 
important elements in the life of a 
college student. 

Liane Houghtalin 

Margared Huber 

Janet Hughes 

David Hunt 

Debra Hvdorn 

Rosemary Ingham Christina Kakava 


Soc & Anth 




Theatre ELS 

Awakenings a 159 

what can 
YOU do in... 

seventy-five minutes 

- take exactly three 
pages of notes in 
Western Civ. I 

- tal<e a great nap 

- learn five different 
house types in Historic 
Preservation 101 

- have a good class 
discussion in Eng. 101 

- interpret that good day 
dream you had in the 
MWF class the day 

- give a class-long 
business presentation 

- begin to count down 
the hours until Friday 

- try to answer age-ole 
questions like "Why is 
the earth round?" 

"Having all Tuesday/ 
Thursday classes gave 
me a four day weekend 
every week!" 

-Peggy Myrick 

In a TR class, a student 
enjoys coffee from Eagle's Nest. 
Students often took snacks to 
class as a means to stay awake. 

William Kemp 


Business Admin 

Twice Over 

Held only twice a week, students choose 

TR classes to get a longer weekend 

Health 100 

Tuesday, Thursday (TR) classes 
owed their popularity to the fact 
that they were only held twice a 
week. Some students, mostly se- 
niors, were lucky enough to fit their 
classes into a TR only schedule, 
allowing them a four-day weekend, 
as well as only two class days a 
week. With the extra time on thier 
hands, residential students had time 
for many extra curricular activities 

or jobs. This class option was also 
quite convenient for commuter 
students, as they only had to travel 
to campus twice a week. 

Some students, however, did not 
like the length of TR classes. They 
felt that and hour and fifteen min- 
utes was just too long, especially for 
an eight o'clock class. 

Seventy-five minutes was also the 
length of many night classes that 
were held twice a week. These 
classes were often filled by the BLS 
students, as they found night classes 
more convenient due to their daily 
work schedules. 

For most classes, convenience to 
one's schedule seemed to be the 
key; and the less days one had of 
classes, the better. 

Financial Managment, 
ents converse before class, 
class was an uppper level 
) for BUAD majors. 

Students listen to Professor 
Constance Callahan in their 
8:00 health class. Early classes 
were surprisingly popular. 

Planning her Fall 2001 
schedule, a student takes time 
out of her Theatre Design class. 
Students often did other little 
tasks during down time in 

Janusz Konieczny 

Maureen Krause 

Richard Krickus 
Poll Sci & 
Intl Affairs 

James Lehman 









Bernard Lemoine 


Elizabeth Lewis 
Foreign Language 

Awakenings 1 6 1 

■ In the libran,. Rachel Gelder works on 
a paper about Birth ofCapilahsm for a his- 
tory class. Papers took se\eral hours to 
wTite, edit, and perfect. 






Liiijoyiiig a vvanii day. Ashley Jones and 
Lauren Elezko spend a few hours study- 
ing outside. Students enjoyed being able 
to escape their dorm rooms for a few hours 
and experience the beautiful campus. 

Third Hour 

Three hours could be a night out 

on the town or a night in class 

Volleyball Tournament 

Three hour night classes and science labs, both 
held once a week, were the most common uses of a 
full three hours. These classes took out a large 
chunk of the student's day or night, and were 
therefore not on their list of favorite classes very 
often. However, one perk was that they were held 
only once a week. 

Other more creative, but still academic, uses of 
three hours were working on an art project or 
writing a paper. Students could begin a disection 
in biology lab or create chemicals in a chemistry 

There were also non-academic way of spending 
three hours. Students could use the time to take a 
trip to the mall or Central Park. They could go to 
the movie theatre or attend a play peiformed by 
the MWC theatre students. Many activities 
sponsored by MWC took three hours, such as the 
Volleyball tounament or Devil Goat Day. 

From entertainment to productive work to 
boredom, three hours provide students with 
something to fill the time. 

Robert Liebau Kathryn Lxjesser 

HEPE & Recreation Biology 

David Long 

John MacDonald 
HEPE & Recreation 

Bruce MacEwcn 

Bernard Mahoney 

i 62 ■ Academics 

■ Using the library's online catalogue, stu- 
dents work on research for classes. Thor- 
ough research often took several hours and 
many sources. 

■ Students enjoy the free food at the vol- 
leyball tournament on April 1 1 . The tour- 
nament featured student-organized teams 
and lasted for three hours. 

What can 
YOU do in... 


1 r 

1 f^i ■■■! * 





:i^ ' 

** .-• . V 


/ . 

Using the periodical index, David Ross 
makes use of the library's vast volumes. The 
library had three floors of reference materials 
from encyclopedias to journals to novels. 

three hours 

unpack all your stuff 
and get your dorm 
room just the way you 
like it 

complete a yearbook 

endure a once-a-week 
night class 

- speed read all those 
chapters for the Geog- 
raphy test that you 
were supposed to read 
weeks before the test 

- a night shopping trip to 
Spotsylvania Mall 

- actually dance at the 
Homecoming dance 

- wait to get housing for 
the next year 

"I can accomplish a 
semi-great attitude if I 
talce a three hour nap 
with diligent precision 

-Erica Chapman 

Marie McAllister 

Christina McBride 

Venitta McCall 

Robert McConnell 
Env Sci & Geology 

George Meadows 

Sammy Merrill 
Foreign Lancuaae 

Patricia Metzger 
Business Admin 

Awakenings ■? 1 63 

What can 
YOU do in... 

one day 

- go shopping for 
antiques in downtown 

- find out you didn't get a 
lottery number and 
decide what to do 
about housing 

- procrastinate a little 
more on writing that 
term paper you've 
known about since the 
beginning of the 

- complete all your daily 


- study for finals 

- compete in a riding 
team competition 

"I make sure I get two 
things done: my mac 
and cheese for dinner 
and talk ton Instant 
-Cheryl Yamanaka 

;. Registration week does not interrupt 
Jenny Loclclear and Lauren Ireland from 
their daily activities. 

t In the library, Dana Allen writes a let- 
ter. Letter writing was a more personal 
way to keep in touch with friends. 


Thomas .VIoeller 

John Morello Brown Morton 

Assist. VP of Academic Historic 
Affairs Preservation 

Vera Niebuhr 
Foreign Language 


.^v .^- 

^^^S5B^^ "^" 







The Daily Grind 

Adventures and learning oppurtunities 

await students every day 

Every day was a learning experience, as 
well as a chance for a new adventure (or 
adventures) for students. An oppurtunity 
to learn something new was given in 
every class via reading a new chapter in 
the text, gaining information through a 
lecture, or experimenting in the lab. 

Outside of class, students often chose 
their own adventures or learning 

oppurtunities that could range from trying 
a new restaurant to letting a friend give 
you a new haircut. Senior Wendy Scott 
makes sure she has a new and positive 
experience every day and has encouraged 
the girls in her hall to do the same. She 
has gotten only positive feedback. 

In a day, one always had the chance to 
meet someone new, try a new food at 
Seacobeck, or find out something inter- 
esting about a person that they thought 
they knew everything about. 

Whatever a day held in store for any 
one student, they tried to make the best 
out of the situation and enjoy the events 
of the day and await those of the next 

; Devil Goat Day, Rachel Myers, 
sey McMann, Kristin Marion and 
e Phillips relax. The day is an MWC 

The American Red Cross parks its 
Bloodmobile behind Westmoreland Hall 
for the day. Several day-long blood drives 
were held throughout the year. 

In Seacobeck, Zack White uses his stu- 
dent ID to pay for a meal. Meals were an 
important part of the day for students. 

Nikola Nikolic 

Denis Nissim-Sabat Patricia Norwood 

Psychology Music 

Bruce O'Brien 
History & 
Am Studies 

Deborah O" Dell 

Marjorie Och 
Art & Art 

Clim Often 

HEPE & Recreation 

Awakenings ■ 1 65 

■ Going out to eat, Lindsey Hutchison. 
Jamie Dobson and Sandia Mills choose 
623 Bistro. Eating out became a fun way 
to spend the weekend nights, as well as 
avoid eating at Seacobeck. 

To raise money for a summer theatre 
department trip, students spend their week- 
ends washing cans. The students raised 
money to attend the International Theatre 
Festival in Denizli, Turkey. 


Weekends: a time for work 

MWC Svmfonics 

From papers to parties to working, 
students used the weekends for a huge 
variety of activities. For many stu- 
dents, a weekend consisted of staying 
up late and sleeping in, doing school 
work during the morning/afternoon, 
then hanging out with friends late into 
the night. Some nightly activities 
included dinner, parties, clubbing or a 

and a time for play 

trip to FunLand. Other students chose 
to stay in for the night and create their 
own fun. Many ordered Chinese or 
pizza and watched a movie or played 
video games. Some even opted to help 
each other rearrange their rooms, a task 
that often required great amounts of 
creativity and a sense of humor in order 
to refit everything into a dorm room 
and not become overwhelmingly 

However, some individuals felt that a 
weekend meant a trip to the beach or 
skiing. For others, it remained two full 
work days. Nevertheless, however one 
spent their weekend, it was most often 
fun and productive at the same time. 

■ J 



l J 






Joan Olson 
Soc & Anth 


Victor Maudlin, Renee Watson, Camion 
Rooke, Chris Leadem, Shawn Leadem, 
Kelly AUsbrook, Laura Castello and Lisa 
Hague enjoy a Caedmon's Call concert. 
Concerts prevailed as a common activity 
on the weekends. 

■ On a Friday night, Dave Miller, Adam 
Johnson, Kelley Miller and Dave Hovis 
clown around. Weekends allowed students 
a time for fun and relaxation after a stress- 
ful week of classes. 

What can 
YOU do in... 

a weekend 

- do the research 
necessary for that 
history paper 

- figure out how to 
rearrange your dorm 

- spend a paycheck on 
dinner, clubs and/or 

- relax 

- earn a paycheck 

- spend quality time 
hanging out with 

- consume a week's 
worth of junk food 

-realize the importance 
of quarters 

"In a weekend you can 
discover who your 
true friends are, wlio 
you truly are and who 
you truly want to 

-Ashley McCoy 




, ) 



Cedric Rucker 
Dean of Student Life 

Curtis Ryan 
Poll Sci & 
Intl Affairs 

Awakenings ■ 1 67 

what can 
YOU do in... 

one week 

- three words: Junior 
Ring Week 

- learn to like your 

- figure out that that 
funky smell on your 
clothes is from 

- realize that registration 
is very frustrating, 
especially for freshmen 

- write up an edition of 
the Bullet 

- learn where the parties 
are for the upcoming 

- air out that funky smell 
in your clothes 

"In a week, I swim 
about twenty-two miles 
with the rest of the 
swim team and eat just 
about everything in 

-Jason Lancaster 

Outside of Academic Services. Amey 
Herman waits for the office to open. The 
office was responsible for overload cred- 
its, repeats and other scheduling matters 
during drop/add week. 

Juniors Rebecca Dix, Ken Jones and Jess 
Treston become victims of Junior Ring 
Week curtosey of Seth Kennard and Bryan 
Johnson. Junior Ring Week was a fun time 
for both juniors and seniors. 

In GW Auditorium, Brandi Brinson and 
Cameron Forbes wait to register for 
classes. The new system gave students as- 
signed seats to avoid the confusion of past 

P Students wait in their assigned seats to 
register for classes. This new system was 
first implemented in Spring 2001 for Fall 
2001 class registration. 

Picture not 

Picture not 

Roben kv troll 

.Mara .Scanlon 

Debra Schlcef 

Raymond Scott 

Marie Shcckcis 

Thomas Sheridan 







HEPE & Recreation 



- i 



Outside the Registrar's office, Jen 
Mozolic checlcs for open classes. The list 
was updated several times a day through- 
out registration week. 

Checking in, Thad Baker talks with an 
employee of the Office of the Registrar. 
Registration week was one of the busiest 
times for the office. 

Week^s Worth 

only fifteen per semester, students 

made the most of each week 

However, these special weeks helped 
to spice up the regular weekly routine 
that students endured for fifteen weeks 
at a time. 

A typical week for students usually 
consisted of four to six classes, time 
hanging out with friends, school work, 
meetings and meals at Seacobeck or 
the Eagle's Nest. Athletic practice, 
excercise, musical activities, and TV 
time could also be added to the mix. 

However one chose to spend their 
week, they made the most of it. They 
learned to balance time for friends, 
time for work, and time to relax and 
take some time just for themselves. 

Some weeks went fast, some went 
slow. That was the common perception 
among students. The week before 
spring week lasted an eternity, while 
the week of spring break was gone in 
the blink of an eye. Junior Ring week 
was a pleasure for some, but for others, 
it was a week full of torture, worry and 

Constance Smith 

Stanley Soper 
HEPE & Recreation 

Greg Stull 

Awakenings ' 169 

t In her begginer riding class, 
Am\- Smith learns to post. 
Students could learn to ride in 
one semester through MWC's 
ph>sical education program, 
with the riding classes held at 
Hazeluild Farm in Spotsylvania 


each new semester comes 

many changes, new adventures 

Jennifer Raiay & Stephanie Purcell 

It is amazing what can go on in 
one semester. A full-time student 
gains knowledge in up to six differ- 
ent subjects. One has to become 
accustomed to a new schedule and 
lifestyle, becoming adjusted to new 
sleeping and eating habits as well as 
work in exercise and play times with 
friends. A freshman receives their 
first GPA. A senior receives job 

applications and attends interviews. 
The entire campus has to go 
through the often nightmarish task 
of scheduling their classes, only to 
have to get up at five in the morn- 
ing during drop/add week to at- 
tempt to sign up for the classes they 
really wanted. Others do not have 
classes at all. They student teach 
through the teacher education 
program so that they can become 
licensed teachers. 

Whatever one's plans are for that 
one semester, they can almost be 
sure their plans will change in the 
next semester. However, that one 
semester may influence a new 
relationship, a change in majors or 
simply a new experience. 

Gabby Sul/.bach 
Former Director of 
Student Aaivities 


Suzanne Sumner 

Joshua Susskind 

■ Virginia Hall RA Wendy Scott 
gathers information for her 
student teacher position. 
Wendy became certified to 
teach so that she could be a 
permanent staff member at a 
youth camp. 

Picking a quiet spot in one of 
Alvey Hall's study rooms, 
Bridget Murphy prepares for a 
class. Many students chose to 
have class-free nights, allowing 
night study times to stay 
relatively consistant with each 
changing semester. 

What can 
YOU do in... 

Richard Warner 
History & Am 

Stephen Watkins 

Marie Wellington 
Foreign Language 

Sandra White 

Fred Whitman 
Business Admin 

one semester 

- learn to hate 

- go through 3 micro- 
waves on Bushnell 
2nd floor 

- find out book buyback 
is not really worth it 

- fix a computer and 
figure out how to 
navigate the school's 

-acquire academic 

-realize all those extra 
girls at Alvey are 
actually from Virginia 

- learn how to kill 
roaches in your dorm 

- complete an internship 

"It takes one semester 
to get the nerve up to 
talk to that cute guy I 
see all the time on 
-Jennifer Peterson 

Werner Wieland 

Rodrick Wood 




What can 
YOU do in... 

one year 

- complete one full 
biology, chemistry or 
geology course 

- learn to not sleep out 
doors on campus 

- gain the "freshman-15" 

- get out of academic 

- complete the Masters 
of Education program 

(beginning Spring 2003) 

- riding team, crew, 
baseball & lacrosse 

- prepare for Junior 
Ring Week 

- put a yearbook 

"It takes a year to 
realize you've grown 
in more ways than you 
ever thought you 
-Susan Deedrick 

■ At riding team practice, Gigi 
Beier and Jordan Mathias, wait 
for their turn to jump. The 
riding team's season lasted the 
entire school \ear, including 
two practices per week and 



■ — _, ijima)!,-.-. 

In Alvey Hall, Susan Deedrick 
and Teri Johnson display a 
part of themselves throgh their 
door. It took a year to acquire 
enough paraphernalia to fully 
decorate one's door. 

In Virginia Hall, Beth 
Johnson, Wendy Kilby and 
Alison Hobart take a moment 
for conversation. It often took 
freshman a year to get to know 
each other. 

; In Ball Hall parlor, Virginia 
Hall's small group conducts a 
bible study. Intervarsity small 
groups met during the year for 
bible studies, prayer and 


Grant Woodwell 
Env Science & 

Mary Yudin 
Foreign Language 


At the Fall Formal, Alexandra In her highly decorated room 

Chehab takes part in her first 
college dance. For most 
freshmen, this was a highlight 
of thier first year at Mary . 

in Virginia Hall basement, 
Katie Zelenak works on her 
homework. It took a year to 
fully decorate a room, only to 
have to disassemble it when 
classes ended. 

Year In, Year Out 

A year holds many oppurtunities, 

especially for freshmen 

Sara Castner, Maribeth Lloyd, Lisa 
Shroyer, Kristy Carr & Kristi Harpst 

For a freshmen, one year can be a 
lifetime worth of experiences. One 
goes to their first college party, first 
college dance and gets their first 
college roommate, there also exists 
many individual firsts, such as a 
first kiss or first time away from 
home. With these new experiences 
come responsibilities and worries as 

well. The Freshman 1 5 is always in 
the back of one's mind. Confront- 
ing a professor to force add for the 
first time or trying to find a group 
to belong to are often scary endeav- 
ors that await freshmen. 

However horrifying, wonderful 
and common these new experiences 
may be, most freshmen survive and 
go on tho their sophomore year. 
They then step on the scale and 
realize they didn't gain that fifteen 
pounds everyone warned them so 
much about. The freshmen can 
breathe a sigh of relief realizing 
they made it. They survived all of 
the "freshman firsts." Their one 
year is over. Only three more years 
to go. 

Marsha Zaidman 
Computer Science 


■ Jeff Hoffman displays one of 
the many items available 
during regalia pickup. At the 
pickup, seniors received their 
caps and gowns and had 
opportunities to sign up for 
the senior challenge and other 
special senior activities. 

At the blackjack table, 
seniors wait for the dealer to 
begin. Blackjack was a favorite 
game at the casino night for 

Timers up 

Four years will earn a degree, but more 

importantly, a lifetime of memories 

For the most part, a four year 
college education will earn a degree 
of some sort. It can be a Bachelor of 
Arts in subjects ranging from His- 
tory to Classics to Political Science, 
Or one may be more interested in a 
Bachelor of Science degree, there- 
fore majoring in Biology, Mathemat- 
ics, Psychology and others. Another 
individual may have completed the 
teacher licensure program. Which- 
ever road an individual may take, 
they seek an education and a degree 

that will give them a vehicle to excel 
in their future careers, families and 

For the senior, four years have 
passed. You hold a degree in your 
hand. Some know exactly what to 
do with their education, while 
others haven't the slightest clue. 
Some times have been wonderful; 
Then there are others one would 
soon hope to forget. 

However, just about anyone would 
agree that their four years of college 
was probably the only time in their 
life where they could live, eat, play 
and work with their friends all day 
and every day. These four years are 
supposed to be a learning experi- 
ence in every way imaginable. But 
more importantly, they are sup- 
posed to be part of the best times of 
you life. 


■ Focused on the dealer, 
seniors listen to the rules of 
blackjack. Blackjack was on of 
several gambling games 
offered at casino night. Others 
included horse racing, craps 
and slots. 

■ At senior casino night, 
seniors eagerly anticipate the 
stopping of the roulette wheel. 
The casino night was held to 
celebrate senior countdown, 
marking 101 days left until 

What can 
YOU do in.,. 

iJ At regalia pickup, Nicole 
Steinmetz chooses her cap and 
gown and other items. The 
event lasted three days to 
ensure that seniors were able 
to get all the necessary items 
for graduation. 

four yean 
■■ figure out the Battle- 
field yearbook is free 

completely finish 
general education 

figure out where you 
can and can't park 

realize that Chandler 
looks a lot like that 
building from "Back to 
the Future" 

accumulate a com- 
plete set of plastic 

realize that 2:00 a.m. 
fire drills are not fun 

- acquire a complete set 
of plastic cups, from 
MWC, Papa John's, 
Domino's, etc. 

"it takes four years to 
think you've acquired 
senior priviiedges, 
oniy to reaiize there 
are none." 

-Melissa Pelletier 

Awakenings ■ 175 




Edited by 
Melissa Pelletier 


oCC the future. 
Smell May 12. 

rlC3.r the advice. 
i 3.StC life after college 

Touch reality. 


Awakenings ■ 177 

Class of 2001 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 

Class of 2 00 1 


^8>;- •-^•■•.. 

Alexander M. Addison 


Midlolhian VA 

Jennifer R. Amore 
Bus Admin & Amer Studies 
Floral Park NY 

Janette A. Antinori 

Fredericksburg VA 

iCandice J. Ashton 
I'^oJitital Science 
iBiirkc VA 

Monica M.Agudelo 
Chesapeake VA 

Kerry R. Ancowitz 


Kathryn A. Arbacas 

Environmcnlal Science 
Burke VA 

Jamie L. Augustyn 

Business Adminisi 
Bordcniown NJ 



Cristina L. Aiken 

Intevnational Affairs 
Restoii VA 

Ellen K. Anderson 
Geography & Geology 
Centreville VA ^ 

KelleyL.Argie f 
Social Justice j 

Mancheslcr NH '^ 

Nancy E. Ballek * 
Polilical Science 
Lyme CT 

'4. its* 


Natalie M. Alexander 

Business Administration 
Stafford VA 

Nicole L. Angarella 
Political Science 
Glocester Rl 

Sheri L. Asbeil 

Poll Sci & Women's Studies 

Mechanicsville VA 

Mary C. Barton 
Business Administration 
Wantagh NY 

Class of 2001 

of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 

i '*■ 'ii?^ 









\. -m 


La Toya J. Bease 

Newport News VA 

Ashley P. Beck 

Business Administration 
Mechanicsville VA 

Robert B. Becker 

Sparta NJ 

Ethan Z. Bedell 

Lexington VA 

Kelli P. Beers 

English & Elementaiy Ed 
Williamsburg VA 

Ivan V. Belmonte 

International Affairs 
Stafford VA 

Leslie M. Banner 

StalTord VA 

Amy Benson 

English & Elenientiiry Education 
Kiiigsville MD 

Jessica L. Bergner 

Jonathan B. Bernhardt 

Rebecca A. Besancon 

Stephanie R. Betancour 

English & Education 
Fairfax Station VA 


West Chester VA 

InlcriKUioDtil Aluurs 
Charlottesville VA 

Stafford VA 

Holly J. Blackman 

Anna N. Blackwell 

Katharine C. Blatchford 

Desiree C. Blatchley 

fiusincss Administi'ation 
Vienna VA 

Classics & Philosophy 
Harrisonburg VA 

Eldersburg MD 

Monrovia MD 

AwakcniiiL's ■ 179 

riass of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 




«■' 1 jL^ 



I , ^ »i 

{■~^: < 



l> .' \ i 



Lauryn E. Blevins 
-.n\ ironmcnlal Science 
Rdanoke VA 


Kelly K. Bowling 
Bus Admin & Economics 
La Plala MD 

Amy M. Brady 

Deer Park NY 

Iheodor h. biatr 
Vienna VA 

Paul R. Bratten 


Danville CA .^^ 

John W. Brauer 
Vienna VA 

Michelle L. Breidenstein 


Belviderc NJ 

Shirley J. Bresiin 
American Studies 
Dale Ciiy VA 

Allyson C. Bristor 

Historic Prcscr\ alion 

David M. Brisiow 

Business Aclminisiralion 
Chesapeake. VA 

KeilJ A. Briltain 

Medlord Lakes NJ 

Adam R. Broad 
Fi-ederickshursi V,\ 

Rosetta L. Brock 

F.>choloi:y '' 
Hjmniiin VA 

Keith R. Brock man 

Lnsironrnenlal Science jA/,. 
;,. Richmond VA 

Amy C. Brown 

'j^v^. Biology 

Hcrndon VA 

William R. Bros 

Fairla.x VA 

if 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 



««.^, i^..«j 

■{ / 


', /,* 

SST- # 

!!• ??^iE 

a ■^ 



Jennifer L. Buckels 

Brentwood NH 

Christina L. Buckland 

Rebecca F. Bulas 

Kedron A. Bullock 
Political Science 
Virainia Beach VA 

Dominique A. Burger 


Burke VA 

Candace J. Bush 

Cody J. Camblin 

Poquoson VA 

Sarita Caputo-Nimbark 
Business Administration 
Oakdale NY 

Darren M. Carlson 

Alexandria VA 

Mark A. Carnahan 


Lani M. Carnill 

International AITairs 
Shepherdstown WV 

Michelle A. Carr 

Frederickshura VA 

Ruth A. Carradice 
Historic Preservation 
Woodbridge VA 

Colleen E. Carroll 

Johnson City TN 

Jennifer S. Carroll 
Business Administration 
Stephens City VA 




Awakenings "181 

Class of 2 00 1 ■ 

of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 



- Ik^* 


% '-"""'l 







- 7-w:^ 



- 1-: 


h I 

/" I 


Barak M. Curler 

PsycholDgy & Geography 
Alexandria VA 

Michael R. Cassarino 
Coiiipulcr Science 
GlaMdiihury CT 

Erin C. Caull'ield 
Springlield VA 

Patricia L, Chase 

Spanish & Elcmciil;ii7 I 

Erinn Chorovich 

Juha M. Ciarlo 
Poiilieal Science 
Cranslon Rl 

Jessica M. Clements 

Sunny M. demons 


Matlhew A. Clis/is 


Gina E. Cloush 

Jason G. Cobb 

Bus Athnin & Psychology 
Mcchanlcsvillc VA 

Alevia A. Colwell 

Jenny A. Conkic 


Erin B. Connor 

Business Adminisir 
Oeala IL 

Rcbekah A. Conrad 

Wendi E. Cook 

iMalh & Music 
Woodhridge VA 

Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 


- '?. » m 

Ronnette E. Cooper 
Culuiral Studies 
Str:isburs VA 

■MCJ^.">. ".•^' 












,."* 1. '*'.\ ' 

s ^ 




»"*■■'-• i-' ' 

IS' ^ '" 

, *. •-■• 

I| »^ 





- -ft 





•«, -...IJ 


9- -* '" 





1 •■'K. 




Sarah L. Crabtree 


Toler F. Cross 

Amanda D. Culler 

Kelly A. Cundiff 

Woodbridge VA 

Suzanne V. Davidson 

Colonial Heights VA 

Sarah DeRiggi 

Fredeiid^sLiuii; VA 

Kari K. Cwiak 

Rosemary Dearborn 
Psvchol02\ & ElelnenL•lI^ Education 


1 VA 

MartaB. DiMeglio 


Mason MI 

John A. Dangerfield 
Computer Science 
Stafford VA 

Adam T. Deck 
Fallslon MD 

Christina H. Dominauez 

Debra E. Davati 


s Administratii 
Lit OH 

Brian M. DeMoss 

Annapolis MD 

Jaime A. Donaruma 


Awakeninas ■ 1 83" 

of 2 00 i ■ Class of 2001 


; ' a 

James E. Dorman 

Emily C. Dougan 

Business Adniinistralion 
Montpelicr VA 

Dawn M. Dowdle 
Business Adminislratio 
Annandale VA 

Sarah C. Downey 

Alexis J. Doyle 


New York City NY } 

Brooke E. Dunbar fS^*] 

Political Science ' 

Frederick MD 

Farid G. Ebrahim 

Bconomics t 

Kavachi Pakistan .„_„„ 

Peter J. Dubin ,^'i, ''■.'..^ .. 

Art b-Jy :^.^<' 

Springfield VA ••%?*."'.•'!. '•'■' 

Juliette A. Dworzak ^^ . ' 

Library Science * ;•'■- '" 

Fredericksburg VA ;* • ' - 

Marisa B. Eckard i- ',in 'tj 

Business Administration ,J, .,';'■ 

Danville VA '"^V:'- 

Amanda L. Duke 
Political Science 
Spotsylvania VA 

Natalie C. Dykstra 
Manassas VA 

Michaela Egger ' 

Montvalc NJ 

Lynda L. Dunaway 

Business Administration 
Fredericksburg. VA 

JoWanda K. Dziesinski 
Spanish & Linguistics 
Fredericksburg VA 

Robert P. Eidson 


West Chester PA 

^^V'^-^-r ■^/^ 

C I a s s o f 2 1 ■ Class o 1 2 1 

o f 2 1 








; s» ' ?^> 




^r-'-^mSKt^ ', 





Jason R. EnCTelhardt 

Jean F. Fallin 

Lauren J. Fisher 

Anthony D. Foster 

Mina N. Ennin 
Psychology & Histoiy 
Dale City VA 

Douglas McLean Favre 





an VA 


Jamie M. Foster 
Business Administral 
Shrewsbury MA 

Virginia L. Evans 
EnvironmenUil Science 
Fort Valley VA 

Amy L. Fife 

Psychology & Elementary Ed 
Chestevrie^d VA 

Catherine Y. Ford 

Environ Sci & Geology 
Baltimore MD 

Brendan O. Eygabroat 

Business Administration 
Rochester NY 

Canie L. Fingeret g 
Geograph)' j 

Reston VA j 

Erin P. Forrest 

Psychology - 

Richmond VA 

Awaken! lies" 185 

Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 

Wayne H. Franklin, Jr 

Computer Science/Business 
Portland ME 

Theresa M. Fudong 


Fairfax VA 

Lindsey M. Furman 


Springfield VA ^^^^f. 

Andrew D. Gale 
Arlinalon VA 

Lakenna N. Galling 

Fredericksburg VA 

Kensey S. Gels 
Fredericksburg VA ■ 

Adam P. Giammarinaro 
Political Science 
Basking Ridge NJ 

Rebecca L. Gibbons 
Political Science 
^■; i Alexandria VA 

Joelle C. Gilbert 

Studio Art 
Stafford VA 

Florence J. Goss 

Political Science 
Southampton NJ 

Melanie R. Gladden 

Karen J. Graver 

Arlington VA 

Lauren K. Glaettli 


Catletl VA 

Jason M. Green 

Computer Science 
Fredericksburg VA 



f« Bedianv J- Gobeille 

Virginia L. Gieen 

English cS: Religion 
Roanoke VA 

of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 2001 



Erin M. Greenbaum 

Guiihersbiusz MD 

Kimbei-ly F. Griffith 

Richmond VA 

Ashley R. Groesbeck 
Political Science 
Chantilly VA 

Nessim G. Hadiji 

Arlington VA 

Nicole L. Hampton 
Anicricun Studies 
l-rcdcricksburg VA 

Jamie L. Harper 

Poliliciil Sci & Classics 
fhcstcrlield VA 

Rachel L. Hall 

CcnlreviUe VA 

Leanne Hanson 

Denise A. Harrington 

Hastings NY 

Allison R Hamilton 

English & Secondary Ed 
Alexandria VA 

Jessica T. Hardie 
Business Administratii 
Woodmere NY 

Rebecca C. Harvey 
Woodbridge VA 

Jill E. Hamlin 
Political Science 
Ho-Ho-Kus NJ 

Sara E. Harney 
Woodbridge VA 

Ariel C. Hatfield 

Fredericksburg VA 

Awakenings i 

Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 2 00 1 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 





-J i""' ■ 









Karjn A. Havas 


Audubon PA J 

Jayme E. Hazzard 

Keri A. Henley 
Richmond VA 

Taylor R. Hilliker 


Erica A. Hawkins 

Mary Amanda Hedleston 

Charyl E. Hensley 


Oak Ridge TN 

Stephen G. HinchlilFe 


Bay Shore NY 



A M 

Nathan T. Hayes 

Teresa A. Heflin 
Business & Biology 
Hcalhsville VA 

Erin L. Heslep 

Jennifer L. Hinkle 
Business AclniinistriUion 
Orange VA 

Clifford R. Hazelton 


Bellinghani MA 

Paul M. Henderson 
Business Administration 
Springfield VA 

Leigh R. Hightower 

American Studios 
Storrs CT 

Rebecca E. Hirschman 

Vienna VA 

Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 








», „, ,«ji«»"^ 


ne Cheryl Ho 

Jeffiev A. HoflVnan 

Lauren J. Hohler 

Spatiish & Sockiiogy 
Qiiincy MA 

Kalherine A. 

Michele Q. Hossainkhail 

Business Aclminislraiion 
Monlt-'lair VA 

Michael C. Hyat 

C'oinpulfr Science 
Midlolhian VA 

Edward P. Holownia 

Business Adminisiralion 
Bast Sclaukcl NY 

Beth A. Hovdeslad 


James Matthew Hooker 

Helen M. Huley 

Business Adniinisira 
l-alls Church V,\ 

April L. Inslcy 

English I 

PiiquDson VA ^ 

of 2 00 1 ■ Class of 2001 





n ' 

. ^ 'V, 


^P ' 

^ ^i^ 


\ '% 

>. •> '1 



'^ ."^•: 



■ ^ ^5^ 

- "^^^ 1^ f* 

^K 1 

-^ J 

Irene P. Isberto 

i*^-^ \ 

Rachel M. Ives 



Andrew M. Ivie 

Angela L. Jacobin 


*^ V. "i 

Business Administration 





Virginia Beach VA 

^'- * :.■ 

Nokcsville VA 



McLean VA 

Hamilton VA 

Caroline L. Jarvis 

Jennifer A. Jarvis 

Teresa M. Joerger 

Bryan M. Johnson 

Stamford CT 

^ *" 







ft. ^ 

Frederick MD ^»*5f^^ 

Warrenton VA 

Rye NY 

Jessica L. Johnson 


Annie B. Johnston 


James R. Johnston, Jr. 

Claudia L. Jones 






Business Adminislralion 


Alexandria VA 

Salem VA 

Lynchburg VA 

Scollsville VA 

Nicole L. Jones 

Sarah B. Jones M 


Sara S.Kafka 

Koonj Kapoor 


Mathematics ^ 




Business Adminislralio 

Danville VA 

Mechanicsville VA ^ 



Leonardslown MD 

Fairfax VA 

Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 

of 2001 



W "^Vf 



'!. ( 


■■<- :. ■ 






L. > 

IL— - vi- 







y ] 







Y > 






Cynthia Marie Keith 


Fincastle VA 

Joidy A. Keith 

Kimberly A. Kelley 


Virainia Beach VA P*iS 

Seth P. Kennai'd 

Bernice J. Kenney 
Biology & Business Adn 
Spiin^field VA 

Victoria L. Keyser 


Calkio VA 

Regina S. Kim 

Sprinafield VA 

Lesia M. Kindrat-Pratt 

Pamela J. Kirbv 

Brie A. King 
Williamsburg VA 

Melissa E. Kittrell 

Mari I. King 

Historic Preservi 
Wichita KS 

Ashley E. Knapp 

Asheboro NC 

.;,,,,.,,. William C. King 

;''"^H* !'i'' Psychology 

S ;jl&!. ^ Massapequa Park NY 

||(^>M ' Benjamin D. Kohler 

f.'-;(4is%<%? Math & Computer Scienc 
Fairfax VA 

Awakeninss" 191 

of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class ot 200 1 

of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 I 









m ' 



Kimbcrly S. Kollmann 


Laurel MfJ 

Joscl A. Koza SSOm^ 
Cornp Sci & liii'l AITairs '* 
Orcal l-alK VA 

Kami A. Ko/ak 

Spi-ingfield VA 

Rebecca E. Kuehn 

Joseph A. Kulschman 

l.auicn K. Lailal 

Coinpulcr Science 
Annapolis MD 


liuyville NJ 'MMJ 


l/Ales Park fO 

Kevin R. Lampincn 

f'oliiical Science 
Hritk SI 

Jessica A. Landers 
Hcl Ail Ml) 

Ann T. Lane 

I'allsChiircli VA 

Nicole M. Lanj-'sion 

Kallileen K. I.askey 

Amy 1:. Lcachlc 


( hcsancake VA 


Aniiandalc VA 

Kclli L. Krami 

r-.iiviroiiiin'iilal Sc 

Donna L. LaMaiquc 
Biology A Psychology 

I LauraA. Langlcy ...^.^.jj,^,. 

"|- C'hcrnislry Mi.>VS(*.-.';,- 

'■''•' Liil'lalii Ml) 

Lcxingloi) VA 

Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 





■L -^Mt 





f f'H 


d^ 3H 


; . 'B ^*i 


Carolyn M. Leskovvitz 

James W. Lewis 

Jennifer L. Lewis 

Jonathan T. Liko 


History & Business ^B^^SSE 

English ^m 


Business Administrai 

Gailliersbuig MD 

"""'"''^ ^^^S 

Colonial Beach VA ;^H 

Charlouesville VA 

ZynthiaA. LiUo |l#p 

Sarah E. Linnerooth ^^^^^ 

David J. Liola Jh 

■k'^ i "-^ 

Peter Liu SI 

Business & An 0ff?. fi 

Psvcholoav #i^^' 

Business Adniinislralion 


Business Adminislrat 

Xlexandria VA 'iV.-'S'' '-vWi.-." .>'!r 
Zhristina A. Livesay 

Nonh Caldwell NJ 
Natalie E. Lonergan 

Gloversville NY 
Tania Lourido 


HBMHMR ^^ " ^^;^r. 



American Studies 

Vnnsville NJ J;^^®!«' 

Chesapeake VA -jggg^ 


Herndon VA 

rcHirtney S. Lupton 

Andrea Elizabeth Luteran 

John F. Lydon SB 


Kelsey L. Lynd 



Economics 'fgjS 

Inleniational AITairs 

riicsaneake VA 

Li\ intrsion NJ 

Norwood VIA ' 

Basalt CO 

Awakeninss ■ 193 

Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 








M iSS,-' 




» . .-:;- 



'* K" 



Kira E. Maas 
political Science 
Saratoga Springs NY 

Ann M. MacConnachie 

Gailhcrsbur" MD 

Kelley L. MacNeil 
Harrisonburg VA 

Katherine D. MacPhail 

American Suidies 
Trumbull CT 

Jenny M. Maher 
Medford NJ 

Julia M. Mahon 
Historic Preservation 
Hampton VA 

Orrin K. Marcella 
Political Science 
Harwichporl MA 

Catherine A. Margeton 
Political Science 
Arlington VA 

Madelyn M. Marino 


Long Island NY 

Michael G. Martin 

Brian D. Marsh 

Manassas VA 

Patricia A. Martin 

Adam C. Martin 

Midlothian VA 

Wayne R. Mata 



Laura K. Martin 

Historic Preservation 
Virginia Beach VA 

Melissa L. Matthiessen 
Music Education ' 

Burke VA 

of 200 1 

of 200 1 

of 200 1 







Danielle A. Matuch 

April M. Maxwell 

Fiederictcsbure VA 

Sandra J. Mayes 
Biology & Teaching 
Caldwell NJ 

Meghan D. McAuliffe 



Kimberlv D. McCormick 

Katharine A. McGinn 

Mysia D. McLain 

Adele L. McDonald 
French & Business 
Charlottesville VA 

Megan A. McIUwain 

Inteinalional Affairs 
Herndon VA 

Joseph B. McMahon 

Theater Arts 
Herndon VA 

Jennifer A. McDonald &^>fc Joshua E. McDonald 

Historic Preservation Wfl^^ English & Education 

Historic Preservation 
Crofton MD 

Nicole J. Mclntyre 
Herndon VA 

Maureen E. McMorrow 

Amer Studies & Education 
Arlinaton VA 

?^ Virginia L. McKinney 

^^ Enghsh 

Fredericksburg VA 

Kasey E. McNatt 
Historic Preservalion 
East Lyme CT 

Class of 2 00 1 

of 200 1 

of 200 1 

ol 2 00 1 



6 I J^S 

Jh '^ 







^kl. . 


Adam J. Means 
Business & Economics 
Midlolhian VA 

Colleen S. Mentz 
Philosophy & Prc-law 

Jennifer M. Meska 
Historic Prescrvalion 

Robin R. Morgan 


Colonial Beach VA 

Margaret A. Medhurst 
Chesapeake VA 

Andrew L. Mercado 

Lee C. Miller 

UiehmoncI VA 

Anne G. Moriarty 
Chesapeake VA 

• il "■ 







Joseph P. Mehaiko 

Chcsler VA 

Amanda R. Mercer 

Angela J. Mills 

Chrisiianshurg VA 

Melanie B. Mousseaii 


North Smilhlield Rl 


Jessica L. Mellinston 

,*r.r.'- :■■: 

Michael S. Merker 
lnriAITiiirs& Spanish 
Finkshurg MD 

Jessica A. Moore 
Organizational Comin. 
Vienna VA 

Denise E. Murray 


Oneonia NY 

Class of 2001 ■ Class ot 2001 

of 200 1 

! til 'm h 





' Y 

irin K. Murray 

sychology & Elementary Ed. 
3aithersbiirg MD 

Kimberly A. Mycko 

Psychology & Elem Ed 
Manassas VA 

Sara C. Nash 


Virginia Beach VA 

Brandy L. Nelson 
Political Science 
Chester VA 

Catherine A. Nelson 


-.'orl'olk MA 

Margaret 0. Nelson 
American Studies 
Fredericksburg VA 

Lisa A. Nenninger 
Vienna VA 

Kristin A. Neviackas 
English & Business 
Wrentham MA =*^i'j 

ason C. Nevitt 
'oljtical Science 
Voodhridge VA 

Katherine S. Nichols 


Rockville MD 

Debbie M. Nielsen 


Kristin E. Nuedling 

International Affairs 

Garden City NY -^--? 

ihaun D. O'Brien 

Viiodhridge VA 

Jonathan M. O'Hea 

Historic Preservation 
Roselle Park NJ 

Sean M. O'Neil 
Computer Science J 
St VI -- '*; 

_, Elizabeth A. O'Neill 
i i English 

Lexington MA 

:"- * -^' -"1. ^' " - - "_^ .\lt 

-:*i-^.- " . '^•. Awakeninss 

Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 

of 200 1 






(• ,a 



iK. »€r~^ — 


John S. Odom 
Computer Sci & Poll Sc 
Dahlgren VA 



Ciistabel E. Opp 

California MD 

Sarah B, Osborn 

Rocl<ville MD 

Deirek J. Ostrzyzek 

Biirlce VA 

Sean O. Otten 

Political Science 
Long Island NY 

Kacy M. Paide 
Silver Spring MD 

Michael E. Parker 
Computer Science 
Harrisonburg VA 

Lauren S. Oviatt 

Psychology & Bus Admin 
Willoughby OH 

Rose M. Pantazis 

Dominique Pastre 


Cresskill NJ 

Wendy L. Padgett 

Manassas VA 

Demetra Papaetthimiou 


Harmony RI 

Brianne L. Patchell 

Lynchljurg VA 

Alison D. Pagnani 


Braintree MA ■——■■- 

Yoo-Jin Park I 

Richmond VA 

Emily A. Patterson 

American Studies & Enj 
Spring Lake NJ 

Class of 2001 

of 2 00 1 




W s* 







/ _ 





' . -J 










¥S/''^ A>:. 






Stephen M. Paturynski 

Quentin A. Pearson III 

Wilton CT 

Philosophy i^^^H 
Greenw ich CT ;K^^^S 

Jessica R. Pemberton 

Lina L. Penalosa | 

^istoric Preservation 

Journalism & Sociology | 

BnsioJviUe OH 

Virginia Beach \^ "1 

Weslev J. Peter; 

Cheryl R. Poblete 

International Affairs 
Sprinafield VA 

Dahlia H. Peterson 

Abigail Porter 




Jeremv R. Pov\ers 

Melissa A. Pelletier 

Computer Science 

Vi\ian M. Pere 


lies & Eauca 



Erin M 



Glen Alle 

n VA 

Elana R. Pressman 


Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 200 1 

•via «T»"'V 


y-r Ji^SsSStrSk 



-* 'iMS 




I M 





^' i/f 



■.Va^» ji.' i 


Kimberly S. Price 


I larrisonhurg VA 

Sarah G. Ransone 

Hals Reynolds 
Richmonil VA 

Rebecca M, Robinson 
I'olilical .Scicntf 
Newport News. VA 


.'^W%, * 


Monica L. Price 

Falls Church VA 

Robin M. Reedy 
Fredcricksbiiiy VA 

Jennifer M. Rice 
Madison NJ 

Ashley M. Roeting 
Uusincss Adminislralion 
l-airlax VA 

■S: ' .■■ 



w\ wJ 


^A Wi 

- -^r^ y >"' » 

Patricia G. Price 

American Studies 
Fredericksburg VA 

Laura J. Reigie 

Business Adminislralion 
heading PA 

Alicia A. Rich 


Jessica D. Roke 
Fredericksbure VA 


Alexandria C. Racane 


Brighlwalcrs NY 

Robbie J. Reut/.el 

Eric W. Richko 

Scalbrd NY 

Allison L. Rooney 
l-lisl Prcscrv/Geographj 
Warrenloi) VA 

f 2001 ■ Class ot 2001 ■ Class ol 2001 

of 200 1 

t! f. 




" "'"iwrnjuj 



lulie K. Roper 

business Adminisliation 
Ncvvporl News VA 

Catherine A. Rothaug 
Political Science 
Ridgevvood NJ 

Jessica E. Rowe 

English ::^M|aB| 
Glen Arm MD vr(WtI_|^^M 

Jason D. Roy .,, 

^SS Criminology SSM 
BB- Arlington VA "*" 

Rebecca K. Royal 

liulogy ...... „. 

VliJIolhiiiii VA i^'^^li-^ 

Charlotte B. Royster 

Business Administration 
Atlanta GA 

Catherine W. Salter JS 

Anthropology i^^^^sB 
Albuqiierque NM ■^^B^S 

SH Jennifer C. Sallah 

\^mBK Psychology 
HK Alexandria VA 

'Alison E. Sanchez 

\rlinglon VA ■■::-:-= ' V.'.'"' '■ ■. 

Elizabeth C. Sands | 

Art History J 
Wallinglord PA ^^^M 


Michael J. Santay ^^| 

Business • w^ 
Wescosville PA 

H Beth G. Santilli 

^ ■'< Historic Preservation 
Dayton MD 

Zachary 0. Sargent 

Historic Presei'vation 
Monisvillc VT 

Amy N. Satterwhite 
Frederickshurg VA 


Brian A. Savage 

Psychology & Bus Admin 
Woodbridge VA 

Charles 0. Sayers 

Staunton VA 


Awakenines ■ 201 

Class of 200 1 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 200 1 

of 2 00 1 

Class of 2001 





■'*' ' 11 






Rachel M. Scarr 
An History 
Leesburg VA 

Brynna C. Scherloum 


Silver Spring MD 

Solson Scherman 
International Affairs 
Scottsdale VA 

John J. Schmidt 
Business Administratii 
Culpeper VA 

Sarah E. Schmoyer 

Sociology & Elementary Ed 
Charlottesville VA 

Rebecca M. Schools 


Warsaw VA 

Mark S. Schovvalter 
Studio Art 
Kno.xville TN 

Carolyn N. Scott 

Historic Preservation 
RockN ille MD 

Wendy E. Scott 
American Studies 
Virginia Beach VA 

Matthew Selwyn 

Sterling VA 

Sarah R. Seale 
Fredericksburg VA 

Erica C. Shannon 
Arlington VA 

Casey Selden 
Geology & Geography 
Chesapeake VA 

AnJLili Sherin 

Islamabad Pakistan 

Michael J. Sellers 
Business Adniinistratio 
Robbins\ ille NJ 

Linda D. Simms 
American Studies 
Falmouth VA 

Class of 2001 

Class of 2001 






^9 '%^-'"'' 












i^^w.-,-^, : . 




W- ■'- 




Melissa L. Slack 

Ceiitreville VA 

Karen L. Slotsky 
Business Administratic 
Burke VA 


Stephanie E. Smaldore 
Linguistics & Spanish as^^^ 
Springfield VA SH 

Amy H. Smith 

Historic Preservation 
j Richmond VA 

Erin K. Smith 

Cemereach NY 

Jamie M. Smith 
Psyciiology & Elemen 
Glen Burnie MD 

ary Ed 

Kelli K. Smith 

Sociology & Elementa 
Manalapan NJ 


Kylie D. Smith 

Women's Studies 
Stafford VA 

Lauren R. Smith 

Charlotte NC 

Ryan P. Smith 

Ellicott City MD 


Sarah A. Smith 

Sttoudsburg PA 

Jenifer E. Snider 

Falls Church VA 

Richard C. Speakman 

Political Science 
Fairfax VA 

Katharene A. Spencer 


Norfolk VA 

Adam D. Spisak 
Roanoke VA 

Kara M. Springei 

Manassas VA 


Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class ot 2001 

of 200 1 


Martine N. St. Germain 

Springfield VA 

Joshua p. Stager 


Burke VA 

Traci E. Starrs 
Freclericksbiii-g VA 

i Suzanne H. Stearns 
'i Business Administriition 
k Chesapeake VA 

Hilary E. Stebbins 
Yarmoulh ME 

Stephenie A. Sterblinj 


.Springfield VA 

Peter W. Stoughton 

Lawrcnccville NJ 

John W. Steele 
Business Adminislralion 
Springfield VA 

Christine M. Stoehr 
Richmond VA 

Brian A. Stozek 
Newark DE 

Nicole M. Steinmetz 


Great Falls VA 

Andrea L. Stoneburner 

Jennifer L. Stiingfellow 
Hisloric Preservation 
Dumfries VA 

t Anna K. Stensvaag 

^ Business Adminislralioi 

% Hampton VA 

! Gregory H. Stoner 

Andrew E. Suddafth 
Springl'ield VA 


)f 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 









Leah M. Sullivan 

Elizabeth C. Summers 

Women's Suidies 
Aiiinston VA 

Fairfax VA 

Emily W. Sutliff 

Katherine M. Sutphin 

Malhemalics & Computer Sc 
Warrcnloii VA 

Rachel B. Sykes 

Lindsey P. Taggait 
Enviionmenlal Science 
Chesapeake VA 

Corie D. Tarbet 

History & Poli Sci & EUii 
Dumfries VA 

Lori M. Tisch 

Business Adminislr, 
Clifton VA 

Jean F. Turner 

James M. Triplett 

McLean VA 

Yvette M. UhaJde 

Falls^Churcli VA 

M \A 


Kimberly G. Tupper 


Lake Ridge VA 

Claire H. Van Til 

Kelly R. Turcic 

Melissa S. VanZile 
Political Science 
Mechanicsville VA 

2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 ■ Class of 2001 





*. ^ 




I gl^l 

Christopher J. Vibert 
Falls Church VA 

Kimberly L. Walters 


Bowling Green VA 

Kara L. Washburn 


Hcrndon VA 

Megan E. Weireter 

Knclish & Music 



Carla M. Villar 
Reslon VA 

Andrew M. Ward 


Burke VA 

Elizabeth C. Waters 


Wilmington DE 

Kathryn L. Weller 

Historic Preservation 

Sn™.^,,.. «nr;„„s NY 

Mary P. von der Heide 

History/Political Science 
North Plainfield NJ 

Jennifer L. Waixl-Hoffman 

FredericksburK VA 

Monnie E. Watson 


Mcllii VA 

Stacy C. Weller 
History & Elementary Ed 
Pinehurst NC 

Allison R. Wailin 

Psychology ,. 

New Egypt NJ 

Abigail A. Warren 
Business & Political Sci 
Annandale VA 

John E. Webb Jr' 

Studio Art 
Dumlries VA 

Christopher S. Westfall 

( -i<ff>' 

Bay Shore NY 


of 2001 ■ Class of 2 001 

of 200 1 





Sarah E. Wharen 


Restoii VA 



Melissa A. Wheatley 


Cliesapeake VA 



, "^ 

Colin C. White 

Montclaii- VA 

Heather J. White 

Bayport NY 

Kimberly P. White 

Geoffrey J. Wiedenmayer 


Kennedyville MD 

Sharon E. Wilcox 
Gemiantown MD 

Jonathan R. Williams 

Political Science 
West Haven CT 

Christina M. Wills 

Melissa A. Wilson 


Stafford VA 

Christopher M. Winslow 

Political Scienc 
Gloucester VA 

Deborah A. Womer 

Historic Preservation 
Woodbridge VA 

Mary E. Woodie 

Environ Sci & Elem Ed 
Farmville VA 

Tiffany P. Wooten 

Alexandria VA 

Rachel E. Worley 

French & Intern'l Affa 
Centreville VA 

Mark W. Wright 

Midlothian VA 

Awakenings ■ 207 

Class of 2001 


i v^ 



■' ^ 


^^RS|^^ft \ 

Matthew K. Wright 

Laura L. York 

Ryan P. Zavitz 

Sarah E. Zelenak 



Computei' Science 


Cimon VA 

Fan-fax VA 

Ashland VA 

Richmond VA 

Jessica J. Zuidema 

Jennifer C. Zunka 

Joshua D. Zusmer 

Vlathematics & Educaiion 


Computer Science 

Virginia Beach VA 

Charloltesvillc VA 

Setauket NY 

Mary Washington's Class of 2001 


Mtshan Bish 
Holh Blackii 
Anna Black« 
J.»eph Blacu 

Tbciiiliir Bralrud 
Paul Brallcn 
John Braucr 
Ri)hcn Bravman 
Jill Brccdcn 
Michelle Brcidcn.Mu 

Su/anne Can- 
Colleen Carrol 
Jennifer Carrol 
Barak Carier 

Erin Caullield 
Tara Cebriaii 
Salley Chan 
Healher Chase 


Shen Asbcil 

Camlicc Ashlo 

VlclinJa Askin 


Jamie Au^usl) 


James Bailc\ 

EKic Baker 


.Vanc\ Balick 

Uni Bardcn 


Cnnor Barhigh 

Pairicia Banm 


Marv Barton 
Julia Bailey 
Rchceca Baug 

La Tova Bcase 

Alice Beaslev 


A>hle% Beck 



RoK-n Becker 

tlhan Bedell 

David Brislou 
Kclli Brillain 

Sunny Clemoi 
Mallhew Clis, 
Rohen Clougl 
Jason Cohh 
Marv CollcN 

lifer Buckels 
lifer Budd 

Bellie Burgess 
Shannon Burke 
Candaec Bush 
Lisa Bush 

^cbekah Conrad 

lodi Co 
















■ Cooper 









June Cr 





Adam Deck 
Brian DeMoss 
Sarah Deriggi 
Brooke Derrow 
William Dcllelsen 
Maria DiMeglio 
Seoii Dincen 

'^' m DiPeppe 

.■I DiSalvo 

Kelly Donov 
James Dorman 
Emilv Dougan 
Dawn Dosvdie 
Sarah Downey 
Alexis Dov'" 
Harry Drc; 
Amanda Duke 
Lynda Dunawa; 
Brooke Dunhar 

Terry Duran 
Nalalie Dvkslra 

Parid Ehrahim 
Marisa Eekard 
Miehaela Eggcr 
Roben Eidson 
Mallhcw Elkin 
Carole Ellison 
-1 Engelhard 

Virginia tvans 
Yolanda Evans 

in Eyaabroal 
.„,.. Eylcr 
Mallhew- Faccenda 
Barry Fadely 
Jean Fallin 
Shane Paris 
Mandi Farrell 

Amy Fife 
Carrie Fingerel 
Lauren Fisher 
Margoi Fleury 
Erin FoiTcst 
Anlhony Fosier 

Jamie Fosier 
Suzanne Foxwoi 
Jennifer Foy 

Theresa Furlong 
Lindsey Fiirman 
Aaron Gannon 
Andrew Gale 
Daniel Gallagher 

Emily Garbec 
Olga Garcia 
Cvnihia Garoi 
Tamara Carve 

Mary Gilmore 
Melanie Gladden 
Bethany Gobeille 
Gabriel Goldstein 
Marc Gorman 
Florence Goss 
Dheeraj Goswami 
Allyson Gould 
Cyrus Grady 
Karen Graver 
Jason Green 
Virginia Green 
Erin Greenbaum 
Kimberly Griffith 
Ashley Groesbeck 
Matthew Guido 
Michael Gutzler 



Kelly Hahn 
Annie Hal! 
Rachel Hall 
Julie Hallman 
Allison Hamilton 
Jill Hamlin 
Nicole Hampton 
Gina Han 
Erin Hannah 
Jesse Hanson 
Leanne Hanson 
Jessica Hardie 
Carrie Hardin 
Sara Harney 
Jamie Harper 
Denise Harrington 
Michael Harris 
Johanna Harrison 
Sarah Harrison 
Joseph Harrop 
Rebecca Harvey 
Yara Hassan 
Greg Hata 
Ariel Hatfield 
Erica Hawkins 
Clifford Hazelton 
Jayme Hazzard 
Hoa Healey 
Colleen Heath 
Jennifer Hebert 
Mary Hedleston 
Daniel Heflin 
Teresa Heflin 
Paul Henderson 
Keri Henley 
Robert Henneberg 
Charyl Hensley 
Claudia Herzog 
Erin Heslep 
Leigh Hightower 
Charles Hilliard 
Taylor Hilliker 
Stephen Hinchliffe 
Jennifer Hinkle 
Ray Hinkle 
Rebecca Hirschman 
June Ho 
Lisa Hobson 
Jeffrey Hoffman 
Lauren Hohler 
Gillian Hollar 
Jill Hollenbeck 
Cameron Holmes 
Edward Holownia 
James Hooker 
Aven Hormel 
Julie Horwitz 
Michele Hossainkhail 
Rebecca Houle 
Beth Hovdestad 
Noytom Howay 
Bonnie Howell 
Julia Huey 
Helen Huley 
Matthew Hunsinger 
Michael Hyatt 
Mandi Hyson 
Fernanda Ibarra 
Laura Indzeris 
April Insley 
Irene Isberto 
Rachel Ives 
Robert Ivey 
Andrew Ivie 
Joseph Ivy 
Angela Jacobini 
Cara James 
Caroline Jarvis 
Jennifer Jarvis 
Helen Jebson 
Christy Jenkins 
Scott Jenkins 
Bonnie Jennings 
Alicia Johnson 
Bryan Johnson 
Faye Johnson 
Jessica Johnson 
Jessica Johnson 
Vicki Johnson 
Annie Johnston 

James Johnston 

Claudia Jones 

Nicole Jones 

Sarah Jones 

Sara Kafka 

Koonj Kapoor 

Cory Kegerise 

Cynthia Keith 

Jordy Keith 

Vanessa Keller 

Gale Kelley 

Kimberly Kelley 

Kristen Kellock 

Brooke Kemp 

Seth Kennard 

Bernice Kenney 

Victoria Keyser 

Steven Kilinski 

Regina Kim 

Lesia Kindrat-Pratt 

Brie King 

William King 

Pamela Kirby 

Beverly Kiser 

Melissa Kittrell 

Bethea Kleykamp 

Ashley Knapp 

Mary Knarr 

Benjamin Kohier 

Kimberly Kollmann 

Eric Korslund 

Josef Koza 

Karol Kozak 

Kelli Kramer 

Rebecca Kuehn 

Joseph Kutschman 

Lauren Laitala 

Donna LaMarque 

Anthony Lambiasi 

Kevin Lampinen 

Jessica Landers 

Ann Lane 

Laura Langley 

Nicole Langston 

Amy Lankford 

Kathleen Laskey 

Ryan Lau 

William Lawrence 

Amy Leachtenauer 

Karen Lee 

Barret Leipertz 

Dzanh Le-Si 

Carolyn Leskowitz 

James Lewis 

Jennifer Lewis 

Jonathan Likowski 

Shannon Lilley 

Sarah Linnerooth 

David Liola 

Debra Lisenbee-Wander 

Peter Liu 


Caroline Loh 

Natalie Lonergan 

Tania Lourido 

Jessica Low 

Eric Lowe 

Courtney Lupton 

Andrea Luteran 

Bryan Lutterbie 

John Lydon 

Kathleen Lydon 

Kelsey Lynd 

Kira Maas 

Ann MacConnachie 

Kelley MacNeil 


Jenny Maher 

Julia Mahon 

James Mahoney 

Ryan Mangels 

Kevin Manion 

Denise Mansheim 

Christy Manspile 

Orrin Marceiia 


Madelyn Marino 

Adam Martin 

Laura Martin 

Lynda Martin 

Michael Martin 

Patricia Martin 

Brian Martonik 

Michelle Maslanka 

Michelle Mason 

Wayne Mata 

Claudia Matamala 

Lindsay Matson 

Melissa Malthiessen 

Danielle Matuch 

April Maxwell 

Sandra Mayes 

Meghan McAuliffe 

Jessica McCaughey 

Kimberly McCormick 

Erin McCrocklin 

Adele McDonald 

Jennifer McDonald 

Jill McDonald 

Joshua McDonald 


Rebecca McHale 

Megan McIIlwain 

Nicole Mclntyre 
Virginia McKinney 
Alysia McLain 
Joseph McMahon 
Maureen McMorrow 
Kasey McNatt 
Lindsey McSherry 
Kara McSwain 
Adam Mears 
Margaret Medhurst 
Brian Medved 
Katie Meeks 
Joseph Mehalko 
Sarah Meharg 
Jessica Mellington 
Colleen Mentz 
Andrew Mercado 
Amanda Mercer 
Michael Merker 
Jennifer Meska 
Alistair Miller 
Lee Miller 
Angela Mills 
Michael Mirabile 
Yurissa Mitchell 
Janelie Moeller 
John Monlez 
Kimberly Moore 
Meghan Moore 
Kendra Moran 
Robin Morgan 
Travis Morgan 
Anne Moriarty 
Melanie Mousseau 
Adam Moyers 
Vanessa Muhlenfeld 
Sara Muller 
Kelly Murphy 
Denise Murray 
Erin Murray 
Kimberly Mycko 
Teresa Myers 
Sara Nash 
Brandy Nelson 
Jeremiah Nelson 
Margaret Nelson 
Lisa Nenninger 
Rebecca Nero 
Kristin Neviackas 
Jason Nevitt 
David Newman 
Deborah Nielsen 
Kristin Nuedling 
Shaun O'Brien 
John Odom 
Alta Ogden 
Vickie Ogden 
Jonathan O'Hea 
Jaclyn O'Laughlin 
Dawn Oliver 
Sean O'Neil 
Carol Orlando 
Jennifer O'Rourke 
Jennifer Osborne 
Laura Osmer 
Derrek Ostrzyzek 
Sean Otten 
Tina Otter 
Lauren Oviatt 
James Padgett 
Wendy Padgett 
Alison Pagnani 
Kacy Paide 
Stanley Palivoda 
Rose Pantazis 
Demetra Papaeflhimiou 
Santos Paradalanuza 
Trent Park 
Yoo-Jin Park 
Michael Parker 
Brianne Patchell 
Emily Patterson 
Stephen Paturynski 
Larry Paul 
Lucille Pearson 
Quentin Pearson 
Benjamin Peck 
Joshua Peine 
Melissa Pelletier 
Jessica Pemberton 
Lina Penalosa 
John Penney 
Vivian Perez-Liceaga 
Melody Pete 
Wesley Peters 
Dahlia Peterson 
Joseph Petrick 
Erin Pickens 
Divya Pillai 
Cheryl Poblete 
Abigail Porter 
Jeremy Powers 
Elana Pressman 
Kimberly Price 

Monica Price 
Victoria Pyle 
Wendy Ramirez 
Sarah Ransone 
John Rapaglia 
Magaly Reder 
Robin Reedy 
Laura Reigle 
Robbie Reutzel 
Lawrence Reynolds 
Aric Rice 
Jennifer Rice 
Alicia Rich 
Mary Rich 
Eric Richko 
Timothy Riley 
Jessica Ritchie 
Matthew Roberts 
Rebecca Robinson 
Timothy Robinson 
Mark Rodeffer 
Ashley Roeting 
Jessica Roke 
Mark Rollins 
Allison Rooney 
Julie Roper 
Melissa Rosegrant 
Jessica Rowe 
Jason Roy 
Rebecca Royal 
Graham Ruckman 
Tiffany Runion 
Brian Sabatelli 
Patricia Sampayo 
Alison Sanchez 
Robert Sanders 
Jennifer Sanner 
Michael Santay 
Crystal Santerre 
Beth Santilli 
Melanie Sapp 
Zachary Sargent 
Stacie Satlerlee 
Amy Satterwhite 
Brian Savage 
Charles Sayers 
Miriam Scarr 
Bryce Scheibe! 
Solson Scherman 
Erin Schiller 
David Schlesinger 
Ann Schlotter 
John Schmidt 
Sarah Schmoyer 
Lea Schon 
Rebecca Schools 
Mark Schowalter 
Edward Scopin 
Carolyn Scott 
Wendy Scott 
Debra Scruggs 
Sarah Seale 
Stewart Sebree 
Michael Sellers 
Matthew Selwyn 
Sandi Shackelford 
Jessica Shaffer 
Erica Shannon 
Angela Shepos 
Anjuli Sherin 
Andrea Shipp 
Linda Simms 
Melissa Slack 
Karen Slotsky 
Amy Smith 
Colin Smith 
Erin Smith 
Jamie Smith 
Kelli Smith 
Kylie Smith 
Lauren Smith 
Ryan Smith 
Sarah Smith 
Paula Snell 
Jenifer Snider 
Emy Sok 
Jessica Soule 
Richard Speakman 
Lauren Spencer 
Adam Spisak 
Kara Springer 
Steven Spurry 
Joshua Stager 
Kevin Starace 
Teresa Starrs 
Suzanne Stearns 
Hilary Stebbins 
John Steele 
Nicole Steinmetz 
Anna Stensvaag 

Martine St. Germain 

Linda Stienen 

Ashley Sling 

Paul Stoddard 


Andrea Stoneburner 

Gregory Stoner 

Peter Stoughton 

Brian Stozek 

Jennifer Stringfellow 

Michael Strosnider 

Andrew Suddarth 

Abigail Sugrue 

Leah Sullivan 


Emily Sutliff 


Angela Sweigart-Gallaghe 

Rachel Sykes 

Jane Szczesiak 

Lindsey Taggart 

Corie Tarbet 

Audrea Tarver ^ 

Fasika Tefera 

Virginia Thull 

Kurt Thurber 

Penny Tingler 

Lori Tisch 


Deanna Toema 

Cheryl Tolbert 

Paul Tomich 


Tu Tran 

James Triplet! 

Karen Trivett 

Sherri Trudeau 

Dawn Tune 

Kimberly Tupper 

Kelly Turcic 

Jean Turner 

Yvette Uhalde 

Til Van 

Melissa VanZile 


Caria Villar 

Mary Von der Heide 

Ronald Voss 

Brant Waldron 

Tamara Walker 

Allison Wallin 

Kimberly Walters 

Andrew Ward 

Jennifer Ward 

Jonathan Ward 

Abigail Warren 

Kara Washburn 


Andrea Waterston 

Nicholas Watkins 

Monnie Watson 

Rebecca Weaver 

John Webb 

Megan Weireter 

Kathryn Weller 

Stacy Weller 


Sarah Wharen 

Cara Wheatley 

Melissa Wheatley 

Colin White 

Heather White 

Kimberly White 

Rachel White 

Jarrett Whitlow 

Joseph Wickens 

Geoffrey Wiedenmayer 

Meagan Wientjes 

Lisa Wightman 

Sharon Wilcox 

Jonathan Williams 

Natasha Williams 

Sarah Williams 


Tammie Willis 


John Wilson 

Melissa Wilson 

Travis Winfrey 


Benjamin Wiseman 

Deborah Womer 

Junie Won 

Mary Woodie 

Angela Woolner 

Tiffany Wooten 

Rachel Worley 

Mark Wright 

Matthew Wright 

Paula Wright 

Maryjane Wysocki 


Laura York 

David Yost 

Evan Younger 

Robert Zahabi 

Ryan Zavitz 

Sarah Zelenak 

Jessica Zuidema 

Sara Zuk 

Joshua Zusmer 

Jonathan Zwicke 

Awakenings ■ 209 



Edited by 
John Spacek 
Lauren Elezko 

oCC each other. 

Touch each other. 
rlC3.r each other. 

oDlCll each other. 
1 3.816 each other. 










How many do you know? 

Awakenings ■ 213 

Todd Aberts Jo>- Bailey 

Todd Aberts 

Rola Abimourched 

Jennifer Abraham 

Am\ Ackerman 

Danielle Adams 

Megan Adams 

Sherr\- Adams 

Cor\' Adis 

Katrina Adkins 

X'incent Adriance 

Jennifer Agee 

Kirsten Agee 

Seblewongel Agegnehu 

Faranak Aghdasi-Asl 

Jamie .Aheam 

Carole Ahmed 

Osasumuen Airhia\"bere 

Marcella .Albanese 

Erin .Albright 

\anessa .Ali 

.Ahava Allen 

Dana Allen 

Justin .Allen 

Kelh- .Allsbrook 

Sara .Alluisi 

E\el\n .Almeida 

Celia .Alpuche-Ma\- 

Timoth\' -Altenburg 

.Aaron .Altscher 

Patiphan .Ambuel 

Sarah .Amick 

Jessica Amis 

Jennifer .Ammann 

Benjamin Amos 

Linda .Amponsah 

Kerrs' Ancowitz 

Bradley Andersen 

Melissa .Andersen 

Sara .Andersen 

Alison Anderson 

Katharine Anderson 

Nicki Anderson 

William Andrews 

Dana Angell 

Katina .Anthony 

Jeremiah Appleton 

Denise Arce 

Katherine .Armstrong 

Kathleen Arrington 

Michael Arrington 

Danick Arsenauli 

Matthew Aruch 

Moses Asamoah 

Brian Asman 

Virginia Atkinson 

Anna Aufill 

Kathryn Augustine 

Pamela Aultman 

Allan Aumento 

Lana Austin 

Katherine Aversano 

racie Ayer 

Marianne Ayers 

Emilia Ayon 

Emily Azukas 

Jamie Babos 

Hope Bachman 

Brandon Bailey 

Christophe Bailey 

Jo> Bailey 


Mary Baillargeon David Bessom 

Mary Baillargeon 
Nathan Baillie 
Daniel Bairley 
Erin Baker 
Jason Baker 
Jena Baker 
Kaitlin Baker 

Meghan Baker 
Scott Baker 
Thaddeus Baker 
Brigid Baldwin 
Brevin Balfrey-Bqyd 
Ryan Balis 
Clifford Ball 

Christine Ballance 
Nathan Ballentine 
Ryan Balsly 
Rachel Banks 
Brian Barbre 
Kathryn Barbuto 
Jessica Barg 

Jason Barker 
Christophe Barkley 
Luke Barley 
Adrienne Barnes 
Adrianne Barnett 
Kirsten Barnum 
Alicia Barrett 

Catherine Barthelemy 
Kristy Bartle 
John Bartoli 
Jennifer Bartron 
Hassan Bashir 
Nada Basit 
Sean Baskerville 

Christine Bass 
Elizabeth Bass 
Kelin Baxley 
Brendan Bayer 
Bryan Beary 
Lindsay Beaton 
Nicole Beatty 

Elizabeth Beebe 
Jason Beeman 
David Befumo 
Jennifer Beier 
Mary Beliveau 
Kathryn Bell 
Yolanda Bell 

Adam Benabdallah 
Diana Bendixen 
Maribeth Bendl 
Mario Benito 
Andrew Bennett 
Harlan Bennett 
Paige Bennett 

Ariana Bensusan 
Allison Benton 
Tasha Beras 
Christina Berben 
Shannon Berck 
Luca Berdini 
Jeffrey Bergin 

Robert Bergin 

Michael Bernal 
Nicholas Bernasconi 
Joshua Bernstein 
Jennifer Berry 
Katherine Berry 
David Bessom 

Awakenings "215 

Jessica Best 

Tracev Bonita 

Jessica Best 

Daniel Betti 

Anne Be\erl\ 

Nathan Bevil 

Jessica Bielecki 

Caleb Billmeier 

Ashlie Biscoe 

Jad Bishara 

Amy Bishop 

Heather Bishop 

Maura Bishop 

Stacey Bittner 

Travis Bjorklund 

Wllham Blackford 

Victoria Blackmond 

Joseph Blaeuer 

Liane Blake 

Peter Blake 

Kate Blakeney 

Ashley Bland 

Lindsay Bland 

Barbara Blankenbaker 

Annette Blankenship 

Christophe Blasko 

Andrew Blate 

Christina Blauch 

Kimberly Blizzard 

Melissa Block 

Meghan Blodgett 

Erin Bloom 

Lynnette Blosser 

Terrance Blount 

Daniel Blumling 

Johannes Bock 

Sally Bockh 

Ryan Bodenstein 

Kimberly Boelte 

Robert Boese 

Dana Boggs 

Misako Bohlin 

Angela Bohon 

James Boland 

James Boland 
Jamie Bolgcr 
Stephanie Bolte 
Kristin Bombard 
Cara Bonazza 
Damion Bond 
Tracey Bonita 


Jacqueline Bonner 

Felicia Brock 


Jacqueline Bonner 
Michael Bonsiero 
Timothy Boon 
Sarah Boone 
Stephanie Booth 
Jodi Borden 
Melissa Borgerding 

Brian Bornschein 
Alexis Borrayo 
Lauren Boswell 
Omar Boucher 
Kevin Bouffard 
Angela Boukourakis 
Joseph Boulier 

Allison Bourget 
Dustin Bower 
Brandy Bowers 
Emily Bowers 
Brian Bowman 
Andrew Bowman 
Kevin Boycourt 

Kevin Boyd 
Terry Boyd 
Erin Boyer 
Anne Braband 
William Brack 
Emily Brackbill 
Chadwick Bradford 

Brian Bradley 
Kevin Bradley 
Davis Bradshaw 
Jessica Brady 
Joshua Branch 
Michelle Branco 
Jessica Brandes 

Christophe Brantley 
John Brauer 
Sarah Breeding 
Shannon Brennan 
Shirley Brcslin 
April Brice 
Katharine Bridgers 

Kristen Bridges 
Brandi Brinson 
Michael Briscoe 
Amelia Bristow 
Jayme Bristow 
Elizabeth Broadstone 
Felicia Brock 

Awakenings 217 

Kara Brockman 

Sara Camacho-Felix 

Kara Brockman 

Jessica Broderick 

Brendan Brod\" 

Danien Bronson 

Ellen Brooker 

Nathaniel Brooks 

Amanda Brown 

Am\ Brown 

Da\id Brown 

Erin Brown 

Gene Brown 

Jessica Brow n 

Robert Brow n 

Robin Brow n 

Stephanie Brow n 

Stephanie A.Brown 

T\"ler Brown 

Abigail Browne 

Tawn\' Browne 

Zachar>' Bro\vne 

Daniel Bruechert 

James Brundage 

Nina Bruno 

Cassandra Br>an 

Jami Br\an 

Curtis Bn,ant 

Shannon Brsant 

Anne Br>ce 

Kiera Brsson 

Anne Buboltz 

Christian Buchakjian 

John Buchanan 

Elizabeth Buckingham 

Jennifer Budd 

Danielle Budion 

Kevin Buffardi 

Shannan Bunze\ 

Sarah Burchell 

Branan Burde 
Andrew Burge 

Chloe Burgess 
Lauren Burgess 

Melanie Burgess 

Adrian Burke 

Claire Burke 

Caitlin Burmeisier 

Michael Burmester 

Michael Burnett 

Richard Burruss 

Shannon Burton 

Steven Busch 

Sarah Bushman 

David Buswell 

Becky Butler 

Catherine Butler 

Elizabeth Button 

Ryan Butts 

Amber Byer 

Jocelyn Byers 

Corey Byrnes 

James Cahn 

Hazeline Cain 

Megan C^ain 

Rachel Cain 

Lisa Call 

Alena Callaghan 

Theresa Callaghan 

Hilary Callahan 

Jay Callahan 

Sara Camacho-Felix 


Cody Camblin Ashley Chung 

Cody Camblin 
Robert Cambridge 
Stephen Cameli 
Brian Camp 
Meredith Camp 
Erin Campbell 
Keri Campbell 

Patricia Canciglia 
John Canery 
Megan Canigiani 
Kristin Cantwell 
Ryan Capizzi 
Alex Capshaw-Taylor 
Isabel Cardwell 

Heidi Carlson 
Lisa-Marie Carlson 
Michael Carlson 
Carrie Carman 
Lois Arlene Carpenter 
Erin Carr 
Kristy Carr 

Michael Carr 
Lauren Carter 
Ryan Carter 
Amanda Carter-Roth 
Elizabeth Carter-Roth 
Andrea Carver 
Lucy Casciano 

Kevin Casey 
Michael Casey 
Todd Casey 
Daphne Cashion 
Carolyn Cason 
Elaine Cassarino 
Charlotte Cassell 

Carolyn CaCasserly 
Erin Cassino 
Patrick Cassino 
Gabriela Castaneda 
Laura Castello 
Sara Castner 
Giselle Catelotti 

Kimberly Catlett 
Lisa Cavanaugh 
Jeffrey Cavano 
Erik Cecere 
Maria Cedeno 
James Cessaro 
Mohamed Chakhad 

Christophe Chaleunrath 
Christina Chan 
Christine Chandler 
Erica Chapman 
Scott Chapman 
Alexandra Chehab 
Jennifer Child 

Courtney Childe 
Kimberly Childers 
John Chiles 
Lisa Chillemi 
Eric Chinault 
Sarah Chinn 
Leila Choudhury 

Hannah Chowning 
Rachelle Chretien 
Pamela Christian 
Cara Christine 
Amanda Christoph 
Frances Chua 
Ashley Chung 

Awakenings 219 

Bernard Chung 

Bernard Chung 

Kyung Soon Chung 

Joseph Church 

Michael Churchward 

Juha Ciarlo 

Am\' Cipolla 

Robin Clair 

Adam Clark 
Mar\' Clark 
Michae'l Clark 
Nanc\- Clark 
Purceil Clark 
Sharon Clark 
Mar}.- Clarke 

Adam Clarkson 

Rachel Clement 

Donald Clements 

Rebekah Clementson 

Sara Clemons 

James Click 

Laura Clifton 

Angela Cline 

Matthew Cliszis 

Lawton Clites 

Sean Clore 

Joshua Cloudt 

Robert Cloughle> 

Katherine Clute 

Christy Cockrill 

Andrew Coelho 

Frances Coffey 

Catherine Cohen 

Kate Cola 

Ashton f>jle 

Rebecca Cole 

Sara Coleman 
Elizabeth Colletti 
Carrie Collins 
Kimberly Collins 
Cheryl Collis 
Sarah Colona 
Hazel Colson 

Kimberly Colvvell 

Marsha Coman 

Rebecca Comninaki 

Melinda Compher 

Corinne Compton 

Frances Compton 

Heather Coniglio 

.: People 

Heather ConigUo 

# % % 

% #f 

tt t f # 

Courtney Conklin Michelle Cunningham 

Courtney Conklin 
Herbert Conley 
Matthew Conley 
Lee Conlon 
James Connell 
Brian Connolly 
Lee Conrad 

Diana Conty 
Carolyn Cook 
Ellen Cook 
Gina Cook 
Paul Cook 
Laura Cooper 
Portia Cooper 

Michael Corcoran 
Michelle Corey 
Erin Corley 
Katherine Corneille 
Alicia Cornell 
Brent Cornell 
Evangeline Cornwell 

Daniel Correa 
Scott Coston 
Stephen Coughlin 
Ryan Coughter 
Chelsey Coulter 
James Covino 
Amanda Cox 

Brandon Cox 
Anna Craft 
Amber Crafton 
Andrew Craver 
Matthew Cribbs 
Brian Crist 
Jennifer Crites 

Alfred Croce 
Marcy Crockett 
George Cromwell 
Nora Cronin 
Alyssa Crouch 
Charlotte Crouch 
Cassandra Crouse 

Sarah Crow 
Scott Crowell 
Benjamin Cubbage 
Daniel Cullinan 
Elisabeth Cunard 
Amy Cunningham 
Michelle Cunningham 


Daniel Curnin 

Kathleen Diacont 

Daniel Cuiran 

Elizabeth Curran 

Tiffany Cum 

John Cyrus 

Brent Czaplicki 

Juliana D"Andrilli 

Gina DEramo 

Michael D'Eredita 

Amanda D"Luh\ 

Eric Dagenhart 

Ke\in Dalmut 

Sally Dalton 

Diana Daly 

Kimberh Dal\ 

.■\rtiss Dandridge 

Catherine Daniel 

Jonathan Daniels 

Kristine Daniels 

Jamie Darc\ 

Wilbur Dargan 

John Dauben 

Patricia Daugheny 

Joseph David 

Marit Davies 

Amanda Da\is 

Amanda Davis 

Erica Davis 

Jill Davis 

Jill Davis 

Jonathan Davis 

Mark Davis 

Vanessa Davis 

William Da\ is 

Gabrielle Da\ oy 

Amy Dawson 

Andrew Daw son 

Kriscen Dayton 

Maria Dayton 

Maren De Groot 

Nerissa Leon 

Michelle Dean 

Lauren DeAngelis 

Tma Marie Decarbo 

Rebecca Decker 

Brian DeCoria-Souza 

Susan Deedrick 

Abbey Delk 

Trea Demarest 

Stacy Demkowicz 

Patricia Dempsey 

Kristin Dendis 

Tara DeNicolas 

Clare Denk 

Shannon Dennard 

Barbara Dennee 

Kathryn Dennis 

Bridget Denny 

Matthew Denson 

Chad Denton 

Elizabeth Denton 

Lisa Deputy 

Carole Derepentigny 

Beth DeRiggi 

Jennifer DeSerio 

William IJetlefsen 

Andrea Devcning 

Katherine DcV, -I 

Rebecca DcVVoo ; . 

Erin Dcxii.r 

Kathleen Diacont 

* People 

Peter Diamond 

Laurel Eby 

Peler Diamond 
Edward Dickerson 
Virginia Dickerson 
Laura Dickinson 
Carla Dicorpo 
Sanford Diday 
Patrick Dierkes 

Emily Dilger 
Barbara Dillard-Ruben 
Barbara Dimas 
Christophe Dimotsis 
Paul DiPlacidi , 

John Disque 
Diana Dittmann 

Rebecca Dix 
Jennifer Dixon 
Kelly Dixon 
Joseph Dmytriw 
Christophe Doddridge 
David Dodrill 
William Doggett 

Katie Dolph 
Sarah Domenech 
Lindsey Donahue 
Erin Donegan 
Justin Donnelly 
Kathryn Donnelly 
Jesse Donovan 

Patricia Dooley 
Jamie Dorffner 
Sean Doss 
Abigail Dougherty 
Erin Dougherty 
Megan Dougherty 
Daniel Douglass 

Sheila Dove 
Clare Downey 
Rebecca Doyal 
Nathan Doyle 
Paul Drake 
Sarah Dreist 
Raya Drew 

Sean Driscoll 
Jeremy Driver 
Michael Drummond 
Joy Dubbs 
Guzel duChateau 
Margaret Duffett 
Abbie Duke 

Konstantin Dunaev 
Lynda Dunaway 
Meredith Dunham 
Barbara Dunlap 
Amanda Dunn 
Andrew Dunn 
Oliver Dunn 

Stephen Dunn 
Kevin Dunnill 
Daniel Dupras 
Colin Dwyer 
Maggie Dwyer 
Rebecca Dye 
Maggie Dyer 

Elizabeth Eagles 
Patricia Early 
Athalia Eason 
Matthew Eastham 
Emily Eaton 
Courtney Eaves 
Laurel Eby 



Lisa Eccard 

Edward E\ers 

Lisa Eccard 
Jason Echols 
Kelly Eckstein 
Jessica Edberg 
Elizabeth Edd\ 
Summer Edell 
Emily Edelman 

Cherly n Edu ards 

Elizabeth Edwards 

Jackly n Egan 

Lori Egan 

Alyssa Ehret 

Angela Eidson 

Lauren Eigel 

Sarah Eingurt 

Lauren Eisold 

Jaser El-Habashy 

Dema Elawar 

Lauren Elezko 

Erica Ell 

Megan Ellenson 

Christopher Ellington 

Alison Elliott 

Caroline Ellis 

Britlon Elmore 

Christine EIrod 

Maryann Elsenpeter 

Amanda Elwell 

Annalea Elwell 

Elizabeth Elzer 

Sylvan Emory 

Lzma Enayatulla 

Ashton Engledow 

Clinton Enos 

Erin Enzweiler 

Robin Epperson 

Rebecca Erbclding 

Faith Erickson 

Leah Erkkinen 

Margel Ernst 

Maxwell Erskine 

Richard Erwin 

Francisco Escobar 
Sara Eskridge 
Alonda Elheridgc 
Caroline Evan^ 
Janinc Eva' 
Stacie Evm 
Edward Ever 


Kerri Ewins 

Jennifer Fleuret 

Kerri Ewing 
Stephanie Eyes 
Barry Fadely 
Jean Fallin 
Nancy Fallon 
Emily Falvey 
Cortney Fantaski 

Jennifer Fan- 
Diana Farrar 
Gianna Farrell 
Kristin Farrell 
Mandi Farrell 
Oluwatoyin Fashola 
Elise Fasick 

Jamie Fatek 
Kena Fauntleroy 
Erin Fawley 
Michael Fei 
Jennifer Feldman 
Matthew Fell 
Kevin Fenton 

Bradley Ferdinand 
Sebastian Ferdinand 
Elizabeth Ferguson 
Elizabeth Ferguson 
Maria Femandez-Pizzi 
Lara Ferraiolo 
Angela Ferrell 

Maryellen Ferro 
Tiffany Fesler 
Erin Ficor 
Sutton Fielder 
Christophe Fife 
Nathan Figueroa 
Ryan Findley 

Lauren Finn 
John Fiorini 
Bryan Fischer 
Erin Fish 
Jenna Fisher 
Michael Fisher 
Lauren Fiske 

Patricia Fitzgerald 
Cary Fitzhugh 
Anthony Fleming 
Elizabeth Fleming 
Sandra Flemming 
Lauren Fletcher 
Jennifer Fleuret 


\Vend\ Flora 

William Garth 

\Vend\ Flora 

Ja\ Florence 

Robert Florence 

Emih Florio 

Heather Flor\ 

Jill Flowers 

Angela Foelber 

julieann Fogart\ 

Alyson FoUenius 

Renee Foltz 

Cameron Forbes 

Deborah Ford 

Elizabeth Ford 

Teresa Ford 

Mariah Fore 
Jamie Fortier 
Jennifer Fortner 
KimberlN Foster 
Margaret Foster 
Rebecca Foster 
Stephanie Foster 

Casey Fowler 
E\an Fowler 
Kristen Fowler 
Rachel Frakes 
Christina Francis 
Taria Francois 
Alana Franklin 

Jeffrey Frankston 

Megan Frascella 

Peter Fravel 

David Frazier 

Ronald Frazier 

Adrienne Freed 

Nancy Freeman 

Carol French 
Eric Frere 
Daniel Freret 
Jonathan Freshwater 
Julie Freund 
Valerie Frey 
Joseph Frick 

Taryn Friend 

Anne Frommelt 

Jose Fuentes 

Randall Fulk 

Elise Fullenon 

Lynne Fultz 

Kathryn Furst 

Michael Futrell 

Aaron Gagnon 

Robert Gaines 

Suzanne Gallagher 

Christina Galligan 

Jeremy Gallihugh 

Tiffany Gallo 

Elizabeth Gallup 
Elizabeth Gamboa 
Sarah Gamon 
Christi Garcia 
Jusen Garcia 
Maria Garcia 
Willjam Garland 

ChriMophc Gamcarz 

Kathryn Gamer 

Ryan Gamer 

Suzanne Garner 

Julie Gamctt 

Laura Garrctl 

William Ganh 

226 ■ People 

Barbara Gary 

Judith Gould 

Barbara Gary 
Krisly Gasser 
Patricia Gattuso 
Jeremy Gaudreau 
Alyson Gaydish 
Matthew Gayle 
Teresa Geary 

Sarah Geddis 
Ryan Geib 
Erin Geiger 
Bevin Gekosky 
Stuart Gelzer 
Gordon Genovese 
Kimberly Georgia 

Emily Gerber 
Mohammad Gerdvisheh 
Peter Geres 
Dora Germanos 
Briana Gervat 
Kimberley Geyer 
Peter Gibson 

Geraldine Gicquel 
Barbara Giese 
Roger Giese 
Jennifer Gilbert 
Kimberly Gilgenast 
Nicole Gill 
Laura Gionfriddo 

Jennifer Girod 
Deanna Given 
Erin Givens 
Sardi Gjollma 
William Glascock 
Kira Glassgow 
Lindsey Gleason 

Melissa Glennie 
Julia Gloukhoff 
Daniel Glynn 
Katrina Glynn 
Eric Godbout 
Kathryn Godburn 
Maureen Godfrey 

Carsten Goebels 
Krystin Gokey 
Laura Golden 
Paige Golden 
Laura Goldschmidt 
Pauline Goldsmith 
Gabriel Goldstein 

Keith Gologorsky 
Eric Gomes 
Juliette Gomez 
Jose Gonzales 
Katherine Gonzalez 
Megan Gooch 
Faith Goodacre 

Kristin Goodine 
Jessica Goon 
Lauren Goor 
Patryk Goralski 
Kristin Gordon 
Michael Gordon 
Sarah Gordon 

Sherese Gore 
Anne Goska 
Rosalia Gosper 
Michelle Goss 
Timothy Gottgetreu 
Stuart Gotdieb 
Judith Gould 

Awakenings 227 

Pevton Gouldin 

R\ an Grue 

Peyton Gouldin 

Katherine Graap 

Jennifer Grabo\ es 

Roben Graceffo 

Erin Graeber 

Darrell Graf 

LjTidsay Graham 

Sandra Child Graham 
Alyson Grala 
Erin Grampp 
Jessica Granda 
Candace Grane 
Joy Grantland 
Laura Grasso 

Wendy Green 

Andrew Greene 

Geoffrey Greene 

Joseph Greene 

Lynn Greenlaw 

Wilson Greenlaw 

Andrea Greenwich 

Suzanne Greer-Scott 

Shawn Gremminger 

Jaspreet Grewal 

Scott Gribbic 

Patrick Griffin 

Frederick Griffith 

Rebecca Griffith 

Tarisa Griffith 

Randy Griffith-Perham 

Eli/abelh Griffiths 

Laura Griffiths 

Erin Grimm 

Emily Grogg 

Ashleigh Grondin 

Jennifer Groncr 
April Gross 
Anne Grosz 
Oiane Grove 
Sarah Grubb 
Suzanne Grubb 
Ryan Grue 


Giselle Guarino 

Jessa Hardy 

Giselle Guarino 
Matthew Guderian 
Christine Guedri 
Matthew Guido 
EUzabeth Guinn 
Dereje Gultineh 
Wilham Gunther 

Amanda Guthridge 
Christophe Guyton 
Priya Gyani 
Eric Haas 
Curt Haase 
Stacy Haessler 
Tonja Hafley 

Michael Hagan 
Meredith Haggard 
Cindy Haggerty-Horne 
Lisa Hague 
Erin Haile 
Valerie Hairfield 
Cris Hairston 

Retha-Lyn Haislop 
Lydia Haley 
Rachel Haley 
Brian Hall 
Bronson Hall 
Evan Hall 
Sam Hall 

John Halliday 
Allison Halterman 
Christin Hamby 
Kathleen Hamilton 
Kristin Hamilton 
Matthew Hamm 
Maureen Hamm 

Tracy Hamm 
Brittany Hammelman 
Sanaz Ham/epour 
Tiffany Hanback 
Matthew Hanley 
Lauren Hannon 
Mika Harada 

Justin Harcum 
Donald Harden 
Samantha Hardesty 
John Hardin 
Ryan Harding 
Teresa Hardisty 
Jessa Hardy 


LaShaun Hardv 

Marc Hernandez 

LaShaun Hard\ 

Elizabeth Marker 

Donna Harlow 

Gregor. Hami 

Krislina Harpst 

Ashle> Harrington 

Timoth> Harrington 

Abigail Harris 

Ernest Harris 

Jeanene Harris 

Jennifer Harris 

Nicole Harris 

Prudence Harris 

Shirley Harris 

Johanna Harrison 

Catherine Harron 

William Hartland 

Michael Hartsock 

Kelby Hartson 

Elaine Harvey 

Aliza Hasle\ 

Stephen Hastings 
Angela Haughney 
Noreen Haus 
Kary n Havas 
Erika Ha\ asy 
Jennifer Havens 
La\ ne Havens 

Juli Hawkins 

Amy Hawthorne 

Heather Hayden 

Jenna Hayes 

Kelli Hayes 

Allison Hays 

Leah Hays 

Travis Head 

Rebecca Headley 

Jason Healey 

Dena Heath 

Jennifer Hebert 

Erich Heckel 

Anthony Heddell 

Kimberly Hedrick 

Krisline Heffner 

Margaret Heflin 

Ashley Heimall 

Matthew Heimerle 

Harriolte Heinzen 

Anya Helfrich 

Katie Helldoerfer 
Jennifer Helmorc 
Kcisha Helsley 
Laura Henderson 
Jennifer Hendrick 
Charlotte Hendricks 
Darren Hendricks 

Jennifer Henley 

Virginia Henley 

Casey Henry 

Kia Henry 

Marcic Henry 

Marilyn Henry 

Shalini Henry 

Terrell Henry 

Laura Henslcy 

Stephanie Hcnson 

Meaghan Herbert 

Lindsay Hcrl 

Amey Herman 

Marc Hernandez 


Patrick Herndon 


Noytom Howay 

Patrick Herndon 
Kelly Heroman 
Chad Herring 
Eric Herring 
Daniel Heselbarth 
Charles Hess 
Jennie Hettema 

Amy Hewat 
Marion Hezel 
Joshua Hickland 
Elizabeth Hicks 
Kelli Hicks ^ 

Laura Hicks 
Ruth Hicks 

Katherine Higdon 
Joanne Higginbotham 
Richard Higgins 
Megan Highley 
Ashley Hildebrandt 
Emily Hill 
Erin Hill 

Kristen Hill 
Christopher Hillers 
Laura Hillmann 
Patrick Hiltz 
Rebecca Hinckley 
La'Lita Hines 
Marianne Hines 

Erin Hirsch 
Meredith Hite 
Kendra Hitz 
Whitney Hitz 
Erin Hitzelberg 
Allison Hobart 
Susan Hobbs 

Noah Hoffman 
Anthony Hogan 
Christopher Hogan 
Sean Hogan 
Kate Hohman 
Kathryn Hohman 
Elizabeth Holland 

Kisha Holland 
Julie Hollenbeck 
Anna Holliday 
David Hollinger 
Thomas Holloway 
Lars Holmstrom 
Tyler Holtzman 

Eric Holzapfel 
Rebecca Holzworth 
Laura Honaker 
Karen Hoogland 
Kristen Hooker 
Erin Hopkins 
Clare Horn 

Ashley Home 
Eric Home 
Margaret Home 
Stacy Home 
Erika Horstmeyer 
Karen Hottle 
Meghan Housley 

Amy Hovdestad 

David Hovis 
Jeffrey Howard 
Jennifer Howard 
Meghan Howard 
Rachel Howard 
Noytom Howay 

Awakenings ^ 231 


Car\ Howel 

Alexander Jacobsen 

Car>' Howell 

Jessica Howell 

Arthur How land 

Barbara Howlin 

Carol\ n Huckaba\ 

TifTianne Hudnall 

Margaret Hughart 

Matthew Hughart 
Carolyn Hughes 
Charlotte Hughes 
Katherine Hughes 
Andrew Hummel 
Elizabeth Hummel 
Margaret Hummel 

Kerri Hundley 

David Hunsberger 

Christopher Hunt 

Sarah Hunt 

Geoff Hunter 

Cynthia Hurd 

Susan Hurdle 

Rita Hurley 

Jillian Hurst 

Kelly Hurt 

Melissa Huskey 

Catherine Hussain 

Rhonda Hutchinson 

Tracey Hutchinson 

Lindsey Hutchison 

Caroline Hyatt 

David Hye 

Amanda lantosca 

Nicole larrobino 

Fernanda Ibarra 

Hakim IdMhand 

Mary Idone 
Janet llagan 

Natalie Ingold 

Janet Inman 

Maggie Irby 

Lauren Ireland 

Jessica Isaacs 

Thomas Israel 

Elizabeth Jackson 

Heather Jackson 

Sarah Jackson 

Sarah Jackson 

Amanda Jacobs 

Alexander Jacobsen 

12 * People 

Jamal Jones 

Rebecca Jaeger 
Preeti Jahagirdar 
Matt Jahngen 
Mary Jancaitis 
Brian Janelsins 
Katie Jantzi 
Meredith Jarratt 

Douglas Javins 
Kenneth Jenlcins 
Megan Jenkins 
Scott Jenkins 
Stephanie Jenkins 
Kendall Jennings 
Marcia Jennings 

Katherine Jennrich 
Timothy Jensen 
Anne Jernigan 
Elisabeth Jerome 
Kory Jessen 
Iris Jimenez-Castro 
Emily Jiulianti 

Erin Johansen 
Benjamin EJohnson 
Bradley Johnson 
Christopher Johnson 
David Johnson 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Emily Johnson 

Faye Johnson 
James Johnson 
Jennifer Johnson 
Kevin Johnson 
Mehssa Johnson 
Rebecca Johnson 
Ricky Johnson 

Taniya Johnson 
Teri Johnson 
Torrance Johnson 
Erik Johnston 
Kelly Johnston 
Meredith Johnston 
Cathy Jolley 

Anthony Jones 
Ashley Jones 
Brian Jones 
Clarence Jones 
Gloria Jones 
Heather Jones 
Jamal Jones 


Jennifer Jones 

Matthew Kins 

Jennifer Jones 

John Jones 

LaQuia Jones 

Linda Jones 

Marcellus Jones 

Mechelle Jones 

Megan Jones 

Rebecca Jones 

Tamara Jones 

Tra\is Jones 

Thomas Jordan 

Fernando Juarez 

William Jubetl 

Gam Judy 

Rebecca Julian 

Carolyn Junkins 

Keith Kaliszewski 

Kelly Kampf 

Sara Kane 

Matthew Kapuscinski 

Aikaterini Karakehagia 

David Kardian 

Dana Karlov ich 

Rachel Karluk 

Christophe Kar^x owski 

Joseph Kaiz 

Robyn Kaye 

Mark Kazmier 

Catherine Keane 
Maria Keams 
Erin Keefe 
Erin Keenan 
Rachel Keith 
Katrina Keitt 
Laura Kelaher 

Elizabeth Keller 

Elizabeth Keller 

Katherine Keller 

Rachel Keller 

Heather Kelley 

Adam Kelly 

Eric Kelsey 

Melanie Kelson 
Caitlin Kendall 
Ryan Kenna 
Dawn Kennedy 
Kelly Kennedy 
Stacy Kennedy 
Zoltan Kerestely 

Peggy Kerestes 

Senea Kerns 

Whitney Kerns 

Kiara Kerwin 

Jennifer Kesner 

Jacklyn Ketlerman 

Laura Keyser 

Harijol Khalsa 

John Kidwell 

Wendy Kilby 

Andrea Kilkenny 

Ryan Killamey 

Patrick Killingsworth 

Theresa Kim 

Andrew Kimball 
L'nchu Kin 
Kelly Kinahan 
Heather King 
Jennifer King 
Leah King 
Matthew King 


Rachel King 

Jared Lang 

Rachel King 
Rebecca King 
Teresa King 
Lisa Kingsley 
Caillin Kinlcead 
Brent Kintzer 
Melissa Kirchner 

Ryan Kish 
Melanie Kissell 
Abby Kistler 
Jennifer Klaus 
Philip Klaus / 

Sara Kleinhample 
Elizabeth Klingaman 

Matthew Klingler 
Amber Knowles 
Rachel Knowles 
John Koblinsky 
Erik Kochert 
Paul Kodack 
Rachel Koelher 

Catherine Kohler 
Amanda Kohne 
Marc Kokosky 
Julie Kolakowski 
Kathryn Kolakowski 
Chastity Kolb 
Benjamin Kolodziej 

Kelly Koniowsky 
Aaron Kook 
Justin Kopecky 
Matthew Korniotes 
Laurie Kosloske 
Aaron Kota 
Ihor Kotlarchuk 

Benjamin Kowalik 
Michael Kozicki 
Christi Kramer 
Pamela Kramer 
Allison Krebs 
Kassandra Kreidler 
Shari Krug 

Robin Kruthers 
Jenelle Kubicsko 
Michael Kuchler 
Alben Kugel 
Katherine Kugler 
Kristina Kuhns 
Emilie Kulis 

Emily Kuppler 
Jessica Kwerel 
Parthena Kydes 
Cynthia Kyff 
Sharon Lack 
Christopher LaClair 
Kathryn Lacy 

Erin Lada 
Chennel Lafate 
Elizabeth Lake 
Megan Lake 
Stuart Lam 
Alexandra Lambert 
Kathy Lambert 

Michael LaMonica 
Katherine LaMont 
Cavelle Lamy 
Jason Lancaster 
Candice Landes 
Jason Lane 
Jared Lang 

Awakenings - 235 

Matthew Lans 

Suzanne Lewis 

Matthew Lang 

Constantin Langa 

Matthew Lange 

Michael Lange 

Denise Lanier 

Amy Lankford 

Eileen Lanzarone 

Andre Lapar 

Michelle LaPointe 

Cindy Laprade 

Catherine Larocco 

Michael Larsen 

Shawn Larson 

Brian Laudate 

Nicole Lauer 

Paul Laurence 

Emma Law 

Adam Lawler 

Heidi Lawrence 

Carl Lawson 

Matthew Lawson 

Sally Lawton 

Jennifer Lax 

Aaron Layman 

Kerry La\ne 

Anh Le 

Christophe Leadem 

Shawn Leadem 

Kim Leaty 

Daniel Leckburg 

Byong Lee 

Jennifer Lee 

Mary Lee 

Sun Lee 

Katharine Leesman 

James Leffler 

Lauren Legard 

Jennifer Leggette 

Robin Leightner 

Christophe Lembo 

Matthew Lcmieux 

Matthew Lemire 

Leslie Lenyi 

Valerie Leon 

Matthew LcVangic 

Brian Levis 

Melanie I^vj 

Randy Lewis 

Suzanne Lewis 


Theodore Lewis Meghan Lyons 

Theodore Lewis 
James Liao 
Chelsie Liming 
Meagan Lindsay 
Rachel Lindsay 
Christy Lindsey 
Shana Lipford 

Anthony Lipscomb 
Jana Lipski 
Tia Little 
Phillip Littrell 
Anne Litz 
Peter Liu 
Brett Lively 

Dana Lloyd 
Mary Elisa Lloyd 
Kimberly Lockett 
Jennifer Locklear 
Kevin Loden 
Stephanie Lofgren 
Marc Logan 

Elizabeth Long 
Katie Long 
Meeghan Long 
Ryan Longfellow 
Juha Lookabill 
Patrick Loth 
Carolann Lotsey 

Nora Lotts 
Cynthia Lotze 
Tina Louk 
Christine Lovelady 
David Lovins 
James Lowe 
Susan Lowe 

Anna Lowry 
Cai Lu 

Jennifer ALucas 
Sarah Lucas 
Tracey Luckett 
Johanna Lunglhofer 
Kristina Lux 

Meredith Lydon 
Cristine Lynch 
Deborah Lynch 
Kathleen Lynch 
Theresa Lyon 
Carolyn Lyons 
Meghan Lyons 

Awakenings 237 

Barbara Mabe 

R\ an Mason 

Barbara Mabe 

Aura Macatuno 

Ale via MacClain 

Ryan Maccubbin 

Chrisiophe MacDonald 

Kate MacDonell 

Catherine MacKinnon 

Katherine Macla\ 

Shannon MacMichael 

Jonathan Macone 

Rachel Madden 

Eric Maeshiro 

Connie MaeLzold 

Kristen Magee 

Colin Maher 

Jesse Mahle 

Chhsiopher Mahon-SteLson 

Shauna Mahon\ 

Hien Mai 

Nicole Maier 

Lauren Maiocco 

James Major 

Stephanie Malast 

William Malcolm 

Michael Malin 

Alec Mallmann 

Tammi Malloy 

Tracy Maloche 

Mark Malone 

Mickael Malove 

Nicholas Mancini 

Laura Manganiello 

Ryan Mangels 

Emily Manges 

Jesica Mangun 

Kristen Mangus 

Katie Mani 

Kendall Manion 

Erica Mank 

Lindsay Manning 

Mahesha Mansaray 

Mark Manzano 

Matthew Marchione 

Lee Mareck 

LoriAnn Maresca 

Melissa Margolies 

Patricia Marino 

Kristin Marion 

Ryan Markey 

Brian Marks 

Christopher Marley 

Terry Marlowe 

Margaret DMarrioii 

Tiffany Marsh 

David Marshall 

LaToya Marshall 

Melony Marshall 

Nathan Marshall 

Whitney Marshall 

Stephanie Marsnick 

Lori Marstiller 

Carrie Marston 

Lauren Martclla 

Adricnne Martin 

Andrea Martin 

Huey Martin 

Louise Martin 

Lynsey Man in 

Meghan Mascclli 

Ryan Mason 

Elyzabeth Massucci 


Elyzabeth Massucci 

Elizabeth McLaughlin 

Patrick Masterson 
Nina Mathews 
Jordan Mathias 
Kristen Matlick 
Lindsay Matson 
Grant Matthews 
Ahcia Matute 

Christopher Matzke 
Victor Maudlin 
Theresa Mauer 
Patrick Mauney 
Stephen Mauro / 

Jennifer Maxwell 
Peter Maxwell 

Ryan May 
Kari Mayercsik 
Rebecca Mayhugh 
Rebecca Maykrantz 
Ann Mazes 
Carisa McAllister 
Lynda McAuliffe 

Erin McCalla 
Dennis McCarthy 
Nichole McCarthy 
Sarah McCarthy 
Mary McCartin 
Kevin McClellan 
Lindsey McClintock 

Suzanne McCloskey 
Melanie McComas 
Jonathan McCone 
Brian McCormick 
Aaron McCoy 
Ashley McCoy 
Robert McCraw 

Patricia McCray 
Austin McCuUough 
Jessica McCullough 
Alexis McCullough-Tinker 
Heather McDonald 
Kelly McDonald 
Samantha McDonald 

Colleen McDonnell 
Ellen McDougal 
Mark McEathron 
Cynthia McElveen 
Brenna McGaha 
Charles McGee 
Jennifer McGee 

Susan Allen McGreevy 
Alison McGuigan 
Amanda McGuire 
Emily McHenry 
Matthew McKay 
Robert McKee 
Micah McKenna 

Megan McKenney 
Tiffany McKerahan 
Mary McKinney 
James McKinnon 
Kerry McKinnon 
Alysia McLain 
Elizabeth McLaughlin 

Erin McLaughlin 
Jade McLaurin 
Laura McMahon 
Lindsay McMahon 
Meghan McMahon 
Minda McMahon 

Awakenings » 239 

Sara McManus 

Sara McManus 
Jennifer McMillan 
Laina McMillion 
L\Tine McMullen 
Jocelyn McNeill 
Kathleen McNinch 
Katelyn McNulty 

Amanda McQuain 

Megan McSherry 

Erin McTigue 

Rita Meade 

Christine Meadors 

Mar> Meadows 

Esmeralda Medina 

Erin Medh n 

Melissa Melton 

Christina Meluzio 

Kristin Menz 

Brent Mercer 

Anna Merres -Welcome 

Stephanie Merriam 

Erin Merrill 

Michael Merrill 

Melva Merritt 

Andrew Mertz 

Asha Merzazada 

Catherine Messa 

Katherine Messick 

John Messinger 

Gianina Messorc 

Matthew Michaels 

Brianna Michalosky 

Heather Mielc 

Anna Milcfsky 

Aaron Miller 

Alicia Miller 

Brianna Miller 

Eric Miller 

Jaime Miller 
Jennifer Miller 
Jennifer Miller 
Jennifer Miller 

Kellcy Miller 

Lee Miller 

Michael Miller 

Rebecca Millrr 
Sarah M'h 
Anna ,V1 
Derek M 


Elizabeth Mills 


Anne Moredock 

Elizabeth Mills 
Garth Mills 
Katherine Mills 
Sandia Mills 
Jessica Milner 
Annwyn Milnes 
Timothy Miner 

Katrina Miodek 
Anne Mishler 
Robert Mitchell 
Jeffrey Mitchell 
Melanie Mizelle 
Erin Moffett 
Karan Mohla 

Kimberlee Mohle 
Corinne Mohler 
Johany Mojica 
Joseph Monaco 
Susan Moncrief 
Victor Mondino 
Patrick Monk 

Cheryl Monroe 
Jordan Monroe 
Kaitlan Monroe 
Andrew Montgomery 
Lynsi Montgomery 
Ingrid Moody 
Karen Moonan 

Daniel Moore 
Ella Moore 
Erika Moore 
Gregory Moore 
Jennifer Moore 
Jessica Moore 
Kathleen Moore 

Kathryn Moore 
Kristina Moore 
Leah Moore 
Maria Moore 
Mark Moore 
Meghan Moore 
Michael Moore 

Stefani Moore 
Lindsay Moorhead 
Cynthia Morales 
Roberto Morales 
Audrey Moran 
Meghan Moran 
Anne Moredock 


Alexis Morehouse 

Brandy Nelson 

Alexis Morehouse 

Can Morgan 

Leslie Morgan 

Janet Moriarii> 

Francisco Morin 

Jeri Mork 

Jessica Morris 

Joshua Morris 

Kevin Morris 

Sarah Morris 

Timoth\ Morris 

Mark Morrow 

Kendra Morton 

Sabrina Morton 

Steven Mon, 

Talia Mosconi 

Emily Mosley 

Miranda Mosle\ 

Matthew Mospan 

Jennifer Moss 

Keeter Moss 

Isaac Motamany 

Monique Moten 

Sarah Motlev 

Katherine Molt 

Ann Moulis 

Allison Moweiy 

Jennifer Mozolic 

Magdalena Mrow iec 
Lindses Much 
Rebecca Muhleman 
Vanessa Muhlenfeld 
Deidra Mullins 
Kristin Munch 
Jesse Munning 

Karstena Munzing 

Dusty Murafsky 

Meera Murgai 

Bridget Murphy 

Dana Murphy 

Erin Murphy 

Matthew Murphy 

Kara Murray 

Rebecca Murray 

William Murray 

Daniel Musson 

Allyson Myers 

Jared Myers 

Kathleen Myers 

Lisa Myers 

Montgomery Myers 

Nathan Myers 

Rachel Myers 

Peggy Myrick 

Thomas Myrick 

Alexander Nadcn 

Melissa Naegcr 

Emily Nagel 

John Nagy 

Kristofcr Nance 

Stephanie Nance 

Ryan Napolitano 

Gina Nardi 

Jennifer Nash 

Mary Nash 

Lynn Na.shom 

Natalie Navarre 

Justin Ncalc 

Elizabeth Neidig 

Brandy Nelson 


Carolyn Nelson 

Katherine Packard 

Carolyn Nelson 
Erik Nelson 
Joel Nelson 
Laura Nelson 
Rebecca Nelson 
Sarah Nelson 
Pamllla Nemeth 

Amber Nettles 
Kara Neviackas 
Michael Newbold 
Meghan Newcomer 
Tiffany Newell t 

Cassandra Newman 
Christine Newman 

Jennifer Newman 
Lindsey Newman 
Mai Nguyen 
Nancy Nguyen 
Nhat Nguyen 
Tinh Nguyen 
Mansoor Niaz 

Sara Nicolai 
Ian Nicoll 
Melissa Nilsson 
Lauren Nininger 
Jennifer Nisoff 
Michael Nissim-Sabat 
Gwendolyn Nixon 

Shannon Nobile 
Daniel Noel 
Veronica Noel 
Kelly Noesner 
Anna Nolen 
Nicole Nolker 
Karolina Nowak 

Kellie Nowak 
Lisa Nuedling 
Douglas O'Brien 
Christine OXeary 
Elizabeth O'Leary 
Jennifer O'Leary 
Daniel O'Neill 

Kelli O'Quinn 
Rissa Obcemea 
Jennifer Occhiuzzi 
Stephanie Ochs 
Kristin Ochsenreiter 
Anne Ogu 
Young Oh 

James Ohlsson 
Michael Ohlsson 
Andrew Oko 
Allison Olchowski 
Jamie Oliver 
Margaret Oliver 
Melissa Orndorff 

Sara Orrick 
Brendan Orsinger 
Kristin Orstead 
Karen Orwoll 
Courtney Oser 
Lara Ostrowski 
Catherine Otey 

Tina Otter 
Caroline Otto 
Andrea Owen 
Katharine Owen 
Morgan Owen 
Brett Ozanich 
Katherine Packard 

Awakenings a 243 

Sabrena Pagani 

Sabrena Pagani 

Marshall Page 

Brian Paice 

Deborah Paige 

Andrew Painter 

Michael Panlilio 

Laura Pantazis 

Alexis Pappas 

Yoo-Jin Park 

Allison Parker 

Carolyn Parker 

Casey Parker 

Jenny Parker 

Jo Parker 

Lenore Parker 

Zachan' Parker 

Gillian Parr 

James Parrish 

Joseph Parsons 

Kimberly Patrick 

Nan Patrick 

Troy Patrick 

Craig Patterson 

Julie Patterson 

Katherine Patterson 

William Pattie 

Jessica Pattern 

John Paxil in 

Joseph Payne 

Elaine Pearson 

Sarah Pcch 

Anthony Pedersen 

Joshua Peine 

Kimberiy Pelkey 

Jessica Pellcgrino 

Carrie Pencek 
Nancy Penick 
Christopher Perdikoylis 
Jarrett Perdue 
Shaina Percira 
Emily Perkins 
Brycc Perry 

Jennifer Pcrr>' 

Suzanne Perry 

Melody Peic 

Brenton Peterson 

Edwin Peterson 

Greg Peterson 

Jason Peterson 


Jennifer Peterson 

Amy Prible 

Jennifer Peterson 
Melissa Peterson 
Bryan Petrak 
Megan Petruzzi 
Holly Petty 
Stephanie Pflumm 
My-Phuong Pham 

Phong Pham 
Thien-Huong Pham 
Heidi Phelps 
April Phillips 
Gillian Phillips 
Laurie Phillips 
Sandra Phillips 

Amanda Picard 
Tricia Piccinino 
Gavin Pickenpaugh 
Amanda Pierson 
Richard Piter 
Sarah Pinto-Coelho 
Salimah Pirmohamed 

Claire Pitner 
Elizabeth Pitlman 
Brian Pitts 
Jocelyn Pitts 
Joshua Pitts 
Sarah Pitts 
Joshua Pizzaro 

Jennifer Plant 
Kristy Plourde 
Michael Plummer 
Timotheus Pope 
Titus Pope 
Travis Pope 
Laura Poppert 

Robyn Porter 
Heather Posey 
Lauren Possanza 
Lisa Poston 
Tracy Poteat 
Stephanie Potter 
Hilary Potts 

Michelle Powell 
Jeffrey Powers 
Christina Pratt 
Paula Premo 
Martha Presson 
Sarah Preston 
Amy Prible 

Awakenings ■ 245 

Christine Price 

Jennifer Rice 

Christine Price 

Jason Price 

Thaddeaus Price 

Ellen Prince 

David Pritchett 

Heather Pritchett 

Jessica Prill 

Melissa Prussia 
Volanda Pr> or 
Andrew Puddester 
LaurjTi Pullan 
Michael Pusey 
Ke\in Pushee 
Victoria Pyle 

Kase\ Quackenhush 

E\ an Qualtrough 

Valerie Quanararo 

Laura Quijano 

Ryan Quinn 

Jason Quintana 

Ashley Racine 

Adam RackJiffe 

Amanda Rafsky 

Charles Rainholt 

Sara Rainbolt 

Jennifer Rainey 

Bridget Ralph 

Colleen Ralph 

Amulf Ramira 

Steven Ramos 

Patrick Ramsay 

Eric Ramseur 

Mary Ramsey 

Deborah Randle 

Ashley Randlett 

Andre Randolph 

Karen Ransom 

Amanda Ransone 

Kelly Ranlz 

Brandi Rapalee 

Jessica Ratcllffe 

Amanda Ratliff 

Brian Ratliff 
Thomas Ratliff 
Patricia Rauhala 
Alicia Raus 
Whitney Raven 
Robert Reading 
Brian Reagan 

Cheryl Rcamy 
Amber Rector 
Bryan Reddan 
Terrence Reddinger 
Magaly Reder 
Julie Reed 
Raeschel Reed 

Kristina Reese 

Trisha Reeves 

Conor Regan 

Came Rehom 

Carly Reid 

Tobias Reifsnydcr 

Colleen Rcilly 

Pamela Relnlnger 
Matthew Revcllc 
Meghan Revellc 
Rachael Reynolds 
Thomas Reynolds 
F-lizabeth Ricaldc 
Jennifer Rice 


Kate Richards 

Bonnie Ryan 

# #.l|l^ 

"^ ^1 

Kate Richards 
Cory Richardson 
Sarah Richardson 
Scott Richardson 
Calicoe Richir 
Sara Richmond 
Christopher Richter 

Krista Rickel 
Deborah Rickenbrode 
David Rickey 
Anthony Ridpath 
Christina Rieber ' 
Karin Riesenfeld 
Caithn Riley 

Lindsey Riley 
Patrice Riley 
Kristin Ripley 
Ethan Ripperger 
Elizabeth Rissetto 
Christine Roach 
Lori Gordon Roach 

Tara Roark 
Emily Robbins 
Katherine Robbins 
Piper Roberts 
Andrew Robertson 
Brandon Robinson 
Brenda Robinson 

Bridget Robinson 
Adam Robison 
Erik Rodriguez 
Katherine Rodriguez 
Kathleen Rodriguez 
Elizabeth Rogers 
Jacob Rogers 

Nicholas Rogers 
Stacy Rogers 
Thomas Rogers 
Mary Rohr 

Cameron Rohrkemper 
Jennifer Rokasky 
Tracy Roksvaag 

Virginia Rolling 
Amanda Rollins 
Rebecca Romaneski 
Camion Rooke 
Melissa Rorie 
Amelia Rose 
Archer Rose 

Charles Rose 
Jessica Rose 
Sarah Rose-Jensen 
Catherine Rosenthal 
Elizabeth Rosenthal 
Rebecca Ross 
David Roth 

Michael Roth 
Catherine Rothaug 
Megan Rouse 
Elena Rousseau 
Penny Rowley 
Ethan Roy 
Erica Rozek 

Jyllian Ruby 
Emily Ruesch 
Yvette Ruiz 
Tiffany Runion 
Kathryn Russell 
Virginia Russell 
Bonnie Ryan 

Awakenings * 247 

Erin Rvan 

Jennifer Schofield 

Erin Ryan 

Brian Sabatelli 

Shelley Sabo 

Sarah Sachen 

Rebecca Saddler 

Farah Saeed 

Sarah Saeed 

Samantha Sager 

Jennifer Sale 

Mary Sallgren 

Andre« Salmon 

Kellyanne Salmon 

Meghan Salo 

Marc Salotti 

Lucas Salzman 
Jessica Samson 
Marena Samson 
Erika Sandberg 
Noah Sanders 
Michael Sandridge 
Jennifer Sanner 

Marie Saniana-Germond 

Shaun Sargent 

Andrea Sasin 

Erica Salo 

Yuri Salo 

Linda Savage 

Thomas Sawyer 

Timothy Scanlon 

Michael Schad 

Andrew Schaeffer 

Kristen Scheerle 

Stephanie Scheibe 

Mary Schenk 

Heidi Schcnkel 

Erin Schiller 

Mallhew Schilling 

John Schirrippa 

John Schmidt 

Kelly Schmidt 

Vicki Schmidt 

Elizabeth Schminke 

Mary Schrnolzer 

Sharon Schnorr 

Krislcn Schocmbs 

Stefan Schoen 

Julie Schoenwetlkir 

Kimberly Schoffstall 

nnifcr Schofield 

# # i 


Ira Sharp 

Rebecca Schools 
Mark Schowalter 
Rebecca Schram 
Kirsten Schultz 
Olan Schultz 
Scott Schultz 
Veronica Schultz 

Emilie Schulz 
Dorian Schuman-Werb 
Courtney Schutt 
Paul Schutzman 
Christina Schwartz 
Meredith Schwartz 
Gretchen Schwemer 

April Sebera 
Sarah Sebring 
Sarah Sedaghatfar 
Rachel Sederquest 
Garett Seeba 
Catherine Seeley 
Philip Seidman 

Nicole Semerano 
Lauren Seney 
Matthew Seven 
Mark Shabman 
Jessica Shafer 
Michael Shaffer 
Amina Shaft 

Durdana Shah 
Kellie Shanahan 
Michael Shane 
Michael Shapard 
Alexandra Sharkey 
Michael Sharnian 
Ira Sharp 

Awakenings ■ 249 

Jessica Shaver 

Kendra Smith 

Jessica Shaver 

Sage Shaw 

Ken> Shea 

Megan Shea 

Deborah Shear 

Allyson Sheffield 

Michael Shelion 

Nicole Shelton 
Patrick Shepherd 
Kathr> n Shepley 
Mar\ Sheridan 
Matt Sheridan 
Daniel Sherman 
Catherine Shitlet 

Randy Shitlet 

Ka-Ram Shim 

Amy Shioji 

Suerah Shirazi 

Roxanne Shircliff 

Lillian Shirley 

Amanda Shively 

Brandon Shoop 

Abigail Short 

Julie Short 

Lisa Sliroyer 

James Shugarl 

Roger Shumaker 

Emily Shuman 

Amy Shumate 

Kira Siddall 

Edward Siebels 

Judith Siegal 

Stefanie Siemon 

Katherine Siler 

Laura Silverman 

Lauren Silverstein 

Canessa Simmers 

Kristin Simmers 

Jessica Simon 

Erika Simpson 

Mark Simpson 

Matthew Simpson 

Michelle Simpson 

Elizabeth Sims 

Jeffrey Sinclair 

Akash Sinha 

Elizabeth Sjobcrg 

Elizabeth Skorackyj 

Kristen Skove 

Alexis Slack 

Cynthia Slater 

Jill Slater 

John Slawinski 

Dana Slepsky 

Sharon Sliwa 

Hannah Slotnick 

Stephanie Slough 

Crystal Small 

Kimberly Smart 

Alison Smith 

Amy Smith 

Conor Smith 

Earl Smith 

Ella Smith 
Jack Smith 
Jason Smith 
Jason Smith 
Katherine Smith 
Kelly Smith 
Kendra Smith 


Jessica Shaver 

Kendra Smith 

Lindsay Smith 
Malcolm Smith 
Martin Smith 
Matthew Smith 
Megan Smith 
Melissa Smith 
Michael Smith 

Nicole Smith 
Patrick Smith 
Portsia Smith 
Rachel Smith 
Sarah Smith ' 

Sarah Smith 
Tempe Smith 

Darielle Smolian 
Katrina Smoot 
Amy Smyth- Wilson 
Lucie Snead 
Mary Snedeker 
John Snellinger 
Kristen Snider 

Darlene Snipes 
Matthew Snow 
Jessica Snowberger 
Amanda Snyder 
Jonathan Snyder 
Samual Snyder 
Oda Solms-Baruth 

Arnold Solomon-Asludillo 
Andrea Soltess 
Anna Son 
Christina Soper 
Keri Soqui 
Michael Sorgen 
Ted Southard 

Margaret Spacek 
Laine Spadola 
Erik Spahr 
Gregory Specter 
Shelli Spence 
James Spencer 
Michael Spencer 

Chasity Spittle 
Daniel Sponseller 
Elizabeth Spotswood 
Nicole Springer 
Joanne Sprow 
Susan Sprow 
Elizabeth Spruell 

Tyler St.Clair 
Allison St.Cyr 
Candice St.Onge 
Marc St.Pierre 
Laura Stacey 
Kathryn Stacy 
Allison Stagg 

Felicia Staggs 
Cheryl Stamler 
Katherine Stangler 
Mary Stanley 
Richard Starkey 
Lindsey Startt 
Eric Stauffer 

Julie Slavitski 
Christopher Steele 
Michael Steele 
Evan Steinberg 
Nicole Slenger 
Paul Stepanick Graham 

Awakenings ■ 251 

Katherine Stephens 

Mesan Swanson 

Katherine Stephens 

Kathleen Stephens 

Melissa Stephens 

BeiT)' Stewart 

Jay Stewart 

Kevin Stiegler 

Clare Stimson 

Bridget Stinger 

Christopher Stinnett 

Ann Stipicevic 

Martha Stokes 

Sara Stokes 

Kendra Stolzenbach 

Lori Stone 

Mar) Stone 

Andrea Stonebumer 

Gregory Stoner 

Leslie Stouffer 

Phillip Stovall 

Jason Stover 

Suzanne Strand 

Megan Strange 

Ryan Strange 

Stuart Strange 

Michael Strazie 

Virginia Street 

Thomas Strelka 

William Stribling 

Meghan Strickrodt 

Kelley Slroup 

Ryane Studivant 

Jason Stuhlmiller 

Andrew Sturm 

Mark Sturm 

Peter Style 

Lamngeune Subkanha 

Jacob Sullins 

Christina Sullivan 

Erin Sullivan 

Viktor Sulzynsky 

Bree Surerus 

Laura Sussman 

Tracy Sutherland 

Abigail Sutton 

Christine Swain 

Erin Swain 

Shelley Swan 

Adriennc Swanberg 

Megan Swanson 


Rachel Swanson 

Ryan Thompson 

Rachel Swanson 
Megan Swearingen 
Kathleen Swegan 
Carolyn Sweterhtsch 
Amanda Swilley 
Aimee Swisher 
James Swisher 

Matthew Switzer 
Jordan Sydell 
Lizbeth Sydnor 
Jessica Sykes 
Karen Symonds 
Emma Takvoryan 
Jennifer Tallman 

Jamie Tanis 
Mirtha Tapia 
Jessica Tapp 
Adam Tash 
Gregory Tavormina 
David Taylor 
Erik Taylor 

Lauren Taylor 
Maeve Taylor 
Joshua Tebay 
Jonathan Tellekamp 
Theresa Tempesta 
Cory Templeman 
Sarah Templeton 

Melanie Tenney 
Katharine Temey 
Elizabeth Terrell 
Robert Test 
Christina Tews 
Mark Thaden 
Darien Thall 

Christine Thing 
Brandy Thomas 
Jessie Thomas 
Krista Thomas 
Matthew Thomas 
Moira Thomas 
Shawn Thomas 

Stephanie Thomas 
Timothy Thomasson 
Aisha Thompson 
Ernest Thompson 
Kathryn Thompson 
Kevin Thompson 
Ryan Thompson 

Awakenings 253 

Da\ id Thome 

Smneer N'aswani 

David Thome 

Joseph Thomhill 

Charles Thomion 

Michael Thornton 

Mand\ Thorpe 

Adrian Thweatt 

Alyssa Tice 

Elizabeth Tidd 

Amanda Tillmiin 

Laura Timmel 

Christina Timpano 

Amanda Tinder 

Michael Tingler 

Karen Tinklepaugh 

Diana Tisinger 
Miriam Tobias 
Deanna Toema 
Priscilla Tomescu 
Richard Tomlinson 
Kathleen Toone 
Joshua Tootell 

Marisabel Torres 

Marc Toto 

Caroline Townsend 

Carolyn Tow nsend 

Sean Tow nsend 

Peter Tramonte 

Elizabeth Treisner 

Andrew Tremaglio 

Jessica Treston 

Elizabeth Trimble 

Kathleen Tripodi 

Adrienne Trombley 

Laurel Trueworthy 

Mark Tuben 

Kassie Tucker 

Frederick Tucker 

Irene Tul loss 

Kimberly Tupper 

Christina Turkelson 

Rebecca Tumbull 

Abigail Turpyn 

Meghan Twomey 

Christophe Lebelhor 

Hazel L'hlenhopp 

Lauren Uhrich 

Jill L'hrovic 

Caroline Ulman 

Caillin Ulmer 

Rachel Ungercr 

Adele Uphaus 

Laura Urbanek 

Daniel Uyar 

Rachel Vaccaro 

Rebecca Vaccaro 

Victoria Valdes-Dapena 

Katherine Valentine 

Julie Valeyko 

Lauren Valle 

Katya Valluzzo 

Mai Van 

Sovany Van 

Alaina Van Geldcr 

Stephanie Van H«)k 

Danielle VanTuyl 

Lindsey Vardy 

Kenneth Varga 

Moniquc Vasii 

Nicole Vasil 

Sameer Vaswani 


Mary Vazquez Emily Werner 

# M ff, 

Mary Vazquez 
Dominique Vega 
Hector Velez 
Kalhy Vi 

Sherrie Villaronga 
Alexandra Vizzier 
Leah Voelker 

Dora Vogel 
Lindsay Vogler 
Jessica VonBargen 
Meredith Wadsworth 
Jessica Waggener ' 
Elizabeth Wagner 
Katherine Wainwright 

Devin Wais 
Bianca WaJscficid 
Laura Walden 
Jessica Waldron 
Bridgette Wallcer 
Joeann Walker 
Layton Walker 

Anna Wallace 
Jessica Wallace 
Julianne Wallace 
Kevin Wallace 
Chad Waller 
Caroline Wallinger 
Andy Walls 

Christina Walsh 
Kelly Walsh 
Sean Walsh 
Gabriel Wallers 
Kristen Walthall 
Jonathan Walton 
Christina Wample 

Carol Ward 
Rebecca Ward 
Lisa Warden 
Mary Warder 
Adam Warfield 
Michael Warner 
Jennifer Warren 

Tiffany Warren 
Corinne Warrener 
Jennifer Waters 
Stephanie Waters 
Brett Watsen 
Renee Watson 
John Weaver 

Robin Weaver 
Katherine Weber 
Lynne Weber 
Susan Webner 
Mary Webster 
Jessica Wedan 
Carly Wedge 

Kimberly Weeda 
David Weese 
Erin Weimert 
Daniel Weinbaum 
Kevin Weinberg 
Paul Weishar 
Daniel Weiss 

Amina Wells 
Jessica Wells 
Kristin Welton 
Matthew Welz 
Kristen Wenger 
Steven Wenzel 
Emily Werner 

Awakenings 255 

Sarah Weslev 

Jennifer Wilson 

Sarah Weslev 

Matthew Wesolow ski 

Clinton Wessolleck 

Alana West 

Alexander West 

Christophe Westfall 

Kristen Wheeler 

Kristin Wheeler 
Grant Whelan 
Abigail White 
Alexis White 
Bridget M.White 
Chase White 
Cunis White 

Holly White 
Jocelyn White 
Kathleen White 
Kelli White 
Matthew White 
William White 
Zachary White 

Kyle Whileley 

Keith Whiteman 

Paul Whitley 

Jarrell Whitlow 

Brigit Whitlaker 

Emily Whytc 

Gretchen Wielmarschen 

Sarah Wilde 

Christina Wiles 

Jennifer Wiley 

Katherine Wiley 

Margaret Wilhour 

William Wilkerson 

Caillin Wilkinson 

Su/anne Wilkinson 

Jade Willard 

Bradley Williams 

Clifton Williams 

Emily Williams 

Emily Williams 

Erin Williams 

Kimberiy Williams 
Laura Williams 
Tasha Williams 
Christophe Williamson 
Christina Wills 
Lori Wilmoth 
Jennifer Wilson 




1 i.i.lii, 


Joseph Wilson Lauren Wyatt 

Joseph Wilson 
Lauren Wilson 
Maura Wilson 
Morgan Wilson 
Stephanie Wilson 
Thomas Wilson 
Jonathan Wilson-Luck 

Zachary Wineburg 
Charles Winfield 
Ashley Winfree 
Noelle Winfree 
Lacey Wingard 
Deanna Wingerter 
Sarah Winnan 

Margaret Winslow 
Bonnie Winstead 
Louise Winstead 
Katharine Winter 
Laura Winter 
John Winters 
Stephen Wise 

Christopher Witbracht 
Joshua Withers 
Jennifer Witsken 
Michelle Witt 
Pamela Witthoefft 
Elizabeth Wittusen 
Kristin Wnek 

Christopher WoUett 
Amy Womac 
Erin Wood 
Katherine Wood 
Steven Woodhull 
Sara Woodie 
Carly Woods 

Jennifer Worcester 
Sarah Worden 
Victoria Workman 
Mary Worrell 
Robert Worster 
Elizabeth Worth 
Andrew Wright 

David Wright 
Elizabeth Wright 
Heather Wright 
Kingsley Wright 
Tiffany Wright 
Jennifer Wroblewski 
Lauren Wyatt 

Awakenings 257 

Mar}jane Wysocki Nicholas Zukas 

Manjane Wysocki 

Cher\ I Yamanaka 

Kathleen Yamashiia 

April Vanuzo 

Debra Harrington 

Br>'an Yawberg 

Nancy Yeatts 

Kimberly Yeick 

Amal Yesuf 

Julie Yocca 

Regina Yolango 

Chanlal Young 

Justin Young 

Evan lounger 

Abdulaziz Yousuf 

Lea Yow e 

Peter Hu 

Thomas H'uditskN 

Dustin Yudowitch 

Megan Yuenger 

Robert Zahabi 

Carrie Zajicek 

Sanjana Zaman 

Anthonx Zavaglia 

David Zaw eski 

William Zaza 

Andrea Zbell 

Dawn Zbell 

R\an Zdanovvicz 

Emily Zechman 

Da\ id Zedonek 

Kathrvn Zelenak 

Daniel Ziegler 

Justin Zimmerman 

Elizabeth Zirkle 


Awakenings « 250 

The End 

The End 

Edited by: 
Cat Aluise 
Melissa Pelletier 

OCC the goals. 

Touch life. 

rlC3.r the ordinary. 

Smell the world. 
1 3.StC the excitment. 



Photos Courtesy of the Office of Publications 


/^o Robert Henneberg 

We are so proud of all that you have 
accomplished, and we thank God for your 

" 'For I know the plans I have for you, ' 
says the Lord, 'plans to give you a future 
and a hope. ' " -Jeremiah 29: 1 1 

We all love you so much. 
Mom, Dad, Molly, 
Amanda, William & Max 

f^^ Natalie Lonergan 

We love you and don't you forget it, baby! 

Mom, Dad & Hal 

Congratulations! You have always made us so 
proud of everything that you have accomplished 
in your life. 


Mom & Dad 

Elana Pressman ^^S 

/^©Nicole Lyn Hampton 

Natural perfectionist 

Important decisions 

Caring mother 

Obstacles faced 

Loves dance 

Education priority 

Looking toward her future 
Yearning for independence 
New life beginning! 

You will never know how proud we are of you. 
Continue to persevere, never give up your dreams! 
Love, Mom & 

/^o Jennifer Anne 


"/ shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence. 
Two roads diverged in a wood, 
I took the one less traveled by 
And that has made all the difference. " - 
Robert Frost 

You are very special to us, and we are 
behind you 100%. Follow your dreams! 
Much love. 
Mom, Dad & Kevin 

Awakenings 203 

f^^ James W. Lewis 

(."piigiatulations on your achievements and succes: 
till years at MWC. We are very proud of you! All 
the best in the future. Dia Dhui T, 

Mom. Dad & Kathryn 

May those beautiful Irish eyes and dancing feet lead 
Nou into a world of love, happiness and promise. 
We are proud of you! Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Erin K. Smith 


Catherine Ford 

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too! 

We are so very proud of you! 

From the most adorable baby, 

To the most beautiful young 


We know that your future will be 


You will always be our shining 


Mom & Dad 

/^»o Beth Hovdestad 

Remember how cool Kelly was on the 
first season of 90210? Well, you are so 
much cooler! And we are even more 
proud of you than everyone was when 
Bailey took over the family business. 
There are not enough words for our love. 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad, 

Erik & Amy 

/^^ Emily Patterson 

Keep reaching for those stars! 
We love you bunches, 

Dad, Mom, Cindy, Stuart, 

Amanda & Sammy 

Your attentive loyalty to commitments, steadfast 
friendships, peanut butter admiration and nurturing 
smile exemplify strength in gentleness and 
simplicity. Wc cherish you. 

Your Family 

Lauren Oviatt 



f^^ Alexis J. Doyle 

Vermont, family, friends, game balls, 
laughs, tears and great times for all. In 
many ways we grew together. We love 
you. We are proud of you. Remain good! 

You are a fine brother, wonderful friend 
and the best of sons. 


Dad, Mom, Andrew 
& your many fans 

^^^ Tania Lourido 

Congratulations! We are very proud of you. Fly 
high and well. God joins you in your laughter. 


Mom & Dad 

To our Kindred Spirit, may you always find health, 
happiness and good fortune. Follow your dreams! 


Mom, Dad, Kelly & Robin 

Jessica E. Rowe 

^^o Jessica Bergner 

From your first day of ^ 

school to your last day at 

We love you and are 
very proud of you. 
Mom & Dad 

Awakenings - 2o3 

/^^o Kara Washburn 

Your nickname 'Happyface', given to 
you by Nanny Nichols, grew into a 
beautiful smile. To have a daughter 
like you, is to feel a special kind of 
pride in all that you have accomplished 
and are inside. 

We love you, sweetheart. May your 
future be full of love and happiness. 
All our love. 
Dad & Mom 

<^^o Sheri L. Asbeil 

You and BunBun have accomplished many 
things together during the last twenty-two 
years. We are so very proud of you! Love, 
Mom, Dad & Laura 

We are so proud, Ted. Remember- the betterl 
you prepare, the greater the rewards in life! 
All our love. 
Mom, Dad & Derik 

Theodor Bratrud, III 


/^^ Kristin Neviackas 

Our beautiful Kristin, we are so proud. Follow 
your star! May those wonderful dreams come 
true. We love you! Congratulations! Love, 
Mom. Dad, Kara, Andrew & Daniel 

Dearest, even though you are graduating 
college, you will always be our little girl. 

Love always. 
Mom, Dad & Irma 

Irene P. Isberto 



Kate McGinn 

Since you were a year old you have 
been singing, dancing and directing. 
Now, twenty-one years later you still 
love music and the Performing Arts. 
Follow your heart... And catch that 
dream. Have fun! Be happy... And 
make a lot of money so you can take 
care of your parents in retirement. 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Michael, 
Erin & Grandmom 


/^^o Carolyn Leskowitz 

It seems like just yesterday that it was your 
first day of kindergarten. 

We love you so much. 

Mom, Dad, Krissy, 
Steve & Kyle 

We wish you peace (John 14:27), success 
{Proverbs 16:3), and 
love (7 John 4:7-12). 

God bless you. 
Dad, Mom & Nicole 

Jessica M. Clements 

fyo Wendi Ellen Cook 

We wish for you to have people to 
love, exciting things to do, knowledge 
to make the right decisions, strength 
in your values, laughter and fun, goals 
to pursue, happiness in all that you 
do, beautiful experiences each and 
everyday as you follow your dreams. 

Mom & Dad 

^^o Chris Westfall 






Our son, our brother, our pride! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Jen 
& the Baby Girl 

/^^ Brandy L. Nelson 

You were a wonderful child, now you are a 
wonderful lady. We are truly blessed parents. 
We love you, 
Dad & Mom 

In memory of Jet Trudeau Nov. 28, 2000 

Jet, love and light of my life, I would not be in 
this graduating class had it not been for your 
love and support. 

Love, Sherri 

Sherri Trudeau 




^^^o Karen L. Slotsky 

Congratulations on all your accomplishments. 
You ha\ e made everyone very proud. Never lose 
sight of your dreams. You will prevail. 
Love, Mom 

As another chapter of your life closes and a new 

one begins, treasure the memories. Be proud of 

what you have accomplished. Congratulations! 

We love you. 

Mom & Dad 

Kelli Brittain 


^^o Patricia Chase 

Children will be blessed to have you as their 
teacher, just as we have been blessed to have you 
as our daughter. Love, 

Mom & Dad 

Congratulations! You've worked so hard and done 
so well! We are very proud of you. You are our 


Mom & Dad 

Laura Langley 


fyo Beth G. Santilli 

"Do not store up for yourself treasures on 
earth, where moth and rust do destroy, and 
where thieves break in and steal. But, 
store up for yourself treasures 
in heaven, where moth and rust do not 
destroy, and where thieves do not break in 
and steal. For where your treasure is, 
tliere your heart will be also. " 
' -Matthew 6:19-21 

Far away in the sunshine are your 
highest dreams. Believe in them, and 
follow your heart to where they lead. 
We are very proud of you. 

All our love for a lifetime. 

Mom, Dad, Liza, 
Katie, Emily & Alex 


^^^ Denise Harrington 

\ Dearest, you have always made us proud. 

^ As you embark on another journey in your 
Ufe, may you have the success and happi- 
ness you deserve. You have always 
persevered and for that we are very proud 
of you! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Brent, 
Brian & Macy, too 

^^^Rebecca Michelle 


Congratulations! We love you for the 
precious little girl you were, the beautiful 
young lady you became, and the successful 
woman you are now! 

No parents have ever been more proud of a 
daughter than we are of you. 

Mom & Dad 

/^^ Richard C. Speakman 

You fill our hearts with love and joy- 
we are so thankful. 

Mom & Dad 

The world is your oyster. Break a leg! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Catherine & David 

Sara Crawford Nash 

^^o Alison Pagnani 

You were born with a degree in kindness, sharing 
and honesty. This year will add another. Good luc 
and God bless. Love, 

Mom & Dad 

Congratulations! We are most proud of you, as 
always. Best of health, love and happiness in the 
future. Carpe diem! And call home! 

All our love. 

Mom & Dad 

Clifford Hazelton 


Awakenings - 209 

/^o Danielle A. Matuch 

Your lo\ e of life & thirst for knowledge are only 
t\\ o reasons you aie loved and respected. May all 
your dreams come true. Buono fortimo! Love, 
Mom & Dad 

You have always followed your dreams and accom- 
plished your goals. We love you and we are so very 
proud of you! Congratulations! Love, 
Mom, Dad, Ryan, 

Nanny & Brindle 

Lauren Fisher 


/^>o Kelsey Lynd 

Wow. you continue to amaze us by hiking through 
Madagascar teaching and saving lives. Congratula- 
tions on your success at MWC! Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Congratulations! We are so very proud of you... 
Sister, daughter, friend, young woman... Remem- 
ber family and faith are forever. 


Heather, Mom & Dad 

Sarah Crabtree 


^^^ Ann Marie 


Congratulations to our little girl. You 
have made it and we are so proud of you 
in every way! We will always be your 
biggest fans and we can't wait to see how 
far you go, what kind of mark you will 

You have a permanent residence in our 

Mom & Dad 

/^O Sarah Bigelow 

Then and now 

Thoughts of wonder, delight, joy 

and love 

Your journey begins 

The river of life flows 

And the winds of change blow 

But still and always 

Thoughts of wonder, delight, joy 

and love for you. 

Then and now, congratulations. 
Mom & Dad 


^^^o Dominique Pastre 

Dearest, may your future be filled with 
health, happiness, success and wealth. 


Love forever and ever, 
Daddy, Mommy 
& Daniela 

^^^o Amanda D. Culler 

Turn around, turn around and she is a 
young woman going out the door. 
Congratulations! Look forward to your 
future with high hopes and great 
expectations. Embrace each day with 
patience and compassion. Find the strengt 
within to make all your dreams come true. 
We are so proud of you! 

Love always. 
Mom & Dad 

f^^ Eryca Hawkins 

Our precious daughter, four years ago you 
started out on a journey. A journey no one 
in your mother's family has ever achieved. 
For that I am grateful and proud. Thank 
you for staying focused, I know it was not 

Eryca, you have paved the way for all your 
cousins that will follow you. Your journey 
at MWC has been completed now; you are 
ready to move on to bigger and better 

When you are setting goals remember to 
reach for the moon. If you happen to fall a| 
little short, you will still be among the 
stars. Brush yourself off and go for it 

Love always. 
Grannie, Mom, Dad, 
Marvin Jr., Cindy & Tyler 

Awakenings ■ 271 

^^^o Andrew M. Ward 

Andrew's trip to graduation has been a 
wild ride: 

Raised in the Middle East. Trick 
or treating as Ali 
Abdullah Saleh. 
Trumpet eulogy for 

'Francis the Frog.' 
Doing the Chicken Dance 
for cash. 

Star of dozens of high 
school plays. 

Student of Eastern religions. 
Outrageous theme parties 
above an Irish bar. Multiple 
intestinal parasites. 
A year on India's Holy River 
Pizza man. 
MWC Eagle. 

Life goals: Travel author, Ruler of the 
World, Used car salesman. 
Your Family 

^^o Jennie Jarvis 

Jennie, may you always be as full of 
wonder and expectation as you were at 
the age of two. 

Remember that God has plans for you, 
plans to prosper you and not to harm you; 
remember to pause and listen for his 

With love. 
Mom, Dad 

& Stephanie 

^^^o Amy Leachtenauer 

Congratulations! From Valleybrook to MWC, you 
^ the best! Thanks for all your hard work. We are ve 
proud of you! 


Mom & Dad 

Congratulations, Becca! We love you and are 
very proud of you! 


Your Family 

Rebecca Besancon 

/^©Jessica Leigh Johnson 

Congratulations! You've lived in the 
Panama Canal Zone, both US coasts and 
Adak, Alaska. Each Navy move was part 
of your education process. 

We are delighted with the beautiful young 
woman you are inside and out. 

Much love and happiness, 
Mom, Dad & Shawn 

/^o Amy Fife 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you ! You are 
a wonderful daughter and sister. May God bless 
you always. Our love, 

Mom, Dad, Brooke & Lisa 

We are proud of your drive, determination and 
accomplishments. Always cherish your college 
memories and the friends you have made. 
Congratulations. Go Wash! 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Bridget Geiman 


^^^o Jonathan W. Zwicke 

Your college career took you from Fredericksburg, 
Virginia to Montpelier, France and back. We are so 
proud of you ! Love, 
Mom, Richard, 

Andrew & Merideth 

May the tree of life support you forever and may 
your future be happy and bright. We are extremely 
proud of all your accomplishments. 


Mom, Dad & Matthew 

Joseph Petrick °^S 

/^Lori M. Tisch 

Morning Glori, we are so proud that you 
are graduating, and all you have 
accomplished at MWC- studying, 
internships, Dodd, COAR, being president, 
making great friends. You are a mature, 
motivated, joyful, loving, sweet young 
woman. We will love and care about you 

Much success and 
happiness always. 

Mom, Dad & Bobby 


/^^*o Anthony Foster 

Congratulations on your achievement. 
We are \'ery proud of you ! 

"Think fairly: love widely; witness 
humbly: build bravely. " 


Mom, Dad & Gang 

r^Jill HoUenbeck 

You have achieved more than we could 
have ever imagined. Your perseverance 
has never waned, even under the toughest 
of challenges. You are an independent, 
sensitive, loving, intelligent, beautiful 
person. We are so proud and fortunate to 
have you as part of our family. 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad & Jordan 

i^^ Aven A. Hormel 

Flaven, Craven, Aven. 

Whoever you are, 

you are special to me. 

When I think of times past, I think 

of you. 

In the darkest times you were there 

to support me. 

When things were great it was 

because you were there. 

You are my hero, advocate and 


I am so proud of you and all that 
you have achieved. 

We love you. 
Mom, Heather, 
Maries, Lulu & Austin 

/^©Rebecca F. Bulas 

HKC, it doesn't seem like four years have 
passed since that muddy, rainy move-in 
day. Your mom and I hope that the past 
four years have provided you with 
knowledge and a wealth of lifetime 
memories and friendships. Good luck and 
fortune in whatever your future holds. 


Mom & Pop$$$ 

/^o Jason Cobb 

Double major! You gave of yourself. Developed 
many friendships and made a difference! We are 
so proud of you. We love you. 

Dad, Mom & Kristin 

Congratulations to our son and brother! 
With love and pride, 
Mom, Dad, Justin, 

Mary & Jessica 

Jason Roy 

/^o Brian DeMoss 

We are proud of all you have done! 


Joanne, Mom & Dad 

Look out world... Here comes Kate Holland! You 
did it! We couldn't be prouder. Now let your light 
shine! Love, 

Mom, Dad, Neil, Erin 
& Casey Boy 

Kate Holland *^^ 

^^o Jessica Hardie 

You have fulfilled our hopes and dreams. 
You were a delightful baby, and you have 
become a beautiful and caring young 
woman. We take pleasure and pride in all 
you have become. Congratulations on 
your graduation from Mary Washington 

Mom & Dad 

Awakeninss « J 

/^o Toler Cross 

"I'm a great believer in luck. 
I find that the harder I work, the more 
I have of it." 
-Thomas Jefferson 

"I can so all things through Christ 
which strengtheneth me. " 
Phillipians 4: 1 3 

Mom, Dad & Emma 

f^o Adam Peter 


Do you remember this verse from the 
song I'd sing to you and your brother 
each night? 

"Near the moon, brightly turning, 
are a thousand stars of light. 
Each one new, each one burning, 

in the darkness of the night. 
We call them stars, My Son, say 

That one there is Mars, My Son, 

can you say it? 
New words, today, we've learned 

to say. 
Say Moon, say Stars, say Love. " 

Shoot for the moon. My Son, reach for 
the stars and strive to love 
unconditionally. From childhood to 
manhood it has truly been our honor 
and privilege to call you My Son. 

Lovingly yours, 
Mom & Dad 

^^ Kasey McNatt 

You have grown from a cute little girl 
into a beautiful young woman in what 
seems like minutes. The question is 
not whether you are ready for the real 
world, but rather, is the real world 
ready for you? 

' Look out world! Here she comes! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Kelly 
& Derek 


/^^ Andrea E. Luteran 

You have always made us so proud, 
not only or what you have 
accomplished, but especially for who 
you are. 
We love you. 

"Go confidently in the direction of 
your dreams. Live the life you have 
imagined. " 


Dad, Mom 

& Michael 

/^©Jonathan R. Williams 


Memories of a funny, happy little boy 
have become a determined young 




We are very proud and honored to be 
your parents. May all your dreams 
and wishes come true. 

We love you, 
Mom & Dad 


#^^RachelB. Sykes 

Congratulations on a job well done! 
We are all so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Rebecca 
& Sarah 

"Though you travel the world over to find the 
beautiful, unless you carry it with you, you find 
it not. " -Emerson 

Mom & Dad 

Kara Springer 


/^Paul Robert Bratten 

Congratulations on your very special 
accomplishments! We are so proud of 
you Paul! 

Oh the places you 'II go! 

Mom, Dad, Tyler & all the 
Bratten and Baldwin families 

Awakenings "277 

<^o Mandy Duke 

You have made us very proud. I am sure 
you will always excel in you endeavors. 
Remember we will always be your 
greatest fans. 

Stay happy and keep smiling! 


Mom, Dad & Matt 

/^^ Rebecca Houle 

Great child... Greater teenager... Greatest 

adult! Love, Dad 


Love, Sonny & Margaret 
Congratulations, little sis! 

Love, Scott & Chris 
Welcome to the real world. 

Love Steve, Cheryl & Derek 
Super job! Love, Norm 
We love you! Betty, Jim & Emily 
You are a loving sister, and wonderful 

Love, Elaine, Ray & Joey 

/^o Wayne Mata 

Congratulations, Wayne and the Class of 2001 ! 
Remember your birthday in 1992. Best of luck 


Your parents & brother 

Congratulations ! 
We are proud of you ! 

Mom & Dad 

Rebecca Kate Royal 

/^^o David Schlesinger 

We love you! We are proud of you, and 
we are excited about your future! 

Your fans forever. 
Pop, Mom, 
Suzanna & Jacob 




.;•% ''f-^y^^^-iml^i^^' 


Photos Courtesy of the Office of PubUcations 

Awakenings 2/9 



Aberts.Todd 214 

Abimouiched, Rola 214 

Abraham. Jennifer 214 

Ackerroan. Amy 214 

Ackerman. Julie 208 

Acono. Kevin 208 

Adams. Danielle 214. 285 

Adams. Megan 214 

Adams. Nathan 208 

Adams. Sherry 214 

Addison, Ale.xander 178 

Adis,Coty 214 

Adkins. Kanrina 214 

Adriance, Vincent 214 

Agee, Jennifer 214 

Agee. Kirsten 214 

Agegnehu. Seblewongel 214 

Aghdasi-.Asl. Faranak 214 

Agudelo. Monica 178, 208 

Aheam. Jamie 214 

Ahlmann. James 208 

Ahmed, Carole 214 

Aiken. Cristina 178. 208 

Airhiavbere. Osasumuen 80.214 

Albanese. Marcella 214 

Albright. Erin 214 

Alexander, Natalie 178, 208 

Alexander, .Addison 208 

Alexandra. Racanelli 209 

Ali, Vanessa 214 

Allen, Ahava 30, 155,214 

Allen, Dana 164. 214 

Allen, Jusdn 214 

AUsbrook, Kelly 167, 214 

Alluisi, Sara 214 

Almeida, Evelyn 214 

Alpuche-May, Celia 214 

Altenburg, Timothy 214 

Altscher, Aaron 214 

Aluise,Cat 261 

Ambuel. Pauphan 214 

Amick, Sarah 214. 283 

Amis, Jessica 214 

Ammann. Jennifer 92,214 

Amore, Jennifer 37.178. 208.285 

Amos, Benjamin 71,214,292 

Amponsah, Linda 214 

Amrhein, Eric 208 

An, Sun 208 

Ancowiiz, Kerry 178, 208, 214 

Andersen, Bradley 214 

Andersen. Melissa 214. 286 

Andersen, Sara 208. 214 

Anderson. Alison 214 

Anderson, Ellen 102, 103, 178, 208 

Anderson, Katharine 214 

Anderson, Nicki 214 

Andrews. William 214 

Angarella. Nicole 178, 208 

Angell, Dana 214 

Anthony. Katina 214 

Aminori. Janettc 178, 208 

Appleton, Jeremiah 214 

Arbacas, Kathryn 178, 208 

Arce, Denise 214 

Arfaoui, Diana 208 

Argie. Kelley 178. 208 

Armstrong. Katherine 214 

Arlington. Kathleen 214 

Arringion. .Michael 214 

Arsenault, Danick 214 

Aruch. Matthew 26,214 

Asamoah, Moses 214 

Asbeil.Sheri 75, 178, 208, 266 

A,shton. Candice 178. 208 

Askins. Melinda 208 

Asman, Brian 214 

Adtinson. Virginia 214,286 

Auick.s. Jane 97. 290 

Anfill.Anna 214 

Augijsline. Kathryn 214 

.\ugj»tyn, Jamie 178, 208 

.Auitman, Pamela 214 

.Aumento. .Alliin 214 
.Austin. Lana 214 
.\versano. Kalherine 214 
.Aver, Racie 214 
.A>ers. Marianne 214 
.•\\ lor. Brian 285 
.Avon. Emilia 214 
.-\zukas. Emily 214 


Babos, Jamie 214 

Bach. Ginny 123 

Bachman. Hope 214 

Bailey, Brandon 214 

Bailey. Christophe 214 

Bailey. James 208 

Bailey. Joy 67. 214 

Baillargeon, Mary 215 

Baillie. Nathan 215 

Bairley, Daniel 2 1 5 

Baker, Elsie 208 

Baker. Erin 215 

Baker. Jason 215 

Baker. Jena 215 

Baker. Kaitlin 215 

Baker. Meghan 215 

Baker. Scott 215 

Baker. Thaddeus 169,215 

Balance. Christine 108 

Baldwin. Brigid 215 

Balfrey-Boyd. Brevin 215, 282 

Bahs, Ryan 215 

Ball. Clifford 215 

Ball. Marisa 289 

Ballance. Christine 215 

Ballek. Nancy 123. 178, 208 

Ballenline, Nathan 215 

Balsly. Ryan 215 

Banks, Rachel 215 

Barbre. Brian 215 

Barbulo, Kathryn 215 

Barden, Lori 208 

Barg, Jessica 215 

Barhight, Conor 208 

Barker. Jason 215 

Barkley. Christopher 154,215 

Barley, Luke 2 1 5 

Barnes, Adrienne 215 

Bamelt. Adrianne 215 

Bamum. Kirsten 215 

Barrett, Alicia 215 

Barthelemy. Catherine 215 

Bartle. Kristy 82. 158. 215, 289 

Bartman. Patricia 208 

Bartoli.John 215 

Barton, Mary 88, 178. 208 

Bartron, Jennifer 215 

Bashir. Hassan 150. 215 

Basil. Nada 215 

Baskerville. Sean 215 

Bass, Beth 292 

Bass. Christine 215 

Bass, Elizabeth 215 

Battey. Julia 208 

Baughman, Rebecca 208 

Baxley. Kelin 215 

Bayer, Brendan 215 

Beary. Bryan 215 

Bease. La Toya 1 79 

Beasley, Alice 208 

Beaton. Lindsay 215, 292 

Bealty. Nicole 215 

Beck, Ashley 179. 208 

Becker, Robert 179, 208 

Bedell, Elhan 179. 208 

Beebe. Elizabeth 215 

Becman. Jason 215 

Beers, Kclli 179, 208 

Befumo, David 215 

Beier. Gigi 172 

Bcier, Jennifer 215 

Belrveau, Mary 215 

Bell. Kathleen 208 

Bell. Kathryn 38.215 

Bell. Yolanda 215 

Bclmontc. Ivan 179. 208 

Bcnahdailah. Adam 215 

Bcndixcn. fJiana 215 

Bcndl, Maribclh 215 

Benito. M.Trlo 2 1 5 

Benner. Leslie 179. 208 

Bennett. Andrew 124, 215 

Bennett. Harlan 2 1 5 

Bennett, Paige 215 

Benson, Amy 179. 208 

Bensusan. Ariana 215.290 

Benton, Allison 215 

Betas, Tasha 215 

Berhen. Christina 215 

Berck. Shannon 215 

Berdini, Luca 215 

Bergan. Bobby 142 

Bergin. Jeffrey 30,215 

Bergin. Robert 215 

Bergner, Jessica 118, 179, 208, 265 

Bernal, Michael 215,289 

Bemasconi, Nicholas 215 

Bernhardt, Jonathan 179, 208 

Bernstein, Aaron 31, 104 

Bernstein, Joshua 215 

Berry, Jennifer 215 

Berry, Katherine 215 

Besancon, Rebecca 179, 208, 272 

Bessom, David 215 

Best, Jessica 216 

Betancourt, Stephanie 179 

Betti, Daniel 216 

Beverly, Anne 216, 286 

Bevil, Nathan 216 

Bhimdi, Tashfeen 208 

Bielecki, Jessica 216 

Bigelow, Sarah 208, 270 

Billmeier, Caleb 216 

Bintz, Monica 110,111 

Biscoe, Ashlie 216 

Bishara, Jad 216 

Bishop, Amy 216 

Bishop, Benjamin 208 

Bishop, Heather 216 

Bishop, Maura 216, 286 

Bishop, Meghan 208 

Bittner, Stacey 216,285 

Bjorklund, Travis 216 

Blackford, William 216 

Blackman. Holly 179, 208 

Blackmond, Victoria 216 

Blackwell.Anna 179, 208 

Blaeuer, Joseph 208, 216 

Blake, Liane 216 

Blake, Peter 216 

Blakeney, Kate 216 

Bland, Ashley 150, 216 

Bland, Lindsay 216 

Blankenbaker, Barbara 216 

Blankenship, Annette 216 

Blasko, Christophe 216 

Blatchford, Katharine 26,179 

Blalchley, Desiree 179, 208 

Blate, Andrew 216 

Blauch. Christina 216 

Blevins, Lauryn 180, 208 

Blizzard, Kimberly 216 

Block, Melissa 216 

Blodgett, Meghan 216 

Bloom, Erin 216 

Blosser, Lynnette 216 

Blount, Terrance 2 1 6 

Blumling, Daniel 216 

Bock, Johannes 216 

Bockh, Sally 216 

Bodenstein, Ryan 216 

Boehmcke, Dana 30 

Boelle, Kimberly 216 

Boese, Robert 216 

Boggs, Dana 216 

Bohlin, Misako 216 

Bohon, Angela 216 

Boland. James 216 

Bolger, Jamie 216 

Bolle. Stephanie 216 

Bombard, Kristin 25, 216 

Bonazza, Cara 216 

Bond, Damion 216 

Bonita, Tracey 216 

Bonner, Jacqueline 217 

Bonsicro, Michael 217 

Boon, Timothy 217 

Boone, Sarah 217 

Booth, Stephanie 217 

Borden, Jodi 217 

Borgerding, Melissa 217 

Bornschein, Brian 2 1 7 

Borrayo, Alexis 217 

Boswell, Lauren 217 

Boucher, Omar 217 

Bouffard, Kevin 217 

Boukourakis, Angela 217 

Boulier, Joseph 217 

Bourget, Allison 217 

Bower, Dustin 217 

Bowers, Brandy 217 

Bowers. Emily 217 

Bowling, Kelly 64, 65, 180, 208 

Bowman, Andrew 2 1 7 

Bowman, Brian 217 

Boycourt, Kevin 217, 292 

Boyd, Kevin 217 

Boyd, Terry 2 1 7 

Boyer, Erin 217 

Braband, Anne 2 1 7 

Brack, William 217 

Brackbill, Emily 217 

Bradford, Chadwick 217 

Bradley, Brian 217 

Bradley, Kevin 217 

Bradshaw, Davis 217 

Brady, Amy 180, 208 

Brady, Jessica 217 

Brajer, Paulina 208 

Branch, Joshua 217 

Branco, Michelle 217 

Brandes, Jessica 217 

Brantley, Christopher 217 

Bratrud, Theodore, 111 180,266208 

Bratten, Paul 180, 208, 277 

Brauer, John 180, 208, 217 

Brayman, Robert 208 

Breeden, Jill 208 

Breeding, Sarah 217 

Breiden.stein, Michelle 180, 208 

Brennan, Shannon 38, 217 

Breslin, Shirley 180, 208, 217 

Brice, April 217 

Bridgers, Katharine 217 

Bridges, Kristen 217, 285 

Bridget, Heather 154 

Brinson, Brandi 168, 217 

Briscoe, Michael 217 

Brissey, Jamie 208 

Bristor. Allyson 180, 208 

Bristow, Amelia 217 

Bristow. David 126, 127, 180, 208 

Bristow, Jayme 217 

Brittain, Kelli 180, 208, 268 

Broad, Adam 180, 208, 282 

Broadstone, Elizabeth 217 

Brock, Felicia 217 

Brock, Rosetta 180, 208 

Brockman, Kara 218 

Brockman, Keith 180, 208 

Broderick, Jessica 218 

Brody, Brendan 218 

Bronson, Danien 218 

Brooker, Ellen 218 

Brooks, Nathaniel 218 

Brown, Amanda 218 

Brown, Amy 180, 208, 218 

Brown, Daniel 292 

Brown, David 218 

Brown, Erin 218 

Brown, Gene 218 

Brown, Jessica 218 

Brown, Nicole 208 

Brown. Robert 218,290 

Brown, Robin 218 

Brown, Stephanie 218 

Brown, Tyler 218 

Brown, William 180, 208 

Browne. Abigail 218 

Browne, Tawny 218 

Browne, Zachary 218 

Bruce, Jessica 181, 208 

Bruechcrl, Daniel 218 

Brundage, James 218 

Bruno, Nina 218 

Bryan, Cassandra 2 1 8 

Bryan. Jami 218 

Bryant, Curtis 218 

Bryant, Shannon 218 

Bryce.Anne 218 

Bryson, Kiera 218 

Buboltz.Anne 218 

Buchakjian. Christian 218 

Buchanan, John 218 

Buchanan, Teresa 208 

Buckels. Jennifer 181, 208 

Buckingham, Elizabeth 218 

Buckland, Christina 181 

Budd, Jennifer 208, 218 

Budion, Danielle 218 

Buffardi, Kevin 218 

Bulas, Rebecca 181, 208, 275 

Bullock, Kedron 26, 181, 208, 286 

Bunzey, Shannan 218 

Burchell, Sarah 218 

Burde, Branan 218 

Burge, Andrew 218 

Burger, Dominique 181 

Burgess, Bettie 208 

Burgess, Chloe 218 

Burgess, Lauren 2 1 8 

Burgess, Melanie 218 

Burke, Adrian 104, 218 

Burke, Claire 218 

Burke, Shannon 208 

Burleigh, Ryan 17 

Burmeister, Caitlin 218 

Burmester, Michael 218 

Burnett, Michael 218 

Burruss, Richard 218 

Burton, Shannon 218 

Busch, Steven 218 

Bush, Candace 181, 208 

Bush, Lisa 208 

Bushman, Sarah 218 

Buswell, David 218 

Butler, Becky 218 

Butler, Catherine 218 

Button, Elizabeth 218 

Butts, Ryan 30, 155, 218 

Byer, Amber 218 

Byers, Jocelyn 2 1 8 

Byrnes, Corey 218, 292 

CaCasserly. Carolyn 219 

Cahn, James 218 

Cain, Hazeline 218 

Cain, Megan 218 

Cain, Rachel 218 

Call, Lisa 218 

Callaghan. Alena 155, 218, 290 

Callaghan, Theresa 218 

Callahan, Hilary 218 

Callahan. Jay 218 

Callahan, Meleny 282 

Camacho-Felix, Sara 218 

Cambell, Keri 68 

Camblin,Cody 181, 208, 219, 289 

Cambridge, Robert 219 

CameU, Stephen 219 

Camp. Brian 42, 43, 31, 219 

Camp, Meredith 219 

Campbell, Erin 219 

Campbell, Keri 101, 219 

Canciglia, Patricia 219 

Canery, John 92, 219 

Canfield, Joni 208 

Canigiani, Megan 219 

Cantwell, Kristin 219 

Capizzi, Ryan 219 

Capshaw-Taylor, Alex 219 

Caputo-Nimbark, Sarita 181, 208 

Cardwell, Isabel 219 

Carlson, Darren 181, 208 

Carlson, Heidi 219 

Carlson, Lisa 115 

Carlson, Lisa-Marie 219 

Carlson, Michael 219 

Cannan, Carrie 219 

Camahan. Mark 181, 208 

Camill, Lani 181, 208, 285 

Carpenter, Lois Arlene 219 

Carpenter, Susan 208 

Carr, Erin 219 

Carr, Kristy 30, 149, 173, 219 

Carr, Michael 219 

Carr, Michelle 181, 208 

Carr, Suzanne 208 
Carradice, Ruth 181 
Carroll, Colleen 181, 208 
Carroll, Jennifer 181, 208 
Carter, Barak 182, 208 
Carter. Heather 135 
Carter. Lauren 138, 219 
Carter. Ryan 219 
Carter-Roth, Amanda 219, 292 
Carter-Roth, Elizabeth 219, 292 
Carver, Andrea 219 
Carver, Andy 281 
Casciano, Lucy 219 
Casey, Kevin 219 
Casey, Michael 158,219 
Casey, Todd 97, 219, 290 
Cashion, Daphne 219 
Cason, Carolyn 219 
Cassarino, Elaine 219 
Cassarino, Michael 182, 208 
Cassell, Charlotte 219 
Cassell, Merritt 208 
Cassell, Ruth 292 
Cassino, Erin 150, 219 
Cassino, Patrick 219 
Castaneda, Gabriela 219 
Castello, Laura 167, 219, 285 
Castner, Sara 30, 149, 173, 219 
Catarino, Kevin 208 
Catelotti, Giselle 219 
Catherine, Ford 208 
Catherine, Margeton 209 
Catherine, Moore 209 
Catherine, Rothaug 209 
Catherine, Saifer 209 
Catlett, Kimberly 219 
Caulfield, Erin 118, 119, 182, 20 
Cavanaugh, Lisa 219 
Cavano, Jeffrey 219 
Cebrian, Tara 208 
Cecere, Erik 219 
Cedeno, Maria 219 
Cessaro, James 219, 292 
Chakhad, Mohamed 219 
Chaleunrath, Christophe 219 
Chan, Christina 219 
Chan. Salley 76, 208 
Chandler, Christine 219 
Chapman, Erica 163, 219 
Chapman, Scott 219 
Charlotte, Hughes 209 
Charlotte, Royster 209 
Chase, Heather 208 
Chase, Patricia 182, 208, 268 
Chehab, Alexandra 173, 219 
Chen, Ivy 281 
Child, Jennifer 219 
Childe, Courtney 44, 45, 219 
Childers, Kimberiy 208, 219 
Childs, Kimberly 208 
Chiles, John 219 
Chillemi, Lisa 219 
Chinault, Eric 219, 292 
Chinn, Sarah 219 
Chorovich, Erinn 182, 208 
Choudhury, Leila 219 
Chowning, Hannah 219 
Chretien, Rachelle 219 
Christ, Mary 78 
Christian, Pamela 219 
Christina, Barnes 208 
Christina, Buckland 208 
Christina, Dominguez 208 
Christina, Livesay 209 
Christina, Sheffield 209 
Christina, Wills 209 
Christine, Cara 219 
Christine, Stoehr 209 
Christine, Vican 209 
Christine, Yerg 209 
Christoph, Amanda 219 
Christopher, Clarke 208 
Christopher, Moschella 209 
Christopher, Todd 209 
Christopher, Westfall 209 
Christopher, Williamson 209 
Christopher, Winslow 209 
Chua, Frances 219 
Chung, Ashley 219 

Group Pictures 

Frames per Second 

Front: Kristy LiPuma (co-president), Brian Stozek, Joe 
Thomhill, Andy Gale (co-president), Jim Triplett (co-presi- 
dent), Garrett Hubbard, Nick Zukas. Back: Scarlett Rose, Gina 
McGovem, Ben Kohler, Ivy Chen, Kara McSwain. 

WMWC, 91.5fm 

Front: Andy Gale, Ray Tuttle, Ben Kohler, Scarlet Rose. Adam 
Martin, Juliette Gomez. Kate Hamilton. Middle: Mike Roth, 
Matt Wright, Patrick Killingsworth, Matt Dawson. Back: 
Anna Craft, Clay Templeton, Amelia Rose, Gina McGovem, 
Stephanie Wilson, Andy Carver, Tammi Garvey. 

Group Pictures 

Bell Acappella 

Front: Man Clark. Kim Weeda, Jennifer Wiley. Middle: 
Caroh n Huckabay, Meg Foster, Abby Kistler. Back: Rebecca 
Ramaneski, Libby Eddy, Kendall Jennings, Amanda Swilley, 
Barbara Dimas. 

Campus Scouts 

Front: Alyssa Cronen. Jenelle Kubiesko, Corinne Mohler, 
Kristen .Magee. Jessica Tapp. Rachel Sederanest, Trea 
Damarest. Tracy Hamm. 

Trek Club Officers 

Sarah Linnerooth, .Sara Joyce, Erin McCarly, Kate Laskey, 
Becky Naumann. Missing: Meleny Callahan, Brevin Balfrey- 
Boyd, Adam Broad. 

Chung. Bernard 220 

Chung, Kyung Soon 220 

Church, Joseph 220 

Churchward, Michael 220 

Ciarlo, Julia 182, 208, 220 

Cimino, Andrea 208 

Cipolla,Aniy 220 

Clair, Rohin 220 

Clark, Adam 220 

Clark, Bill 292 

Clark, Mary 220, 282, 292 

Clark, Michael 220 

Clark, Nancy 220 

Clark, Purcell 220 

Clark, Sara 208 

Clark, Sharon 220 

Clarke, Mary 220 

Clarkson, Adam 220 

Clayberg, Angela 208 

Clement, Rachel 88, 220 

Clements, Donald 220 

Clements, Jessica 182, 208, 267 

Clementson, Rebekah 220 

Clemens, Lori 208 

Clemons, Sara 220 

Clemons, Sunny 182, 208 

Click, James 220 

Clifton, Laura 220 

Cline, Angela 220 

Chszis, Matthew 182, 208, 220 

elites, Lawton 220, 290 

Clore, Sean 220 

Cloudt, Joshua 220 

Clough, Gina 182, 208 

Cloughley, Robert 208, 220 

Clute, Katharine 220 

Cobb, Jason 182, 208, 275, 289 

Cockrill, Christy 220 

Coelho, Andrew 220 

Coffey, Frances 220 

Coffey, Mary 208 

Cohen, Catherine 220 

Cola, Kate 220 

Cole,Ashton 220 

Cole, Rebecca 220 

Coleman, Sara 220 

Colletti, Elizabeth 220 

Collins. Carrie 220 

Collins. Kimberly 220 

Collis, Cheryl 220 

Colona, Sarah 220 

Coir, Rebecca 289 

Colson, Hazel 220 

Colwell.Alevia 182, 208 

Colwell, Kimberiy 220 

Coman, Marsha 220 

Comenech, Sarah 290 

Comninaki, Rebecca 220 

Compher, Melinda 220 

Compton, Corinne 220 

Compton, Frances 220 

Coniglio, Heather 220, 285 

Conkle. Jenny 182, 208 

Conklin, Courtney 221 

Conley, Herbert 221, 292 

Conley, Matthew 221 

Conlon, Lee 221 

Connell, James 221 

Connolly, Brian 221 

Connor, Erin 182, 208 

Conrad, Lee 221 

Conrad, Rebekah 182, 208 

ConstanceSalisbury 209 

Conty, Diana 221 

Conway, Jodi 208 

Cook, Carolyn 151, 221 

Cook, Ellen 221 

Cook, Gina 154, 221 

Cook, Paul 221 

Cook, Wcndi 182, 208, 267 

Cooke, Melinda 208 

Cooney, Amanda 208 

Cooper, Laura 221 

Cooper, Melis,sa 208 

Cooper, Portia 22 1 

Cooper. Ronnette 183, 208 

Copeland, Zachary 208 

Corcoran, Michael 221 

Corey, Michelle 221, 292 

Corley, Erin 221 

Corneille, Katherine 221 
Cornell, Alicia 221 
Cornell, Brent 221 
Comwell. Evangeline 221 
Correa, Daniel 221 
Coston, Scott 221 
Cote, Melissa 208 
Cotts. Kate 289 
Coughlin, Stephen 221 
Coughter, Ryan 221 
Coulter, Chelsey 221 
Coulter, Jamie 208 
Covino, James 221 
Cox, Amanda 221 
Cox, Brandon 221 
Crabtree, Sarah 183, 208, 270 
Craft, Anna 221, 281 
Crafton, Amber 221 
Craver, Andrew 22 1 
Cribbs, Matthew 221 
Crist, Brian 221 
Cristabel,Opp 209 
Crites, Jennifer 221 
Croce, Alfred 221 
Crockett, June 208 
Crockett, Marcy 221 
Cromwell, George 221 
Cronen, Alyssa 282 
Cronin, Nora 22 1 
Cross, Toler 183, 208, 276 
Crouch, Alyssa 221 
Crouch, Charlotte 221 
Crouse, Cassandra 22 1 
Crow, Sarah 221 
Crowell, Scott 221 
Cubbage, Benjamin 221 
Culler, Amanda 183, 208, 271 
Cullinan, Daniel 221 
Cunard, Elisabeth 221 
Cundiff, Kelly 183, 208 
Cunningham, Amy 158,221 
Cunningham, Michelle 221 
Curran, Beth 28 
Curran, Daniel 55, 222 
Curran, Elizabeth 222 
Curry, Tiffany 222 
Curtis, Shana 208 
Cwiak, Kari 183 
Cyrus, John 222 
Czaplicki, Brent 222 


Dagenhart, Eric 222 
Dalmut, Kevin 222 
Dalton, Sally 222 
Daly, Diana 222 
Daly, Kimberiy 222 
Damarest, Trea 282 
Dandridge, Artiss 222 
D'Andrilli, Juliana 27, 222 
Dangerileld, John 150, 183, 208 
Daniel, Catherine 222 
Daniel, Eric 208 
Daniels, Jonathan 222 
Daniels, Kristine 222, 286 
Darcy, Jamie 97, 222 
Dargan, Wilbur 222 
Dariy, Jamie 290 
Daubert, John 222 
Daugherty, Patricia 222 
Davati, Debra 183, 208 
David, Jo.seph 76, 222 
Davidson, Suzanne 183, 208 
Davies, Marit 222 
Davis, Amanda 222 
Davis, Erica 222 
Davis, Jill 222 
Davis, Jonathan 222 
Davis, Mark 222 
Davis, Vanessa 222 
Davis, William 222 
Davoy, Gabriel le 222 
Dawson, Amy 222 
Dawson, Andrew 222 
Dawson, Matthew 208, 281 
Dayton, Kristen 222 
Dayton, Maria 222 
De, Maren Groot 222 
Dean, Michelle 222 
DeAngelis, Lauren 222 

Dearborn, Rosemary 183, 208 

Decarbo, Tina Marie 222, 208 

Decl<,Adam 97, 183, 208, 290 

Decker, Rebecca 222 

DeCorla-Souza, Brian 222, 290 

Deedrick, Susan 172, 222, 289 

DeGroot, Merin 149 

Delk. Abbey 222 

Demaresl, Trea 222 

Demkowicz, Stacy 222 

DeMoss, Brian 183, 208, 275 

Dempsey, Patricia 222 

Dendis, Kristin 222 

DeNicolas, Tara 222 

Denk, Clare 222 

Dennard, Shannon 222 

Dennee, Barbara 222 

Dennis, Kathryn 222 

Denny, Bridget 222 

Denson, Matthew 222 

Denton, Chad 222 

Denton, Elizabeth 222 

Deon, Nerissa 222 

Deputy, Lisa 222 

D'Eramo, Gina 222 

D'Eredita, Michael 222 

Derepentigny, Carole 222 

DeRiggi.Beth 222 

Deriggi, Sarah 183,208 

Derrow, Brooke 208 

DeSerio, Jennifer 222 

Detlefsen, William 208, 222 

Devening, Andrea 222 

DeWeerd, Katherine 222 

DeWoody, Rebecca 222 

Dexter, Erin 222 

Di Corpo, Carla 46 

Diacont, Kathleen 222 

Diamond, Peter 223 

Dickerson, Edward 223 

Dickerson, Virginia 223 

Dickinson, Laura 223 

Dicorpo, Carla 223 

Diday, Sanford 223 

Dierkes, Patrick 223 

Dilger, Emily 148, 223 

Dillard-Ruben, Barbara 223 

Dimas, Barbara 223, 282 

DiMeglio, Marta 183, 208 

Dimotsis, Christopher 167,223 

Dineen, Scott 208 

DiPeppe, Shannon 208 

DiPlacidi, Paul 223 

DiSalvo, Michael 208 

Disque, John 223 

Dittmann, Diana 223 

Dix, Rebecca 168, 223 

Dixon. Jennifer 223, 285 

Dixon, Kelly 223 

D'Luhy, Amanda 222 

Dmytriw, Joseph 223 

Dobson, Jamie 166, 290 

Doddridge, Christopher 223 
I Dodrill, David 30,223 
j Doehler, David 208 
I Doggett, William 223 
i Dolph, Katie 223 

Domenech, Sarah 27, 223 
1 Dominguez, Christina 183 

Dominique, Burger 208 
I Dominique, Pastre 209 

Donachy, Patricia 208 

Donahue, Lindsey 223 

Donaruma, Jaimie 183,208 
I Donegan, Erin 223 
' Donnelly, Justin 223 
I Donnelly, Kathryn 223 
I Donovan. Jesse 223 
I Donovan, Kelly 208 
j Dooley, Patricia 223 
I Dorffner, Jamie 223 
I Dorman, Erik 128 

Dorman, James 184, 208 

Doss, Sean 223 

Dougan, Emily 184, 208 
, Dougherty, Abigail 223 
j Dougherty, Erin 223 
I Dougherty, Megan 223 
j Douglass, Daniel 223 
' Dove, Sheila 223 

Dowdle, Dawn 184, 208 

Downey, Clare 223 

Downey, Sarah 29, 184, 208 

Doyal, Rebecca 223 

Doyle, Alexis 184, 208, 265 

Doyle. Nathan 223 

Drake, Paul 223 

Dreany. Harry 208 

Dreist, Sarah 223 

Drew, Raya 223 

Driscoll, Sean 223 

Driver, Jeremy 140, 223 

Drummond. Michael 223 

Dubbs. Joy 223 

Dubin, Peter 184 

DuChateau, Guzel 223 

Duffett, Katie 89 

Duffett, Margaret 223 

Duke.Abbie 223 

Duke, Amanda 184, 208 

Duke, Mandy 278 

Dunaev, Konstantin 223 

Dunaway, Lynda 184, 208, 223 

Dunbar, Brooke 184, 208 

Duncan, Aliessa 208 

Dunford, Paul 208 

Dunham, Meredith 223 

Dunlap, Barbara 223 

Dunn, Amanda 223 

Dunn, Andrew 223 

Dunn, Oliver 223 

Dunn, Stephen 223 

Dunn-Glass, Julie 208 

Dunnill, Kevin 208, 223 

Dupras, Daniel 223 

Duran, Terry 208 

Dworzak, Juliette 1 84 

Dwyer, Colin 143, 223 

Dwyer, Maggie 223 

Dye, Rebecca 223 

Dyer, Maggie 223 

Dykstra, Natalie 184, 208 

Dziesinski, Jowanda 1 84, 208 


Eagles, Elizabeth 223 
Early, Patricia 223 
Eason, Athalia 223 
Eastham, Matthew 54, 223 
Eaton, Emily 223 
Eaves, Courtney 223 
Ebrahim, Farid 184, 208 
Eby, Laurel 223 
Eccard, Lisa 224, 286 
Echols, Jason 224 
Eckard, Marisa 184, 208, 285 
Eckstein, Kelly 224 
Edberg, Jessica 224 
Eddy. Elizabeth 224 
Eddy. Libby 282 
Edell. Summer 224 
Edelman. Emily 141.142,224 
Edwards, Cherlyn 224 
Edwards, Elizabeth 224 
Egan, Jacklyn 224 
Egan. Lori 224 
Egger, Michaela 184, 208 
Ehret,Alyssa 224 
Eidson, Angela 224 
Eidson, Robert 184, 208 
Eigel, Lauren 224 
Eingurt, Sarah 224 
Eisold, Lauren 224 
El-Habashy, Jaser 224 
Elawar, Dema 224 
Elezko, Lauren 162, 3, 224 
Elizabeth, Becker 208 
Elizabeth, Eagles 208 
Elizabeth, Messer 209 
Elizabeth, O'Neill 209 
Elizabeth, Sands 209 
Elizabeth, Summers 209 
Elizabeth, Waters 209 
Elkin, Matthew 208 
Ell. Erica 224 
Ellenson, Megan 224 
Ellington, Christopher 224 
Elliott, Alison 224,292 
Ellis, Caroline 224 

Ellison, Carole 208 

Elmore, Britton 224 

Elrod, Christine 224 

Elsenpeter, Maryann 224 

Elwell. Amanda 224 

Elwell, Annalea 224 

Elzer, Elizabeth 224 

Emory, Sylvan 97. 224. 290 

Enayatulla, Uzma 224, 286 

Engelhardt, Jason 185, 208 

Engledow, Ashton 224 

Bnnin, Mina 185 

Enos, Clinton 224 

Enzweiler, Erin 224 

Epperson, Robin 224 

Erbelding, Rebecca 224 

Erickson, Faith 224 

Erkkinen, Leah 224 

Ermanovics, Ellen 208 

Ernst, Margel 224, 286 

Erskine, Maxwell 224 

Erwin, Richard 224 

Escobar, Alex 292 

Escobar, Francisco 224 

Esguerra, Jason 208 

Eskridge, Sara 224 

Etheridge, Alonda 224 

Evans, Caroline 224 

Evans, Ginny 285 

Evans, Janine 224 

Evans, Joanna 208 

Evans, Stacie 224 

Evans, Virginia 185, 208 

Evans, Yolanda 208 

Evers, Edward 224 

Ewing, Kerri 225 

Eyes, Stephanie 27, 225, 285 

Eygabroat, Brendan 28, 185, 208 

Eyler, Joyce 208 

Faccenda, Matthew 208 

Fadely, Barry 208, 225 

Fallin,Jean 185, 208, 225 

Fallon, Nancy 225 

Falvey, Emily 225 

Fantaski, Cortney 225 

Paris, Shane 208 

Farr, Jennifer 225,286 

Farrar, Diana 225 

Farrell, Gianna 225 

Farrell, Kristin 225, 286 

Farrell, Mandi 208, 225 

Farrell, Shannon 208 

Farthing, Jeffrey 208 

Fashola, Oluwatoyin 225 

Fasick, Elise 225 

Fatek. Jamie 225 

Fauntleroy. Kena 225 

Favre, Douglas McLean 185,208 

Fawley, Erin 225 

Fei, Michael 225 

Feldman, Jennifer 225 

Fell, Matthew 225 

Fenton, Kevin 225 

Fercz, Marzena 208 

Ferdinand. Bradley 225 

Ferdinand. Sebastian 225 

Ferguson, Elizabeth 27, 225, 290 

Femandez-Pizzi, Maria 225 

Ferraiolo, Lara 225 

Ferrell, Angela 225 

Ferro, Maryellen 225 

Fesler, Tiffany 225 

Ficor, Erin 225 

Fielder, Sutton 225 

Fife, Amy 185, 208, 273 

Fife, Christopher 225 

Figueroa, Nathan 225 

Findley. Ryan 225 

Fingeret. Carrie 185, 208 

Finn, Lauren 225 

Fiorini, John 225 

Fischer, Bryan 225 

Fish, Erin 225, 286 

Fisher, Jenna 225 

Fisher, Lauren 37, 185, 208, 270 

Fisher, Michael 225 

Fiske. Lauren 225 

Fitzgerald, Patricia 225 

Fitzhugh, Gary 225 

Fleming, Anthony 225 

Fleming. Elizabeth 225 

Flemming, Sandra 225 

Fletcher, Lauren 225 

Fleuret, Jennifer 225 

Fleury, Margot 185, 208 

Flora, Wendy 226 

Florence, Jay 226 

Florence, Robert 226 

Florio, Emily 226 

Flory, Heather 226 

Flowers, Jill 226 

Foelber, Angela 226 

Fogarty, Julieann 226 

FoUenius, Alyson 226 

Foltz, Renee 226 

Forbes, Cameron 1 68, 226 

Ford, Catherine 185, 264 

Ford, Deborah 226 

Ford, Elizabeth 226 

Ford, Teresa 226 

Fore, Mariah 226 

Forrest, Erin 185, 208 

Fortier, Jamie 226 

Fortner, Jennifer 226 

Foster, Anthony 185, 208, 274, 290 

Foster, David 208 

Foster, Jamie 28, 185, 208 

Foster, Kimberly 226 

Foster, Margaret 226 

Foster. Meg 282 

Foster. Rebecca 226 

Foster. Stephanie 226 

Fowler, Casey 149, 226 

Fowler, Evan 117, 226 

Fowler, Kristen 226 

Foxworth, Suzanne 208 

Foy, Jennifer 185, 208 

Frakes, Rachel 226 

Francis, Christina 226, 290 

Francois, Taria 226 

Frank, Jacqueline 185 

Franke, Trixy 208 

Franklin, Alana 226 

Franklin, Wayne, Jr 186,208 

Frankston, Jeffrey 226 

Frascella, Megan 226 

Fravel, Peter 226 

Frazier, David 226 

Frazier, Ronald 226 

Freed. Adrienne 226 

Freeman. Damon 208 

Freeman. Nancy 226 

French. Carol 226 

Frere. Eric 226 

Freret. Daniel 226 

Freshwater. Jonathan 226 

Freund, Julie 226 

Frey, Valerie 226 

Frick, Joseph 84, 226 

Friend. Taryn 226 

Frommelt. Anne 226. 290 

Frye, Carolyn 208 

Frye, Jenna 208 

Fuentes, Jose 208, 226 

Fulk, Randall 226 

Fullerton, Elise 226, 289 

Fultz. Lynne 226 

Furlong. Theresa 186, 208 

Furman. Lindsey 186, 208 

Furst, Kathryn 226 

Futrell, Michael 226 

Gagnon, Aaron 208, 226 
Gaines. Robert 226 
Gale. Andrew 186, 208,281 
Gallagher. Daniel 208 
Gallagher, Suzanne 226 
Galligan. Bridget 208 
Galligan. Christina 226 
Gallihugh. Jeremy 226 
Gallo. Tiffany 226 
Gallup. Elizabeth 226 
Gamboa. Elizabeth 226 
Gamon. Sarah 226 
Garbee, Emily 208 

Garcia. Chrisii 226 

Gjrda, Jusen 226 

Garcia, Maria 226 

Garcia. Olga 208 

Garland, Liam 55 

Garland, William 226 

Gamcarz. Christopher 226 

Gamer. Kathr>"n 226 

Gamer. Ryan 226 

Gamer. Suzanne 226 

Gamett, Julie 226 

Garon. Cjulhia 208 

Garreii. Laura 226 

Garth. William 226 

Gar\e\. Tamara 208.281 

Gan. Barbara 227 

Gaiser Krist> 227.2S9 

Gading. Lakenna 186. 208 

Gatruso. Patricia 227 

Gaudreau. Jeremy 227 

Gaydish. .A.Iyson 227 

Gayle. Matthew 227 

Geary. Teresa 227 

Geddis. Sarah 227 

Geih. Ryan 104. 105. 227 

Geiger Erin 227 

Geiman, Bridget 134. 135. 208. 273 

Geis. Kensey 1 86, 208 

Gekosky. Be\-in 227 

Gelder. Rachel 162 

Gel2er. Stuart 227 

Geno\ese. Gordon 227 

Georgia. Kimberly 227 

Gerber.-Mlison 208 

Gerber. Emily 227 

Gerdvisheh. Mohammad 227 

Geres. Peter 227 

Germanos, Dora 227 

Gervat. Briana 227 

Geyer, Kimberley 227 

Giammarinaro. .Adam 186. 208. 276 

Gibbons, Rebecca 186, 208 

Gibbs. Lindsay 208 

Gibson. Peter 227 

Gicquel. Geraldine 227 

Giese. Barbara 227 

Giese, Roger 227 

Gilbert. Jennifer 227 

Gilbert, Joelle 186, 208 

Gildersleeve. Sarah 208 

Gilgenast, Kimberly 227 

Gill, .\icole 227 

Gilmore, Mary 209 

Gionfriddo, I,aura 227 

Girod, Jennifer 227 

Given, Deanna 227 

Givens. Erin 227 

GjoUma. Sardi 227 

Gladden, Melanie 186, 209 

Glaettii, Lauren 151. 186 

Glascock, William 227 

Glassgow, Kira 227 

Gleason, Lindsey 227 

Glennie, Melissa 227 

Gloukhoff. Julia 227 

Glynn, Daniel 227 

Glynn. Kalrina 227 

Gobeille. Bethany 186, 209 

Godbout, Eric 227 

Godbum, Kathryn 227 

Godfrey, Maureen 227 

Goebels. Carsten 227 

Gokey. Krystin 227 

Golden, Laura 227 

Golden, Paige 62. 227. 285 

Goldschmidl. Laura 227 

Goldsmith, Pauline 227 

Goldstein, Gabriel 209, 227 

Gologorsky, Keith 227 

Gomes. Eric 227 

Gomez. Juliette 227, 281. 292 

Gonzales, Jose 227 

Gonzalez, [Catherine 227 

Gooch. Megan 227, 286 

Goodacre. Faith 227 

Goodine. Kristin 227 

Goon, Jessica 227 

Goor, Lauren 227 

Goralski, Patryk 227 

Gordon, Kristin 227 

Gordon. Michael 227 
Gordon. Sarah 227 
Gore, Sherese 227 
Gomian. Marc 209 
Goska, .Anne 227 
Gosper Rosalia 227 
Goss, Florence 186, 209 
Goss, Michelle 64, 227 
Goswami, Dheeraj 209 
Gottgetreu. Timothy 227 
Gottlieb. Stuart 87. 227, 289 
Gould. Allyson 209 
Gould, Judith 227 
Gouldin, Peyton 228 
Graap. Katherine 228 
Graboyes, Jennifer 228 
Graceflb. Robert 45, 228 
Grad\', Cyras 209 
GraeberErin 88, 228 
Graf, Darrell 228 
Graham, Lyndsay 228 
Graham. Sandra Child 228 
Grala. Alyson 228 
Grampp, Erin 228 
Granda, Jessica 228 
Grane, Candace 228 
Grantland, Joy 228 
Grasso, Laura 228 
Graver. Karen 186, 209 
Graves, Brian 228 
Gray, Amy 228 
Greaser Calhryn 228 
Green, Ahson 228 
Green, Jason 186, 209, 228 
Green, Kaycee 228 
Green, Nora 228 
Green. Virginia 186, 209 
Green, Wendy 228 
Greenbaum, Erin 187. 209, 286 
Greene, Andrew 228 
Greene, Geoffrey 228 
Greene, Joseph 228 
Greenlaw. Lynn 228 
Greenlaw, Wilson 228 
Greenwich, Andrea 228 
Greer-Scott, Suzanne 228 
Gremminger, Shawn 228 
Grewal. Jaspreet 228 
Gribble, Scott 228 
Griffin, Patrick 228 
Griffith, Frederick 228 
Griffith, Kimberly 187. 209 
Griffith, Phil 292 
Griffith, Rebecca 228 
Griffith, Tarisa 228 
Griffith-Perham, Randy 228 
Griffiths. Elizabeth 228 
Griffiths. Laura 228 
Grimm, Erin 228 
Groesbeck. Ashley 75, 187, 209 
Grogg, Emily 228 
Grondin. Ashleigh 228 
Groner, Jennifer 228 
Gross, April 228 
Grosz, Anne 228, 286 
Grove, Diane 228 
Grabb. Sarah 30, 155, 228 
Grubb, Suzanne 228, 286 
Grae. Ryan 228 
Guarino. Giselle 28, 229 
Guderian, Matthew 229 
Guedri, Christine 229 
Guido, Matthew 209, 229 
Guinn, Elizabeth 229 
Gultineh, Dereje 229 
Gunther, William 229 
Guthridge, Amanda 229 
Gutzler. Michael 209 
Ouyton, Chris 97. 290 
Guyton, Christopher 229 
Gyani, Priya 229 


Ha, Hong 209 
Haas, Eric 229 
Haase, Curt 229 
Hackcnburg, Liz 24 
Hadiji. Nessim 187 
Haesslcr, Stacy 229 

Hafley. Tonja 229 

Hagan, Michael 229, 289 

Haggard, Meredith 229 

Haggerty-Home. Cindy 229 

Hague, Lisa 167, 229, 285 

Hahn, Kelly 187, 209 

Haile, Erin 141, 229 

Hairfield, Valerie 229 

Hairston, Cris 229 

Haislop, Retha-Lyn 229 

Haley, Lydia 229 

Haley, Rachel 229 

Hall, Annie 209 

Hall, Brian 42, 229 

Hall, Bronson 229 

Hall, Evan 229 

Hall, Rachel 187, 209, 289 

Hall. Sam 229 

Halliday. John 229 

Hallman, Julie 209 

Halterman, Allison 229 

Hamby, Christin 229 

Hamilton, Alhson 187, 209 

Hamilton, Kathleen 229,281,292 

Hamilton, Kristin 229 

Hamlin, Jill 187, 209 

Hamm, Matthew 229 

Hamm, Maureen 229 

Hamm, Ryan 292 

Hamm, Tracy 229, 282 

Hammelman, Brittany 229 

Hampton, Nicole 187, 209, 263 

Hamzepour, Sanaz 229 

Han, Gina 209 

Hanback, Tiffany 229 

Haney, Chase 30 

Hanley, Matthew 229 

Hannah, Erin 209 

Hannon, Lauren 229 

Hanson, Jesse 209 

Hanson, Leanne 1 87, 209 

Harada, Mika 229 

Harcum, Justin 229 

Harden, Donald 229 

Hardesty, Samantha 229 

Hardie, Jessica 187, 209, 275 

Hardin, Carrie 209 

Hardin, John 229. 289 

Harding, Ryan 229 

Hardisty, Teresa 229 

Hardy, Jessa 229 

Hardy, LaShaun 230 

Harker, Elizabeth 110, 230 

Hariow, Donna 230 

Harm. Gregory 230 

Hamey, Sara 187, 209 

Harper, Jamie 1 87. 209 

Harpsl, Krislina 24,27,30,230,173 

Harrington, Ashley 230 

Harrington, Denise 187, 209. 269 

Harrington, Timothy 230 

Harris, Abigail 230 

Harris, Ernest 230 

Harris, Jeanene 230 

Harris. Jennifer 230 

Harris, Michael 209 

Harris, Nicole 230 

Harris, Prudence 230 

Han-is, Shirley 230 

Harrison, Johanna 209, 230 

Harrison, Sarah 209 

Harron, Catherine 230 

Harrop, Joseph 209 

Harlland. William 230 

Hartsock, Michael 230 

Hartson. Kelby 230 

Harvey, Elaine 230 

Harvey, Rebecca 187, 209 

Hasley, Aliza 230 

Hassan. Vara 209 

Hastings, Stephen 230 

Hata. Greg 209 

Hatfield. Ariel 187, 209 

Haughney, Angela 230 

Haus, Noreen 230 

Havas, Karyn 1 88, 230 

Havasy, Erika 230 

Havens, Jennifer 230, 285 

Havens, Layne 230 

Hawkins, Erica 188, 209,271 

Hawkins, Juli 230 

Hawthorne, Amy 230 

Hayden, Heather 230 

Hayers, Leah 285 

Hayes, Jenna 44, 230 

Hayes, Kelli 230 

Hayes, Nathan 188 

Hays, Allison 230 

Hays, Leah 230 

Hazelton, Clifford 188, 209, 269 

Hazzard, Jayme 188, 209 

Head, Travis 230 

Headley, Megan 292 

Headley, Rebecca 230 

Healey, Hoa 209 

Healey. Jason 230 

Heath, Colleen 209 

Heath, Dena 230 

Hebert, Jennifer 209. 230 

Heckel, Erich 230 

Heddell, Anthony 230 

Hedleston, Mary Amanda 188,208 

Hedrick, Kimberly 230 

Heffner, Kristine 230 

Hefiin, Daniel 209 

Heflin, Margaret 230 

Hefiin, Teresa 188, 209 

Heimall, Ashley 230 

Heimerie. Matthew 104. 105,230 

Heinzen, Harriotte 230 

Helfrich, Anya 230 

Helldoerfer Katie 230 

Helmore, Jennifer 230 

Helsley, Keisha 230 

Henderson, Laura 230 

Henderson, Paul 188, 209 

Hendrick, Jennifer 230, 285 

Hendricks, Charlotte 230 

Hendricks, Darren 230 

Hendrix, Darren 26 

Henley, Jennifer 230 

Henley, Keri 188, 209, 295 

Henley, Virginia 230 

Henneberg, Robert 209, 263 

Henry, Casey 230 

Henry, Kia 230 

Henry, Marcie 230 

Henry, Marilyn 230 

Henry, Shalini 230 

Henry, Ten-ell 230 

Hensley, Charyl 188, 209 

Hensley, Laura 230, 285 

Henson, Stephanie 230 

Herbert, Meaghan 89, 230 

Heri, Lindsay 230 

Herman, Amey 168, 230 

Hermann, Cynthia 89 

Hernandez, Marc 230 

Herndon, Patrick 23 1 

Heroman, Kelly 29, 231 

Hen-ing, Chad 231 

Herring, Eric 231 

Herzog, Claudia 209 

Heselbarth, Daniel 231 

Heslep, Erin 188, 209 

Hess, Charles 231 

Hettema, Jennie 231,285 

Hewat, Amy 231 

Hezel, Marion 231 

Hickerson, Kevin 292 

Hickland. Joshua 231 

Hicks, Elizabeth 231 

Hicks, Kelli 231 

Hicks, Laura 231 

Hicks, Ruth 231 

Higdon. Katherine 231 

Higginbolham, Joanne 231 

Higgins. Richard 231 

Highley, Megan 231 

Hightower, Leigh 1 88, 209 

Hi Idebrandt, Ashley 231 

Hill, Emily 231 

Hill. Erin 231 

Hill, Kristen 231 

Hillers, Christopher 231 

Milliard, Charles 209 

Hilliker Taylor 188, 209 

Hillmann, Laura 231 

Hiltz, Patrick 231 

Hinchlilfc, Stephen 150,188, 209 

Hinckley, Rebecca 23 1 

Mines, La'Lita 231 

Hines, Marianne 23 1 

Hinkle, Jennifer 188. 209 

Hinkle, Ray 209 

Hirsch, Erin 231, 286 

Hirschman, Rebecca 188, 209 

Hite, Meredith 231 

Hitz, Kendra 231 

Hitz, Whitney 231 

Hitzelberg, Erin 23 1 

Ho, June Cheryl 189,209 

Hobart, Allison 172,231 

Hobbs, Susan 23 1 

Hobson, Lisa 209 

Hodgson, J. B. 137 

Hoffman, Jeffrey 174,189, 209 

Hoffman, Noah 231 

Hogan, Anthony 231 

Hogan, Christopher 231 

Hogan, Sean 23 1 

Hohler, Lauren 189, 209 

Hohman, Kate 231 

Hohman, Kathryn 23 1 

Holder, Brian 42 

Holland, Elizabeth 231 

Holland, Kate 275, 189 

Holland, Kisha 231 

Hollar, Gillian 189, 209 

Hollenbeck, Jill 189, 209,231, 274 

HoUiday, Anna 231 

Hollinger, David 231 

Holloway, Thomas 231 

Holmes, Cameron 209 

Holmsu^om, Lars 23 1 

Holownia, Edward 189, 209 

Holt, Ben 285 

Holtzman, Tyler 231 

Holzapfel, Eric 231 

Holzworth, Rebecca 23 1 

Honaker, Laura 231 

Hoogland, Karen 231 

Hooker, James 189, 209 

Hooker, Kristen 23 1 

Hopkins, Erin 231 

Hormel.Aven 189, 209, 274 

Horn, Clare 231 

Horn, Lizzie 44, 289 

Home, Ashley 231 

Home, Eric 27, 165, 231, 290 

Home, Margaret 231,285 

Home, Stacy 23 1 

Horstmeyer, Erika 23 1 

Horwitz, Julie 209 

Hossainkhail, Michele 189, 209 

Hossli, Jennifer 92 

Hottle, Karen 231 

Houle, Rebecca 209, 278 

Housley, Meghan 231 

Hovdestad, Amy 23 1 

Hovdestad, Beth 189, 209, 264 

Hovis, David 167,231 

Howard, Jeffrey 23 1 

Howard, Jennifer 23 1 

Howard, Meghan 30, 155, 231 

Howard, Rachel 231 

Howay, Noytom 209, 231 

Howell, Bonnie 209 

Howell, Cary 232 

Howell, Jessica 232 

Howland, Arthur 232 

Howlin. Barbara 232 

Hubbard, Garrett 281 

Huckabay, Carolyn 61, 232, 282 

Hudnall, Tiffianne 232 

Huey, Julia 209 

Hughart, Margaret 232 

Hughart, Matthew 232 

Hughes, Carolyn 232, 290 

Hughes, Charlotte 232 

Hughes, Katherine 232 

Huley, Helen 189, 209 

Hummel, Andrew 232 

Hummel, Elizabeth 232 

Hummel, Margaret 232 

Hundley, Kerri 232 

Hunsberger, David 232 

Hunsinger. Matthew 209 

Hunt, Christopher 232 

Hunt, Katherine 67, 189, 285 

Hunt, Sarah 232 
Hunter, Geoff 232 
Hurd, Cynthia 232 
Hurdle, Susan 232 
Huriey, Rita 232 
Hurst, Jillian 232 
Hurt, Kelly 232 
Huskey, Melissa 232 
Hussain, Catherine 232 
Hutchinson, Rhonda 232 
Hutchinson, Tracey 232 
Hutchison, Lindsey 166, 232 
Hyatt, Caroline 232 
Hyatt, Michael 189, 209 
Hye, David 232 
Hyson, Mandi 209 

lantosca, Amanda 232 
larrobino, Nicole 232 
Ibanra, Fernanda 209, 232 
Id'Mhand, Hakim 80,232 
Idone, Mary 232 
Ilagan, Janet 232 
Indzeris, Laura 189, 209 
Ingold, NataUe 232 
Inman, Janet 232 
Insley, April 189, 209 
Irby, Maggie 232 
Ireland, Lauren 164, 232 
Isaacs, Jessica 88, 89, 232 
Isberto, Irene 190, 209, 266 
Isdell, Lara 292 
Israel, Thomas 232 
Ives, Rachel 190, 209 
Ivey, Robert 209 
Ivie, Andrew 190, 209 
Ivy, Joseph 209 

Jackson, Elizabeth 232 

Jackson, Heather 232 

Jackson, Sarah 232 

Jacobini, Angela 190, 209 

Jacobs, Amanda 232 

Jacobsen, Alexander 232 

JacquelinPrank 208 

Jaeger, Rebecca 233, 285 

Jahagirdar, Preeti 233 

Jahngen, Matt 233 

James, Cara 209 

Jancaitis, Mary 233 

Janelsins, Brian 233 

Jantzi, Katie 233 

Jarratt, Meredith 233 

Jarvis, Carohne 190, 209 

Jarvis, Jennifer 190, 209,272 

Javins, Douglas 233 

Jebson, Helen 209 

Jenkins, Christy 209 

Jenkins, Kenneth 233 

Jenkins, Megan 233 

Jenkins, Scott 209, 233 

Jenkins, Stephanie 233 

Jennings, Bonnie 209 

Jennings, Kendall 233, 282 

Jennings, Marcia 233 

Jennnings, Kendall 103 

Jennrich, Katherine 233 

Jensen, Timothy 233 

Jemigan, Anne 233 

Jerome, Elisabeth 233 

Jessen, Kory 233, 292 

Jimenez-Castro, Iris 233 

Jiulianti, Emily 233 

Joerger, Teresa 69, 190 

Johansen, Erin 233 

Johnson, Adam 167 

Johnson, Alicia 209 

Johnson, Benjamin 233 

Johnson. Beth 172 

Johnson, Bradley 97, 233, 290 

Johnson, Bryan 124, 168, 190, 209 

Johnson, Christopher 233 

Johnson. David 233 

Johnson. Elizabeth 233 

Johnson. Emily 233 

Johnson. Faye 209. 233 

Johnson. James 233 

Group Pictures 

Baptist Student Union 

Front: Ginny Evans, Leslie Stouffer, Laura Hensley, Kristen 
Bridges, Lindsey McClintock, Lisa Hague, Mary Beth Walker, 
Becky Jaeger, Leah Hayers, Marisa Eckard. Second: Susan 
Moncrief, Rachel Keller, Laura Castello, Victor Maudlin, 
Camion Rooke, April Norman, Jennifer Dixon, Sarah Amick, 
Jennifer Hendrick, Stacy Bittener, Emily Mosley. Thrid: Kim 
White, Lani Camill, Renee Watson, Katherine Hunt, Lee Anne 
Mareck, Wendy Scott, Ryan Zavitz, Elizabeth McDaniel, 
Heather Coniglio. Back: Chris Leadem, Brady Thomas, 
Jermaine Lane. Jennifer Jones, Jennifer Havens, Matt Sevon, 
Jennie Hettena, Patrick Loth, Ben Holt, Megan Windle, Brian 
Aylor, Cheryl Reamy, Meg Home, Zach White, Brynna 
Scherloom, Jessica Sykes, 

Class Council 

Front: Jen Lucas, Paige Golden, Madelyn Marino, Stephanie 
Eyes. Middle: Danielle Adams, Lauren Oviatt. Val Quartararo. 
Jen Amore, Kim Williams. Back: Matt Kapuscinski. Nate 
Myers, Mike Shelton. Joel Nelson. Missing: Elena Rousseau, 
Jordan Monroe, Lauren Fisher. 


Group Pictures 

Dance Team 

Front: Cynthia Morales. Katherine Keller, Megan Gooch, 
Kellie Shanahan, Kristin Farrell, Amanda Shively. Back: Erin 
Fish. Laura Silverman, Uzma Enayatulla, Erin Greenbaum, 
Becci King. Moira Thomas, Jenn Farr. Missing: Meredith 
Johnson. Lisa Myers, Maura Bishop, Anne Beverly. 

Synchronized Swimming 

Front: Kedron Bullock, Margel Ernst, Anne Grosz, Suzanne 
Grubb, Caroline Otto. Back: Melissa Andersen, Lisa Eccard, 
Erin Hirsch, Krissy Daniels, Virgina Atkinson, Stephanie 
Slough. Missing: Elana Pressman. 

Johnson, Jennifer 233 
Johnson. Jessica 190, 209, 273 
Johnson, Kevin 233 
Johnson, Melissa 233 
Johnson, Meredith 286 
Johnson, Rebecca 233 
Johnson, Ricky 233 
Johnson, Taniya 233 
Johnson, Teri 172. 233 
Johnson, Torrance 233 
Johnson. Vicki 209 
Johnston, Annie 190. 209 
Johnston, Erik 233 
Johnston, James, Jr. 190,209 
Johnston, Kelly 233 
Johnston, Meredith 233 
Jolley, Cathy 233 
Jon-Bradl, Hodgson 209 
Jones, Anthony 233 
Jones, Ashley 162. 233 
Jones, Brian 233 
Jones, Clarence 233 
Jones, Claudia 190, 209 
Jones, Gloria 233 
Jones, Heather 233 
Jones, Jamal 233 
Jones, Jennifer 234, 285 
Jones, John 234 
Jones, Ken 168 
Jones, LaQuia 234 
Jones, Linda 234 
Jones, Marcellus 112,234 
Jones, Mechelle 234 
Jones, Megan 133, 234 
Jones, Nicole 190, 209 
Jones, Rebecca 234 
Jones, Sarah 190, 209 
Jones, Tamara 115, 145, 234 
Jones, Travis 234 
Jordan, Thomas 234 
Joyce, Sara 282 
Juarez, Fernando 234 
Jubett, William 234 
Judy, Garry 234 
Julian, Rebecca 234 
Junkins, Carolyn 234 


Kafka, Sara 190, 209 

Kaliszewski, Keith 234 

Kampf Kelly 234 

Kane, Sara 234 

Kapoor, Koonj 190, 209 

Kapuscinski, Matthew 62, 63, 234, 285 

Karakehagia, Aikaterini 234 

Kardian, David 234 

Karlovich, Dana 234 

Karluk, Rachel 234 

KarolKozak 192 

Karwowski, Christopher 234 

Kassock, Zeke 290 

Katz, Joseph 234 

Kaye. Robyn 234 

Kazmier, Mark 234 

Keane, Catherine 234 

Kearns, Maria 234 

Keefe, Erin 234 

Keenan, Erin 131, 234 

Kegerise, Cory 191, 209 

Keith, Cynthia 191, 209 

Keith, Jordy 191, 209, 292 

Keith, Rachel 234 

Keilt, Katrina 234 

Kelaher, Laura 234 

Keller, Elizabeth 155, 2.34 

Keller, Katherine 234, 286 

Keller, Rachel 234, 285 

Keller, Vanessa 209 

Kelley, Gale 209 

Kelley, Heather 234 

Kelley, Kimberly 88,89, 191, 209 

Kelley, PeKim 88 

Kelli Kramer 192 

Kellock. Krislen 209 

Kelly, Adam 234 

Kelly, Bernice 103 

Kelsey, Eric 234 

Kelson, Melanie 234 

Kemp, Brooke 209 

Kendall. Caitlin 234 

Kenna. Ryan 234 

Kennard, Seth 168, 191, 209, 289 

Kennedy, Dawn 234 

Kennedy, Kelly 234 

Kennedy. Stacy 234 

Kenney. Bernice 191. 209 

Kereslely. Zoltan 234 

Kerestes. Peggy 234 

Kerns, Senea 234 

Kerns, Whitney 234 

Kerwin, Kiara 234 

Kesner, Jennifer 234 

Ketterman, Jacklyn 34, 147,2,34 

Kevin Lampinen 192 

Keyser. Laura 234 

Keyser, Victoria 191, 209 

Khalsa, Harijot 234 

Khone, Amanda 115 

Kidwell, John 234 

Kilby, Wendy 172, 234 

Kilinski, Steven 209 

Kilkenny, Andrea 234 

Killamey, Ryan 39, 234 

Killingsworth, Patrick 234, 281 

Kim, Regina 191, 209 

Kim, Theresa 234 

Kimball, Andrew 234 

Kin, Unchu 234 

Kinahan, Kelly 119, 234 

Kindrat-Pratt, Lesia 191, 209 

King, Becci 286 

King, Brie 191, 209 

King, Heather 234 

King, Jennifer 234 

King, Leah 234 

King, Mari 191 

King, Matthew 234 

King, Rachel 235 

King, Rebecca 235 

King, Teresa 235 

King, William 191, 209 

Kingsley, Lisa 235 

Kinkead, Caitlin 235 

Kintzer, Brent 235 

Kirby, Pam 97, 290 

Kirby, Pamela 191, 209 

Kirchner, Melissa 235 

Kiser, Beverly 209 

Kish, Ryan 235 

Kissell, Melanie 235 

Kistler.Abby 235, 282 

Kittrell, Melissa 191, 209 

Klaus, Jennifer 235 

Klaus, Philip 235 

Kleinhample, Sara 235 

Kleykamp, Bethea 209 

Klingaman, Elizabeth 235 

Klingler, Matthew 155, 235 

Knapp, Ashley 191, 209 

Knarr, Mary 209 

Knowles, Amber 150, 235 

Knowles, Rachel 235 

Koblinsky, John 235 

Kochert, Erik 143, 2.35 

Kodack, Paul 235 

Koether, Rachel 235 

Kohler, Benjamin 191, 209,281 

Kohler, Catherine 235 

Kohnc, Amanda 115, 145, 235 

Kohr, Andre 289 

Kokosky, Marc 235 

Kolakowski, Julie 30, 235 

Kolakowski, Kathryn 235 

Kolb, Chastity 88, 235 

Kollmann, Kimberly 209 

Kolodziej, Ben 154, 290 

Kolodziej, Benjamin 235, Kelly 17, 31, 235 

Kook, Aaron 235 

Kopecky, Justin 235 

Korniotes, Matthew 235 

Korslund, Eric 209 

Kosloske, Laurie 235 

Kota, Aaron 235 

Kotlarchuk, Ihor 235 

Kowalik, Benjamin 235 

Koza, Josef 192,209 

Kozak, Karol 209 

Kozicki, Michael 235 

Kramer, Christi 235 
Kramer, Kelli 209 
Kramer. Pamela 235 
Krebs, Allison 235 
Kreidler. Kassandra 235 
Krug, Shari 235 
Kruthers, Robin 235 
Kubiesko, Jenelle 94, 235, 282 
Kuchler, Michael 235 
Kuehn, Rebecca 192, 209 
Kugel. Albert 235 
Kugler, Katherine 235, 290 
Kuhns, Kristina 235 
Kulis, Emilie 235, 290 
Kuppler, Emily 235 
Kutschman, Joseph 192,209 
Kvverel, Jessica 235 
Kydes, Parthena 235 
Kyff, Cynthia 235 


Lack, Sharon 235 

LaClair, Christopher 235 

Lacy, Kathryn 235 

Lada, Erin 235 

Lafate, Chennel 235 

Laitala, Lauren 209 

Lake, Elizabeth 235 

Lake, Megan 235 

Lam, Stuart 235 

LaMarque, Donna 192, 209 

Lambert, Alexandra 235, 289 

Lambert, Kathy 235 

Lambiasi, Anthony 209 

LaMonica, Michael 70, 235, 292 

LaMont, Katherine 235 

Lampinen, Kevin 78, 209 

Lamy, Cavelle 235 

Lancaster, Jason 168, 235 

Landers, Jessica 192, 209 

Landes, Candice 235 

Lane, Ann 192, 209 

Lane, Jason 235 

Lane, Jermaine 285 

Lang, Jared 235, 290 

Lang, Matthew 236 

Langa, Constantin 236 

Lange, Matthew 236 

Lange, Michael 236 

Langley, Laura 192, 209, 268 

Langston, Nicole 192, 209 

Lanier, Denise 236 

Lankford,Amy 209, 236 

Lanzarone, Eileen 236 

Lapar. Andre 236 

LaPointe, Michelle 236 

Laprade, Cindy 236 

Larocco, Catherine 236 

Larsen, Michael 236 

Larson, Shawn 236 

Laskey, Kate 282 

Laskey, Kathleen 192, 209 

Lau, Ryan 209 

Laudate, Brian 236 

Lauer, Nicole 236 

Laurence, Paul 236 

Law, Emma 236 

Lawler, Adam 236 

Lawrence, Heidi 236 

Lawrence, William 209 

Lawson, Carl 236 

Lawson, Matthew 236 

Lawton. Sally 236 

Lax, Jennifer 236 

Layman, Aaron 236 

Layne, Kerry 236 

Le,Anh 236 

Le-Si, Dzanh 209 

Leachtenauer, Amy 192, 209, 272 

Leadem, Christopher 167, 236, 285 

Leadem, Shawn 167, 236 

Leaty, Kim 236 

Leckburg, Daniel 236 

Lee, Byong 236 

Lee, Jennifer 236 

Lee, Karen 209 

Lee, Mary 236 

Lee, Sun 236 

Leesman, Katharine 236 

Leffler, James 236 

Legard, Lauren 236 

Leggette, Jennifer 236 

Leightner, Robin 236 

Leipertz, Barret 209 

Lembo, Christopher 236 

Lemieux, Aimee 290 

Lemieux, Matthew 236, 290 

Lemire, Matthew 236 

Lenyi, Leslie 236 

Leon, Valerie 236 

Leonhard, Nathaniel 192 

Leskowitz, Carolyn 193, 209, 267 

LeVangie, Matthew 236 

Levis, Brian 236 

Levy, Melanie 236 

Lewis, James 193, 209, 264 

Lewis, Jennifer 193, 209 

Lewis, Randy 236 

Lewis, Suzanne 236 

Lewis, Theodore 237 

Liao, James 71, 237, 292 

Libby, Kevin 290 

Libby, Sarah 110 

Likowski, Jonathan 18,193, 209 

Lilley, Shannon 209 

Lillo, Cynthia 193 

Liming, Chelsie 237 

Lindsay, Meagan 237, 289 

Lindsay, Rachel 237 

Lindsey, Christy 237 

Linnerooth, Sarah 86, 87, 193, 209, 282 

Liola, David 193, 209 

Lipford, Shana 237 

Lipscomb, Anthony 237 

Lipski, Jana 237 

Lit^ima, Kristy 281 

Lisenbee-Wander, Debra 209 

Little, Tia 237 

Littrell, Phillip 237 

Litz,Anne 237 

Liu, Peter 193, 209, 237 

Lively, Brett 237 

Livesay, Christina 193 

Lloyd, Dana 64, 237 

Lloyd, Mary Elisa 30, 173, 237 

Lockett, Kimberly 237 

Locklear, Jennifer 164, 237 

Loden, Kevin 127, 237 

Lofgren, Stephanie 237 

Logan, Marc 237 

Loh, Caroline 193, 209 

Lonergan, Natalie 193, 209, 263 

Long, Elizabeth 237 

Long, Katie 237 

Long, Meeghan 237 

Longfellow, Ryan 237 

Lookabill, Julia 237 

Loth, Patrick 237, 285 

Lotsey, Carolann 237 

Lotts, Nora 237 

Lotze, Cynthia 237 

Louk,Tina 237 

Lourido,Tania 193, 209, 265 

Lovelady, Christine 237 

Lovins, David 237 

Low, Jessica 209 

Lowe, Eric 209 

Lowe, James 237 

Lowe, Susan 237 

Lowry, Anna 237 

Lu, Cai 237 

Lucas, Jennifer 36, 237, 285 

Lucas, Sarah 237, 290, 292 

Luckett, Tracey 237 

Lunglhofer, Johanna 237 

Lupton, Courtney 193, 209 

Luteran, Andrea 193, 209, 277 

Lutlerbie, Bryan 209 

Lux, Kristina 237 

Lydon, John 74,75, 193, 209 

Lydon, Kathleen 209 

Lydon, Meredith 237, 292 

Lynch, Cristine 237 

Lynch, Deborah 237 

Lynch, Kathleen 237 

Lynd,Kelsey 193, 209, 270 

Lyon, Theresa 237 

Lyons, Carolyn 237 

Lyons, Meghan 237 


Maas. Kira 194, 209 

Mabe, Barbara 238 

Macatuno, Aura 238 

MacClain, Alexia 153, 238, 290 

MacConnachie, Ann 194, 209. 270 

Maccubbin, Ryan 238 

MacDonald, Christophe 238 

MacDonell, Kate 238 

MacKinnon, Catherine 238 

Maclay, Katherine 238 

MacMichael, Shannon 238 

MacNeil, Kelley 194, 209 

Macone, Jonathan 238 

MacPhail, Katherine 194 

Madden, Rachel 238 

Maddox, Josh 75 

Maeshiro, Eric 238 

Maetzold, Connie 238 

Magee, Kristen 238, 282 

Maher, Colin 238 

Maher, Jenny 115, 194, 209 

Mahle, Jesse 238 

Mahon, Juha 194, 209 

Mahon-Stetson, Christopher 238 

Mahoney, James 209 

Mahony, Shauna 238, 290 

Mai,Hien 31, 238 

Maier, Nicole 238 

Maiocco, Lauren 154, 155, 238 

Major, James 238 

Malast, Stephanie 238 

Malcolm, William 238 

Malin, Michael 238 

Mallmann, Alec 238 

Malloy, Tammi 238 

Maloche, Tracy 238 

Malone, Mark 238 

Malove, Mickael 238 

Mancini, Nicholas 238 

Manganiello, Laura 238 

Mangels, Ryan 209, 238 

Manges, Emily 238 

Mangun, Jesica 238 

Mangus, Kristen 238 

Mani, Katie 238 

Manion, Kendall 238 

Manion, Kevin 209 

Mank, Erica 238 

Manning, Lindsay 238 

Mansaray, Mahesha 238 

Mansheim, Denise 209 

Manspile, Christy 209 

Manzano, Mark 238 

Marcella, Orrin 194, 209 

Marchione, Matthew 238 

Mareck, Lee Anne 238, 285 

Maresca, Lori Ann 238 

Margaret Marriott 238 

Margeton, Catherine 194 

Margolies, Melissa 238 

Marie, Lisa Carlson 145 

Marino. Madelyn 36, 194, 209, 285 

Marino, Patricia 238 

Marion, Kristin 165. 238 

Markey, Ryan 238 

Marks. Brian 238 

Marley. Christopher 238 

Marlowe. Terry 238 

Marsh, Brian 28, 194 

Marsh, Tiffany 238 

Marshall, David 238 

Marshall, LaToya 238 

Marshall, Meaghan 290 

Marshall, Melony 238 

Marshall, Nathan 238 

Marshall, Whitney 238 

Marsnick, Stephanie 238 

Marstiller, Lori 238 

Marston, Carrie 238 

Martella, Lauren 238 

Martin. Adam 194, 209, 281 

Martin, Adrienne 238 

Martin, Andrea 238 

Martin, Huey 238 

Martin. Laura 194, 209 

Martin. Louise 238 

Martin, Lynda 209 

Martin, Lynsey 238 

Martin, Michael 194, 209 

Martin, Patricia 194, 209 

Martonik, Brian 209 

Maryellen. Ferro 208 

Mascelli, Meghan 238 

Maslanka. Michelle 209 

Mason. Michelle 209 

Mason. Ryan 238 

Massucci. Elyzabeth 239 

Maslerson. Patrick 239 

Mala. Wayne 194, 209, 278 

Matamala, Claudia 209 

Mathews, Nina 239 

Mathias, Jordan 172, 239 

Matlick, Kristen 239 

Matson, Lindsay 209, 239 

Matthews, Grant 239 

Matthiessen, Melissa 194. 209 

Matuch. Danielle 195. 209. 270 

Matule, Alicia 239 

Matzke. Christopher 239 

Maudlin. Victor 167. 239. 285 

Mauer. Theresa 239 

Mauney. Patrick 239 

Mauro. Stephen 239 

Maxwell, April 195. 209 

Maxwell. Jennifer 239 

Maxwell. Peter 239 

May. Ryan 239 

Mayercsik. Kari 239 

Mayes. Sandra 195. 209 

Mayhugh. Rebecca 239 

Maykrantz, Rebecca 239 

Mazes. Ann 239 

McAllister. Carisa 239 

McAuliffe. Lynda 239 

McAuhffe. Meghan 195. 209 

McCalla.Erin 239 

McCarly. Erin 282 

McCarthy. Dennis 239 

McCarthy. Nichole 239 

McCarthy. Sarah 239 

McCartin. Mary 239 

McCarty. Erin 86 

McCaughey, Jessica 209 

McClellan. Kevin 239 

McCIintock. Lindsey 239. 285 

McCloskey. Suzanne 239 

McComas. Melanie 239 

McCone. Jonathan 239 

McCormick. Brian 239 

McCormick. Kimberly 195. 209 

McCoy. Aaron 239 

McCoy. Ashley 167. 239 

McCraw. Robert 239 

McCray. Patricia 239 

McCrocklin, Erin 209 

McCullough. Austin 239. 289, 292 

McCullough. Jessica 239 

McCullough-Tinker. Alexis 239 

McDaniel, Elizabeth 285 

McDonald. Adele 195. 209 

McDonald. Heather 239 

McDonald. Jennifer 24, 195. 209. 263 

McDonald. Jill 209 

McDonald. Joshua 195. 209 

McDonald. Kelly 239 

McDonald. Meredith 108 

McDonald. Samantha 239 

McDonnell. Colleen 239 

McDougal. Ellen 239 

McEathron. Mark 129. 239 

McElveen. Cynthia 239 

McGaha. Brenna 239 

McGee. Charles 239 

McGee. Jennifer 239 

McGinn. Katharine 195. 266 

McGovem. Gina 92. 281 

McGreevy, Susan Allen 239 

McGuigan. Alison 239 

McGuire. Amanda 239 

McHale, Rebecca 209 

McHenry, Emily 239 

McIUwain, Megan 195. 209 

Mclntyre. Nicole 123. 195. 209 

McKay. Matthew 239 

McKee. Robert 239 

McKenna. Doug 290 

McKenna. Micah 239 

McKenney. Megan 239 


McKemhan, Tiffany 239 
McKinney, Mar\" 239 
McKinney. Vireinia 195. 209 
McKinnon. James 239 
McKinnon. Ken> 239 
McLain. Alysia 195. 209. 239 
McLaughlin. Elizabeth 239 
McLaughlin. Erin 239 
McLaurin. Jade 239 
McMahon. Joseph 195. 209 
McMahon. Laura 239 
McMahon. Lindsay 239 
McMahon. Meghan 239 
McMahon. Minda 239 
McMann, Lindsey 165 
McManus, Sara 240 
McMillan. Jennifer 240 
McMilUon. Laina 240 
Mc.Monow. Maureen 195. 209 
McMullen. L>Tine 240 
McNatt. Kasey 24. 195. 209. 276 
McNeill. Jocel™ 31. 240 
McNinch. Kathleen 240 
McNult>. KateKii 240 
McQuain. .-Amanda 240 
McSherry. Lindsey 209 
McSheny. Megan 240 
McSwain. Kara 209, 281 
McTigue. Erin 240 
Meade. Rita 240 
Meadors. Christine 240 
Meadows. Mary 240 
Mears..\dani 196, 209 
MedhursL Margaret 196. 209 
Medina. Esmeralda 240 
MedlNTi. Erin 240 
Medved. Brian 209 
Meeks. Katie 209 
Mehalko, Joseph 196. 209 
Meharg. Sarah 209 
Meisberger. Mike 292 
Mellington. Jessica 196. 209,289 
Melton. Melissa 240 
Meluzio. Christina 240 
Mentz. Colleen 196. 209 
Menz. Kristin 240 
Mercado. Andrew 196. 209 
Mercer. Amanda 196, 209 
Mercer, Brent 240, 290 
Merker, Michael 196. 209 
Meney-Welcome, Anna 240 
Meiriam. Stephanie 240 
Merrill. Erin 240 
MerrilL .Michael 240 
Merriiu Melva 240 
Mertz, Andrew 240 
Merzazada. Asha 240 
Meska. Jen 24 
Meska. Jennifer 196. 209 
Messa. Catherine 240 
Messick. Katherine 240 
Messinger. John 240 
Messore. Gianina 240 
Michaels. Matthew 240 
Michalosky. Brianna 240 
Miele. Heather 44. 45, 240 
Milefsky. Anna 240 
Miller. Aaron 240 
Miller. Alicia 240 
Miller. Alistair 209 
Miller, Brianna 240 
Miller, Dave 167 
Miller. Eric 240 
Miller, Jaime 240 
Miller, Jennifer 240 
Miller. Kellcy 167. 240 
Miller. Lee 196. 209. 240 
Miller. Michael 240 
Miller. Rebecca 240 
Miller, Sarah 24fJ 
Mills, Angela 196. 209 
Milk. Anna 240 
Mills. Derek 240 
Mills, Elizabeth 241 
Mills. Ganh 241 
Mills. Katherine 241 
Mills, Sandia 166, 241 
Milncr. Jessica 241 
Miines, Annwyn 241 
Miner, TimoUiy 241 

Miodek, Katrina 241 
Mirahile, Michael 209 
Mishler, Anne 241 
Mitchell, Cara 24 
Mitchell, Jefirey 241 
Mitchell. Robert 241 
Mitchell. Yurissa 209 
Mizelle, Melanie 241 
Moeller, Janelle 209 
MotTett, Erin 241, 289 
Moffilt. Chris .^4 
Mohla, Karan 24 1 
Mohle, Kimberlec 241 
Mohler. Corinne 24 1 , 282 
Mojica, Johany 241 
Monaco, Joseph 241 
Moncrief. Susan 241, 285 
Mondino, Victor 241 
Monk, Patrick 241 
Monroe, Cher\'l 24 1 
Monroe, Jordan 24 1 , 285 
Monroe, Kaitlan 241 
Montez, John 209 
Montgomery, Andrew 241 
Montgomer)', Lynsi 24 1 
Moody, Ingrid 241 
Moonan, Karen 241 
Moore. Daniel 241 
Moore. Ella 241 
Moore, Erika 24 1 
Moore. Gregory 241 
Moore. Jennifer 241 
Moore, Jessica 196, 241, 289 
Moore, Kathleen 241 
Moore, Kathryn 241 
Moore, Kimberly 209 
Moore, Kristina 241 
Moore. Leah 241 
Moore, Mandy 103 
Moore, Maria 241 
Moore, Mark 241 
Moore, Meghan 209, 241 
Moore, Michael 241 
Moore, Stefani 241 
Mooread, Lindsay 289 
Moorhead, Lindsay 241 
Morales, Cynthia 241, 286 
Morales, Roberto 241 
Moran, Audrey 241 
Moran, Audry 290 
Moran, Kendra 209 
Moran, Meghan 241 
Moredock, Anne 241, 289 
Morehouse, Alexis 242 
Morgan, Gary 242 
Morgan, Leslie 242 
Morgan, Robin 196, 209 
Morgan, Travis 209 
Moriarity, Janet 242 
Moriarty, Anne 196, 209 
Morin, Francisco 242, 290 
Mork. Jeri 242 

Morris, Jessica 108. 144, 242 
Morris, Joshua 242 
Morris. Kevin 242 
Morris. Sarah 242 
Morris, Timothy 242 
Morrow, Mark 242 
Morton, Kendra 242 
Morton, Sabrina 242 
Mory, Steven 242 
Mosconi, Talia 242 
Mosley Emily 242, 285 
Mosley, Miranda 242 
Mospan, Matthew 242 
Moss. Jennifer 242 
Moss, Keeter 242 
Motamarry, Isaac 242 
Molcn, Moniquc 242 
Motley .Sarah 242 
Moll, Katherine 242 
Moulis, Ann 242 
Mousseau. Melanie 196, 209 
Mowery, Allison 242 
Moyers. Adam 209 
Mozolic. Jennifer 242 
Mrowiec, Magdatcna 242 
Much, Lindsey 242 
Muhlcman, Rebecca 242 
Muhlcnfcid, Vanessa 209, 242 

Muller, Sara 209 
Mullins, Deidra 242 
Munch, Kristin 242 
Manning, Jesse 242 
Munzing, Karstena 242 
Murafsky, Dusty 242 
Murgai, Meera 242 
Murphy, Bridget 171, 242 
Murphy, Dana 242 
Murphy, Erin 242 
Murphy, Kelly 209 
Murphy, Matt 290 
Murphy. Matthew 242 
Murray, Denise 196, 209 
Murray, Erin 197. 209 
Murray, Kara 242 
Murray. Rebecca 242 
Murray, William 242 
Musson, Daniel 242 
Mycko, Kimberiy 197, 209 
Myers, Allyson 242 
Myers, Jared 70, 242, 292 
Myers, Kathleen 242 
Myers. Lisa 242, 286 
Myers, Montgomery 242 
Myers, Monty 292 
Myers, Nate 63, 285 
Myers, Nathan 242 
Myers, Rachel 165, 242 
Myers, Teresa 209 
Myrick, Peggy 160, 242 
Myrick, Thomas 242 


Naden, Alexander 242 

Naeger, Melissa 242 

Nagel, Emily 242 

Nagy, John 242 

Nance, Kristofer 242 

Nance, Stephanie 242 

Napolitano, Ryan 129, 242 

Nardi, Gina 242 

Nash, Jennifer 242 

Nash, Mary 242 

Nash, Sara 197, 209, 269 

Nashorn, Lynn 242 

Naumann, Becky 86, 282 

Navarre, Natalie 242 

Neale. Justin 242 

Neidig, Elizabeth 242 

Nelson, Brandy 197, 209, 242, 267 

Nelson. Carolyn 243 

Nelson, Erik 243 

Nelson, Jeremiah 209 

Nelson, Joel 63, 243, 285. 292 

Nelson, Katherine 197 

Nelson, Laura 243 

Nelson, Margaret 197, 209 

Nelson, Rebecca 243 

Nelson, Sarah 243 

Nemeth, Pamilla 243 

Nenninger. Lisa 197, 209 

Nero, Rebecca 209 

Nettles, Amber 243 

Neumann, Rebecca 88 

Neviackas, Kara 243 

Neviackas, Kristin 197, 209, 266 

Nevitt, Jason 197, 209 

Newbold, Michael 148,243 

Newcomer, Meghan 243 

Newell, Tiffany 243 

Newman, Cassandra 243 

Newman, Christine 243 

Newman, David 209 

Newman, Jennifer 243 

Newman, Lindsey 243 

Nguyen, Mai 243 

Nguyen, Nancy 243, 290 

Nguyen, Nhal 243 

Nguyen, Tinh 154, 243, 290 

Niaz, Mansoor 243 

Nichols, Katherine 197 

Nicolai, Sara 243 

Nicoll, Ian 243 

Nielsen. Debbie 197 

Nielsen, Deborah 209 

Nilsson, Melissa 243 

Nininger. Lauren 243 

Nisoff, Jennifer 243 

Nissam-Sabat, Mike 55 

Nissim-Sabat, Michael 104,243 

Nixon, Gwendolyn 243 

Nobile, Shannon 44, 45, 108, 243 

Noel, Daniel 243 

Noel. Veronica 243 

Noesner. Kelly 243 

Nolen, Anna 243 

Nolker, Nicole 243 

Norman. April 285 

Nowak, Karolina 243 

Nowak, Kellie 243 

Nuedling, Kristin 197, 209 

Nuedling, Lisa 243 


Obcemea, Rissa 243 

O'Brien, Douglas 243 

O'Brien, Shaun 197, 209 

Occhiuzzi, Jennifer 243 

Ochs, Stephanie 243 

Ochsenreiter, Kristin 158, 243 

Odom, John 198, 209 

Ogden, Alta 209 

Ogden, Vickie 209 

Ogu, Anne 243 

Oh, Young 153, 243 

O'Hea, Jonathan 197, 209 

Ohlsson, James 243 

Ohlsson, Michael 243 

Oko, Andrew 243 

O'Laughlin, Jaclyn 209 

Olchowski, Allison 243 

O'Leary, Christine 25, 243 

O'Leary, Elizabeth 243 

O'Leary, Jennifer 243 

Oliver, Dawn 209 

Oliver, Jamie 243 

Oliver, Margaret 243 

O'Neil, Betsy 292 

O'Neil, Sean 197, 209 

O'Neill, Daniel 243 

O'Neill, Elizabeth 197 

Opp, Chris 289 

Opp, Cristabel 198 

O'Quinn, Kelli 243 

Oriando, Carol 209 

Orndorff, Melissa 243 

O'Rourke, Jennifer 209 

Orrick, Sara 64, 243 

Orsinger, Brendan 243 

Orstead, Kristin 243 

Orwoll, Karen 243 

Osborn, Sarah 198 

Osborne, Jennifer 209 

Oser, Courtney 243 

Osmer, Laura 209 

Ostrowski, Lara 243 

Ostrzyek, Derrek 1 36 

Ostrzyzek, Derrek 198, 209 

Ostrzyzek, Derrick 28 

Otey, Catherine 243 

Otten, Sean 198, 209 

Otter, Tina 209, 243 

Otto, Caroline 243, 286 

Ovialt, Lauren 198, 209, 264, 285, 289 

Owen, Andrea 243 

Owen, Katharine 243 

Owen, Morgan 243 

Ozanich, Brett 243 

Packard, Katherine 243 

Padgett, James 209 

Padgett, Wendy 198, 209 

Pagani, Sabrena 244 

Page, Marshall 244 

Pagnani, Alison 198, 209, 269 

Paice. Brian 244 

Paide, Kacy 198, 209 

Paige, Deborah 244 

Painter, Andrew 244, 289 

Pak, Maylian 75 

Palivoda, Stanley 209 

Panlilio, Michael 244, 290 

Pantazis, Laura 244 

Pantazis, Rose 198, 209 

Papaefthimiou, Demetra 198, 209, 292 

Pappas, Alexis 244 

Paradalanuza, Santos 209 

Park, Trent 209 

Park, Yoo-Jin 198, 209, 244 

Parker, Allison 244 

Parker, Carolyn 244 

Parker, Casey 244 

Parker, Jenny 244 

Parker, Jo 244 

Parker, Lenore 244 

Parker, Michael 198, 209 

Parker, Zachary 244 

Parr, Gillian 244 

Parrish, James 244 

Parsons, Joseph 244 

Pastre, Dominique 47, 198, 271 

Patchell, Brianne 198, 209 

Patrick, Kimberly 244 

Patrick, Nan 244 

Patrick, Troy 244 

Patterson, Craig 244 

Patterson, Emily 198, 209, 264 

Patterson, Julie 244 

Patterson, Katherine 244 

Pattie, William 244 

Patton, Jessica 244 

Paturynski, Stephen 28, 199, 209 

Paul, Larry 209 

Pavlik, Tricia 290 

Paxton, John 244 

Payne, Joseph 244 

Pearson. Elaine 244 

Pearson, Lucille 209 

Pearson, Quentin 199, 209 

Pearson, Traice 28 

Pech, Sarah 151, 244 

Peck, Benjamin 199, 209 

Pedersen, Anthony 244 

Peesojinlianti, Emily 24 

Peine, Joshua 209, 244 

Pelkey, Kimberly 244 

Pellegrino, Jessica 244 

Pelletier. Melissa 

175, 177, 199, 209, 261, 295 
Pemberton, Jessica 199, 209 
Penalosa, Lina 199, 209, 292 
Pencek, Carrie 244 
Penick, Nancy 244 
Penney, John 199, 209 
Perdikoylis, Christopher 244 
Perdue, Jarrett 244 
Pereira, Shaina 244 
Perez-Liceaga, Vivian 199, 209 
Perkins, Emily 244 
Perry, Bryce 244 
Perry, Jennifer 244 
Perry, Suzanne 244 
Pete, Melody 209, 244 
Peters, Wesley 199, 209 
Peterson, Brenton 244 
Peterson, Dahlia 199, 209 
Peterson, Edwin 244 
Peterson, Greg 244 
Peterson, Jason 244 
Peterson, Jennifer 171, 245 
Peterson, Melissa 245 
Petrak, Bryan 245 
Petrick, Joseph 199, 209, 273 
Petruzzi, Megan 245 
Petty, Holly 245 
Pflumm, Stephanie 245 
Pham, My-Phuong 245 
Pham, Phong 245 
Pham. Thien-Huong 245 
Phelps, Heidi 245 
Phillips, April 245 
Phillips, Gillian 245 
Phillips, Laurie 165, 245 
Phillips, Sandra 245 
Picard, Amanda 245 
Piccinino, Tricia 245 
Pickenpaugh, Gavin 245 
Pickens, Erin 199, 209, 295 
Pierson, Amanda 245 
Pifer, Richard 245 
Pillai. Divya 209 
Pinto-Coelho, Sarah 245 
Pirmohamed, Salimah 245 
Pitner, Claire 245 
Pittman, Elizabeth 245 
Pitts, Brian 245 

Pitts, Jocelyn 245 

Pitts, Jo.shua 245 

Pitts, Sarah 245 

Pizzaro, Joshua 245, 290 

Plant, Jennifer 245 

Plourde, Kristy 245 

Plummet, Michael 245 

Poblete, Cheryl 199, 209 

Pope, Timotheus 245 

Pope, Titus 245 

Pope, Travis 245 

Poppert, Laura 245 

Porter, Abigail 199, 209 

Porter, Robyn 245 

Posey, Heather 245 

Possanza, Lauren 245 

Poston, Lisa 245 

Poteat, Tracy 245 

Potter, Stephanie 245 

Potts, Hilary 245 

Powell, Michelle 245 

Powers, Jeffrey 245 

Powers, Jeremy 199, 209 

Pratt, Christina 245 

Premo, Paula 245 

Pressman, Elana 199, 209, 263. 286 

Presson, Martha 245 

Preston, Sarah 245 

Prible,Amy 245 

Price, Christine 246 

Price, Jason 246, 292 

Price, Kimberly 200, 209 

Price, Monica 200, 209 

Price, Patricia 200 

Price, Thaddeaus 246 

Priest, Regan 150 

Prince, Ellen 246 

Printo, Sara 289 

Pritchett, David 246 

Pritchett, Heather 246 

Pritt, Jessica 246 

Prussia, Melissa 246 

Pryor, Yolanda 246 

Puddester, Andrew 246 

Pullan, Lauryn 246 

Purcell, Stephanie 170 

Pusey, Michael 246 

Pushee, Kevin 246 

Pyle, Victoria 209, 246 

Quackenbush. Kasey 246 
Qualtrough, Evan 246 
Quartararo, Valerie 246, 285 
Quijano, Laura 1 54, 246 
Quinn, Ryan 246 
Quintana. Jason 246 


Racanelli, Alexandria 200 
Racine, Ashley 246 
Rackliffe, Adam 246 
Rafsky, Amanda 246 
Raiay, Jennifer 170 
Rainbolt. Charles 246 
Rainbolt, Sara 246 
Rainey, Jennifer 92, 246 
Ralph, Bridget 246 
Ralph. Colleen 246 
Ramaneski, Rebecca 282 
Ramira. Arnulf 246 
Ramirez, Wendy 209 
Ramos, Steve 104 
Ramos, Steven 246 
Ramsay, Patrick 246 
Ramseur, Eric 246, 292 
Ramsey, Mary 246 
Randle. Deborah 246 
Randlett, Ashley 246 
Randolph, Andre 246 
Ransom, Karen 246 
Ransone, Amanda 246 
Ransone, Sarah 151. 200, 209 
Rantz, Kelly 246 
Rapaglia, John 209 
Rapalee, Brandi 246 
Ratcliffe, Jessica 64, 246, 289 
Ratliff, Amanda 246 

Group Pictures 

Honor Council 

Front: Mike Bernal, Lindsay Vogler, Lizzie Horn, Cody 
Camblin. Back: Andre Painter, Lindsay Mooread, Jason Cobb, 
Andre Kohir, Brian Reagan, Jessia Mellington, Johin Hardin. 
Missing: Setii Kennard, Lauren Oviatt, Crystal Small, Austin 
McCullough, Sameer Vaswani. 


Front: Rachel Hall, Chris Opp, Marisa Ball, Alex Lambert. 
Second: Kiisy Gasser, Jessica Ratcliffe, Kristen Wheeler, 
Michael Hagen. Third: Katherine Stangler, Lori Tisch, Mary 
Von de Heide, Elise FuUerton, Susan Deedrick, Sara Printo. 
Back: Rebecca Coir, Anne Moredock, Jessica Moore, Kate 
Cotts, Meagan Lindsay, Becca Turnbull. Stuart Gottleib, Erin 
Moffett, Kristy Bartle. 

Group Pictures 


Front: Emilie Kulis. Todd Casey. Pam Kirby. Sylvana Emory, 
Matt Lemieux. Middle: Adam Deck. Sarah Comenech. Josh 
Pizarro, Alena Callaghan. Rob Brown, Rachel Scarr, Ari 
Bensvsan. Back: Matt Murphy. Chris Guyton, Shawna 
Mahony, Jared Lang, Jamie Dariy, Brad Johnson, Jane Atticks, 
Melissa Smith. 

Catholic Student Association 

Front:Brian DeCorla-Souza, Sarah Lucas, Aimee Lemieux, 
Chri.ssy Wample, Tom Wilson, Meaghan Marshall, Christina 
Francis. Nancy Nguyen, Alexia MacClain, Tinh Nguyen, 
Doug McKenna, Jr., Rebecca Vaccaro, Father Jack Peterson, 
Tricia Pavlik, Mary Smith, Erin Sullivan, Brent Mercer. 
Middle: Anthony Foster, Anne Frommelt, Audry Moran, 
Carolyn Hughes, Ben Kolodziej, Lindsay Smith. Back: Katie 
Kugler, Kristin Schemming, Jamie Dobson, Eric Home, 
Gretchen Schwemer, Liz Ferguson, Francisco Morin, Mike 
Panlilio, Lawton Clites, Ja.son Smith, Liz Sjoberg, Sarah 
Richardson, Kevin Libby, Zeke Kassock. 

Ratlitf, Brian 246 
Ratlief. Thomas 246 
Ratliff. Tom 18 
Rauhala, Patricia 246 
Raus. Alicia 246 
Raven. Whimey 246 
Reading, Robert 246 
Reagan, Brian 246, 289 
Reamy. Cheryl 246, 28.S 
Rector, Amber 246 
Reddan. Bryan 246 
Reddinger. Terrence 246 
Reder, Magaly 209, 246 
Reed, Juhe 246 
Reed, Raeschel 246 
Reedy, Robin 200, 209 
Reese, Kristina 246 
Reeves, Trisha 246 
Regan, Conor 246 
Reborn, Carrie 246 
Reid.Carly 28. 246 
Reifsnyder, Tobias 246 
Reigle. Laura 200. 209 
Reilly, Colleen 246 
Reininger, Pamela 246 
Reisenfeld. Karin 145 
Reutzel. Robbie 200. 209 
Revelle. Matthew 246 
Revellc. Meghan 246 
Reynolds, Hals 200 
Reynolds. Lawrence 209 
Reynolds, Rachael 246 
Reynolds, Thomas 246 
Ricalde, Elizabeth 246 
Rice,Aric 209 

Rice, Jennifer 131.200. 209, 246 
Rich, Alicia 200, 209 
Rich, Mary 209 
Richards, Kate 89. 247 
Richardson, Cory 247 
Richardson. Sarah 247, 290 
Richardson, Scott 247 
Richir, Calicoe 247 
Richko, Eric 200, 209 
Richmond, Sara 247 
Richter, Christopher 247 
Rickel, Krista 247 
Rickenbrode, Deborah 247 
Rickey, David 247 
Ridpath. Anthony 247 
Rieber, Christina 247 
Rie.senfeld, Karin 115, 247 
Riley, Caitlin 247 
Riley, Lindsey 247 
Riley, Patrice 247 
Riley. Timothy 209 
Ripley, Kristin 247 
Ripperger. Ethan 247 
Rissetto. Elizabeth 247 
Ritchie. Jessica 209 
Roach, Christine 247 
Roach, Lori Gordon 247 
Roark, Tara 247 
Robbins, Emily 247 
Robbins, Katherine 247 
Roberts, Matthew 209 
Roberts, Piper 247 
Robertson. Andrew 247 
Robinson, Brandon 84, 247 
Robinson, Brenda 247 
Robinson, Bridget 247 
Robinson, Rebecca 200, 209 
Robinson, Timothy 209 
Robison.Adam 247 
Rodeffer, Mark 209, 292 
Rodriguez, Erik 247 
Rodriguez, Katherine 247 
Rodriguez, Kathleen 247 
Roeling, Ashley 200, 209 
Rogers, Elizabeth 247 
Rogers, Jacob 247 
Rogers, Nicholas 247 
Rogers, Stacy 247 
Rogers, Thomas 247 
Rohr, Mary 247 
Rohrkemper, Cameron 247 
Rokasky. Jennifer 46, 247 
Roke, Jessica 200, 209 
Roksvaag, Tracy 247 
Rolling, Virginia 247 

Rollins, Amanda 247 
Rollins, Mark 209 
Romaneski, Rebecca 247 
Rooke, Camion 167, 247, 285 
Rooney, Allison 200, 209 
Roper, Julie 201, 209 
Rorie, Melissa 247 
Rose, Amelia 247, 281 
Rose, Archer 247 
Rase, Charles 247 
Rose, Jessica 247 
Rose, Scarlet 281 
Rose, Scarlett 28 1 
Rose- Jensen, Sarah 247 
Rosegrant, Melissa 209 
Rosenthal, Catherine 247 
Rosenthal, Elizabeth 247 
Ross, David 163 
Ross, Rebecca 149, 247 
Roth, David 31, 247 
Roth, Michael 247,281 
Rothaug, Catherine 201, 247 
Rouse, Megan 155, 247 
Rousseau, Elena 247. 285 
Rowe, Jessica 201, 209. 265 
Rowley. Penny 247 
Roy. Ethan 247 
Roy. Jason 201. 209 
Royal. Becky 24 
Royal, Rebecca 201, 209, 278 
Royster, Charlotte 20 1 
Rozek, Erica 247 
Ruby, Jyllian 247 
Ruckman, Graham 209 
Ruesch, Emily 247 
Ruiz, Yvette 247 
Runion, Tiffany 209, 247 
Rushe, Ryan 148 
Russell, Kathryn 247 
Russell, Virginia 247 
Ryan, Bonnie 247 
Ryan, Erin 248 

Sabatelli, Brian 209, 248 

Sabo. Shelley 248 

Sachen, Sarah 248 

Saddler, Rebecca 248 

Saeed, Farah 248 

Saeed, Sarah 248 

Sager, Samantha 248 

Saifer, Catherine 201 

Sale, Jennifer 248 

Sallah, Jennifer 201 

Sallgren, Mary 248 

Salmon, Andrew 248 

Salmon, Kellyanne 248 

Salo, Meghan 248 

Salotti, Marc 104, 248 

Salzman, Lucas 248 

Sampayo, Patricia 209 

Samson, Jessica 248 

Samson, Marena 248 

Sanchez, Alison 201, 209 

Sandberg, Erika 248 

Sanders, Noah 248 

Sanders, Robert 209 

Sandridge, Michael 31,42,43,248 

Sands, Elizabeth 201 

Sanner, Jennifer 209, 248 

Santana-Germond, Marie 248 

Santay, Michael 201, 209 

Santerre, Crystal 209 

Santilli, Beth 201, 209, 268 

Sapp, Melanie 209 

Sargent, Shaun 248 

Sargent, Zachary 201, 209 

Sasin, Andrea 248 

Sato, Erica 248 

.Sato, Yuri 76, 248 

Satterlee, Stacie 209 

Satterwhite, Amy 201, 209 

Savage, Brian 201, 209 

Savage, Linda 248 

Sawyer, Thomas 248 

Sayers, Charies 201, 209 

Scanlon, Timothy 248 

Scarr, Miriam 209 

Scarr, Rachel 97, 202, 290 

Schad, Michael 248 

Schaeffer, Andrew 248 

Scheerle, Kristen 248 

Scheibe, Stephanie 248 

Scheibel, Bryce 209 

Schemming, Kristin 290 

Schenk. Mary 248 

Schenkel, Heidi 148, 248 

Scherloum, Brynna 202, 285 

Scherman, SoLson 202, 209 

Schiller, Erin 209, 248 

Schilling, Matthew 248 

Schirrippa, John 72, 248 

Schlesinger, David 209, 278 

Schlotter. Ann 209 

Schmidt, John 202, 209, 248 

Schmidt, Kelly 248 

Schmidt, Vicki 248 

Schminke, Elizabeth 248 

Schmotzer, Mary 248 

Schmoyer, Sarah 202, 209 

Schnorr, Sharon 248 

Schoembs, Kri.sten 248 

Schoen, Stefan 248 

Schoenwetter, Julie 248 

Schoffstall, Kimberly 248 

Schofield, Jennifer 248 

Schon, Lea 209 

Schools, Rebecca 202, 209, 249, 269 

Schowalter, Mark 202, 209, 249 

Schram, Rebecca 249 

Schrippa, John 26 

Schultz, Kirsten 249 

Schultz, Olan 249 

Schultz, Scott 249 

Schultz, Veronica 249 

Schuiz, Emilie 249 

Schuman-Werb, Dorian 249 

Schutt, Courtney 249 

Schutzman, Paul 136, 249 

Schwartz, Christina 249 

Schwartz, Meredith 249 

Schwemer, Gretchen 249, 290 

Schwind, Sara 249 

Sciacca, Gillian 249 

Scibal, Arthur 249 

Scoggins, Ryan 249 

Scopin, Ed 136 

Scopin, Edward 209 

Scott, Aubry 249 

Scott, Carolyn 24, 202, 209 

Scott, James 249 

Scott, Keith 249 

Scott, Matthew 249 

Scott, Wendy 171, 202, 209, 285 

Scruggs, Debra 209 

Scully, James 249 

Scully, Jamie 105 

Sdeo, Gregory 249 

Scale, Sarah 202, 209 

Seargeant, Zach 28 

Seaver, Sarah 249 

Seay, Allison 249 

Seay, Emily 249 

Seay, Matthew 249 

Sebera,Apiil 249 

Sebree, Stewart 209 

Sebring, Sarah 249 

Sedaghatfar. Sarah 249 

Sederanest, Rachel 282 

Sederquest, Rachel 249, 292 

Seeba, Garett 249 

Seeley, Catherine 249 

Seidman, Philip 249 

Selden, Casey 202 

Sellers, Michael 202, 209 

Selwyn, Matthew 202, 209 

Semerano, Nicole 249 

Seney, Lauren 249 

Sevon, Matthew 249, 285 

Shabman, Mark 249 

Shackelford, Sandi 209 

Shaffer. Jessica 209, 249 

Shaffer, Michael 249 

Shafi,Amina 249 

Shah, Durdana 249 

Shanahan, Kellie 249, 286 

Shane, Michael 249 

Shannon, Erica 202, 209 

Shapard, Michael 249 

Sharkey, Alexandra 249 

Sharman, Michael 249 

Sharp, Ira 249 

Shaver, Jessica 250 

Shaw, Matt 150 

Shaw, Sage 250 

Shea, Kelly 250 

Shea, Megan 250 

Shear, Deborah 250 

Sheffield, Allyson 250 

Shelton, Michael 63, 250, 285 

Shelton, Nicole 250 

Shepherd, Patrick 250 

Shepley, Kathryn 250 

Shepos, Angela 209 

Sheridan, Mary 250 

Sheridan, Matt 250 

Sherin,Anjuli 202, 209 

Sherman, Daniel 250 

Shiflet, Catherine 250 

Shiflet, Randy 250 

Shim, Ka-Ram 250 

Shioji,Amy 250 

Shipp, Andrea 209 

Shirazi, Suerah 250 

Shircliff, Roxanne 250 

Shirley, Lillian 250 

Shively, Amanda 250, 286 

Shoop, Brandon 250 

Short, Abigail 250 

Short, Julie 250 

Shroyer, Lisa 30, 173, 250 

Shugart, James 250 

Shumaker, Roger 250 

Shuman, Emily 250 

Shumate, Amy 250 

Siddall, Kira 250 

Siebels, Edward 250 

Siegal, Judith 250 

Siemon, Stefanie 250 

Siler, Katherine 250 

Silverman, Laura 250, 286 

Silverstein, Lauren 28, 30. 250 

Simmers, Canessa 250 

Simmers. Kristin 250 

Simms, Linda 202. 209 

Simon, Jessica 250 

Simpson, Erika 250 

Simpson, Mark 250 

Simpson, Matthew 250 

Simpson, Michelle 250 

Sims, Elizabeth 250 

Sinclair, Jeffrey 250 

Sinha, Akash 250 

Sjoberg, Elizabeth 67, 250 

Sjoberg, Liz 290 

Skorackyj, Elizabeth 250 

Skove, Kristen 250 

Slack, Alexis 250 

Slack, Melissa 203, 209 

Slater, Cynthia 250 

Slater, Jill 250 

Slawinski, John 250 

Slepsky, Dana 250 

SUwa, Sharon 250 

Slotnick, Hannah 250 

Slotsky, Karen 29, 203, 209. 268 

Slough, Stephanie 250, 286 

Smaldore, Stephanie 203 

Small, Crystal 250, 289 

Smart, Kimberly 250 

Smith, Alison 250 

Smith, Amy 109, 170. 203, 209, 250 

Smith, Colin 209 

Smith, Conor 127, 250 

Smith, Earl 250 

Smith, Ella 250 

Smith, Erin 203, 209, 264 

Smith. Jack 250 

Smith, Jamie 203, 209 

Smith, Jason 250, 290 

Smith, Katherine 250 

Smith, Kelly 203, 209, 250 

Smith, Kendra 250 

Smith, Kylie 203, 209 

Smith, Lauren 203. 209 

Smith, Lindsay 251, 290 

Smith, Malcolm 25 1 

Smith, Martin 31, 104, 251 

Smith, Mary 290 

Smith, Matthew 251 

Smith, Megan 251 

Smith. Melissa 251. 290 

Smith. Michael 251 

Smith, Nicole 251 

Smith, Patrick 25 1 

Smith, Portsia 251 

Smith, Rachel 24, 251 

Smith, Ryan 203, 209 

Smith, Sarah 203, 209. 251 

Smith. Tempe 251 

Smolian, Darielle 251 

Smoot, Katrina 251 

Smyth-Wilson, Amy 251 

Snead, Lucie 251 

Snedeker, Mary 25 1 

Snell, Paula 209 

Snellinger. John 251 

Snider, Jenifer 203, 209 

Snider, Kristen 251 

Snipes, Darlene 251 

Snow, Matthew 25 1 

Snowberger, Jessica 25 1 

Snyder, Amanda 25 1 

Snyder, Jonathan 25 1 

Snyder, Samual 25 1 

Sok. Emy 209 

Solms-Baruth, Oda 251 

Solomon-Astudillo, Arnold 251 

Soltess, Andrea 25 1 

Son, Anna 251 

Soper, Chrissy 109 

Soper, Christina 25 1 

Soqui, Keri 25 1 

Sorgen, Michael 25 1 

Soule, Jessica 209 

Southard, Ted 251 

Spacek, John 3 

Spacek, Margaret 25 1 

Spadola, Laine 251 

Spahr, Erik 25 1 

Speakman, Richard 203, 209. 269 

Specter, Gregory 25 1 

Spence, Shelli 251 

Spencer. James 25 1 

Spencer. Katharene 203 

Spencer. Lauren 209 

Spencer, Michael 25 1 

Spisak,Adam 203, 209 

Spittle, Chasity 251 

Sponseller, Daniel 251 

Spotswood, Elizabeth 251 

Springer, Kara 203, 209, 277 

Springer, Nicole 251 

Sprow, Joanne 25 1 

Sprow, Susan 25 1 

Spruell, Elizabeth 251 

Spurry, Steven 209 

St.Clair, Tyler 251 

St.Cyr, Allison 251 

St.Germain, Marline 204, 209 

St.Onge, Candice 251 

St.Pierre, Marc 251 

Stacey, Laura 25 1 

Stacy. Kathryn 251 

Stafford, Laura 102 

Stager, Joshua 204, 209 

Stagg, Allison 251 

Staggs, Felicia 251 

Stamler, Cheryl 251 

Stangler, Katherine 251, 289 

Stanley, Mary 31, 80, 251 

Starace, Kevin 209 

Starkey, Richard 251 

Starrs, Teresa 209 

Starrs, Traci 204 

Startt, Lindsey 25 1 

Stauffer, Eric 251 

Stavitski, Julie 251, 292 

Steams. Suzanne 204, 209 

Stebbins, Hilary 204, 209 

Steele, Christopher 25 1 

Steele, John 204, 209 

Steele, Michael 25 1 

Steinberg, Evan 25 1 

Steinmetz, Nicole 175, 204, 209 

Stenger, Nicole 25 1 

Stensvaag, Anna 204, 209 

Stepanick, Paul Graham Stephen 25 1 

SlephanieAndres 208 

StephanieBetancourt 208 

StephanieBrown 208 

StephanieDuncan 208 

StephanieScheibe 209 

StephanieSmaldore 209 

StephanieSmith 209 

StephanieTrainor 209 

StephenieSterbling 209 

Stephens, Katherine 252 

Stephens, Kathleen 252 

Stephens, Melissa 252 

Sterbling, Stephenie 204 

Stewart, Berry 252 

Stewart, Jay 252 

Stiegler, Kevin 252 

Stienen, Linda 209 

Stimson, Clare 252 

Sting, Ashley 209 

Stinger, Bridget 252 

Stinnett, Christopher 252 

Stipicevic, Ann 252 

Stoball, Spencer 149 

Stoddard, Paul 117, 209 

Stoehr, Chrissi 1 1 1 

Stoehr, Christine 204 

Stokes, Martha 252 

Stokes, Sara 149, 252 

Stolzenbach, Kendra 252 

Stone, Lori 252 

Stone. Mary 252 

Stonebumer. Andrea 204, 209, 252 

Stoner, Gregory 204, 209, 252 

Stouffer, Leslie 252. 285 

Stoughton, Peter 204, 209 

Stovall, Phillip 252 

Stover, Jason 252 

Stozek, Brian 204. 209, 281 

Strand, Suzanne 252 

Strange, Megan 252 

Strange, Ryan 252 

Strange, Stuart 252 

Strazie, Michael 45, 252 

Street, Virginia 252 

Strelka, Thomas 252 

Stribling, William 157, 252 

Strickrodt, Meghan 252 

Stringfellow, Jennifer 204, 209 

Strosnider, Michael 209 

Stroup, Kelley 252 

Studivant, Ryane 252 

Stuhlmiller, Jason 252 

Sturm, Andrew 252 

Sturm, Mark 252 

Style. Peter 252 

Subkanha. Lamngeune 252 

Suddarth, Andrew 204, 209 

Sugrue, Abigail 209 

Sullins, Jacob 252 

Sullivan, Christina 141, 252 

Sullivan, Erin 252. 290 

Sullivan, Leah 205, 209 

Sulzynsky, Viktor 252 

Summers, Elizabeth 205 

Sun, An 205 

Surerus, Bree 252 

Sussman, Laura 252 

Sutheriand, Tracy 252 

Sutliff, Emily 205. 209 

Sutphin, Katherine 205 

Sutton, Abigail 252 

Swain, Christine 252 

Swain, Erin 252 

Swan, Shelley 252 

Swanberg, Adrienne 252 

Swearingen, Megan 253 

Swegan. Kathleen 253 

Sweigart-Gallagher, Angela 209 

Sweterlitsch, Carolyn 253 

Swilley, Amanda 253. 282 

Swisher. Aimee 253 

Swisher. James 253 

Switzer. Matthew 253 

Sydell, Jordan 253 

Sydnor, Lizbeth 253 

Sykes, Jessica 253, 285 

Sykes, Rachel 205, 209, 277 

Symonds. Karen 253 

Synder, Justin 114, 115, 144 

Szczesiak, Jane 209 

Group Pictures 

Fencing Club 

Sitting : Lindsay Beaton. Kory Jessen, Amanda Carter-Roth, 
Elizabeth Carter-Roth. Katy Tripodi. James Cessaro, Meredith 
L\ don. Standing: Beth Bass, Ben Amos, Megan Headley, Bill 
Clark. Jared Myers. Mike Meisberger. Kate Hamilton, Mike 
laMonica. Kevin Boycourt. Austin McCullough. Herbert 
ConlcN. Daniel Brown. Alex Escobar, Michelle Corey, Rachel 
Sederquest. Mary Clark. Eric Chinault. Missing: Alison 
Elliot. Eric Ramseur. James Liao. Lara Isdell. Demetra 
Papaefthimou. Monty Myers. 


Front: Ruth Cassell. Juliette Gomez, Lina Penalosa, Jason 
Price, .Malt Wright. Ryan Hamm. Second: Julie Stavitski. 
Sarah Lucas. Kim White, Mark Rodeffer, Phil Griffith. Thrid: 
Betsy O'.N'eil. Jordy Keith. Back: Kevin Hickerson, Beth 
Waters, Joel .Nelson. Corey Byrnes. 

Taggart. Lindsey 205, 209 
Takvoryan, Emma 253 
Tallman, Jennifer 253 
Tanis. Jamie 253 
Tapia. Mirtha 253 
Tapp. Jessica 253, 2S2 
Tarbet, Corie 205. 209 
Tarxer. Audrea 209 
Tash. Adam 253 
Tavormina. Gregory 253 
Taylor, David 253 
Taylor, Erik 253 
Taylor, Lauren 253 
Taylor, Maeve 253 
Tebay, Joshua 253 
Tefera, Fasika 209 
Tellekamp, Jonathan 253 
Tempesta, Theresa 253 
Templeman, Cory 253 
Templeton, Clay 281 
Tempieton, Sarah 253 
Tenney, Melanie 253 
Terney, Katherine 253 
Terrell, Elizabeth 253 
Test, Robert 253 
Tews, Christina 253 
Thaden, Mark 253 
Than, Darien 253 
Thing, Christine 253 
Thomas, Brandy 253, 285 
Thomas, Jessie 253 
Thomas, Krista 253 
Thomas, IVlatthew 253 
Thomas, Moira 253, 286 
Thomas, Shawn 253 
Thomas, Stephanie 253 
Thomasson, Timothy 253 
Thompson, Aisha 253 
Thompson, Ernest 80, 253 
Thompson, Kathryn 253 
Thompson, Kevin 253 
Thompson, Ryan 253 
Thorne. David 254 
Thornhill.Joe 281 
Thornhill, Joseph 254 
Thornton, Charles 254 
Thornton. Michael 254 
Thorpe, Mandy 170, 254 
Thull, Virginia 209 
Thurber, Kurt 209 
Thweatt, Adrian 254 
Tice. Alyssa 254 
Tidd, Betsy 1 55 
Tidd, EHzabelh 254 
Tillman, Amanda 254 
Timmel, Laura 254 
Timpano. Christina 254 
Tinder. Amanda 254 
Tingler. Michael 254 
Tingler, Penny 209 
Tinklepaugh, Karen 254 
Tisch, Lori 205. 209, 273, 289 
Tisinger. Diana 254 
Tobias. Miriam 254 
Toema, Deanna 209, 254 
Tolbert, Cheryl 209 
Tomescu, Priscilla 254 
Tomich, Paul 209 
Tomlinson. Richard 254 
Toone. Kathleen 2.54 
Tootell, Joshua 254 
Torres, Marisabel 254 
Toto, Marc 254 
Townsend, Caroline 254 
Townsend, Carolyn 254 
Townsend, Sean 254 
Toya, La Bease 208 
Tramonle, Peter 254 
Tran.Tu 209 
Treisner, Elizabeth 254 
Tremaglio. Andrew 254 
Treston, Jess 1 68 
Treston, Jessica 254 
Trimble. Elizabeth 254 
Triplctl. James 205, 2f)9 
Tripleii. Jim 281 
Tripodi, Kathleen 2.54 
Tripodi, Katy 292 

Trivett, Karen 209 

Trombley. Adrienne 1 09, -254 

Trudeau. Sherri 209, 267 

Trueworthy, Laurel 254 

Tuben. Mark 254 

Tucker, Frederick 254 

Tucker, Kassie 254 

Tulloss, Irene 254 

Tune. Dawn 209 

Tapper, Kimberly 205, 209, 254 

Turcic, Kelly 74, 75, 205, 209 

Turkelson, Christina 254 

Turnbull, Becca 289 

Turnbull. Rebecca 254 

Turner. Jean 205. 209 

Turpyn. Abigail 254 

Turtle, Ray 281 

Twomey. Meghan 28, 38, 134, 254 


Uebelhor, Christophe 254 
Uhalde. Yvette 205, 209 
Uhlenhopp, Hazel 254 
Uhrich. Lauren 254 
Uhrovic.Jill 254 
Ulman. Caroline 254 
Ulmer, Caitlin 254 
Ungerer, Rachel 254 
Uphau.s, Adele 254 
Urbanek. Laura 254 
Uyar, Daniel 254 

Vaccaro, Rachel 254 

Vaccaro, Rebecca 103, 149, 254, 290 

Valdes-Dapena, Victoria 254 

Valentine, Katherine 254 

Valentine, Nate 42 

Valeyko. Julie 254 

Valle, Lauren 254 

Valluzzo, Katya 254 

Van. Alaina Gelder 254 

Van. Mai 254 

Van. Sovany 254 

Van. Stephanie Hook 254 

Van Til, Claire 205,209 

VanTuyl, Danielle 254 

VanZile, Melissa 205. 209 

Vardy, Lindsey 254 

Varga, Kenneth 254 

Vasil, Monique 254 

Vasil, Nicole 254 

Vaswani. Sameer 254, 289 

Vazquez, Mary 255 

Vega, Dominique 255 

Velez, Hector 255 

Vi, Kathy 255 

Vibert, Christopher 206 

Villar,Carla 206, 209 

Villaronga, Sherrie 255 

Vizzier, Alexandra 255 

Voelker, Leah 255 

Vogel, Dora 255 

Vogler, Lindsay 255, 289 

Von de Heide, Mary 206, 209 289 

VonBargen. Jessica 255 

Voss, Ronald 209 


Wadsworth, Meredith 255 
Waggener, Jessica 255 
Wagner, Elizabeth 255 
Wainwright, Katherine 255 
Wais. Devin 255 
Wakefield, Bianca 255 
Walden, Laura 28, 255 
Waldron, Brant 209 
Waldron, Jessica 255 
Walker, Bridgette 255 
Walker, Joeann 255 
Walker, Layton 255 
Walker, Mary Beth 285 
Walker, Tamara 209 
Wallace, Anna 255 
Wallace, Jessica 255 
Wallace, Julianne 255 
Wallace, Kevin 255 
Waller, Chad 255 
Wallin, Allison 206, 209 

Wallinger, Caroline 255 

Walls, Andy 255 

Walsh, Christina 255 

Walsh, Kelly 255 

Walsh, Sean 255 

Walters, Gabriel 255 

Walters, Kimberly 206, 209 

Walthall, Kristen 255 

Walton, Jonathan 255 

Wample, Chrissy 290 

Wample, Christina 255 

Ward, Andrew 206, 209, 272 

Ward, Andy 19 

Ward, Carol 25, 255 

Ward, Jennifer 209 

Ward, Jonathan 209 

Ward, Rebecca 255 

Ward-Hoffman, Jennifer 206 

Warden, Lisa 255 

Warder, Mary 255 

Warfield, Adam 255 

Warner, Michael 149,255 

Warren, Abigail 206, 209 

Warren, Jennifer 255 

Warren, Tiffany 255 

Warrener, Corinne 47, 255 

Washburn, Kara 206, 209, 266 

Waters. Beth 292 

Waters, Elizabeth 206 

Waters, Jennifer 255 

Waters, Stephanie 255 

Waterston, Andrea 209 

Watkins, Nicholas 209 

Watsen, Brett 255 

Watson, Monnie 206, 209 

Watson, Renee 167, 255, 285 

Weaver, John 255 

Weaver, Rebecca 209 

Weaver, Robin 255 

Webb, John Jr. 206, 209 

Weber, Katherine 255 

Weber, Lynne 255 

Webner, Susan 255 

Webster, Mary 255 

Wedan, Jessica 255 

Wedge, Carly 255 

Weeda, Kimberly 255,282 

Weese, David 255 

Weimert, Erin 255 

Weinbaum, Daniel 255 

Weinberg, Kevin 255 

Weireter, Megan 206, 209 

Weishar. Paul 255 

Weiss, Daniel 255 

Weller, Kate 135 

Waller, Kathryn 206, 209 

Weller, Stacy 206, 209 

Wells, Amina 255 

Wells. Jessica 255 

Welton. Kristin 255 

Welz, Matthew 255 

Wenger, Kristen 255 

Wentz, Sarah 123 

Wenzel, Steven 255 

Werner, Emily 255 

Wesley, Sarah 256 

Wesolowski, Matthew 256 

Wessolleck, Clinton 256 

West, Alana 256 

West, Alexander 256 

Westfall, Christopher 206, 256, 267 

Wharen, Sarah 207, 209 

Wheatley, Cara 209 

Wheatley, Melissa 207, 209 

Wheeler, Kristen 256, 289 

Wheeler, Kristin 256 

Whelan, Grant 256 

White, Abigail 256 

White, Alexis 256 

White, Bridget 103, 256 

White, Chase 256 

White, Colin 207, 209 

White, Curtis 256 

White, Heather 207, 209 

White, Holly 256 

White, Jocelyn 256 

White, Kathleen 256 

White, Kelli 256 

White, Kimberly 207, 209, 285, 295 

White, Matthew 256 

White, Rachel 209 

White, William 256 

White, Zachary 165,256,285 

Whiteley, Kyle 256 

Whitely, Jen 73 

Whiteman, Keith 256 

Whitley, Paul 256 

Whitlow, Jarrett 209, 256 

Whittaker, Brigit 256 

Whyte, Emily 256 

Wickens, Joseph 209 

Wiedenmayer, Geoffrey 207, 209 

Wientjes, Meagan 209 

Wietmarschen, Gretchen 256 

Wightman, Lisa 209 

Wilcox, Sharon 207, 209 

Wilde, Sarah 256 

Wiles, Christina 256 

Wiley, Jennifer 256, 282 

Wiley, Katherine 256 

Wilhour, Margaret 256 

Wilkerson. William 256 

Wilkinson, Caitlin 256 

Wilkinson, Suzanne 256 

Willard,Jade 154, 256 

Williams, Bradley 256 

Williams, Clifton 256 

Williams, Emily 256 

Williams, Erin 256 

Williams, Jonathan 207, 209, 277 

Williams, Kimberiy 26, 61, 62, 256, 285 

Williams, Laura 256 

Williams, Natasha 209 

Williams, Sarah 209 

Williams, Tasha 256 

Williamson, Christopher 256 

Willis, Tammie 209 

Wills, Christina 207, 256 

Wilmoth, Lori 256 

Wilson, Jennifer 256 

Wilson, John 209 

Wilson, Joseph 257 

Wilson, Kah-ina 88, 89 

Wilson, Lauren 257 

Wilson, Maura 257 

Wilson, Melissa 207, 209 

Wilson, Morgan 257 

Wilson. Stephanie 257. 281 

Wilson. Thomas 257 

Wilson. Tom 290 

Wilson-Luck. Jonathan 86. 257 

Windle. Megan 285 

Wineburg. Zachary 257 

Winfield, Charles 257 

Winfree, Ashley 257 

Winfree, Noelle 257 

Winfrey, Travis 209 

Wingard, Lacey 257 

Wingerter, Deanna 257 

Winnan. Sarah 257 

Winslow. Christopher 207 

Winslow. Margaret 257 

Winstead. Bonnie 257 

Winstead. Louise 257 

Winter, Katherine 257 

Winter, Laura 257 

Winters, John 257 

Wise, Stephen 257 

Wiseman, Benjamin 209 

Witbracht, Christopher 257 

Withers, Joshua 257 

Witsken, Jennifer 257 

Witt, Michelle 257 

Witthoefft, Pamela 257 

Wittusen, Elizabeth 257 

Wnek, Kristin 257 

Wolfe, Cara 97 

Wollett, Christopher 257 

Womac, Amy 257 

Womer, Deborah 207, 209 

Won,Junie 209 

Wood, Erin 257 

Wood, Katherine 257 

Woodhull, Steven 257 

Woodie, Mary 207, 209 

Woodie, Sara 257 

Woods, Cariy 257 

Woolner, Angela 209 

Wooten, Tiffany 207, 209 

Worcester, Jennifer 257 

Worden, Sarah 257 

Workman, Victoria 257 

Woriey, Rachel 151, 207. 209 

Worrell. Mary 257 

Worster. Robert 257 

Worth. Elizabeth 257 

Wright. Andrew 257 

Wright. David 257 

Wright. Elizabeth 257 

Wright. Heather 257 

Wright. Kingsley 257 

Wright, Mark 207, 209 

Wright, Matthew 208, 209,281,292 

Wright, Paula 209 

Wright, Tiffany 257 

Wroblewski, Jennifer 257 

Wyatt, Lauren 257 

Wysocki, Maryjane 209, 258 

Yamanaka, Cheryl 164, 258 
Yamashita. Kathleen 258 
Yanuzo. April 258 
Yarrington. Debra 258 
Yawberg. Bryan 258 
Yeatts, Nancy 258 
Yeick, Kimberly 258 
Yesuf Amal 80, 258 
Yocca, Julie 258 
Yolango, Regina 258 
York, Laura 208, 209 
Yost, David 209 
Young, Chantal 258 
Young, Justin 258 
Younger, Evan 209, 258 
Yousuf Abdulaziz 258 
Yowell, Lea 258 
Yu, Peter 258 
Yuditsky Thomas 258 
Yudowitch, Duslin 258 
Yuenger, Megan 258 

Zahabi, Robert 209, 258 
Zajicek, Carrie 258 
Zaman, Sanjana 258 
Zavaglia, Anthony 258 
Zavitz, Ryan 208, 209, 285 
Zaweski, David 258 
Zaza, William 258 
Zbell, Andrea 258 
Zbell, Dawn 258 
Zdanowicz, Ryan 258 
Zechman, Emily 258 
Zedonek, David 26, 73, 258 
Zelenak, Kathryn 258 
Zelenak, Katie 30, 173 
Zelenak, Sarah 103, 208. 209 
Zellenak. Katie 155 
Ziegler. Daniel 258 
Zimmerman. Justin 258 
Ziobro. Lea 64 
Zirkle. Elizabeth 258 
Zoebelein, Jennifer 258 
Zorich. Crystal 258 
Zotter, Linda 258 
Zuidema, Jessica 208, 209 
Zuk, Sara 209 
Zukas, Nicholas 258 
Zukas, Nick 281 
Zunka, Jennifer 208 
Zusmer, Joshua 208, 209 
Zwicke, Jonathan 209, 273 

The 2001 Battlefield Staff 

Editor in Chief 

Melissa Pelletier 


Jackie Ketterman 


Cat Aluise 

Lauren Elezko 

As a freshmen this year at Mary Washington I was definitely awakened to many 
things. I wasn't so sure what I wanted out of college when I came into it. Maybe 
I should have decided before I came, but this way I got to experience a little bit 
of everything. 

Jade, you know next year is gonna be a blast and I'm so glad I will be spending 
it as your roommate! Wendy Scott, you are the best RA ever! Thanks so much 
for the walks to 7- 1 1 , the laughs. The Practice and your always open door and 
ears. To the Alvey Crew, I don't think I have ever laughed as much as I did at 
some dinners with you guys! Thanks especially Evan for understanding my 
madness, at least more than most people. And of course Steph, we closed the 
hallway gap! I think I definitely owe half of my hallway spirit award to you! So 
what have I learned for next year'? Don't take up that desk aide job again, 
walruses are bad, but worth the experience, and college really isn't about the 
studying at all. 


Kendra Stolzenbach 


Carolyn Huckabay 
Kim Williams 


John Spacek 
Lauren Elezko 


Dana Boehmcke 


Melissa Pelletier 


Keri Campbell 

Student Life 

Ryan Burleigh 
Kelly Koniowsky 






-J— > 

Carolyn Huckabay 

After productive late-night work sessions, missed deadlines, and dealing with a 
disappearing staff", the organizations and activities section finally made it 
through! Thank you to: Melissa for staying cool as a cucumber, Ryan for taking 
on such a "ginormous" responsibility, Kim W. for co-stressing and surviving, and 
Lindsey for always pulling through. To everyone, students and faculty alike, who 
lent us pictures, sent quotes and information, and received midnight phone calls 
with pleasure, we couldn't have done it without you. 

Kim Williams 

To Daph, my fellow coyote, who I couldn't have made it through this year 

without, you are the best! 

To Paula, who is alwayz there when I need her advice or help, you are such a 

wonderful person! 

To my STP people, who made last summer awesome, thanx 4 the memories 

throughout the year! 

To all of my people in Russell, I know I practically lived there... thanx 4 putting 

up with me! 

My tunnel girlz, many memories made, many people remembered, many nights 

made fun and exciting by us! You girls rock my sad little universe! 

To all of the random people in my life (Katie, Liz, Em, Ka, Hakim, Cat, Alex, 

Steph, Matt, Mike, etc.) u guys have helped me through a lot as well, I love you 


Dana Boehmcke 

First off I would like to thank my girls at 810 Charlotte Street... Katrina, Kat, 

Nicole and Lee. You guys dealt with my craziness and I appreciate it! 

Snicole for letting me borrow the Coug numerous times to go to Richmond 


The ENTIRE Photography staff for putting up with my endliess emails and 

giving me some Kick *ss pictures! 

Stacy for giving me awesome pictures of Parties. 

AH the Seniors who are graduating especially DiSalvo, Rob, Jenny, Colin, Sean, 

Nathan, Gabe, Lee, Jesse, Melissa, and Kevin S... you guys have made my year. 

Andy Craver for always keeping me on my toes and making me laugh like 


Chase and the boys of Brompton, Billy, Bergin and Church, you guys are 

awesome this was an Amazing year... I love you all!!! 

And last but not least Ryan for making this year on staff the best ever, NYC was 

sooo much fun, I can't wait for New Orleans! 

Congratulations to all and Best of Luck! 

A letter from the Editor 

Erin Pickens, Keri Henley and me. 

So this is the end. I graduate in 5 days, and I leave this 
staff in what I hope is a good position to continue the 
uphill struggle to make this publication the best that it can be. It's been a 
long four years in this office. Right now I'm supposed to be with my two best 
friends away for deadweek, but I had to finish this book. But the Battlefield has 
come a long way, with every year's edition being better then the last. The entire 
staff has tried very hard to ensure that this continues with the 88'^ volume. 

The 2001 Battlefield is my 10th and final yearbook. This is the 4th book that I 
have been responsible for, and I think it's the best. This however is not all because 
of me, but it's the entire staff's accomplishment. All 296 pages were completed in 
just 5 months. There were times I didn't think that this would get done, but we 
always managed to pull it off. 

This book is the hardest thing that I have done during my 4 years here. The staff 
gets not money, no credit, no recognition and pretty much no respect from students 
or administrators. The staff doesn't sponsor events (sorry, no plastic cups), we 
don't get involved in the politics, we only publish once a year and we don't ask for 
much from the student body (not even money for this book). But I guarantee that 
come reunion time you will search for this book. The plastic cups will be gone, the 
issues of the bullet will just be a memory, but this book will be around. For me, 
that is why I continue to do this. What we write, the pictures we include and how 
we present the year will help you remember your years here. All the work pays off 
when you see students and faculty pouring over the pages. I hope this year we have 
covered campus life and activities accurately and fairly. 

There are a lot of people I need to thank. Starting with Mom. Dad, Tori, Ben 
and Jason. Thank you so much. Moving 800 miles from home was the scariest 
thing I have ever done. There are times when all I want to do is just go home. But 
your support and love over the last four years has gotten me through everything. I 
really wouldn't be where I am today without any of you. I love you. 

Keri and Erin-I know you guys are hating me right now. But I also know that 
you guys understand me (or at least accept me! ). You have listened to me bitch and 

cry and offered help at every corner. I couldn't have asked for better friends and 
roommates. I am going to miss both of you next year 

Elana-dinner on Wednesday nights just won't be the same. It was always a 
chance for me to unwind and catch up with you. And I will not forget just how 
many drinks it takes you to get giggly... just one! Good luck next year, I'm going 
to miss you. 

John-I'm not sure where to start. Your friendship means the world to me. You 
have put up with so much crap from me. I am sorry if it was stressful at times. But 
all I can say is that it was well worth the wait. Thank you for being you and letting 
me be me. 

My staff.. .what can I say? Ryan, you are going to be great next year You have 
the ability to do this, and I have complete faith in you. You have been great these 
last few years, I really wouldn't have been able to do this without you. The same 
goes for you Keri. You always got your work done, solved your own problems and 
I loved the fact that I could count on you. Have a great time next year, the staff is 
going to miss you (and I am too)! Dana, I know things were rough. You did a hell 
of a job anyway. I'm sure most of the pictures in this book are yours. Thank you 
for trying so hard. Ryan is going to need you next yean Cat, you are just plain 
crazy. Thank you for making me laugh. And thanks for getting your work done, 
and early. I love not having to worry about whole sections. Good luck next year, 
and I hope you get to do what you want to do soon. John, you always seemed to 
come through in the end. Thanks for the effort these last few years, I hope you 
continue next yean Kendra, thanks for reading all that copy and fixing what I 
couldn't! You are a huge asset to this organization. The same goes for you Kelly. 
You've done a great job. You guys are going to have to really help Ryan. Lauren, 
how did you like your crash course in PageMaker? You did awesome, and next 
year you can do something more exciting the placing pictures! Jackie, I know this 
kind of fell in your lap. I am so impressed though. Everything always looked so 
good, and I think you did the least complaining even though sometimes you had the 
most to complain about. I hope you continue to be on the staff, it could use 
someone with your talent. Carolyn and Kim, thanks for all the work that you girls 

Sara, June, Kathy, and Carolyn and everyone at Design Services, the Document 
Center (and even you Tim although you fired me) you were always there to listen to 
me. Thank you for your advice and your faith in me. Lori, where would I be 
without you? Thank you for always being there. Tami, thanks for straightening me 
out all the time. There are so many others that I need to thank. ..Ellie Drew, 
Computer and Network Services, Clint Often, Mai^aret Mock, The Office of 
Publications, Jennifer Bums. ..and I know there are others that I'm missing. Thank 
you all for helping me publish this book. 

I really can't believe that it's done. I really can't believe that I will never get to 
do this again. The last four years seem to be a blur I really don't know what to 
say. As I sit here crying I am realizing just how much I am going to miss everyone. 
I enjoyed working with you guys. Good luck, and if you need anything I will 
always be here. 



The 2001 Battlefield Volume 88 is printed by Taylor Publishing 
Company. 1550 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas TX 25235. 

The Battlefield has a press run of 2400 copies with 296 pages of 80# 
matte stock. The cover is really awesome this year with purple lextone 
and a silver silk screen of the title. The cutout shows an eye in a dark 
purple on a oatmeal type endsheet. The cover and endsheets were 
designed by .Melissa Pelletier of the Battlefield staff. 

Pagination was completed on a Mac with PageMaker 6.5 and 
Photoshop 6.5. The majority of the photographs used in this book were 
scanned using a Polariod Sprintscan 35 Plus negative scanner (which 
broke) and a .Mustek 6{X) fl CD flat bed scanner. 

All text is written by the staff members for student enjoyment. The 
copy is set in New York in 1 on 1 3 and captions are New York 8 on 11, 
The little boxes are wingdings at a 30% scale. Headlines vary from 
section to section. 

Senior ads are for sale to parents. An eighth of a page is $40, a quartet 
page is $75 and a half page is $ 1 50. Parents are notified of this opportu- 
nity through mailings. 

Photographs for the book were taken by the Battlefield photographers. 
All photo processing is done by Richmond Camera. Senior and under- 
classman portraits were taken by Candid Color. Our contact is Kurt J 
Araujo. Candid Color Photography, 1 1010 Bacon Race Road, * 

Woodbridge VA 221 1 . Phone: (703) 590-01 87 Fax: (703) 590-8221 . 

The Battlefield is paid for in the students' comprehensive fees and is 
distributed free of charge. PLEASE come get a copy. Our operating 
budget is $47,000. 

Inquiries about the publication can be forwarded to the Battlefield 
office, Seacobeck Hall Room 107, 1701 College Ave, Frederick.sburg, 
VA 22401. Phone:(540)654-1132, 

1 •?